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Resident Evil 3 – Last Look

Following in the footsteps of last year’s stellar RE2 remake, the team at Capcom is set to return with another reimagined horror classic.

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Last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake proved that you could take a classic game and make it relevant again (which will no doubt be music to the ears of anyone desperately waiting on the likes of Final Fantasy VII Remake – but we digress). We liked RE2 so much that our editors voted it our Game of the Year 2019, so based on that you can probably imagine just how much we’re looking forward to returning to Resident Evil 3.

We got our first taste of this quick-fire follow-up at a recent hands-on event in London, where we played through a couple of hours of the solo campaign with returning fan-favourite Jill Valentine. Together, we pushed through the city streets of Raccoon City, dodging the undead and aiming for the head, and based on the time we spent sneaking through shops and running in terror through twisted alleyways, we can’t wait to get our hands on the finished article in early April.

The RE2 remake scratched an itch because it gave us a more measured Resident Evil experience. As technology has improved over the years we’ve been given increasing spectacle, yet this rising polygon count has also seen a quickening of the pace. The series took a hard-left with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, where things seemed to click back into place and an old rhythm was found, and RE2 followed shortly thereafter with another atmospheric adventure where the action stepped into the background and made room for pure terror.

Resident Evil 3 is a conundrum, then. It was the shorter, more aggressive follow-up to the original RE2 and that legacy needs to be respected, but the community has clearly resonated with the intensity of more recent releases. This problem looks to have been solved by atmospheric exploration that’s peppered with light combat in RE3, coupled more intense moments when face-for-radio poster boy Nemesis comes chasing after you. And chase he will.

Methodical examination of your surroundings is essential in this refreshed Resident Evil adventure as there seem to be secrets hidden everywhere. The deeper you dig, the better you’re rewarded – at least that’s the impression we got from our hours with a near-finished build. We scoured the section of the game we played, with Jill heading out onto the streets of Raccoon City looking to get a subway train filled with companions back on course. Straight away we were ducking and weaving around the undead as they lunged for us, conserving ammo because, after all, these zombies don’t die easily. There were shops on either side of the road, ready to be scavenged for supplies, with walkways linking smaller areas that are all crammed with environmental detail.

Perhaps even more so than in sections of the RE2 remake, Capcom has fleshed out the experience beyond the bones of the original. The city streets that Valentine explored in the original – via those dated fixed cameras – are now much more plausible. There are nods to the old in there, like an alley on fire that needs putting out via a hydrant, but the more open environments of the 1999 original have required a loose-handed reimagining. It works, though, and we spent more than two hours combing each room for resources, going back and forth as we found the bolt cutters and then the lockpick, items that opened up previously inaccessible areas and bagged us extra ammo and herbs.

As per, inventory management is a key part of the process, and you’ll spend a fair amount of time swapping out items at safe rooms and combining herbs to make more potent concoctions. There’s also an assisted mode with extra inventory slots if you’re after more room, but having a limited selection of items makes for a tighter, leaner experience where every decision matters – and that’s how we like it.

The more expansive city streets serve another purpose. Nemesis, the iconic big bad who old-timers will remember none too fondly, returns in RE3, and this time he hunts the player down relentlessly. This disgusting, mutated monster has been terrifyingly recreated, and from the first moment we clapped eyes on him, our heartbeat went through the roof. He’s hard as nails and firing your pistol at him is basically pointless, and so we needed to take advantage of the environment to slow his seemingly inexorable advance, shooting fuseboxes and sending bolts of electricity through his twisted body, giving us just enough time to escape his clutches. The demo ended with a face-off, but this battle had much greater flexibility than the limited single-screen battles of yesteryear.

Combat is tough, but sometimes it’s the things you can’t see that are the scariest, and he was almost more daunting when he was hunting us out of sight. That’s because, during his pursuit, Nemesis can stay on your trail with apparent ease, and when he catches up with you he can pull you to the ground with a tentacle-like grab attack, and if you do manage to evade him momentarily he can jump past you as you try to run away, forcing you to flee back whence you came. Nowhere seems safe from this sinister foe, and in our first meeting, we even saw him run through a wall (although that moment was scripted and we’re not sure he can do that during normal gameplay). He’s a little like a more direct spin on the Xeno from Alien: Isolation; a menacing presence that hunts you down relentlessly and who can’t easily be stopped. We were terrified.

He also has this nasty little trick whereby he can resurrect already dead people with headcrab-like parasites that he drops on dead bodies, turning once-killed enemies into an entirely new threat. And while we’re on the subject, there was one particularly exhilarating sequence where we had to flush parasites out of our body using green herbs while pulling a series of levers at the same time as being chased by what looked like a modern twist on the Drain Deimos (except here they don’t suck your brains out, they pump a deadly substance in). The section was tough as nails too, prompting us to go back through the whole level on the hunt for supplies that we had missed the first time around. A solitary magazine filled with pistol ammo simply wasn’t enough and it wasn’t until we went back and unlocked the shotgun and stocked up on ammo that we were able to return to this challenging part of the mission.

One character we didn’t get to see much of was Carlos Oliveira, who we understand will have a more sizeable role to play in this version of the game. He appeared during cutscenes either side of our time on the street, and we’re looking forward to seeing what his story turns into. After all, the original wasn’t the longest game ever made and Capcom will want to make sure that there’s a bit more meat on the bones this time around. That said, one might speculate that a shorter adventure might explain why it’s being bundled together with Resistance, the standalone 4vs1 multiplayer game that pits four players against a villainous mastermind (you can read our hands-on impressions of that game right here).

Our main takeaway was the edgy atmosphere that characterised RE7 and then RE2 has been largely maintained for Resident Evil 3. Yes, it seems like the experience has been fleshed out more, and yes, it does seem to have a bit more of an emphasis on action than its predecessor, but so far the signs are good that Capcom has made yet another crowd-pleasing adaptation of a fan favourite horror game. RE3 and bolted-on multiplayer title Resident Evil Resistance are launching together on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 4 – based on everything we’ve seen thus far, we’re staring down the barrel of yet another blast from the past.


Belum Dirilis, Mod ‘Nakal’ Jill Valentine di RE3 Remake Sudah Beredar!

INDOZONE.ID – Beberapa hari yang lalu Capcom sudah merilis versi demo dari Resident Evil 3 Remake yang bisa kalian mainkan secara gratis di platform PlayStation 4, PC, dan juga Xbox One.

Meskipun demo dari game tersebut cukup singkat, hanya berdurasi 11 menit saja, setidaknya demo ini sudah menunjukkan bagaimana gameplay game Resident Evil 3 Remake saat diluncurkan nantinya.

Namun tak lama setelah demo game tersebut dirilis, sudah muncul mod ‘nakal’ dari karakter Jill Valentine di game tersebut. Diketahui bahwa mod tersebut menghadirkan karakter Jill Valentine tanpa busana sama sekali.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Nude Mod (photo/Nexus Mod) Resident Evil 3 Remake Nude Mod (photo/Nexus Mod)

Sebenarnya mod seperti ini sudah ada sejak game Resident Evil 2 Remake lalu, namun siapa sangka mod tersebut dengan cepat langsung dihadirkan di game Resident Evil 3 Remake sebelum game tersebut resmi diluncurkan.

Diketahui bahwa mod tersebut saat ini tersedia di situs Nexus Mod. Penulis tidak ingin memberikan tautan ke mod tersebut. Jadi kalian harus mencari mod ini sendiri ya guys!

Sekedar informasi, game Resident Evil 3 Remake rencananya akan diluncurkan pada tanggal 3 April 2020 mendatang. Saat ini kalian sudah dapat membeli game tersebut dalam tahap pre-order.


How to get the shotgun in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Source: Windows Central

Like every Resident Evil game in existence, you can indeed get a shotgun in Resident Evil 3 Remake, and it’s pretty damn essential to getting through the undead-filled depths that await you throughout the game. It is, however, locked behind a pesky chain when you find it. So how exactly do you get it?

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy!

Shining S.T.A.R.S.

Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 takes Jill Valentine’s escape from Raccoon City and brings it up to modern standards, with tight gunplay and action merged with tense survival horror.

How to get the shotgun in Resident Evil 3 Remake

The shotgun is inside the Subway Office in the first part of the game. You need a Bolt Cutter to get it.

Source: Windows Central

Go into that alleyway and find the tools room next to the garage.

Source: Windows Central

At the back of the room is a bolt cutter, hanging in a cabinet.

Source: Windows Central

Head back to the Subway Office and use the bolt cutter on the gun case to grab your shiny new shotgun.

Source: Windows Central

  • Now, blow zombies heads off like this.
  • Resident Evil 3 is awesome!

    Resident Evil 3 faithfully recreates the tense, cat-and-mouse horror stylings of the original, through the lens of stunning 2020 visuals with tight shooting and glorious gore.

    Are you playing? Let us know in the comments.

    Shining S.T.A.R.S.

    Resident Evil 3

    Resident Evil 3 takes Jill Valentine’s escape from Raccoon City and brings it up to modern standards, with tight gunplay and action merged with tense survival horror.


    Resident Evil 3 remake PC requirements revealed, preorder now available on Steam

    Source: Capcom

    What you need to know

    • Capcom recently announced the Resident Evil 3 remake.
    • The minimum requirements to run the game have been shared on Steam.
    • Resident Evil 3 remake is currently scheduled to release on April 3.
    • You can grab the Resident Evil 3 remake for $60 on Steam.

    Resident Evil 3 remake was recently shown off by Capcom and it’s only a few months away. Ahead of the game’s release, the Steam page has been updated, showing the minimum requirements you’ll need in order to run the game.

    • OS: WINDOWS 7, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required)
    • Processor: i5-4460 or FX-6300 or better
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x with 2GB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 11

    Curiously enough, the recommended specs for running the game at something above minimum settings have not yet been posted. We’ll be sure to provide an update whenever that set of requirements is made available.

    Resident Evil 3 remake is a fully remade version of the original game, with a third-person camera perspective and other changes, all built in the RE engine. In Resident Evil 3, players take on the role of Jill Valentine as she’s attempting to get out of Raccoon City, all while being pursued by the horrific, unstoppable Nemesis. It also includes a new multiplayer title, Resident Evil Resistance, a 1v4 game where four players have to confront an evil Mastermind.

    It’s back!

    Resident Evil 3

    Resident Evil 3 is back and better than ever. The package not only includes the remake, but the multiplayer game Project Resistance, too.

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    Resident Evil 3 Remake Zombie Won’t Die | How to kill Pale Heads

    At higher difficulty levels, it can feel like almost every zombie in Resident Evil 3 remake is indestructible. That being said, you really haven’t seen anything until you’ve encountered the RE3 remake Pale Heads and their rapidly regenerating health. In no time you’ll be exclaiming “This Resident Evil 3 remake zombie won’t die!” and perhaps considering throwing in the towel, but, before it comes to that, stick with us for some hints and tips on how to beat these baddies.

    How to kill Pale Heads in Resident Evil 3 remake

    The Resident Evil series is no stranger to regenerating enemies; the aptly-named “Regenerators” in RE4 are infamous for their ability to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, after all. Resident Evil 3 remake Pale Heads have a mutation that grants them “very high regrowth abilities” and they’re incredibly hard to kill using standard weapons as a result.

    How to kill Pale Head zombies in Resident Evil 3 remake

    • Bring out the big guns and aim for the head.
    • Unleash damage as quickly as possible.
    • Different Pale Heads seem to withstand different amounts of punishment, so you can’t rely on any tried and trusted method.
    • With ammo being limited, instead of going for an outright kill, it’s usually better to down them and run past.
      • Note: If you need to return to the area, bear in mind that they could get back up — some will, others won’t.

    Running and living to fight another day (with some leftover ammunition to boot) is especially apt advice when facing multiple Pale Heads at once.

    If you’re curious to learn more about the lore surrounding Pale Heads in Resident Evil 3 remake, it’s possible to find documents in-game that detail their creation and high threat level. With that information under your belt alongside this how to kill Pale Heads guide, hopefully, you’ll soon stop wondering why this particular Resident Evil 3 remake zombie won’t die.


    Resident Evil 3: Horde of zombies – how to defeat? Resident Evil 3 guide, walkthrough

    On this page of our guide to Resident Evil 3 Remake you will learn how to successfully defend yourself against a horde of zombies in the Hospital. Carlos will take part in this defensive mission. This will happen shortly after he gets the vaccine. This is one of the most difficult battles in the game. Fortunately, our guide contains a step by step walkthrough – we explain how to survive the invasion of a zombie horde.

    Tyrell will inform Carlos that a zombie horde has appeared near the hospital. Take advantage of the fact that you can use a typewriter to save your game and storage chest to replenish your ammo and healing supplies.

    After you enter the lobby, a cutscene will be displayed (a video in which heroes barricade the entrance). The attack of zombie horde will begin.

    Zombies will enter the lobby through the windows. Shoot only those that are currently squeezing through the window or have already entered the building. Don’t attack zombies that are still outside. There are generators near some shutters – aim at them especially if there is more than 1 zombie near the generator. The monsters will be electrocuted. You can take advantage of this opportunity to attack other incoming zombies, or to target the paralyzed monsters (standing or lying on the floor) more easily.

    Look around a lot during the battle so as not to let any zombie surprise Carlos from the side or from behind and bite him. It’s a good idea to stand behind the reception counter in the lobby, forcing the monsters to approach Carlos from only two possible directions.

    Some zombies will try to break through to the room with injured Jill. They will specifically try to destroy the barricade leading to this room. Eliminate these types of zombies in the first place in order not to fail the whole battle with horde of zombies too early.

    In the lobby, you can find numerous items and supplies. Use then if needed, but they will be more useful only in the final phase of the fight.

    After sufficient advancement in battle, the light will go out. Then, the side room will open. You have to be very careful, because the new Hunter Beta enemy will run out of the side room. We advise you to focus your attacks on him as he is by far the most serious threat to Carlos. You can use a frag grenade to quickly defeat a Hunter.

    In the newly unlocked side room you will find, among other things, a hip bag, which you can use immediately to collect more items from the area (2 new inventory slots).

    Also, there is a switch that allows you to restore the power supply to the lobby. It’ll make it easier for you to track down the zombies that appear in this location.

    In the final phase of the battle, some zombies with parasites on their heads will also start to appear in the lobby. Try to attack them from a long distance so as to prevent them from attacking Carlos with their tentacles if possible. Don’t let them catch the hero either – you can die more easily in this way in contrast to common zombies.

    Place the Detonator

    Fight until you will watch a cut-scene that shows how the horde breaks into the lobby. In the crate next to one of the round columns there is a detonator. Combine it with explosive charge (C4) which is also stored in the suitcase.

    Hold out until the explosion

    At the very end, you must defend yourself for 30 seconds. It’s best to get as far away from the horde as possible and fire from a long distance. It’s a good idea to hide in the side room – zombies can only approach Carlos from the entrance to the room. If you have any frag grenades in your inventory, then you can also use them to attack groups of zombies.

    After the countdown, the C4 explosive charger will explode. The main entrance to the hospital will collapse. You will stop the horde.


    How to unlock Resident Evil 3’s zombie animation framerates – No more 30FPS zombies

    The fix is simple, and won’t set off your antivirus software

    Published: 7th April 2020 | Source: OC3D Internal Testing | Price: | Author: Mark Campbell

    How to unlock Resident Evil 3’s zombie animation framerates – No more 30FPS zombies

    When we analysed the PC version of Resident Evil 3, we were disappointed to learn that the game featured restricted zombie animations. After a certain distance from the player, the animations for Racoon City’s undead masses run at 30FPS, a design decision that becomes increasingly distracting when Resident Evil 3 is played at high 60+ FPS framerates.

    Capcom failed to patch this issue out of Resident Evil 2’s PC version, which means that this issue is unlikely to be addressed within Resident Evil 3, even though today’s PC hardware is more than capable of handling high animation rates for distant zombies.

    Isn’t there a mod for this?

    Over the past few days, articles about an “FPS Zombies” mod for Resident Evil 3 has been circulating, but this mod has two significant downsides. For starters, the mod can cause players interactions to break within Resident Evil 3, making the game unplayable, and second, the mod can be detected as a virus on Windows-powered PCs.

    We looking into this mod, Windows immediately flagged the mod as a Trojan horse, deleting the mod on the spot. Given the state of this mod, we cannot recommend it to our readers, as it isn’t guaranteed to work without downsides and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, given how it interacts with antivirus software. In our eyes, it’s evident that those who have written about this mod haven’t tested it themselves.

    Don’t worry; our search to fix this issue didn’t end there. We have found another way to bring full framerate zombie animations into Resident Evil 3.

    Step 1: RE2-Mod-Framework

    For starters, anyone who plans to mod Resident Evil 2 or 3 should know about the RE2 Mod Framework, a tool which allows PC gamers to mod their copies of Resident Evil 2/3 without causing interaction issues within the game.

    This mod is a must if you want 60 FPS zombie animations tweaks to work within Resident Evil 3, but thankfully the modding process is simple and the tool has no performance impact. Simply download the tool from Github, extract the contents of and then add the framework’s “dinput8.dll” file to your RE3 game directory.

    Note that this tool only works with Resident Evil 3’s DirectX 11 code path. Do not use this tool with DirectX 12. That said, our testing shows that Resident Evil 3 will run better under DirectX 11 under most circumstances.

    Step 2: Editing RE3.exe

    Using a hex editor like HxD, PC users can edit Resident Evil 3’s .exe file. If you mess up this step, you can tell Steam to “verify integrity of games files” within Steam. This will allow you to redownload an unmodified .exe file for Resident Evil 3.

    Within HxD, select “Search” and then “Go to” and the following window will open. Search for “ECFC28” and make sure “hex” and “Offset relative to begin” are selected.

    Doing this will bring you to the following line of your RE3.exe file’s code. Search for the code “44 8B C5”, which is what we have highlighted in the image below.

    After finding this code, replace “44 8B C5” with “45 31 C0” (as shown below) and save the changes to your .exe file. This edit will allow Resident Evil 3 to run full framerate zombie animations.

    This alteration will allow Resident Evil 3 to run with faster zombie animations and no issues. Play tested this method ourselves, and it works.

    Special thanks to cymatix on the Resident Evil Modding Forums for discovering the RE3.exe edits that we used to enable full framerate zombie animations within Resident Evil 3.

    When testing Resident Evil 3 with higher framerate zombie animations, we found that the change resulted in no noticeable performance drops. If anything, the game appeared to run smoother, as distant zombies were no longer running at a slower 30 FPS framerate.

    This modification has a huge impact across Resident Evil 3, especially within the game’s larger city landscapes. This is especially true for PC gamers who are running the game with an unlocked framerate, as doing this makes Resident Evil 3’s 30 FPS zombie animations appear a lot jerkier than when running the game at a locked 60 FPS.

    Those who want to optimise the PC performance of their copy of Resident Evil 3 should have a look at our performance optimisation guide for the title, which details some key settings which can be used to generate higher framerates at a minimal cost to the game’s graphical fidelity.


    Resident Evil 3: Headshots and zombies – how to hit them? Resident Evil 3 guide, walkthrough

    On this page of the guide to Resident Evil 3 Remake, you will find tips on how to score headshots more effectively to kill zombies faster. You will also learn how to miss less often to waste as little ammunition as possible.

    If you are fighting ordinary zombies and it is impossible to avoid them, then the best way to attack them is to aim at monsters’ heads. The exception is when, for example, there are explosive red barrels in the area that can kill nearby monsters with a single explosion.

    Try to keep a better distance from the zombies so you can aim at the monsters. If you are fighting at a medium or short distance, you may have much less time to aim at a zombie’s head. It can also happen that the undead unexpectedly leaps towards the hero and forces you to dodge or resort to melee combat to protect yourself.

    Before you fire your first shots, observe how the zombie moves and what movements their head makes. This will allow you to better “predict” its position.

    As you make progress through the game you can find some weapon upgrades – some of those increase accuracy and reduce the weapon recoil. For example, you can find additional scope and weapon sight or a special weapon handle that will reduce the recoil while firing. All newly acquired weapon upgrades should be installed immediately – none of them are mutually exclusive.

    If you still have huge targeting problems and miss a lot, you can use the aim assist to help you track down monsters by “locking” your sight on zombies. The Aim Assist option can be found in the game options under the Controls tab.


    Resident Evil 3 – How to Kill Zombies Permanently

    Make sure the dead stay that way.

    Nobody likes a zed that won’t stay dead, and in Resident Evil 3 the unruly zombies are more than happy to return and nibble on your neck. There are a couple of ways to ensure they stay down for the count, and to make your escape from Raccoon City less bitey.

    Zombies can be knifed or shot while down, lit on fire, or have their heads exploded.

    There are a handful of ways to keep the dead from rising up once more, though none are as successful as popping their brain-pan. This is a randomized critical strike, much like it was in Resident Evil 2 Remake, and the key to triggering it is to shoot zombies square in the forehead. I will reiterate: this is random, and pumping lead into their skulls does not guarantee a fleshy explosion, Scanners style. That mentioned, a zombie with its brains on the outside is a permanently dead zombie (Lickers aside, naturally).

    If you down a zombie with it’s brains firmly intact you can still take it out of the fight. Using either your combat knife or gun (assuming you have the spare ammo), slash at or shoot the zed until it reels up with a dying gasp. Do bear in mind that if it leans back up it’s about to attack, so fall back. The knife doesn’t break in Resident Evil 3, by the way, so if you are not surrounded by zombies it’s a great way to conserve ammo and keep the bastards down.

    Finally, explosive barrels and fire will kill zombies outright, though burning them to death can take a moment (and they will continue to lumber after you until they fall). Use the environment to your advantage, because a well timed exploding barrel can kill a gaggle of zombies with a single bullet.

    It should be mentioned that some zombies will return no matter what you do as part of a scripted event. You can clear a room, pump round after round into every rotting forehead you see, and still see the dead rise upon return. This isn’t common, but if a zombie appears dead when you enter an area and a bullet doesn’t rouse it then expect it to attack you later.

    For more walkthroughs and guides for Resident Evil 3 be sure to check out our hub page!

    – This article was updated on:April 2nd, 2020


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    Resident Evil 3 Enemies That Should be in the Remake

    Given that some enemies were cut from Resident Evil 2 Remake, there will hopefully be some returning in Resident Evil 3 Remake, as well as new ones.

    Some fans of the Resident Evil 2 Remake were disappointed that a few enemies from the original Resident Evil 2 game were removed, such as the giant spiders, crows, and the giant moth. Hopefully, fans will have the opportunity to see some of these missing enemies finally remade in their contemporary fashion for the Resident Evil 3 Remake.

    The Giant Spiders that were one of the enemies missing in the Resident Evil 2 Remake have a solid chance of finally making their contemporary debut in Resident Evil 3 Remake. This is because they appeared in both the original Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis games.

    In the original Resident Evil 2, Giant Spiders appeared briefly in the sewers, but these enemies were missing in the Resident Evil 2 Remake. In the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the giant spiders appeared randomly in a few locations, but there was one forced encounter with these creatures in the Clocktower.

    There is still the possibility they may not return in Resident Evil 3 Remake because, according to Capcom, they were cut from the second game because they appeared out of place in their new approach to the remake in which the devs wanted to develop a more realistic game. In keeping with a more realistic approach, there is the possibility Capcom could, again, cut the spiders from Resident Evil 3 Remake for the same reason.

    While missing in Resident Evil 2 Remake, crows may be included for Resident Evil 3 Remake, given that the even larger T-Infected crows were in the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. In the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, these giant crows were seen in both Uptown and Downtown areas of Raccoon City, as well as in the courtyard of the Clock Tower.

    Alternatively, given that the Giant Moth in Resident Evil 2 was a boss unique to the second game, there likely won’t be a contemporary reiteration of this creature, but there are plenty of other insect-oriented creatures that we should expect in the Resident Evil 3 Remake. This includes the Brain Suckers, which were arthropods (possibly a flea) infected with a secondary infection of the T-Virus. They were seen in the Incineration Disposal Plant.

    Also, the Drain Demos, also enlarged arthropods, were infected from drinking the blood of zombies. They were encountered in both Uptown and Downtown areas of Raccoon City in the original Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and among other areas. Some fans who have closely watched the trailer frame by frame already claim to have seen a creature that could possibly be the Drain Demos or Brain Sucker, just after the quick animation of the helicopter spinning around on fire.

    Hunter Betas will also be making a return in Resident Evil 3, but they could be significantly different in both the way they behave and appear. Specifically, translator Dusk Golem stated that the game’s developers have “reimagined” the Hunter for “the modern era and gameplay style.”

    The weaker Hunter Gamma is also an enemy that may see a return from the original Resident Evil 3 game, appearing more like a frog and encountering the player in the basement of the hospital. Of course, the infamous Zombie Dogs should be returning once again, as well as small spiders which are among the weakest in the Resident Evil series and can easily be killed by stepping on them.

    Furthermore, considering that the giant crocodile was included in the remake of Resident Evil 2, the gigantic worm monster known as the Grave Digger may return in Resident Evil 3 Remake in the Londsdale Underground Passage and other areas. This seems the most likely to be included from the other list of unknowns, as there is usually some definitive zombie-like creature found in the games.

    There were also a few enemies that never made the final cut of Resident Evil 2 and 3, and there is always the possibility that Capcom could decide to give us something new in the Resident Evil 3 Remake. For example, a wildcat infected with the T-Virus was originally supposed to appear in the Raccoon Park segment of the original game, but was scrapped.

    In unlocked concept art from the Resident Evil 2 Remake, there was also plans at some point to include Licker Zombies in the game. They essentially look like zombies with Licker heads, possibly signifying they have not completely transformed into a full Licker. Otherwise, they could be the result of a zombie that is infected in such a way that the V-ACT transformation process begins, rather than a human host, instead resulting in a hybrid licker-zombie.

    Only time will tell whether Capcom fully cut Licker Zombies from the Resident Evil universe, or if it merely took them out of Resident Evil 2 Remake. All possibilities are on the table, especially given that Resident Evil 2 Remake implemented some drastic changes of its own in comparison to the original with the inclusion of hybrid plant-infected zombies and the re-designed Plant 42.

    As Resident Evil 3 Remake nears its release, we will hopefully enjoy the return of at least some of the classic enemies from the second and third games and maybe even some new ones.

    Resident Evil 3 is currently in development and scheduled to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



    Resident Evil 3 Remake mod uncaps the animations of distant zombies, allowing them to run at 60fps

    Similarly to Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake locks the animations of distant zombies to 30fps. Naturally, this can be really distracting, especially on the PC. Thankfully, though, there is now a mod that unlocks/uncaps the animations of all distant zombies.

    Created by modder ‘WT3WD’, FPS Zombies will allow all distant zombies to have animations at 60fps or more. All you have to do is download the mod from here. Then, you’ll have to run the game and THEN run the file. Afterwards, you’ll have to press F2 to enable the script and F3 to activate the 60fps hack. And that’s it.

    Needless to say that this is a must-have mod for all Resident Evil 3 Remake PC gamers out there. Alongside this mod, we suggest trying this mod that allows you to play the game in first-person mode. It’s a pretty cool concept and we highly recommend it for your second playthrough.

    You can also try the Ultimate Trainer Mod that allows you to change the game’s FOV, remove Vignette, and do some really cool changes to the game. We also suggest using this mod for your second playthrough as it can bring major changes to the RE3R’s gameplay mechanics and overall experience.

    John Papadopoulos

    John is the founder and editor in chief of DSOGaming. He is a PC gaming fan and highly supports the modding and indie community, although his gaming roots can be found on consoles. Basically he is the one you can blame for everything you read at DSOGaming so go ahead and bash him. Contact: Email


    Resident Evil 3 – Zombie Enemy Information

    What are Zombies?

    Zombies are residents that have succumbed to the effects of the t-virus that spread across Raccoon City. These consist of civilians that came into contact with the city’s contaminated water or have sustained injuries from infected organisms. After transforming into zombies, they have abandoned all means of rationalization, and instead seek for the living to feast on their flesh. Zombies are common enemies that often move in groups. They move slow and tend to reach out their hands in hopes of grappling passers-by. When closing in on their prey, they sometimes charge a bit faster than normal which helps them potentially capture their target. Their primary means of attack is biting their victim’s neck to cause them to stagger and bleed.

    The zombie relies mostly on its head and hands. When a leg or two is severed, the zombie can drop on the floor and continue chasing their prey by crawling. The trick to defeating a zombie is to blow its head clean off with a well-timed gunshot. Some areas also offer ways to take them out efficiently such as luring them near gas canisters which can help wipe out almost all surrounding enemies at the cost of a mere bullet or two.

    Since they tend to move sluggishly, running past them or using evasive actions often helps to get past them.


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