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Resident Evil 3 Remake Release Date Is On-Track, Game 90% Done


According to a recent Famitsu interview, Resident Evil fans that are excited about the upcoming remake won’t have to worry about any sort of delay before the game’s release. According to said interview, the game is 90% done, leaving the Resident Evil 3 Remake release date no longer in doubt for Capcom.

Resident Evil 3 Remake will be the third of the Resident Evil remakes that Capcom has released in the past few years, with the original Resident Evil coming out in 2015, and Resident Evil 2 coming out early last year. Resident Evil 3 is slated to come out on April 3 of this year.

Resident Evil 3 once again puts us back in the shoes of STARS member Jill Valentine in her own story of Raccoon City, where she must fight to survive while uncovering another part of the Umbrella Corporation’s conspiracies while also avoiding the Nemesis bioweapon trying to hunt down and kill every member of STARS.

Considering that Resident Evil 2 only released just last year, it’s possible that the reason 3 is coming out so soon after is because Capcom has been working on multiple Resident Evil remakes for a long time. However, it’s even more impressive since the Resident Evil 3 Remake will technically be two games in one.

While Jill Valentine’s story will be part of it, the game will also include a multiplayer component, the previously-announced Resident Evil: Resistance, which will be shipping with the story game. Since Resident Evil 2’s remake was so well-regarded, hopefully 3 and Resistance will meet similar praise.

Once again, the Resident Evil 3 Remake release date will be on April 3 of this year, releasing for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. If you want to get something of a taste for it, the Resident Evil 2 Remake’s demo has been updated, not only allowing you to explore the entirety of the Raccoon City Police Department, but also including a Resident Evil 3 easter egg.


Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Release Date – When Will It Release?

The Resident Evil 3 Remake is due out in less than a month, looking to reimagine yet another of Capcom’s classic survival horror titles. But will there be a demo so that players can get an early taste of what’s in store for them?

Here’s everything we know about the Resident Evil 3 Remake demo alongside information on a potential release date.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Release Date

The good news is that there will definitely be a Resident Evil 3 Remake demo. Capcom has confirmed as much, although it did not share a set release date for it.

“It was written in the STARS. A Resident Evil 3 Demo is on the way. We’ll have more details in the near future!”, reads a tweet from the official Resident Evil account.

Capcom has announced that the Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo release date is set to Thursday, March 19 on PC (via Steam), Xbox One and PS4. It’s currently unknown whether or not the demo will be available for a limited time or not.

Additionally, Resident Evil Resistance, the title’s asymmetrical multiplayer mode, is also getting an Open Beta on March 27.

March 19th, daylight. the Resident Evil 3 Raccoon City demo will overtake PS4, XB1, and Steam.

Plus, an Open Beta for Resident Evil Resistance begins on March 27th! More details:

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Resident Evil 3 (2020): Game news and release date

Fact: There are twenty-four Resident Evil games out there. Making Resident Evil 3, number twenty-five.

Resident Evil pretty much kickstarted the survivor horror game genre. Despite this, it took lots of work and releases to gain the popularity we see today. It wasn’t until the release of Resident Evil 4, 6 and 7 for the games to rise and take the scene by storm. Then the first three games were remastered almost entirely in terms of visuals.

The rerelease of the first only saw a handful of changes to gameplay. Resident Evil 2 Remastered hit the shelves taking remakes to the next level nearly landing Game of Year. Rumours for Resident Evil 3 to succumb to the same visual upgrades hit the airwaves over the past year. We can impatiently anticipate its release on April 3rd, 2020.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

The original game was released in 1999 and visually it hasn’t stood the test of time. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was initially released on PS1 over twenty years ago in 1999. Unfortunately it wasn’t as scary as intended. Luckily for modern day fans of the franchise we’ve see a dramatic turn for the positive with much of the imagery being the stuff of nightmares.

The zombies are so realistic they’ll have you ringing up Jesse Eisenberg (ZombieLand) for survival tips! The game in its entirety looks truly stunning. Transformed from the blocky gem we grew to love into an almost hyper-realistic modern classic.

1, 2, Nemesis is coming for you.

The Nemesis remake shares some similarities with its predecessor. However the Resident Evil 3 remake trailer shows the game has undergone a vast makeover. More cutscenes, new camera angle options and did we mention the insanely realistic graphics?

What about Nemesis him/itself? Surely this is what you’re all clucking to see? The dynamic way Nemesis moves through the game, being able to leap in front of you at any time. The ability to attack you at any time is enough to give anyone a nervous breakdown. Even the safe room may not be as safe as its cracked up to be. Imagine playing the original release without your little safe haven!

Will the Resident Evil 3 remake be the best in the series?

The game seems to take what they did in Resident Evil 2 (2019) and somehow improve on all that makes it special. Even though the game isn’t out yet, the gameplay and cutscenes we’ve seen closely resemble perfection. The Resident Evil 3 remake looks like it could be the best of its kind. And we’re almost certain it will be a solid contender for Game of the Year, only time can tell. Until April 3 rd , we can only hope.

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Capcom warns of Resident Evil 3 remake delays due to pandemic

CAPCOM is cautioning customers that there may be a Resident Evil 3 remake release date delay in Europe. If you’re hoping to get your hands on a copy of the Resident Evil 3 remake, you may be waiting longer than you expect.

A tweet from CAPCOM noted that while the official release date currently remains unchanged, “some European markets” could potentially face delayed deliveries of non-essential goods. Naturally, this includes video games, and the next Resident Evil remake game may well be affected, whether you’re getting a regular boxed copy or one of the awesome collector’s editions.

Resident Evil’s Community Manager notes that any such delays only applies to physical products. If you’ve pre-ordered the digital version of the game (either through a physical retailer or an online store), you should still be getting the game at the appropriate time.

It’s unclear if this potential Resident Evil 3 remake release date delay will also include North America. While CAPCOM’s message focuses on Europe, other games potentially face problems with physical copies arriving on your doorstep in a timely manner and recent Animal Crossing: New Horizonspushed back past the release date shipments were in some North American markets.

Game Revolution recommends all readers comply with CDC guidelines and remain as isolated as possible during this urgent time. Visit the Centers for Disease Control at or the World Health Organization at for the latest information on the coronavirus and learn what you can do to stop the spread.

Just to clear up any confusion:

The game is still launching on April 3rd, digitally. So if you pre-ordered digitally through a retailer or through 1st party like PS4, Steam, Xbox, you should be fine.

The potential delays apply to physical SKUs.


Resident Evil 3 Remake Release Date Is On-Track, Game 90% Done

Resident Evil 3 Remake Release Date Is On-Track, Game 90% Done

Resident Evil fans who are excited about the upcoming sequel will not have to worry about any kind of delay before the release of the game, according to a recent interview with Famitsu. The game is done by 90 percent, according to the interview, leaving the release date of the Resident Evil 3 Remake no longer in question for Capcom.

Resident Evil 3 Remake will be the third of the remakes of Resident Evil released by Capcom over the past few years, with the original Resident Evil released in 2015, and Resident Evil 2 released early last year. Resident Evil 3 is scheduled to be released this year on April 3.

Resident Evil 3 puts us back in the shoes of STARS member Jill Valentine in her own Raccoon City story, where she has to fight to survive while uncovering another part of the conspiracies of the Umbrella Corporation while also avoiding the bioweapon of Nemesis trying to hunt down and kill every STARS member.

Given that Resident Evil 2 launched only last year, it is likely that because Capcom has been working on several Resident Evil remakes for a long time, the purpose 3 will come out so soon after. Though, as the Resident Evil 3 Remake will actually be two games in one, it’s even more amazing.

While the story of Jill Valentine will be part of it, a multiplayer feature will also be included in the game, the previously announced Resident Evil: Resistance, which will be shipped with the game. Since the reboot of Resident Evil 2 has been so well looked after, 3 and Resistance will hopefully meet equal acclaim.

Once again, the release date for the Resident Evil 3 Remake will be April 3 this year, releasing for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. If you want to have a taste for it, the preview of the Resident Evil 2 has been revamped, not only allowing you to visit the whole Raccoon City Police Department but also including an Easter Egg Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Release Date Is On-Track, Game 90% Done


Resident Evil 3 Demo release date REVEALED: PS4, Xbox One download out soon

RESIDENT EVIL 3 Demo release date has been revealed today, with the PS4 and Xbox One download coming soon.

Resident Evil 3 Demo release date revealed, download out this week (Image: CAPCOM)

Resident Evil 3 Demo release date has today been revealed by Capcom, with the free download heading to the PS4 and Xbox One soon.

The Resident Evil 3 Demo is getting a release date this week, with a taster of the remake of the PS1 classic dropping in a few days time.

The Resident Evil 3 Demo has a release date of Thursday March 19 2020, Capcom has announced.

The news was revealed in a post online from Capcom which also confirmed that a beta for Resident Evil Resistance is coming this month.

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The open beta for the additional Resident Evil 3 mode will be released on March 27.

In a post online Capcom said: “We’re excited to announce that this highly anticipated demo for Resident Evil 3 is just a few days away.

“Featuring a slice of the full game that launches on April 3rd, you’ll step into the shoes of Jill Valentine as she attempts to make a desperate escape from Raccoon City as it rapidly descends into chaos.

“While there’s a bit more focus on action in Resident Evil 3 compared to last year’s Resident Evil 2, you won’t want to go in guns blazing – it may be a demo, but you’ll need to conserve your ammo and items if you want to stand a chance of surviving.


“We don’t want to spoil the fun of letting you all explore the demo on your own, so get ready for a quick trip to Raccoon City on March 19th!”

Capcom added: “That’s not all that we have though; an Open Beta for Resident Evil Resistance will be kicking off on March 27th, providing everyone with a chance to try out this asymmetrical co-op horror game set in the Resident Evil universe.

“Take on the role of a Survivor as part of a team of four trying to escape from a twisted experiment designed to push them to their limits.

“If you’re feeling sinister, take control as a Mastermind, watching the Survivors progress through cameras as you attempt to thwart their escape by placing traps and creatures while manipulating the environment to your advantage.”

The Resident Evil 3 demo will be arriving on the PS4, Xbox One and PCs on Thursday March 19.

This is ahead of the highly anticipated game’s full release on April 3.

The Resident Evil 3 demo will be out on Thursday March 19 (Image: CAPCOM)

Resident Evil 3 is one of the biggest games of 2020, a remake of the PS1 survival horror classic.

RE3 takes place at the same time as Resident Evil 2 and sees players step into the shoes of Jill Valentine during the Raccoon City outbreak.

It looks like the remake, like the original, will be a more action packed affairs than RE2.

Both the RE2 and RE3 remake use the same engine and deploy a third-person viewpoint as opposed to RE7’s first person view.

Here are more details on Resident Evil 3, taken from the game’s official blurb…



Jill Valentine is one of the last remaining people in Raccoon City to witness the atrocities Umbrella performed.

To stop her, Umbrella unleashes their ultimate secret weapon; Nemesis!

Also includes Resident Evil Resistance, a new 1 vs 4 online multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe where four survivors face-off against a sinister Mastermind.


GAME | Media

A Resident Evil 3 remake has been officially announced in PlayStation’s December State of Play update, but that’s not all – we also got the release date for creative sandbox game Dreams, a slew of brand new game announcements, and a sneak peek at the hotly anticipated samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima.

Read on to find out everything that was announced in the State of Play.

A Resident Evil 3 remake has been officially announced in PlayStation’s December State of Play update, but that’s not all – we also got the release date for creative sandbox game Dreams, a slew of brand new game announcements, and a sneak peek at the hotly anticipated samurai epic Ghost of Tsushima.

Read on to find out everything that was announced in the State of Play.

Resident Evil 3 remake

In one of the sneakiest bait-and-switch moves we’ve seen all year, Capcom took the world by surprise by revealing that the Resident Evil spin-off game Project Resistance is actually the multiplayer mode of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake.

It’s a very welcome follow-up to the hugely successful (and extremely scary) Resident Evil 2 remake, and it’s headed our way on 3 April 2020.

You can check out the trailer right here:

New Ghost of Tsushima trailer

Right at the end of the livestream came one final surprise: a tiny sneak peek at the gorgeous Ghost of Tsushima. It was the most fleeting of glimpses, that seemingly showed us some of the baddies from the game as they challenged a samurai (probably main character Jin) to a battle. The rest of the trailer is due out at the end of this week, but more on that in a minute. In the meantime, you can find out everything we know about the game so far here.

Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind DLC

The cliffhanger at the end of Kingdom Hearts III might be getting a resolution sooner than you think in the form of the Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind DLC, due out on 23 January 2020. As well as brand new story content and a host of new features, the DLC also includes a secret episode and a treasure trove of boss battles to take on.

Dreams release date

Media Molecule’s creative sandbox game lets you create whatever you want, from sculptures and musical compositions to full-fledged video games. It’s been available in early access for a while, and now Dreams finally has a release date of 14 February 2020.

What else was shown off in the State of Play update?

As if all the above weren’t enough already, we got a string of new game announcements and release dates too.

Spellbreak is an upcoming battle royale RPG with a spellbinding fantasy setting. Instead of gunfights, you’ll engage in epic magical battles, weaving powerful elemental spells to take down your opponents. There’s a closed beta in spring 2020, but no word on a release date just yet.

If you’re looking to give your brain an Alice in Wonderland style workout, Superliminal is the game for you. You’ll need to pull off all kinds of clever perspective tricks to solve puzzles, in which objects abruptly change in size or shape when viewed from different angles. It’s headed to PS4 next year.

PlayStation VR is getting a new title too: the gorgeous-looking Paper Beast. Your job is to aid a herd of delicate origami creatures as they navigate a treacherous world. Ward off their enemies, help solve puzzles, terraform the ground to help the herd on their journey, and maybe weep a little over how pretty it is. Paper Beast is coming to PSVR early in 2020.

We also got a detailed new look at the gameplay for Predator: Hunting Grounds. The game is coming to PC and PS4 on 24 April 2020.

Next up was a new glimpse of the gameplay for the mysterious Babylon’s Fall. We saw epic magical battles in a ruined palatial setting, with more information promised next summer.

And let’s not forget Untitled Goose Game, the hit game in which you play as a horrible goose busily making everyone else’s lives a misery, which is coming to PS4 on 17 December.

So there you have it – that’s everything that was announced in the December State of Play livestream. Don’t forget to check back with us on Friday for the Game Awards 2019 livestream – as well as the awards ceremony and live performances from Green Day and CHVRCHES, there’ll be the rest of the Ghost of Tsushima trailer, plus we’ll get to see even more brand new game and project reveals. See you then!

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Resident Evil 3 release date confirmed in first trailer for PS4, Xbox One, PC game

Capcom has revealed the first trailer for the Resident Evil 3 Remake game – and it looks incredible. Here’s what you need to know.

After the success Resident Evil 2 Remake , Capcom is clearly keen to make sure it delivers as much nostalgic content as possible.

Today, during the PlayStation State of Play livestream , the company revealed the first trailer for the highly-anticipated (and badly kept secret), Resident Evil 3 Remake .

It turns out the game will be released alongside Project Resistance – the multiplayer game that Capcom announced earlier in the year.

The game will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 3rd, 2020.

The trailer shows Jill Valentine fleeing from the infected hordes that have overtaken the streets of Raccoon City as she searches for the STARS HQ.

Members of the Umbrella Corp. are seen awakening and unleashing the titular Nemesis on the city.

There’s no gameplay in the trailer, but it clearly shows that the sequel to Resident Evil 2 Remake will be similar in tone and style to the game that inspired it.

“Taking a trip back to Raccoon City won’t be a walk in the park, of course,” reads the official announcement on the Capcom Blog.

“The city is in the throes of an outbreak, with the shuffling undead wandering the streets and the urban jungle becoming a tangle of overturned cars and crumbling buildings. Picturesque, isn’t it? It’s against this backdrop that Jill Valentine prepares to make her escape, though there’s a bit of a twist in the timeline for those of you who aren’t familiar with the original

“If you played Resident Evil 2 earlier this year, you may know that Leon and Claire arrived in the city on September 29th. Jill’s story, however, starts a few days earlier.

“As an accomplished member of S.T.A.R.S. and a survivor of the incident in the Arklay Mountains (the site of the original Resident Evil), Jill has some experience with the horrors that await.”

Latest Games News

This comes after the game was leaked by PSN’s own storefront last week.

Gamstat , a site that trawls PSN and collects icons, data and images from the Sony storefront, managed to uncover artwork of the new game Resi game, featuring a terrifying HD version of Nemesis – big teeth and all.

It has been rumoured that the game will be playable and announced at Japan’s JumpFesta 2020, which takes place on December 21 and 22.


Resident Evil 3 remake release date, trailer, pre-order, gameplay and more

Everything we know about RE3 Remake

It’s only been one year since the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake, but there’s already a remake of Resident Evil 3 around the corner. Like 2019’s Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 will deliver a fully reimagined version of Capcom’s 1999 classic, with stunning modern graphics, slick third-person gameplay and a terrifying new version of persistent baddie Nemesis.

Let’s take a look at everything we know so far about the Resident Evil 3 remake, including its trailer, release date and a little RE3 refresher for new and old fans looking forward to this remake.

Resident Evil 3 remake release date

Resident Evil 3 will come to PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 3, 2020 for $59.99, and you can pre-order it now.

Resident Evil 3 remake trailer

The first Resident Evil 3 trailer is here, and it’s as epic and terrifying as you’d expect. The clip starts with a montage of visuals and soundbytes from the Resident Evil 2 remake, before cutting to a first-person view of Jill Valentine escaping a building, We then see new versions of classic RE3 characters, including Carlos Olivera, Brad Vickers, and a brief glimpse of the terrifying Nemesis himself.

You can also see some extra gameplay footage and a peek behind the game’s development in this special developer video:

Resident Evil 3 remake multiplayer

Resident Evil 3 will also include a multiplayer mode called Resistance, which was teased earlier this year as Project Resistance. This asymmetrical 4-on-1 mode has a team of four survivors work together to escape the machinations of a single “mastermind,” who can set traps, summon zombies and control boss characters. Survivors will have their own unique skills and perks (such as healing abilities and increased melee strength), as well as unique Masterminds that can control their own deadly monsters.

Resident Evil 3 remake collector’s edition

If you’re a hardcore fan, you can pick up the $179 GameStop-exclusive Resident Evil 3 collector’s edition, which includes an 11-inch Jill Valentine statue, a double-sided map of Raccoon City, a collector’s artbook, a digital soundtrack, a classic costume pack and a special S.T.A.R.S.-themed box to hold it all.

Resident Evil 3 remake gameplay and story: what to expect

Resident Evil 3 remake delivers a new version of Jill Valentine, the protagonist of the original RE3, and a companion she meets partway through the game, Carlos Olivera. The remake of Resident Evil 2 stuck quite faithfully to the original’s storyline, so that automatically gives us plenty of insight into Resident Evil 3.

In the original game, Jill Valentine is in the middle of her escape from Racoon City, now fully overrun by the zombie outbreak we see at the beginning of Resident Evil 2. Carlos Olivero is also trying to escape the city and aides Jill although he technically works for Umbrella’s own internal countermeasures team sent in to combat and collect data on the monstrosities brought on by the outbreak.

We also see a new version of Nemesis on the cover. If you thought Mr. X was persistent in Resident Evil 2 then you’ll have a lot more on your hands than you think with this unrelenting foe. Sent into the city specifically to hunt and eliminate remaining S.T.A.R.S members who know too much about Umbrella’s involvement in the outbreak, Nemesis is a threat throughout the entire campaign of the original game.

Based on the trailer, the Resident Evil 3 remake should deliver the same modern over-the-shoulder third-person action as 2019’s Resident Evil 2. However, a short clip also shows Jill running out of a building in first-person, teasing that we might also get some of the first-person gameplay from Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 3 also broke the trend of multiple character selections in favor of a highly randomized single campaign staring only Jill. The overall course of the story remains the same, but in the original game you are presented with several split-second decisions that cause your path to fork in different directions, making repeat playthroughs a must.


Resident Evil 3 Resistance beta release date, launch times, pre-load, file size and MORE

Resident Evil 3 Remake fans are counting down to the release of the Resistance open beta.

And fortunately, there’s not long to wait because the Resident Evil 3 Resistance open beta has a March 27 release date.

Better yet, fans can start playing as soon as they get out of bed in the morning.

The Resident Evil 3 Resistance open beta has a 7am GMT launch time for fans in the UK. It runs all the way to the morning of April 3.

If you want to jump into the action the moment it goes live, then you should pre-load the demo right now.

The open beta weighs in at around 10GB, so it shouldn’t take too long to download.

It’s worth remembering that Resident Evil 3 Resistance is an online-only game for 2-5 players.

Resident Evil Resistance is a brand new asymmetric online multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe.

The game pits four playable survivors against a sinister Mastermind – which is controlled by a different player.

The Mastermind is said to secretly kidnap young people for the purpose of gathering data.

“By forcing these youths into desperate situations, the Mastermind aims to gather valuable research data on how the subjects respond to fear,” Capcom explains.

“The Mastermind will not face the Survivors directly. Instead, they observe through the security cameras, setting traps to prevent their escape.”

The news comes as Capcom warns of potential Resident Evil 3 Remake delays.

In a statement to pre-order customers, Capcom said that while the April 3 release date remains the same, some fans may not get their physical copies on time.

This is due to import restrictions imposed by various governments throughout Europe.

The news was announced in a recent blog post by Capcom: “As we all know, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is having a widespread impact as respective governments in Europe have instituted various restrictions to prevent additional spread.

“Although the global release date for Resident Evil 3 remains April 3, 2020, some European markets may experience delayed deliveries or availability of physical goods, including disc copies of games.

“We are closely following official regulations to ensure we are prioritising the safety of our fans, employees and partners.

“As such, we are in frequent communication with our local distribution and retail partners in each market to make copies available once local import conditions allow.”


Resident Evil 3 Pre-Order Guide: Collector’s Edition, Release Date, And Bonuses

With as successful as last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake was, it’s no surprise Capcom is continuing its streak with a remake of Resident Evil 3. What is surprising, however, is that it’s bundled with an entirely new multiplayer component called Resident Evil Resistance. Even more surprising: the remake is due out on April 3, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and and PC via Steam. That’s a lot sooner than we expected.

With the announcement of the remake came a trailer, showing protagonist Jill Valentine running through a building from a first-person perspective, fleeing a powerful creature known as Nemesis. However, a Capcom blog post confirms the game will have the same over-the-shoulder third-person perspective as Resident Evil 2 rather than first-person scares in the vein of Resident Evil 7.

Cover art for Resident Evil 3 leaked ahead of the State of Play stream, displaying Jill, her partner Carlos Oliveira, and the monstrous Nemesis looming above them.

The State of Play also confirmed Resident Evil 3 will come bundled with Resident Evil Resistance, an asymmetrical 4 vs. 1 online co-op game in which one player controls the Mastermind, setting traps and hunting down a group of Survivors as the other players race against the clock to escape.

Resident Evil 3 pre-order bonuses

If you pre-order Resident Evil 3 ahead of its April release date, you’ll receive an exclusive Classic Costume Pack that includes Jill’s original outfit and Carlos’ original hairstyle.

Pre-order Resident Evil 3 standard edition

The standard edition of Resident Evil 3 will come with the base game, Resident Evil Resistance, and any pre-order bonuses. Resident Evil 3 standard edition is selling for $60.

Pre-order Resident Evil 3 Collector’s edition

The Resident Evil 3 Collector’s edition will be sold exclusively at GameStop in North America. The Collector’s edition includes a physical copy of Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil Resistance, any pre-order bonuses, a Jill Valentine statuette (similar to the Leon figure offered for Resident Evil 2), a hardcover art book, a double-sided poster featuring a map of Raccoon City, and a digital Resident Evil 3 soundtrack. It retails for $180 USD at GameStop. UK fans can pre-order the collector’s edition at retailer GAME for £215.

The Resident Evil 3 Collector’s edition seems to be a hot item for fans; GameSpot sold out not long after the listings went live. Both the PS4 and Xbox One versions are sold out as of last update, but keep checking back, as it’ll likely come back into stock sporadically between now and release. For a heads-up on when it’s back in stock, follow @GameSpotDeals on Twitter–we’ll tweet out as soon as we spot it online.

The collector’s edition only recently went up for sale in the UK, so you can still pre-order on both PS4 and Xbox One. But if US pre-orders were any indication, it won’t be available for long. US fans can pre-order the UK collector’s edition from GAME, but you’ll end up spending some extra cash on shipping and won’t receive the game at launch.


Capcom Promises Resident Evil 3 Remake Will Not Be Delayed

Capcom is feeling very confident about the Resident Evil 3 Remake hitting its planned release date on April 3. In an interview with Famitsu, producers Peter Fabiano and Masao Kawada said that the game is probably about 90 percent complete at the moment, and there should be no delay of the title’s release.

Of course, this is good news for any Resident Evil fan, especially since the Resident Evil 2 remake received countless delays before releasing last year. Originally, the two games were going to be combined into a package, but to avoid further delays, RE2 released on its own, and RE3 was instead bundled with a new asymmetrical multiplayer game, Resident Evil: Resistance.

Resident Evil 3 was announced to be coming in April back during the final Sony State of Play in 2019. It was surprising to see the game announced so soon after Resident Evil 2’s release, but with the former plan outlined above, it makes sense that Capcom would be so close to being done on the game.

Resident Evil 3 | Announcement Trailer | PS4

“Resident Evil 3 returns to PlayStation 4 on April 3rd, 2020. Experience Jill Valentine’s encounter with the unrelenting Nemesis in this survival-horror classic remade from the ground up. It also includes Resident Evil Resistance, a new 1 vs 4 asymmetrical online multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe.

In another interview with Famitsu, Fabiano and Kawada explained how the RE3 remake would have “more rearranged elements” when compared to RE2. The most apparent change so far is Jill Valentine’s design to accommodate that she is going to be fighting her way out of Raccoon City. Where in the original game, she is wearing a tube top, skirt, and high boots, she now wears a more Lara Croft-esque tank top and jeans.


Resident Evil 3 Gameplay Stream Announced

By Tanner Dedmon – March 3, 2020 04:22 pm EST

Capcom announced on Tuesday plans for a Resident Evil 3 stream that’s happening this week to give people yet another look at the game before its release. This new stream is expected to show off “exclusive gameplay,” according to the announcement, but it’s unknown now which parts of the game we’ll be exploring through the perspective of the Resident Evil team. Chances are good that we’ll be treated to some commentary as well to explain what’s happening in the segment of Resident Evil 3 we see, so whether you’re new to the game or want to see what’s changed from the original, there’s probably something in the stream to make it worth watching.

The Resident Evil 3 stream is scheduled to take place on Wednesday at 11 a.m. PT, Capcom said, and will be presented on both YouTube and Twitch. It didn’t say much about what would be shown during the stream, only that we’d be seeing gameplay of some sort. It’s unknown how long it’ll run for, but like the other streams, this one should be catalogued afterwards for anyone who missed the live presentation to watch later.

Itching for more #RE3?
Tune in for an exclusive gameplay stream on Wednesday, 7PM GMT / 8PM CET / 2PM ET / 11AM PT!

We’ve seen some new enemies in Resident Evil 3 as well as talks of some features that’ll be in the game and some that won’t, so perhaps we’ll be seeing some of those parts of the remake discussed during the stream.

Gameplay presentations aside, the other big question about Resident Evil 3 beyond what the game will look like comes from the community asking when they’ll be able to play the game themselves before it’s released. Capcom previously confirmed that a Resident Evil 3 demo is indeed happening, but it didn’t give any indication of when that demo would be dropping. Considering the game is coming out in April, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see some new gameplay and have the stream end with an announcement about when the demo would be available. If not, those looking forward to the game can rest assured knowing the demo is at least coming out eventually.

Resident Evil 3 and its Resident Evil Resistance mode is scheduled to release on April 3rd.

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Resident Evil 3 Remake For PS4 and XB1 Listed On UK Retailer With Release Date

Resident Evil 3 Remake was leaked through the official PlayStation Store and it is now up for pre-order for PS4 and Xbox One on UK Retailer with a release date.

RE 3 Remake was first spotted on the official PlayStation Store. Two different pieces of artwork were leaked for the game and some alleged screenshots also revealed a different look for Jill and Nemesis. The source of this artwork was the official PlayStation Store and they were soon pulled down by Capcom.

Sony has just announced a new State of Play on December 10. It was speculated that this might reveal RE 3 Remake with the artwork going up on the PlayStation Store. Geoff Keighley, who is hosting The Game Awards has confirmed that there won’t be any news on RE 3 Remake there which has put all eyes on the new State of Play for an official announcement.

Ahead of this announcement, which is just a few days later on December 10, UK Retailer has now put up a pre-order of Resident Evil 3 Remake for both PS4 and Xbox One. While it is a placeholder, the release date is set as March 31, 2020, instead of a traditional end of year release date which is the norm for such early pre-orders with no release window.

It is possible that Capcom could launch the Remake just a year after the second game after all they did this with the original Resident Evil 2 and 3, which were released just one and a half years apart from each other.


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