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RESIDENT EVIL 3 System Requirements


Check the RESIDENT EVIL 3 system requirements. Can I Run it? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over 6,000 games a month.

Here are the RESIDENT EVIL 3 System Requirements (Minimum)

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD FX-6300 or better
  • CPU SPEED: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: WINDOWS 7, 8.1, 10 (64-BIT Required)
  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R7 260x with 2GB Video RAM

Can my PC Run Resident Evil 3

By JT Hussey, March 25, 2020

The undead just refuse to stay dead in this long awaited reboot to zombie infested survival horror: Resident Evil:3 Raccoon City. Take on the role of super cop Jill Valentine as you serve justice to crime and zombies in a bid to escape the confines of Raccoon city. Relieve the joy of solving mysteries and wandering throught the city of the dead as you evad the unstopple nemisis by the skin of your feet.

The dead may not stay dead but meeting the requirements of a GeForce® GTX 760 or a AMD Radeon Radeon R7 GPU will ensure that framerate issues don’t stop you from hitting your mark and keeping your foes down for longer. In addition an meeting the minimum requirements of an Intel® Core™ i5-4460 or AMD FX™-6300 should provide a supporting argument from the barrel of your hand gun on why zombies should JUST STAY DOWN! However, those looking to make the most of survivial horror should meet the recomended requirements of a GeForce® GTX 1060 or Radeon™ RX 480 GPU for a limitless experience. Also, meeting the recomended requirements of an Intel® Core™ i7-3770 or AMD FX™-9590 CPU can mean life or death when playing on harder difficulties. Return to Raccoon city in Resident Evil 3:Raccoon City.



Resident Evil 3 ™ it’s the Remake of the legendary Horror Game

Resident Evil 3 Remake is the new version one of the most famous horror games of the 90s, but it is not only a modernization of the graphic aspect but you will find many new features. As the release date approaches, the Demo has already been presented so… read on and we’ll tell you all about this game and how you can download it for free!

Following the storyline of the original game, you will be Jill Valentine, a resident of Raccoon City. An explosion has awakened you and as you go out into the street, you realize that you are one of the few survivors left.

The rest of the inhabitants… they’ve been transformed into zombies! because of a lethal virus, which affects humans and animals. You will have to survive, interact with other survivors and discover the truth of what has happened.

In the game mode bounty loot, you will have to find the different boxes of supplies scattered across the battlefield, as well as fulfill contracts and with what earned be able to buy more weapons and supplies, vehicles, etc.and dominate over the other teams.

Along the way you will discover that behind all this disaster Lies The Umbrella Corporation. They’ll try to shut you up by all means, using a secret weapon called Nemesis… don’t want to know what it is!

As an important novelty, it includes The New Game Mode Resident Evil Resistance, which consists of a multiplayer mode, in which 4 online players will face the dreaded brain.

Play Resident Evil 3 Remake will transport you to the addictive action of the original survival horror and if you’ve never played it before… what are you waiting for?

Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo Gameplay

This remake has attracted the attention of the most influential YouTubers, like the American Markiplier (more than 25 million followers) with the complete analysis that has uploaded to its video channel:

Other streamers that have posted gameplays are Jacksepticeye (see here).

How to Download free Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo for PC

The game has not yet been released, but Capcom has released a trial version called Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo. You can play the start and learn the story of how the disaster started in the city. To play Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo for free follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the “Play Now” button at the top left of this article.
  2. Wait for me to upload the game link on Steam.
  3. Click the “Install Game” button. Note: You Must previously have Steam installed on your PC (you can download it for free here).
  4. Follow the instructions.
  5. Let’s play!

Resident Evil 3 Official Trailer

You can see here the official launch trailer.

Release Date

Resident Evil 3 Remake will be released on April 3, 2020, for PC and game consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Technical Requirements (Minimum)

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The new version of Resident Evil 3 has been developed by the legendary Japanese studio Capcom, Co. Ltd. To check out the latest news and updates of the game you can visit its official site or its facebook.


for Windows ” href=””>Resident Evil 3 for Windows

In English

  • Version: 1.0
    • 4 User Rating

      8 ( 111 votes )

    • Rate it!

    Softonic review

    A classic survival horror game

    Resident Evil 3 is a remake of the Capcom classic, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. You can experience the action by choosing the terrifying single-player campaign or the thrilling one-versus-four online multiplayer. The game follows Jill Valentine as she escapes the zombies of Raccoon City. You must be cautious of your choices, as each decision will could make or break your survival.

    Action-packed storyline

    You would think that, as the third installment of the Resident Evil series, the story begins after the events of its predecessor. For this survival horror game, however, the storyline is set twenty-four hours before the events of Resident Evil 2. It’s not necessary to previous installments, but Capcom offered a lot of easter eggs for its fans. It will definitely make for a richer gaming experience.

    You must take on the role of Jill Valentine as she traverses through Raccoon City, where most of its population has morphed into zombies. But the central theme of the game is not escaping from zombies but fighting against a creature named Nemesis.

    This bio-organic weapon is programmed to kill surviving S.T.A.R.S members—which Jill happens to be. The monster will prove difficult to beat, as he is more intelligent and more violent than other zombies. This behemoth can stomp and run around the city even while carrying a massive missile launcher. Nemesis is sure to be your worst nightmare.

    Hyperrealistic graphics

    Get your tissues ready because this RE3 remake is so awe-inspiringly beautiful that fans might tear up from the nostalgia. It has come a long way from the block-type graphics of the late 90s. The prerendered backgrounds are now littered with so much detail that it’s overwhelming—crashed cars, rubbish, and rubble dominate the destroyed streets. You will see the sheen of broken glass and debris housed in the suburban area. The art has drastically improved in being gorgeous.

    Fans will also be impressed by Jill’s own improvement. The female lead has been fitted with a more post-apocalyptic friendly attire: layered tank top, cargo pants, and boots. It’s a far cry from her old tube top and mini-skirt from the first release of RE3. It’s clear that Capcom is taking a serious approach to the action this time around.

    Those that are playing Resident Evil for the first time will appreciate the FMV and other cut scenes. It is obvious that the same dedication was put in delivering a great story on top of an already awesome game.

    Must-have game

    On gameplay alone, the remake of this classic survival game is a home run for both loyal fans of the franchise and casual gamers. The storyline will be a bit overwhelming for inexperienced players, but the beautiful graphics and smooth flow of cutscenes deliver an awesome storyline that is worth experiencing. Those that are looking to play on the edge of their seats, Resident Evil 3 is for you.


    Resident evil 3 games winrar

    Join Jill Valentine, the heroine and survivor of the notorious disaster at the mansion, as her nightmare continues. After resigning from S.T.A.R.S., Jill prepares to head out of Raccoon City, but it’s not going to be easy. Caught in a town crawling with flesh-eating zombies, she must rely on brute force and cunning to find a way to escape alive. This unique adventure intricately reveals more of Umbrella Corporation’s nightmarish plot and picks up just hours before the events from Resident Evil 2.

    • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Free & Safe Download!
    • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Latest Version!
    • Works with All Windows versions
    • Users choice!

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    You may send an email to support [at] for all DMCA / Removal Requests.

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    Latest Posts:

    How do I uninstall Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8?

    • Click “Start”
    • Click on “Control Panel”
    • Under Programs click the Uninstall a Program link.
    • Select “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis” and right click, then select Uninstall/Change.
    • Click “Yes” to confirm the uninstallation.

    How do I uninstall Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in Windows XP?

    • Click “Start”
    • Click on “Control Panel”
    • Click the Add or Remove Programs icon.
    • Click on “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis”, then click “Remove/Uninstall.”
    • Click “Yes” to confirm the uninstallation.

    How do I uninstall Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000?

    • Click “Start”
    • Click on “Control Panel”
    • Double-click the “Add/Remove Programs” icon.
    • Select “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis” and right click, then select Uninstall/Change.
    • Click “Yes” to confirm the uninstallation.

    Nothing! Download Resident Evil 3: Nemesis from official sites for free using Additional information about license you can found on owners sites.

    How do I access the free Resident Evil 3: Nemesis download for PC?

    It’s easy! Just click the free Resident Evil 3: Nemesis download button at the top left of the page. Clicking this link will start the installer to download Resident Evil 3: Nemesis free for Windows.

    Will this Resident Evil 3: Nemesis download work on Windows?

    Yes! The free Resident Evil 3: Nemesis download for PC works on most current Windows operating systems.


    Resident evil 3 games winrar

    Download Resident Evil HD Remaster for FREE on PC – Released on 20 Jan, 2015. Learn how to download and install Resident Evil HD Remaster for free in this article and be sure to share this website with your friends.


    The game that defined the survival-horror genre is back! Check out the remastered HD version of Resident Evil.

    In 1998 a special forces team is sent to investigate some bizarre murders on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Upon arriving they are attacked by a pack of blood-thirsty dogs and are forced to take cover in a nearby mansion. But the scent of death hangs heavy in the air. Supplies are scarce as they struggle to stay alive.

    • More detailed graphics that retain the horror.
    • The environments come alive with detail thanks to resolution upgrades and non-static 3D models.
    • Post-processing effects like Bloom filters, which were not easy to do at the time of the original release, have been added to make the HD graphics even more realistic.
    • High-Resolution Environments – We’ve increased the resolution of the background environments by recreating them with a mix of high-res static images, plus animated 3D models.


    • 1. Click the Download button and the file should automatically download.
    • 2. Once Resident Evil HD Remaster is finished downloading, extract the .rar file (You will need WinRar, you can get it here)
    • 3. Once its done extracting run the game and enjoy

    Click the download button below to start Resident Evil HD Remaster. It is the full version of the game. Don’t forget to run the game as administrator.


    Resident Evil 3 ROM

    Resident Evil 3 ROM

    Resident Evil 3 Rom is regarded as one of the most famous horror games ever to release for Dreamcast/ Gamecube, selling millions of copies worldwide.

    The game was directed by Kazuhiro Aoyama and developed by the legendary developers. You can watch its trailer below:

    Game Description

    Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is undoubtedly one of the best Resident Evil games ever made. Critics and gamers combined claim this one to be one of the best horror video games ever made. It was developed by Capcom and designed by Shinji Mikami and Kazuhiro Aoyama. Nemesis Resident Evil 3 was a multi-platform released for gaming consoles like PlayStation, Gamecube, Playstation Portable, Dreamcast and PC.

    Since the game has become more than a decade old, it’s hard to find the game and the consoles it was made for. The easiest way to play games like these right now is having ROMs that can be emulated. And surely, Resident Evil 3 ROM download is one of the many games we have in our library. We have other games too like Pokemon Heart Gold ROM.

    Resident Evil 3 Nemesis follows a similar plot to the first two games but this time, the game gets more thoughtful editing and direction, which makes this one amazing game to play.
    The story starts with Jill Valentine trying to escape the Raccoon City which is struck by a storm of zombies. The chaos is so massive that she finds it hard to make it out of the city alive.
    On September 27, she finally makes her into a warehouse with Dario Rosso where they stay there as a hideout until the sun comes up.
    Jill wanted to move out with Dario but he refused and locked himself up in the warehouse.
    Fast forward to another incident, where Jill was escaping another attack, she stumbles onto Brad Vickers who was a S.T.A.R.S member. He had a close call and was almost bitten by a zombie. It is later she finds out that he is already bitten and might turn into the same thing she fears the most.
    He warns her by saying that they would never make it out. Claiming someone is after the STARS members. Upon further research in the police station and learning more about Nemesis T-type, she quickly realizes this is more than just a zombie apocalypse.


    • Better Graphics:
      Resident Evil 3 ROM download featured amazing graphics performance at the time of its release. But the graphics still hold up to be pretty decent today.
      Resident Evil 3 PS1 had better graphics performance that most consoles and that stayed true for future games as well.
    • Amazing Story:
      You’ll forget you’re playing a video game and it will be more like a cinematic experience after some time. This proves how well Resident Evil 3 – Nemesis was designed and developed by Capcom. Play it and experience this yourself!

    Note: We at ROMs World Online have many PlayStation ROMs available for free to download. We also have some famous ROMs like Pokemon Crystal ROM from gamulator, completeroms, downloadroms, coolroms as well as wowroms.



    What changes does this pack include?

    The RESHDP texture pack solves the seam issue that always comes up when any kind of filtering or upscaling is applied to the game’s mask textures.

    Our solution was to create a tool that analyzes the game data to regenerate completely new mask textures from the upscaled background textures. The original mask textures are not used or processed in any way.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The inventory is not upscaled. Is it normal?
    Yes. Replacing RE3’s textures using Dolphin happens to be very challenging. We solved most problems but for the items displayed in the inventory and the item box, it’s just impossible. The textures dumped by Dolphin are generated on the fly for every inventory combinations possible. We have no way around these billions different textures…

    How do I install the pack?
    Our pack comes along a custom version of Dolphin (a Gamecube emulator). All you have to do is to extract the Zip file, open Dolphin.exe, select the folder containing your game ISO, configure the controller if needed and play! We don’t provide the game ISO and we will not help you to find one. If you can’t open the zip file, you might need to download and use 7Zip .

    Is it compatible with the PAL version?
    Yes but the pack was made with the US (NTSC) version in mind. Therefore you need to rename the folder “*dolphin_path*UserLoadTextures GLEE08” to “GLEP08”. Please note that the texts and some 3d models will not be upscaled.

    Can I use the pack on the PC version ?
    Sadly no… As far as we know there is no community patch for RE3 that would potentially allow us to replace the original textures with upscaled ones.

    …and on Dolphin for Mac/Android?
    Yes. But we don’t provide a custom version of Dolphin for these platforms. That being said, the source code is available on Github and can be built for these platforms.

    What can I do if I have hiccups?
    If you are experiencing noticeable performance hiccups and slowdowns when the background changes or when you open the inventory, try this on Dolphin: Open the “Graphics” menu, go to the “Advanced” tab and, in the “Utility” section, turn on the the “Prefetch Custom Textures” option. You need to restart the game and wait for a bit for the change to take effect.

    How to turn off the pack while playing?
    You can turn the pack on and off while playing with the DELETE key. Please note that if you have the “Prefetch Custom Textures” option activated, the textures will have to be reloaded entirely again.

    How to skip the door animations?
    You can’t do that in the Gamecube version. But you can hold the TAB key to speed up the game at any time.

    Can you help me regarding Dolphin?
    Yes. As we modified the emulator, it is better to ask us directly. You will find different ways to contact us just below. ]( or asking on their [forum ]( –>

    How can I contact you?
    You can chat with us on Discord or write us an issue on Github Issues . If you are part of the Dolphin community, you can check out our dedicated forum thread . We also have a Team page with even more ways to contact us.

    Customized Dolphin build

    Since 2016, RE2 and RE3 on Dolphin, a great open-source Gamecube emulator, suffer from a music stuttering bug .

    To ensure the best experience, we created a custom build by modifying a recent version of the emulator. This allows us to distribute our pack using the BC7 texture format ensuring no additional stuttering when the background changes.

    Here are the most important modifications:

    As the version is portable, you can use it alongside another install of Dolphin. Its “Users” folder is located next to its executable.

    The source code of this custom build is available on Github

    Is it perfect?

    No. And we would like to give you more details about the most obvious issues.

    Neural networks upscaling is not magic. The algorithm has an especially hard time with dark areas and RE games are clearly not games with the brightest and the most colorful backgrounds. Expect to see a lot of “melting” artefacts on dark corners and distant parts of the backgrounds.
    Small texts will also end up being processed as melting garbage. We replaced them when the result was too distracting.

    Many original mask textures don’t line up perfectly with their respective background texture. Thus some pixels which are not part of the foreground appear on top of the 3D models.
    These issues are barely noticeable at such low resolution and on a CRT (And the game was intended to be displayed on a CRT like any game of that era).
    But these issues can be very distracting at an high resolution and on a flatscreen. We touched up the worst offenders but thousands of man-hours is required to clean up everything.

    The full process to create this pack is quite complex and involve multiple tools through multiple steps: Game data analysis, PC to GameCube texture matching, analysis of mask special cases, mask alpha layers vectorization, texture upscaling, texture recreation… Bugs are to be expected with such process. So even if we carefully tested the pack during development, you will certainly encounter small unexpected issues.

    That being said, if you encounter such issues, have any problem with the pack or notice a big imperfection, don’t hesitate to report it on Github Issues .

    Your feedbacks will help us to improve the quality of the pack.

    FMV Pack

    RESHDP provides an optional pack which replaces the original interlaced 320×160 FMVs to a new WHOPPING resolution of 640×320…?

    Considering the massive size of the pack (1.9 GB), the new resolution might seems oddly small. The main reason is that we can’t replace the actual video files from the disc. Thus we are replacing their frames as they are displayed by the GPU using a massive amount of texture files. It’s extremely wasteful as we can’t benefit from any basic video compression technique.

    But even with those constrains, we still believe the quality to be noticeably better anyway. Check out our comparison images below and give it a try yourself. One caveat though: we do not recommend to use texture prefetching with the FMV pack as the total amount of memory needed is very high.


    [Download] Resident Evil 3 ISO PSP file and Play with PPSSPP Emulator on Android

    Download Resident evil 3 nemesis PSP ISO and Play with PPSSPP Emulator on Android Phones. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in Japan under the name Biohazard 3: Last Escape, is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom. 2 min

    Download Resident evil 3 nemesis PSP ISO and Play with PPSSPP Emulator on Android Phones. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, released in Japan under the name Biohazard 3: Last Escape, is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom. It was distributed in late 1999 on PlayStation. It is then ported to Windows and Dreamcast in 2000, then to GameCube in 2003. How to download Resident Evil 3 PSP for free?

    Check out More Games:

    What you need to know about Resident evil 3 nemesis PSP iso gameplay.

    The game marks an evolution in the series with a focus on the action side. It takes place at the same time as Resident Evil 2 and stages a member of STARS against the pharmaceutical company Umbrella, and more particularly against one of the most formidable biologically modified weapons of the series: Nemesis

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Characters

    The main character of Resident Evil 3 is called Jill Valentine, already playable in the first episode of the series. She appears in the first opus within a police intervention group called STARS and sent on a mission to the rescue of another team missing in the mountains of Arklay.

    The game features other characters from an armed branch of Umbrella called the UBCS. (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service): Carlos Oliveira, Mikhail Victor, Tyrell Patrick, Murphy Seeker, and Nicholai Ginovaef. The UBCS is a relief force composed mainly of war criminals or soldiers in exile. Their mission is to collect data on the monsters created by Umbrella, or even to remove the evidence of the pharmaceutical company’s involvement in the Raccoon City disaster. Brad Vickers, another member of STARS and survivor of the first opus, appears for a short time.

    How to download and play Resident Evil 3 Nemesis PSP ISO with the PPSSPP emulator on Android phones?

    Step 1: Download ppsspp emulator from the link above.

    Step 2: Click and download the FINAL FANTASY VII ISO file.

    Step 3: Installation / Extraction of the emulator apk and ROM / ISO files.

    If the files are in zip, rar or .7z format, you will need an extraction utility such file manager on android phones.

    Step 4: Play your game!

    Finally! Now all you have to do is launch the ppsspp emulator, load your iso file, and start playing!

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    GameCube Information

    GameCube console, was developed under the codename Dolphin, belongs to the 128-bit era or sixth generation of video games consoles (with the Dreamcast, PlayStation, Playstation 2 and Xbox). It was presented to the public together with the GameBoy Advance and several games on Nintendo’s Space World 2000 exhibition, held from August 23 to 27 in Japan. The reviews were very positive. A GameCube was released in Japan on September 14, 2001, in the United States on November 18, in Europe 3rd of May 2002 and 17th of May in Australia. Nintendo GameCube, also known as GC, was the most compact and the cheapest among the consoles of its generation. At the time of its launch in the US players could buy one of the 12 games: All-Star Baseball 2002, Batman Vengeance, Crazy Taxi, Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2, Disney’s Tarzan Untamed, Luigi’s Mansion, Madden NFL 2002, NHL Hitz 20-02, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 & Wave Race: Blue Storm.

    By its form the console really resembles a cube. The system uses a unique optical discs, a proprietary format developed by Matsushita (Panasonic). Disc size of 3” (8cm) – is less than a regular CD or DVD, the capacity reaches up to 1.5 GB. Some games had to be released on two discs, as they couldn’t fit the allotted space. GameCube system has the ability to connect to the portable Game Boy Advance system. This feature allows the system to exchange game data, open additional levels in similar games like Metroid Prime – Metroid Fusion on one or another system, finishing mini-games in GBA.

    Nintendo GameCube roms(GameCube ISOs) games are available for free on this page. Simply, download an emulation software and play cool roms on your PC, Android or iOS device.


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    Something New

    Resident Evil 3 Mod Replaces Nemesis With Thomas the Tank Engine

    A mod for Resident Evil 3’s demo turns Nemesis into Thomas the Tank Engine, with hilarious footage showcasing the talking train in action.

    When the remake of Resident Evil 2 released last year, it quickly became a major focus for the modding community. Before most fans had even managed to escape the dreaded hallways of the Racoon City Police Department, there was the option to turn Mr. X into the Goose from Untitled Goose Game, replace Claire with Ciri from The Witcher, and even randomize every enemy placement in the game to cause utter chaos. It seems Resident Evil 3 has already been met with the same fate, with the game receiving a ton of mods before the title has even hit shelves.

    One such mod brings back a familiar face from the Resident Evil 2 modding community into the demo, with the hilarious footage that ensues signifying that the mods coming to the remake of the third game will be nothing short of spectacular. That’s right, Thomas the Tank Engine is back, and this time he’s replacing Nemesis, making the iconic talking train even deadlier than ever before.

    Posted to Twitter by user @VenomDeathNinja, the footage begins by showing off the closing moments of the demo, where Jill usually puts out a nearby fire only for Nemesis to burst through the wall to her left as the game cuts to black. Instead, the video showcases the wall smashing open to reveal the giant face of Thomas the Tank Engine, with his upbeat theme music blaring in the background. From here, the footage cuts to Jill Valentine going toe to toe with the colossal talking train, as he uses Nemesis’ whip, charge attacks, debilitating roar, and leap maneuver to make Jill’s life an utter nightmare.

    Just the fact that i can mod the Resident evil 3 DEMO is amazing. I thought Nemesis was scary as is but this is straight up TERRIFYING.

    — The Yakuza Guy 🎮 COVID isolation (@VenomDeathNinja) March 23, 2020

    Clearly the game is going to find just as absurd a modding community as ever when it debuts early next month, with Thomas the Tank Engine being just the beginning of what Resident Evil’s large and frequently active community clearly has in store for the title. Alongside this mod, another has surfaced that sees every zombie on the demo’s map replaced with Nemesis, leading to utter carnage, while a third mod sees the user play as the Jill Valentine depicted in the 2002 remake of the first Resident Evil game.

    Resident Evil 3 is undeniably shaping up to be another exceptional release for Capcom, who has been on the best run of its career in recent years. From the addition of the incredibly terrifying Nemesis to the revelation that the entire game can be beaten without firing a single bullet, it seems players are more excited than ever to jump back into the world of Resident Evil 3 when it launches in just over a week’s time.

    Resident Evil 3 will release on April 3 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


    Thomas the Tank Engine Is Already a Mod in Resident Evil 3 Remake, Because of Course

    Home » News » Thomas the Tank Engine Is Already a Mod in Resident Evil 3 Remake, Because of Course

    If there’s one thing that the gaming community is obsessed with, it’s Thomas the Tank Engine, the famous cartoon train. Thomas has been modded into multiple games like Skyrim, Sekiro, and other Resident Evil games so it’s no surprise that Thomas has been modded into the new Resident Evil 3 Remake demo that was released this past week onto multiple platforms.

    The mod replaces the game’s iconic enemy, Nemesis, with Thomas. Meaning Thomas will chase and kill the player, the same as Nemesis does during regular gameplay. It’s only been a few days since release, so it’s not a stretch to say that people are pretty passionate about Thomas the Tank Engine. The PC mod is made by creators ZombieAli and Crazy Potato and is available on Nexus Mods if you want to check it out for yourself.

    ZombieAli originally created a Thomas the Tank mod for Resident Evil 2 Remake, but he stated that Crazy Potato helped him port it over to the PC demo for the Resident Evil 3 Remake demo. The demo isn’t guaranteed to work when the final game releases, but they plan to update the mod if that’s the case.

    You can watch a video of the mod in action down below via SubZero’s YouTube channel:

    Resident Evil 3 Remake comes out on April 3, 2020, for PS4, Xbox, and PC, and follows Jill Valentine as she tries to escape the hell that is Raccoon city while being hunted by a terrifying monster, Nemesis. The story takes place concurrently with Resident Evil 2 and features the same type of over-the-shoulder gameplay as the 2019 remake.

    There will also be a multiplayer mode included with RE3 Remake, called Resident Evil: Resistance and will pit four players against another player whose objective is to kill everyone else. Teamwork will be key in order to beat the enemy player.

    Even though Nemesis is terrifying, I’d much rather run into him than Thomas the Tank Engine while trying to survive Raccoon City –that tank engine is horrifying.


    Resident Evil 3 Cheat Engine Cheats for PC

    Resident Evil 3 is a survival horror game developed by Capcom. This is the third version of this game and it uses the same engine as its predecessor. It uses 3D models and pre-rendered backgrounds with firm camera angles. Even though, Resident Evil 3 is designed to have more action-oriented gameplay than the previous versions.

    To outsmart your enemy through a horrendous move is, no doubt, one of the crucifying actions. This is where resident evil 3 cheat codes come in. You can use them to poison status and cause super damage making the game more appealing.

    If it is your first time to use Cheat Engine Cheats, check out our introductory guide on how to install and use Cheat Engine. Our guide includes how to download, install, and keep away from suspension from games that don’t tolerate cheats. Resident Evil 3 is available on PC but you can also play it on PS3, PS4 and also on Xbox.

    Resident Evil 3 Cheats Tables

    You can grab a copy of our featured CE table here.

    Some of the features you can activate by this Cheat Table include:

    • Health
    • Poison status
    • Super Damage– This cheat causes more havoc to the enemy using any artillery. It doesn’t always work something to do with elevation (when the zombie is crawling on the ground or higher up on the staircase).

    Caution- Don’t leave this cheat code on if you don’t need it as it occasionally freezes the game on entering doors.

    • Inventory slots item and quantity (Jill only) – If you want a constant supply of ammo, use this code to set item id to 110. The quantity, on the other hand, should be 1 that is if you are doing empty slot. Mix the item with any gun and you will have unlimited artillery. This inventory is only for Jill
    • Reloading tools – unlock the enhanced handgun and shotgun by setting a high number. This will make more ammunition out of gunpowders.

    This game is super easy and enjoyable if you can navigate using Resident Evil 3 cheat codes. Above all, you can download a copy of the Resident Evil 3 cheat tables here. Stay tuned for any new release of cheats.


    Resident Evil 3 Remake Gets A 2020 Release Date With A New Game Trailer

    Resident Evil 3 remake will feature Jill Valentine, one of the first playable female protagonists in video games

    The much-awaited Resident Evil 3 Remake finally has an official release date complete with a new trailer. Players get a glimpse into a ravaged Racoon City where the T-virus has been unleashed. T-virus has created a slew of genetically-modified monsters that will play a central role in the game. The game story centers around Jill Valentine, navigating through a city infested with these abominations. Resident Evil 3 Remake release trailer showcases the upgrade in technology with enhanced graphics and gameplay. Featuring an over-the-shoulder camera perspective, the game looks set to be a worthy successor of its 1999 predecessor.

    The Resident Evil 3 game was first released as Resident Evil: Nemesis on the Playstation. This 1999 release went on to be a massive commercial success, selling over 3.5 million copies. The game put players in the shoes of Jill Valentine who is trying to escape Racoon City while a monstrous creature named Nemesis is on the prowl for her. It is expected that Resident Evil 3 remake will keep the core elements of the original storyline while expanding upon it.

    In addition, the Resident Evil 3 remake will also feature a four-on-one multiplayer titled Resident Evil: Resistance. While Project Resistance was initially supposed to be a separate game within the series, it was eventually merged with the Resident Evil 3 remake package.


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