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Cyberpunk 2077’s dialogues are ‘wider scale’ compared to The Witcher 3

Cyberpunk 2077 contains a massive ‘two thick books’ worth of writing

CD Projekt Red isn’t holding back at all for Cyberpunk 2077, and one of the aspects the developer is honing in on is the NPC’s that are present throughout the world.

If you are a fan of CD Projekt Red games, you might have played the critically acclaimed title, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In that game, players could experience extensive dialogues with NPCs (non-playable characters). CD Projekt Red is planning on going above and beyond The Witcher 3 with Cyberpunk 2077, and according to Story Director, Marcin Blacha, the game’s dialogue takes up “two thick books” worth of writing.

Blacha also talks about how Cyberpunk 2077’s game dialogue compares to The Witcher 3, and he says that Cyberpunk 2077 has much wider scale stories than The Witcher 3. This is because the problems that are being discussed by NPC’s aren’t small human squabbles, but instead, they are bigger problems that are more relevant to the entire world. Having this level of dialogue in a game will create a high level of atmospheric immersion for players, and I think that’s what CD Projekt Red is aiming for.

I haven’t done an accurate summary yet, I was just trying to figure out what order of magnitude I am dealing with when all the words written by the scriptwriter team are added. – It turned out that when we wrote two thick volumes of the book of the same dialogues and another two volumes of directorial comments to them. The texts that will not be recorded will be the same, and the words in the documentation for the game cannot be counted, but there were plenty of them.

Without going into details, I can reveal that on the list of favorite heroes I have a prisoner who wants to achieve his life goal in one day, the artificial intelligence that runs a taxi company and a smart girl who stands behind the counter in an esoteric shop, and part-time is a nurse

We avoided neologisms in the dialogues, but we often gave new meanings to known terms. So the characters talk about “full conversion” with a view to replacing the biological body with an electromechanical body, and when they say “optics” they usually refer to electronic vision support.

From the perspective of the creator of Cyberpunk 2077, [this] is a story about heroes in opposition to the world, and the world is one of the heroes and for me it is a much wider scale than the stories of small human dramas presented in The Witcher.

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The Fluid Classes and Roles of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’

Cyberpunk 2077 comes from a deep role-playing history with tabletop roots. Its class system came out of a different time, when roles were for role-playing as much as deciding abilities. A much needed revamp is on the cards, while staying true to the classes — and Cyberpunk 2077 will go with a fluid system that lets players chop and choose.

Before we take you down to it, please understand that Night City isn’t Paradise City. The grass is not green here (in the year 2077 it’s either non-existent or faked via holograms). And while the girls are pretty nothing is quite what it seems with anybody’s… body.

That hottie you’re flirting with at the bar could be one bad firmware update away from half their face falling off into their drink. Those sexy limbs you’re dying to have wrapped around you come closing time? They may just be sheathes for transforming blade tech borrowed from the General Grievous Spring Collection. You may need Kenobi-level reflexes to get out of this bar alive…

Cyberpunk 2077 is the next RPG from CDProjekt Red — custodians of The Witcher series — and it’s got our neurals fully amped. After witnessing the title at E3 2018 it’s gotten under our skin deeper than the sub-dermal augs we bought in the board game that inspired it — Cyberpunk 2020.

CDPR’s video game adaptation isn’t a 1:1 replicant of its pen and ink progenitor, but it will pay to have a working knowledge of 2020. You’ll need every edge you can get to stop yourself from being cyberpunk’d by the psychos inhabiting Night City.

This is How Cyberpunk 2077 Roles

The Cyberpunk 2020 equivalent of character classes were named “Roles,” of which the main rulebook contained nine (supplements greatly expanded this number, too). We’ll delve into the details of those in a sec, but for now all you need to know is that Cyberpunk 2077 ditches the pigeon-holing of Roles in favour of a fluid class system.

You won’t pick from an edgy, futuristic version of Fighter / Mage / Rogue here. CDPR has co-opted three of the named classes of 2020 and used them as a basis for three major branches of a skill-tree.

Other RPG tropes still remain, of course. You’ll have your attributes – Strength, Constitution, Intelligence, Reflex, Tech, and…uh, Cool – but these are still quite malleable to the branches of NetRunner, Techie and Solo (more on these in a bit).

Interestingly, before you can set about defining yourself by your actions in Night City you’ll need to take a survey in the Life Path system. Yes, while you’re in the opening character creation menu – giving yourself an awful nose and mutton chops – you’ll need to give a brief indication of what your life has been like so far and what your motivations are moving forward.

According to our interview with cinematic animation acting lead Maciej Pietras, our backstory, class, and sex will all have big effects on how people will treat us in the world. But when it comes to choosing classes and roles, Cyberpunk 2077 will let you drift between each and pick the skills you fancy.

That said, 2077’s rudimentary questionnaire won’t go as deep as the War and Peace novel one needs to write before rolling some dice in 2020. The board game went into crazy depth, thanks to year-by-year timeliness, nationality, ethnicity – everything but your turn-ons and whether you scrunch or fold your toilet paper, basically.

Even the paramedics are packing in Night City.

Licence to Skill

No matter what your shady past is, when 2077 starts you’ll always be V, a ludicrously customisable mercenary who can nudge him or herself into any sex, skillset, or shape desired. “Techie” class skills will be for renegade mechanics and medics who are even less legit than Dr. Nick Riviera.

When you’re not being an organ-swiping, chip-ripping scumbag you can engineer your way into security panels to run bypasses on locked doors. Techies will also probably be quite adept at milking more performance from their items and weapons and augmentations while ruining the tech their opponents via malware.

Meanwhile, “Solo” skills are for the violent-minded among you. Soloists are bodyguards, soldiers, wet-workers – the sort of dyed-in-the-wool killers that Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg would keep on retainer. The fruit at the end of the Solo branches are lethal body augs that turn you into a living weapon, big gun proficiency, and one-use combat stims. (Think: a little pick-me-up to put other people down. Permanently.)

We spotted a bunch of cool Solo things in the behind-closed-doors demo. Expect to nab reflex neuralware that can turn the world slow-mo while giving the user normal-paced agency. Quick-slide dashing and sword arms will be something we’ll go out on a limb to get, too. Last but not least, we just can’t see the downside in a cover-thwarting gun that bends bullets. We can’t wait to go (Beck)ham on people with it.

The last branch on the tree sprouts towards “NetRunners,” Matrix-like users who put their physical bodies at risk by jacking into virtual worlds. Interestingly, we’ve seen these skills used to brain-hack unfortunate people. It was nothing so harmless as planting the inception of an idea – it was more a case of setting their head more on fire than a pissed off Ghost Rider. Here’s hoping we can hijack and commandeer NPC consciousnesses as well. A bit of cyberpunk possession, like the action in obscure 2000’s PC game Messiah.

Each Role from the board game had its own special ability, and now that nine playable classes have been cut to three, we can see some of these being absorbed by the survivors. While the Rockerboy might not warrant a full playable class, the “Charismatic Leadership” ability could be co-opted. And while the Medic isn’t a class, its “Med-Tech” ability would be right at home in the Techie category. Perhaps Nomad won’t be selectable, but could a quest, ability, or consumable item similarly call for the help of its “large, extended tribal family?”

A corporate representative holds the cards in a meeting that could’ve turned violent.

NPCs Classier Than You

This isn’t to say that the six remaining classes in the 2022 rulebook have been ditched – the keen-eyed tabletop player will notice that these archetypes are alive and well in the large cast of NPCs. Night City is still home to Rockerboys, bard-types who use music to fight authority; Corporates, cybernetic versions of American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman; and Fixers, the futuristic smuggler equivalents of Red from Shawshank Redemption.

Within the space of one mission during the E3 demo, we saw two of these classes. A Fixer and high-level Corporate acted as questgivers, each with their own agenda. It perhaps makes sense for Corporate to be an NPC Role — given this city is run by powerful corporations, it’s unclear how the power balance would work with a Corporate player class.

Also sure to be involved will be Cops, law enforcers cut from the same cool-ass trenchcloak of Rick Deckard; Medias, influential attention-seekers who wield considerable people power; and Nomads, ex-middle-class worker drones who have gone feral à la Mad Max. Our hope is that the unique skills and opportunities associated with these Roles will filtered into V’s repertoire over time. Possibly via bolt-on DLC adventures.

Who knows — with the aforementioned consciousness hijacking, perhaps you can play other Roles by proxy? Fingers are very much crossed.



Something New

Cyberpunk 2020: 10 Timeless Tips From The Classic Game

Cyberpunk 2020 was a truly classic RPG with major impacts on culture. With Cyberpunk 2077’s release imminent, here are some tips from the OG.

If you are looking forward to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 this year, you should thank the creators of Cyberpunk 2020, the iconic role-playing game it’s based on. Cyberpunk 2020 was a truly classic RPG with major impacts beyond the gaming world. Its rulebook helped codify the cyberpunk genre and served as inspiration for movies like The Matrix. While it didn’t get raided the way that Gurps Cyberpunk creator Steve Jackson Games did, the game represented a huge leap forward in its perspective on a high-tech future.

But perhaps the best thing about Cyberpunk 2020 is its wonderfully written rulebook. Mike Pondsmith and the other writers took great pains to capture what it should feel like playing Cyberpunk 2020, and many of the style tips from the classic rulebook can help players of the new game get into the right headspace for truly becoming cyberpunk.

10 “Fashion Is Action . . .”

“And style is everything.” One big element in cyberpunk games is that it’s just as important to look the part as it is to play the part. A leather jacket doesn’t just protect you from road rash when you get thrown from a bike, it projects your attitude to those around you.

People will respond to your appearance just as much as they will respond to your words. Cyberpunk 2077 has incorporated this aspect into the game, giving the clothes and other equipment you wear a street cred factor. This will modify the way people respond to you, and make it important that you always dress for success.

9 “All the Money Ain’t Worth Frack.”

“You play this game for power.” The Cyberpunk 2020 rulebook puts this quote in the mouth of a corporate suit, and it’s important to remember that corporations rule the world of Cyberpunk. We tend to focus on the punks and the role of the street, but the real movers and shakers in this world often rule from the boardroom. You should keep that in mind when you deal with them. Piss off a street gang, and you might have to look over your shoulder. Piss off a corporate, and no amount of checking your back can protect you from the hurt they can bring.

8 “Maybe I Even a Few Scores Here and There . . .”

“But that’s good for business.” Coming out of the mouth of a fixer, this piece of street wisdom will serve you well. The Cyberpunk world is a hard one, and you’re often going to find yourself having to screw somebody over. But if you don’t have to hurt someone to get what you want, maybe you shouldn’t.

And doing a good deed here and there can give you some markers you might be able to call in when it all hits the fan. It’s hard to know how much this mechanism will be built into the Cyberpunk 2077 game, but with its reportedly weblike structure, this could matter.

7 “A Lot of Battles Get Won Before the First Shot Is Fired.”

“When your eyes meet his, and he knows that you’re willing to pay the price in blood. His blood, your blood—it doesn’t matter to you.” In addition to being just cool, this quote tells one of the vital truths about a dangerous world. In many cases, just entering a battle is losing it, and if you can avoid dangerous combat, you should. It remains to be seen how much of a role this type of nonverbal communication will play in Cyberpunk 2077, but we know that at least some of it will relate to the street cred mechanism.

6 “Do Unto Others . . .”

“But cover your butt.” This piece of advice reminds players that cover only provides limited protection. In movies, people often flip a restaurant table and then hide safely behind it, but bullets from high-powered guns can penetrate tables, doors, walls, and more with ease. The gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077 demonstrates this concept as it shows a close-quarters gunfight where stray bullets are flying through the cheap walls of the flat where combat takes place. If you want to really be safe, you need to find sturdy cover.

5 “Never Tackle Something Head on . . .”

“If you can do it quieter and neater another way.” In the world of Cyberpunk, you’ll often be coming up against people who are jacked to the max with cybernetic enhancements that will make them a truly formidable enemy. Taking them on face-to-face will likely end badly for you.

Plus, messes attract unwanted attention, and that’s always bad for business. If you want to get a reputation as a reliable hire, you will do things quietly. As a side benefit, you’ll get fewer holes in that awesome t-shirt you spent so much on.

4 “You Don’t Need to Know a Lot about the Medical Technology . . .”

“You need to know what to do when you’re bleeding to death in a dark alley somewhere.” The world of Cyberpunk is armed to the teeth with advanced lethal weaponry. Every time you get into a scrape, your life is going to be at risk. There aren’t going to be any clerics in your party who can cast Cure Light Wounds like in Dungeons & Dragons. But there will be trauma teams that are prepared to swoop in and save your life with high-tech medicine. For a price. And if you can’t pay, maybe they will just take the difference out in a few organs you weren’t using anyway. Like who needs two kidneys, right?

3 “What’s a Cyberpunk Game without Drugs?”

“A lot healthier.” In the classic world of Cyberpunk 2020, many people are drug users. While there are definitely benefits to drug use in the game, the game also tries to take into account the negative health and other effects of drug use. We don’t know how much this will play into Cyberpunk 2077, which shows the use of a reflex booster consumable. While this seems like a drug, it shares a name with a piece of cyberware from the classic game. We don’t know how much the game will integrate the negative consequences of drug use.

2 “Imagine a World Where . . .”

“the U.S. solved its problems of crime, inflation, and drugs.” Cyberpunk 2020 represents its setting as an alternate universe in part because its historical events start taking place the year the book was published. The goal was to make the game feel both alien and familiar, a near-future dystopia that was horrifically possible.

There are many aspects of Cyberpunk 2020 that didn’t come to pass, but some things seem prescient, like the return of totalitarian rule in Russia, the weakening of gun control laws, and widespread fires raging across the country.

1 “Nobody Ever Leaves Night City.”

“Except in a body bag.” We don’t know what types of endings we’re likely to see in Cyberpunk 2077. However, there’s one ending we are unlikely to see: the happily-ever-after retirement to the country at the end of the original Blade Runner. Characters live fast, and even if they don’t die young, they are unlikely to be able to escape the hard streets of Night City. The Cyberpunk world just doesn’t allow for that kind of social mobility. Living to fight another day is the best victory we can hope for.


There was a hidden message in the trailer for ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ — here’s what to expect from the game everyone’s going crazy over

  • During the Microsoft’s press conference at the E3 conference, CD Projekt Red showed a trailer for their hugely-anticipated upcoming game, “Cyberpunk 2077.”
  • By inverting the colors in a part of the trailer, a message from the developers can be found that gives some additional information about the game.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 won’t have microtransactions, and there will be free downloadable content, according to the message in the video. There’s still no release date, though.
  • CD Projekt Red adopted a similar philosophy for its last blockbuster game, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.”

CD Projekt Red hasn’t said much publicly about its upcoming and highly-anticipated singleplayer roleplaying game, “Cyberpunk 2077” — but we got our first taste this week when it debuted a trailer during Microsoft’s press conference at the E3 event.

That trailer hid more detail than we originally thought, too.

At the beginning of the presentation, the screen was made to look like the conference was being hacked. Polygon dug into that sequence a little further, and discovered that by inverting the colors at just the right moment, a message was revealed.

Here are the highlights of the message. You can read the whole thing a little further below.

  • There isn’t a set release date: ” “Quality is the only thing that drives us,” the developers say in the message. “It’s the beauty of being an independent studio and your own publisher.”
  • Downloadable content will be free, and the game won’t have digital rights protection: “As for DRM, CP2077, will be 100 percent DRM-free on PC.” In other words, you won’t need to be online to play it, and it won’t have any other kinds of invasive copy protection.
  • There aren’t any microtransactions: ” In a single player role-playing game? Are you nuts?”
  • The game will be “big,” but CD Projekt Red has no idea just how big yet: “Once we put it all together, we will openly tell you what you can expect,” CD Projekt Red says. And we promise we’ll do this before we start talking about pre-orders or ask anything of you.”

It gets even better: Earlier in the trailer, there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment where seemingly-random numbers and letters scroll fast down the screen. Those were actually codes redeemable on the Steam PC gaming store for free copies of smash-hit “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” CD Projekt Red’s previous game.

The full hidden message:

It’s been over 2077 days since we announced our plan to develop Cyberpunk 2077. We released a CGI trailer, gave some interviews and… went dark. Normal procedure for these kinds of things — you announce a game and then shut up, roll up your sleeves and get to work. We wanted to give you the Witcher 3 and both expansions first, which is why this period of staying silent was longer than we planned. Sorry for that.

As soon as we concluded work on Blood and Wine, we were able to go full speed ahead with CP2077’s pre-production. But we chose to remain silent. Why? At she point we made the decisions to resume talking about the game when we have something to show. Something meaningful and substantial. This is because we do realize you’ve been impatiently waiting for a very long time, and we wouldn’t like anyone to feel that we’re taking this for granted. On the contrary — it gives us a lot of extra motivation. The hype is real, so the sweat and tears need to be real, too 🙂

But to the point. Today is the day. If you’re seeing this, it means you saw the trailer. – our vision for Cyberpunk, an alternative version of the future where America is in pieces, megacorporations control all aspects of civilized life, and gangs rule the rest. And, while this world is full of adrenaline, don’t let the car chases and guns mislead you. Cyberpunk 2077 is a true single player, story-driven RPG. You’ll be able to create your own character and… well, you’ll get to know the rest of what show at our booth at E3. Be on the lookout for the previews!

Before we finish, you probably have some questions,

When we told you we would only release the game when it’s ready, we meant it. We’re definitely much closer to a release date than we were back then 😉 but it’s still not the time to confirm anything, so patience is still required. Quality is the only thing that drives us. It’s the beauty of being an independent studio and your own publisher.

Seriously big, but… to be honest, we have no bloody clue at this point in time. Once we put it all together, we will openly tell you what you can expect. And we promise we’ll do this before we start talking about pre-orders or ask anything of you.

Expect nothing less than you got with The Witcher 3. As for DRM, CP2077, will be 100% DRM-free on PC.

In a single player role-playing game? Are you nuts?


CD Projekt Red States Cyberpunk 2077 Quotes on Religion Were Mistranslated

Recent quotes from an interview with Mateusz Tomaskiewicz, Cyberpunk 2077 quest director at CD Projekt Red, made the headlines. Talking about the inclusion in the game of real-life religions, Tomaskiewicz apparently said:

“We will not avoid any subject, even if they may offend the sensitivity of some. We are not here to say whether it is good or bad.”

However, the original interview is in Polish, and a mistranslation in English is at the origin of the controversies. In fact, it turned out that Tomaskiewicz has been misquoted. To clarify the situation, CD Projekt Red provided IGN with an official translation of the interview.

What Tomaskiewicz really said:

When questioned if religion will still exist in their first-person RPG, Mateusz Tomaskiewicz responded affirmatively. Real-life religions will be present in many forms since Cyberpunk 2077 world will somehow be based on the real one.

“Yes, and in many forms. As I mentioned, our vision is somehow based on the real world. And religion is a very important part of the latter, society-wise. In our game we’re going to see for example Christianity and its different branches, or religions from the East.”

At this point, the interviewer made the point that the presence of real-life religions in the game may cause controversies and risk to offend someone. Tomaskiewicz replied:

“We do not want to avoid religion as a topic, authenticity of the world is what counts for us. Technically, the situation you mentioned is possible, but this is all about the choices made by the player. We won’t encourage the player to do so. In our quests, which involve religious themes, we make sure there’s no disrespect.”

Religions will be a part of the world, like in reality, and players can choose how to interact with them. However, CD Projekt Red clarified that the quests and storylines of its first-person RPG would avoid offending any religious group.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Loot, Relationship System Detailed; Ending Will Depend On Player’s Choices

New Cyberpunk 2077 details on loot, the relationship system, and the skill system have emerged online, thanks to the latest issue of a Polish magazine.

The latest issue of PSX Extreme includes extensive coverage of Cyberpunk 2077, which has been summarized by Reddit user Arise 92. The coverage also provides some interesting new details on the areas outside of Night City, the Nomads and more.

Badlands outside of the Nighty City are a hostile place. The flora there is very minimal and so is the fauna, mostly extinct or eaten with the help of a much worse animal – humans. It’s not a place you wanna go alone or unarmed.

The Nomads living in the outskirts are Wraights and Aldecados. They have their own conflict and wars between each other. Wraights are up to no good with the player, Aldecados on the other hand, are slightly more keen to have a deal with you.

Loot is also going to be very important in Cyberpunk 2077, providing new materials for crafting and items that can be sold for a profit.

Loot is important and besides all your usuall stuff for crafting, weapons and armor, there are collectible items to find. If you like looting, it might become handy to install special chips that’ll help you find secret stuff. Of course the stuff you find is also upgradable. NPC’s will also leave clues as to where loot can be hidden.

New details on the relationship system have also been revealed.

Deep relationship system, you can befriend a lot of NPC’s. You can also become more than a friend to them, having multiple relationships all at once is also possible. Of course not every NPC will have the same sexual orientation as you, so if you wanna bang them. might need to try in a different playthrough.

Something new regarding the Cyberpunk 2077 ending also emerged, and it seems like it will be influenced by the choices made by players.

Game’s ending will be dependant on our choices, but also side quests will have a noticeable role during the story, as well as at the end of it.

Cyberpunk 2077 launches in April 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Cyberpunk 2077 Info From Edge Magazine: Main Quest, Choices, Characters & Story

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is the cover story of Edge Magazine’s November 2018 issue. The hype surrounding the game is pretty massive, and CD Projekt Red has a tough task in-hand to live up to this hype and expectations. The studio re-started the marketing campaign of Cyberpunk 2077 at this year’s E3 (5 years after the initial announcement of the game), a new trailer was showcased at Xbox’s E3 2018 presser, then a month later around 60-minutes of actual gameplay was showcased, first behind the closed door to select few media outlets, and then to the general public.

In Edge Magazine’s November 2018 issue, CD Projekt Red continues to surprise their fan-base. The studio has shared a new Character Art of the lead protagonist – Male V, and have talked in details regarding many important aspects of the game: Procedural Generated Elements, Side-Quests, Main Quests, and Cyberpsychosis Mechanic. You can take a look at the new character art below, along with some interesting developer quotes from the Edge Magazine article on Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 vs GTA V: Details And Quality

No Use of Procedural Elements In Environment or Quests

  • The studio refuses to use procedural elements in any of Cyberpunk 2077’s environment or quests. This time it’s not just talking – everything really is hand-crafted.

Story, Characters, Main Quests, And Side-Quests

  • Any stories, characters or themes that aren’t explored in depth in the main story are taken to be fully fleshed out in sidequests
  • “We want to make sure that all of them are up to the standards of the main quest – that there’s nothing that feels like filler, just something to do while waiting for the next quest, or to get more money to buy the next thing. We don’t really like to do that. We want to make sure that every quest feels like a complete story in and of itself.”
  • Your chosen backstory unlocks specific sidequests from the off, while accumulated attribute points and bio-stats allow for a fluid class system
  • Cyberpunk 2077’s quests have been designed to be kicked off at almost any point; you’ll be able to go to places and find items in Night City that are part of quests and pick up the trail of what’s going on here in a logical manner, without having to trigger the whole event sequence from a predetermined starting point. “There’s no invisible wall that says, ‘You can’t go here,’” Mills says. “We don’t like to do, ‘This door is locked… until you need to use this door.’ It does mean that our quests can become incredibly complex. One of the things that we have at CD Projekt that is different from a lot of other studios, and I can’t speak for all of them, is that we have a dedicated quest team that is responsible for just that – just the logic of the quests, building the quests and making sure that everything is coordinated.” This commitment to the coherence of the world, and your place in it as V is paramount to making Night City feel like a real place where you can take any opportunity you can imagine

Cyberpsychosis Mechanic

  • Cyberpunk 2020’s ‘cyberpsychosis’ mechanic, in which players who overly augment themselves with cyberware start to see a negative effect on their mental health, will form part of the game – though CD Projekt won’t go into details. As a quest designer, the Faustian bargain behind transhumanism is fascinating to Patrick Mills. “All the travails of the flesh fade away, and you become a perfect machine of chrome. But you had to buy those body parts from someone, and now you’re in debt to them; if you need parts, you’ve got to go to their store. You have this very utopian idea of being liberated by technology. And it’s like, not so fast – you haven’t solved the problems. The problems are still there, and technology actually makes them worse. ‘High tech, low life’ is one of Mike’s mottos.
  • There’s more choice to what we’ve just seen than is usually available in video game quests: for instance, you could take DeShawn’s money and run at the very beginning, eschewing his mission but having to deal with the consequences later. You could make off with Stout’s eddies, too, although we presume you’d have to get the virus on the chip scrubbed off somewhere. “We don’t artificially limit ourselves,” Mills says. “Our philosophy for quest design is, ‘If the player can logically do it, then they can’. And if they can’t, then we have to come up with a damn good reason why.”

Other Interesting Quote

  • “So Pacifica, it’s this super-dangerous territory where you’ve got people who are basically gangsters, and the Psychogangs rule this district. So violence is more predominant there. But you’ve also got these superrich districts like Heybrook, and we vary animations in a way that are connected to the districts.”
  • ‘V pulls out a katana – which vibrates uproariously as it deflects enemy bullets – then slides along the floor on his knees like a six-year-old at a wedding to lop off a Maelstrom goon’s legs, our fingers tingle in response. ‘
  • “Right now our environment artists are populating a level with the assets, and they are not afraid of testing out new things. This is exactly what we need to stay open to because personally, I believe that The Witcher turned out that good – and why Cyberpunk will turn out really good – because we are not afraid of change.”

New Male V Character Art From EDGE Magazine


Cyberpunk 2077 Creators Swear They Won’t Trample on Your Religion

The maker of the highly-anticipated and controversial Cyberpunk 2077 swears the game won’t trample on your religion. | Source: CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 has been making waves all over the video gaming world – thanks in no small part to the fact that it will star Keanu Reeves – even though the game won’t see the light of the day until 2020.

But the hotly anticipated title ran into a mini-controversy after developer CD Projekt Red’s quotes were literally lost in translation.

Cyberpunk 2077 Doesn’t Want to Start a Holy War

IGN reports that an interview between CD Projekt Red executive Mateusz Tomaskiewicz and Polish news site Gry Online WP, in Polish, was translated by video game messaging board NeoGAF into English. The translation ignited controversy, as the studio’s executive appeared to suggest that Cyberpunk 2077 “will not avoid any subject, even if they may offend the sensitivity of some.”

“Our vision of Cyberpunk is not to describe an alternative world but a continuity of our world.”

“Some things will look like our current reality. For example, Christianity is present in the game and will even have a faction.”

However, it turns out that the CyberPunk 2077 executive’s quotes were mistranslated by the messaging board.

IGN contacted the developer to clarify if the English translation was correct, and it turns out that wasn’t the case. The Cyberpunk 2077 developer sent CD Projekt Red their own English translation of the Polish interview. To the controversial question of someone entering “a church to cause havoc,” CD Projekt Red’s official reply was:

“We do not want to avoid religion as a topic, authenticity of the world is what counts for us. Technically, the situation you mentioned is possible, but this is all about the choices made by the player. We won’t encourage the player to do so. In our quests, which involve religious themes, we make sure there’s no disrespect.”

Just the Latest Controversy for CD Projekt Red

The much-hyped Cyberpunk 2077 has suffered a deluge of controversy in the year ahead of its release. The radical nature of the game, as evident from the trailer, has made it a beehive for criticism.

Back in June, an in-game ad was criticized for being transphobic. The ad depicts what seems like a transgender model on a poster bearing the words “with 16 flavors you’d love to mix” written in small letters after the tagline “Mix it up.”

That ad was for a fictional drink, but it triggered a very real backlash.

Kasia Redesiuk, the artist responsible for the design, denied the accusation in an interview at E3. She told Polygon:

“In [the year] 2077, especially with how much body modifications are available, I think people just mix and match however they want, however they feel,” Redesiuk said. “And even society is more open to different kinds of relationships.”

“This is all to show that [much like in our modern world], hypersexualization in advertisements is just terrible,” Redesiuk continued. “It was a conscious choice on our end to show that in this world — a world where you are a cyberpunk, a person fighting against corporations. That [advertisement] is what you’re fighting against.”

Cyberpunk 2077 is based on a dystopian future, so there is a good chance that people are getting enraged about those aspects of the game that they don’t understand yet. Given the hype around the game, it is possible that there will be more controversies along the way until it officially hits the market.

Cyberpunk 2077 is set to be released on April 16, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Cyberpunk 2077 damage numbers can be turned off, ‘a lot’ of HUD settings optional

The Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reveal was viewed by almost half a million people. I’m excited, but feel its HUD is a little cluttered in places—not least during its combat sequences. Lucky for me, CD Projekt Red says damage numbers can be turned off and a host of HUD elements will be optional.

Following Monday’s gameplay reveal, Sardukhar, a moderator on the game’s official forum, asked prospective players what they liked and disliked about the footage. Within their own observations, they say they’d like the option to remove the damage numbers above target’s heads—which Sardukhar has since updated with a reply from the dev’s community lead Marcin Momot.

“That is exactly our plan,” Sardukhar quotes Momot. “A lot of HUD elements (including damage numbers) will be optional.”

This echoes Momot’s sentiments on Twitter. When asked specifically about “damage numbers flying on the enemies heads”, and whether or not players can turn this feature off, Momot said: “We are planning on allowing players to turn off/on a lot of the HUD elements.”

We are planning on allowing players to turn off/on a lot of the HUD elements.August 25, 2018

You’ll play Cyberpunk 2077 however you so chose, but I fancy scaling back its HUD and UI entirely—in the same way I played and modded The Witcher 3.

Look out for today’s PCG Q&A for more on what we liked and disliked about Cyberpunk 2077’s new footage. In the meantime, here are five ways the gameplay demo somehow lives up to the hype.


Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter Account Begins Detailing the Game’s Gangs and Corps

Learn more about Night City’s underground operators.

The studio shared the news on Twitter, with a short video showcasing the gang’s in-game iconography.

The Mox or “Moxes” was “formed in 2076 after the death of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden, a strip club owner & ex-prostitute who treated her workers fairly and defended them from violent clients.”

Formed in 2076 after the death of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden, a strip club owner & ex-prostitute who treated her workers fairly and defended them from violent clients, The Mox refer to themselves as “those who protect working girls and guys” from violence and abuse. #Cyberpunk2077

According to the tweet, The Mox’s motivation is to “protect working girls and guys from violence and abuse.” Their gang name is written in old school text, with a skull doll being their chosen symbol.

Global Community Lead Marcin Momot weighed in with a quote retweet, noting that this is the first entry in a “series of posts talking about corporations and gangs that you will be able to encounter in the streets of Night City.” Expect a few more of these information drops over the coming months as we approach Cyberpunk 2077’s September release date.

In other Cyberpunk 2077 news, CD Projekt Red recently revealed an incredible figurine of the game’s female protagonist. There are plenty of pictures of the impressive Pure Arts model after the jump.


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