Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo Confirmed For E3 2019

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo Confirmed For E3 2019

By Tyler Fischer – May 23, 2019 12:46 pm EDT

CD Projekt Red’s global community lead, Marcin Momot, has confirmed there will be a Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo at E3 being shown off to the public, but it won’t be playable. What’s perhaps more interesting though is that if there’s a gameplay demo being demonstrated on the show floor that means CD Projekt Red will presumably be releasing an extended look of the game’s gameplay, likely during Microsoft’s E3 presser.

“To answer many questions about the demo and whether or not Cyberpunk will be playable at E3 — we are going to be hosting gameplay presentations (game played by us) in that cinema,” wrote Momot on Twitter.

As you may know, we’ve known for awhile the game will be at E3, but we didn’t know in what capacity. Now we know. The big question still remains though: will we get a release date or release window? Well, back in March the Polish developer teased a release date announcement for the show. Meanwhile, a recent rumor from an alleged industry insider surfaced claiming that a release date or release window would be revealed. In other words, there looks to be mounting evidence that at the very least we’ll get a release window of sorts.

Cyberpunk 2077 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and possibly next-gen consoles. At the moment of publishing, there’s been no word of a Nintendo Switch or Stadia port.

For more news, media, and information on the highly-anticipated open-world RPG, be sure to peep all of our previous and extensive coverage of the game by clicking right here. Meanwhile, for more on the game itself, here’s an official pitch:

“In 2077, America is in pieces. Megacorps control life in all its aspects from the top floors of their sky-high fortresses. Down below, drug-pushing gangs, dirty-tech hustlers, and slingers of illicit braindances run the streets. The world in between is where decadence, sex, and pop culture mix with violent crime, extreme poverty, and the unattainable promise of the American Dream.

“In Cyberpunk 2077 you play as V—a hired gun on the rise and you just got your first serious contract. In a world of cyberenhanced street warriors, tech-savvy netrunners, and corporate lifehackers, today you take your first step towards becoming an urban legend.”

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CD Projekt Red releases full gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077

A walkthrough stream of Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 and Gamescom demo was uploaded to Twitch today.

All 5 Cat Statue locations in We Happy Few

Complete the side quest Cat Burglar by locating all 5 Cat Statues in We Happy Few.

Earlier this morning, a strange live stream featuring a jumble of code titled “Data Transmission in Progress” was streamed by CD Projekt Red on their official Twitch channel.

Gamers were quick to speculate that the code could potentially be an upload of the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo files. Shortly after the stream of code came to an end, these fans were proven correct as a full gameplay demo walkthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 was revealed (which you can see towards the end of the stream below starting at the 9:00 mark).

The gameplay demo shown is the same one that was playable to attendees at both E3 2018 and this year’s Gamescom event, and gives viewers a brief introduction to the game’s character creation, combat, story, and futuristic setting.

With today’s gameplay demo reveal, and the news that Cyberpunk 2077 is playable from start to finish, a late 2019 release date is looking more and more plausible. Of course, it was noted last week that while internally playable from beginning to end, Cyberpunk 2077 still has a lot of work left to go before it’s complete.

“Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development for at least six years and its team recently hit a major milestone—the entire game is playable from start to finish. While it doesn’t have all of the proper assets, playtesting, or bug fixes in place, seeing the store come together is a critical step in the development process,” explained Cyberpunk 2077 producer, Richard Borzymowski.

What do you think of the gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077? Do you think the game could release in late 2019, or do you think a 2020 release is more plausible? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below, and stay tuned for more Cyberpunk 2077 information as it’s revealed!


Preview: The Cyberpunk 2077 EGX demo has me worried

Disclaimer: With Cyberpunk 2077 still in active development all of our issues are subject to changes and tweaks by final release. This is a view of the game as we saw it during the Cyberpunk 2077 EGX demo.

Poised as the game to send off the generation in a blaze of glory, CDProjektRed’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot riding on its shoulders. It’s a huge AAA RPG from the crafters behind many gamers’ standout game of this gen. When all of the information piles up all you can hear is the echoing conformity of everyone simultaneously bellowing, “You just know it’s going to be good!” I’ll admit that I was one of those people.

Without any previous connection to the tabletop world of the original Cyberpunk, it was easy to envision how the creatives that crafted the breathing world of The Witcher would mirror that work in a sci-fi world. With the literate Kevlar protecting an incredible-looking world, of course I’d be excited to finally get a good look at the game at the Cyberpunk 2077 EGX demo.

When I sat down in the Cyberpunk Theatre in London’s ExCel convention centre, I was ready to experience the world of Cyberpunk. I was ready to see the game finally blown wide open: I wanted to see the world; I wanted to see the combat; I wanted to see its customisation; I wanted to see its systems. I saw all of it, for better and for worse.

Unfortunately, capture of the showcase was not allowed so please enjoy entirely unrelated images of the game.

Viewed on a colossal screen with a booming sound system that shook the room, CDProjekt’s work was in the best possible viewing experience at the time. With decent seats and 45-minutes of gameplay awaiting us, the demo started.

Immediately, the technology behind Cyberpunk impresses. While animations aren’t as smooth as the ridiculously detailed The Last of Us 2 and framerate isn’t as smooth as the upcoming Doom Eternal, that’s not what Cyberpunk is going for – no one should expect those traits in such a sprawling open-world. And sprawling it is: in fact, “sprawling” is the most apt descriptor for what we were presented.

In the lengthy demo we viewed the player character, V, was tasked with hacking into a van situated within an abandoned shopping centre. We were doing this for one of the higher-ups of a faction called the Voodoo Boys, a band of Haitian culture that dominates the supposed-to-be tourist hotspot of Night City called Pacifica.

Again, this isn’t from the demo we saw, but pictures make articles look much prettier.

Before the mission starts, we’re initially greeted to the character creator system which, in this early unfinished state, was rather lacking. With only a few options to tweak on your male or female-bodied character – V in Cyberpunk can be genderless if you choose, it’s all about playing the role you want to be – avid creators may be underwhelmed.

In the Cyberpunk EGX demo, we were greeted to two different gameplay experiences. At numerous points during the demo, the player would switch between two completely different builds: a male-bodied Net Runner build and a female-bodied Solo build. These builds were created around stealth and hacking and pure brute strength respectively.

Thankfully, the positives of Cyberpunk’s initial gameplay reveal are still there. Technical wizardry and an intriguing world – albeit with sometimes grating dialogue like an always cussing Keanu Reeves – still appear intact. While the game is certainly running on a very high spec PC, we’re still promised a seamless world. In that aspect, Cyberpunk is as impressive as ever.

Unfortunately, issues that many players have with The Witcher 3 are still present here. While I personally thought that combat in CD Projekt’s last title was fun and satisfying, those who hated the looser feel of Geralt’s swings will be far from impressed at the seemingly flaccid gunplay presented here.

Cyberpunk 2077’s inventory screen does appear vastly different from this earlier one. While that may just be because the demo was played with a controller, the demo we saw adopted a Destiny-like inventory.

With the latter half of the demo we saw being almost exclusively combat orientated, Cyberpunk 2077 left me underwhelmed. Its gunplay seemed weak: paltry (no chickens here!) sound effects and basic animations left guns feeling rather anemic. Looking at the showing presented to us, I can’t imagine how the game’s post-launch multiplayer mode will be any fun at all.

Most of all, combat seemed severely stonewalled by an almost embarrassing AI system that CD Projekt is hopefully putting their all into improving. It’s by far the most shocking part of Cyberpunk’s presentation: while shoddy gunplay can be overcome by the game’s gracefully open selection of stealth options and interesting superpowers, the player can’t stop a barebones AI.

In this shopping mall demo, Cyberpunk was laid at its most bare. Enemies that teleported towards you would continually run into pillars, others would simply stand on a balcony only shooting sometimes. With Cyberpunk’s guns able to stop enemies straight in their tracks — having them recoil at gunfire but continue moving towards you would have been a much better option – enemies felt like targets and nothing more. With a boss fight that felt about as basic as Mario 64’s Whomp King, I feel that I’ve seen the game at both its best and its worse.


Preview: Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 2019 demo shows off play styles and options

At E3 2018, we got our first look at Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay. Now developer CD Projekt Red has a returned to show us more.

At the start of the E3 2019 demo, we’re about midway through the game. The player character, V, is leveled up and has already unlocked a number of skills and perks. At this point in the game, V has been implanted with a bio-chip that apparently holds the secret to immortality.



At the same time, V is “haunted” by a technoghost named Johnny Silverhand, who is portrayed by Keanu Reeves. V’s goal in this demo is to learn more about the bio-chip by meeting up with some hackers named the Voodoo Boys. The Voodoo Boys, a Haitian crew, are in a district called Pacifica (there are six districts in the game), and the area looks like a war torn third world city with guys randomly shooting guns in the air while makeshift shelters line the roads.

Compared to the cityscapes we saw in last year’s demo, which was reminiscent of a Neo-Tokyo or Blade Runner-type of world, the Pacifica District looked like something from a present day city overseas ravaged by civil war. According to the presenter, Pacifica was once a resort district that attracted a lot tourists and investments from different corporations. When the economy collapsed, corporations pulled out as did the government leaving the area a lawless region with no infrastructure. The game still looks gorgeous, if not a little too real.

Before we dove further into the demo, the presenter showed us how deep character customization will be in the game. You’ll be able to choose gender, skin tone, shapes of eyes, mouths, ears, nose, body type, among other options. There will also be a number of attributes you’ll be able assign to your character like body strength, intelligence, reflexes, technical expertise, and others. You’ll be able to assign your character a background too.

You could make V a person who grew up in the streets and has the type of reputation to make it easier to get in good with local gangs to a person with a corporate background who left the corporate world to get deeper into the technological side of things. Your background determines some of the conversation options you have in world with different characters.

The mission


As we continue through the demo we learn that the Voodoo Boys are obsessed with the mysteries of cyberspace and they usually don’t work with outsiders. Luckily for V, we got a connect and the Voodoo Boys is making an exception. We meet up with a middle man at some church who then directs us to go to a butcher shop to meet up with Placide. The presenter also mentioned that the meat we see in this butcher shop is synthetic meat, and that real meat in Night City is a luxury.

When we finally meet Placide, he instructs us to follow him and there’s a bit of small talk about Pacifica, its history, and their rival gang, The Animals. When walking with Placide we pass by some vendors and the presenter tells us as we play the game we’ll be able to buy, upgrade, and customize our gear. In addition, as you play the game you earn Street Cred, which unlocks more content.

Brigette is the leader of the Voodoo Boys and who we want to see, but before we see her, Placide says we first need to do something for the Voodoo Boys – infiltrate The Animals hideout.

To get the information needed for the mission, Placide “jacks in” to V by plugging a cable into his arm like it’s a USB port. Our presenter said that, in the game, this is like giving someone control of your brain. Placide is now in our head to guide on this mission.

On our way to the hideout, we hopped on a motorcycle. Controlling a vehicle we were able to see both first-person view and third person view as well as the option to select radio stations. We didn’t get too many details on how many stations, but there will be some music to cruise too. You’ll be able to drive (or walk/run) throughout the entirety of Night City, all six districts, without any loading screens. There’s no word on if there will be a fast travel option.

When we arrive to the location, we’re instructed to sneak in through the back area. The Animals are described as a gang obsessed with a substance called “Juice.” Imagine if steroids had an immediate result and made you bigger, stronger, quicker, and more powerful, that’s what juice does to whoever takes it.

Stealth or guns blazing?


When entering the hideout, which is an old abandoned mall, we have the option of going in with guns blazing or stealth. Placide suggested stealth would be the best way to proceed. And despite all the weapons and cool gadgets to be found in the game, the entire game can be 100 percent completed without killing anyone. But from the looks of the current situation, that would be very difficult. We’re supposed to find a van that’s hidden somewhere in the mall.

For the impatient gamer, the stealth option may seem a bit tedious. There was lots of sneaking around, overhearing conversations from enemies, and a couple of stealth takedowns. One takedown we were able to attack a guy from behind and throw him down a garbage chute.

Playing as the Netrunner “class” or playstyle gives the player the ability to hack cameras and other items in the environment, similar to Watch Dogs. There’s a little mini-game to the hacking. V was able to hack a boxing robot to kill one of The Animals it was sparring with as well as a mechanical bench press that dropped some weights on a guy working out. Everything is the game is connected to some sort of network, and the network can be hacked.

At this point we switched to Strong Solo Mode “class.” Cyberpunk 2077 has a fluid class system where players can choose what skills to acquire and what playstyle to invest in. The Strong Solo mode doesn’t have the skills to hack into the network, but is super strong and can rip open metal doors with ease and is pretty handy with shotguns and machine guns. The stealth movement also isn’t very stealthy in this class, so V is discovered roaming around the hideout.

While the enemy abilities are cool, being able to move quick enough to look like they’re teleporting, and jumping in front of you, I felt the same uneasiness as my colleagues at Rock Paper Shotgun about battling an all-Black gang called The Animals. Can we diversify it a bit?

Combat evolved


The overall gun battle moments aren’t that imaginative and look like any other first person shooter you might play from Ubisoft or Activision. It looks great, but run of the mill. Using the Netrunner’s nanowire is a lot more interesting where the player can use it like a whip and sever limbs off foes coming after them. The final boss fight in the mission was interesting where you have to avoid and move around rising and lowered walls while aiming for the boss’s tank filling her with juice.

Once the mission is complete, there’s a bunch of cut scenes and we finally get to see Brigette, who agrees to help us, although the mission her crew sent us on was suicide. Regardless, the Voodoo Boys trusts V now and brings us inside the gang’s lair to find out more about the bio-chip. This was pretty much the end of the demo.

Overall the game still looks on track to be a massive and immersive experience with a lot of options for players on how they want to play. You can’t help but look forward to trying everything and attempting this particular mission in a different way and customizing your character to the way you play. Despite some run of the mill gameplay and the need to diversify some of the bad guys, it’s still a game that deserves to be on everyone’s highly anticipated list.


Cyberpunk 2077 Is Playable From Start to Finish

Play in Daylight or Play at Night

Gamescom proceedings have blessed us with a few new tidbits about CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077. As predicted, another demo was shown behind closed doors, similar to the one at E3 2018, but it came with a few differences.

Through a review by Engadget, we’ve learned that Cyberpunk 2077 lets you wield a magnetic katana that deflects bullets. In addition, the demo previewed an alternate look at Night City by showing it, well, at night. According to producer Richard Borzymowski, the first demo’s purpose was to portray the California sun over neon streets. Also, the devs wanted to brandish another side of the traditional Cyberpunk world, paint it in a new light, so to speak. Earlier this month, CDPR revealed that the game will have dynamic weather and a day/night cycle; thus, what better way to hint at that feature than with a Cyberpunk setting at daytime?

“We knew how to create beautiful scenery in the night in Night City, like awesome Blade Runner terrain aspects,” Borzymowski said. “But creating Cyberpunk as an open-world game with a day and night cycle, we knew we would have to build Night City in a fashion which will look cool in the daylight as well. This was a bigger challenge to us than night, and we just opted to go with that and make a trailer in daylight, which pushed us farther.”

At Gamescom, CDPR also drew more attention to the character creation menu. Apparently, players can get pretty meticulous through their selection of gender, appearance, and backstory. If I’m not mistaken, the developer also claimed that you can choose abilities that can branch out later on. It’s possible, even likely, that player choice is more integral and dynamic than the studio’s previous game, The Witcher 3.

According to Borzymowski, Cyberpunk 2077 is playable from start to finish. The team recently hit their major milestone and is on the path toward major polish, where they must add the proper assets, playtest the game, and remove bugs. The game’s playable state can only improve their efforts. “It gives you the answers to all of your doubts,” said Borzymowski. “It just feels great.”

Check back for new updates on Cyberpunk 2077, especially news on a release date. Until then,


Cyberpunk 2077 Public Demo Coming to PAX West

When it comes to Cyberpunk 2077 we’ve seen a full trailer, we’ve seen some crazy screenshots taken in the game, and we have celebrity guest Keanu Reeves showing up as the iconic Johnny Silverhand. One many have not seen, however, is the game’s demo. Only a handful of gaming journalists have seen it behind closed doors at E3 2019, and they gushed about it when asked about it. That’s going to change at this year’s PAX West.

CD Projekt Red’s global community lead, Marcin Momot, confirmed this information on Twitter after another person said the playable demo was not going to be seen by the public until after Gamescom 2019.

It’s going to happen exactly during PAX West. 🙂

If you have been thinking about making it to PAX West and needed more of a reason to do so, here’s your chance. You’ll have the opportunity to try the game for yourself on the show floor. The gameplay demo that was shown at this year’s E3 last week was widely different than the first demo the journalists viewed the previous year. The first demo was more of a cinematic, whereas this was features a great deal more gameplay, according to multiple gaming journalists who had a chance to check both of them out.

Yes, there’s going to be plenty of Reeves in the game demo, too. He plays Johnny Silverhand, a Rockerboy with an iconic cybernetic, silver left hand. He’s going to follow you around because he’s going to be an image in your head.

You’ll probably have to wait in a huge line to try the game, but for many who have been excited about this game since it first announced may find it a worthwhile interim.

This year’s PAX West takes place from August 30 and runs until September 2 in Seattle, Washington, at the Washington State Convention Center. As of this writing, a four-day pass to the event has already sold out, but Friday, Sunday, and Monday are still available. Saturday has also sold out.


Current Cyberpunk 2077 build is playable from start to finish, developers reveal

There’s still development time left as the team irons out bugs, works on final assets, and more.

There’s a Cyberpunk 2077 live stream going on and, while we’re not completely sure what’s going on over there just yet, we do know one thing regarding this highly anticipated open-world RPG: It is playable from start to finish. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but this is an exciting milestone for a game that could usher in the next generation of first-person open-world experiences when it launches.

At Gamescom 2018, Engadget reports via IGN, CD Projekt Red showed off another gameplay demo for Cyberpunk 2077 behind closed doors. It’s largely the same demo shown at E3 2018, but now includes a katana that can deflect bullets with a magnetic field and also shows off a character creation screen. At the start of the experience, at least in the current build, players will be able to choose their gender, appearance, and backstory fill with traumatic events from their past. The demo also shows off Night City and night, as the previous publicly released trailer happened entirely in the daytime.

“We knew how to create beautiful scenery in the night in Night City, like awesome Blade Runner terrain aspects,” Borzymowski said about the original trailer. “But creating Cyberpunk as an open-world game with a day and night cycle, we knew we would have to build Night City in a fashion which will look cool in the daylight as well. This was a bigger challenge to us than night, and we just opted to go with that and make a trailer in daylight, which pushed us farther.”

Borzymowski also shared that, after six years of development, the game is playable from start to finish. There’s still a lot of development left as the team playtests, fixes bugs, and works on Cyberpunk 2077’s final assets, but the framework is in place. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.


Cyberpunk 2077 Demo – All the Details

by Kyle Thompson · Published June 27, 2019 · Updated September 6, 2019

Cyberpunk 2077 Demo – All the Details

The E3 gameplay demo is the biggest source of info about Cyberpunk 2077 we have so far, and you can find all the main points covered here. All of this information represents a work-in-progress, and it’s likely that details will change before the final release.


Over the course of the demo, the protagonist V runs a couple of big jobs with her partner Jackie. In the first, the pair rescue a woman who has been kidnapped by a group of cyberware scavengers. In the second they acquire a drone from a group of cyberware-obsessed gangsters called the Maelstrom for a fixer named Dex DeShawn.

Along the way V picks up some new cyberware, the pair get in a car chase, and they end up working with the megacorporation Militech. Of course, working with a megacorp isn’t without complications and they get in an unexpected fight with the Maelstrom before heading off to get paid.


V can get into conversations in-person or over voice chat, both of which work the same. Like in other first-person RPGs, the player can choose a variety of responses from a menu. However, in Cyberpunk 2077 these choices are more meaningful than in older games. They are not limited to simple alignment systems and create snowballing consequences throughout play.

For example, the player’s decision to work with Militech leads to them introducing a virus in the Maelstrom gang facility that prevents them from obtaining the drone without violence. If they had found another way to negotiate they may not have been required to kill the gang.

We also see the player engage in conversation while travelling from one point of interest to another, helping to keep traversal sections interesting and lively. This is a notable change from the shot-reverse-shot conversations that were the hallmark of Bioware’s RPGs.


Cyberpunk 2077 has full character customization. In the trailer, we see that the player will able to customize hair, tattoos, and clothing, unrestricted by gender. At E3 2019 quest director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz also noted that the player will likely be able to customize V’s voice to some degree.

Aside from the cosmetic customization, you’ll be able to customize character stats and equipment, including cyberware. The game also includes a “fluid class system” that will allow the players to freely choose from three skill groups: Solo, Techie, and Netrunner.

Finally, you will be able to choose a backstory for your character. In the demo, we see the backstory options “childhood hero,” “key life event,” and “why Night City?” Because the player chooses “unfinished business” we hear V say that they’re on a crusade during some dialog with Jackie, and we can expect similar custom dialog if the player chooses Keanu Reeves’ character Johnny Silverhand as a childhood hero and meets him in play.


To prepare for the job against the Maelstrom V visits their “ripperdoc” Victor and gets him to install some more heavy duty cyberware in them. One of these is an optical scanner that allows the player to zoom in their vision and get information on NPCs in a way that should be familiar to players of the Watch Dogs series. Another is a subdermal grip that adds information about equipped guns to the player HUD.

During the combat sequence with the Maelstrom, we see V use some advanced cyberware, including the mantis blades that allow them to stab enemies like Wolverine, and double jump and evasion cyberware that allow them to dodge bullets.


We see plenty of combat in the demo, and there are a few things worth nothing about it.

First, although the Mantis Blades allow you to use melee attacks against enemies, for the most part, it seems like the player will be using guns to fight in Cyberpunk 2077. Guns are classified according to rarity by color-codes, like in Destiny, with epic tier loot having abilites like auto-seeking bullets. It has also been confirmed by CD PROJEKT RED that V will be able to fight with a katana. Overall this seems similar to the style of combat seen in the Deus Ex games.

When engaging in gunplay, we see V use a bullet-time ability called Kereznikov to take out enemies. This seems to be unrelated to cyberware, so it seems likely that any character build will have access to it. Since this gameplay mechanic was first invented in Max Payne it hasn’t changed a whole lot, but like most effects in Cyberpunk 2077 it does look cool.

Cyberpunk 2077 has a cover mechanic, but unlike many cover-based games, it does not have auto-regenerating health. Instead, V seems to use an inhaler to recover health. It’s not yet clear what kind of cool down this ability has.

Finally, we see V use their hacking abilities to disable the Maelstrom’s link to their guns, and we can expect this to be one of the major approaches players can use to overcome enemies, as getting some big guns and blowing through the opposition is not the only way to play the game.

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Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 demo: the good and the bad

The team is clearly still finding its way with combat

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This year’s demo of Cyberpunk 2077, the highly-anticipated role-playing game from CD Projekt Red, looked both better and worse than the demo shown last year. The scope and scale of the game world on display was extraordinary, but the team is clearly still finding its way with the game’s combat.

The demo opens up with the introduction of Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves, who appears as a virtual ghost visible only to the player. Johnny has convinced the player character to help find his girlfriend, Alt Cunningham, and the next piece of the puzzle is linking up with a woman known as Brigitte. She’s a leader within the Voodoo Boys, a canonical faction from Mike Pondsmith’s original tabletop RPG, Cyberpunk 2020. Standing in the way are the Animals, a faction of muscular bodybuilders who modify their bodies with illegal drugs rather than physical augmentations.

It’s interesting how CD Projekt is both embracing and gently shifting the original source material from Cyberpunk 2020. When they were first introduced in 1988, the Voodoo Boys were a violent fringe group, described as “a terrorist gang with ritual magic overtones” mostly comprised of white people with a Caribbean-inspired affect. Years later, CD Projekt has recast the Voodoo Boys as Haitian spiritualists whose unique form of worship involves hacking and trips through cyberspace. They have a passion for black leather and powerful computers, and are well respected all throughout the Pacifica neighborhood.

While the Voodoo Boys are still criminals, NPCs showed them a kind of deference. They clearly take care of their own and provide a level of protection for the neighborhood. For that reason, the citizens of Pacifica show them some semblance of respect.

Pacifica itself has also changed. In the original RPG it was a playground for the rich, a safe bastion where the wealthy could live a life of luxury. In the years since, a massive economic crisis causes all the megacorporations to pull out. The area becomes lawless and falls into disrepair. A desperately poor minority population moves in to fill the vacuum. Pacifica now looks like a refugee camp mixed with an active conflict zone, with small squabbles escalating into gunfights. In the distance an attack helicopter could be seen pounding the side of a high rise building. At one point, CD Projekt even showed the remains of a luxury hotel that had been converted into a marketplace for scavenged scrap.

Driving mechanics played a central part in this year’s Cyberpunk 2077 demo. It showed the player hopping on board a futuristic motorcycle and driving through the game’s open world from location to location. CD Projekt said it will be possible in the final version of the game to spend your time simply roaming the streets in a vehicle, listening to the radio and searching for quests in the larger world.

The meat of the demo focused on an infiltration mission where the player had to sneak into a building controlled by the Animals. At first, the demo showed how a Netrunner — a character class able to hack into any electronic system in the game — could exploit the environment to gain an advantage. By turning off security cameras and zooming in with their superhuman hearing, it was fairly easy to gain entry to the compound.

What was surprising was just how effective the Netrunner class was at combat. The main weapon on display was called a nanowire, a thin length of neon orange cable. At close range, the nanowire worked like a whip, easily severing heads. In one dramatic encounter a muscle-bound melee fighter lunged at the player, who quickly lopped off their arm mid punch.

But the nanowire isn’t just for combat. It can also be used to gain access to people’s minds at close range. Since body modification is so prominent, hacking people is no more difficult for a Netrunner than hacking computers. Once inside the mind of the group’s leader, the player had easy access to the cybernetic implants of everyone underneath them. What followed was a grisly series of suicides, as the player took control of enemies and forced them to detonate hand grenades or shoot themselves in the head.

The team from CD Projekt also ran the same mission with a more combat-focused build. With super strength, the player was able to rip open locked doors with her bare hands, pull mounted weapons off of turrets and turn them on the enemy, and mow down wave after wave with sustained automatic weapons fire.

In motion, the combat-focused build made the game feel more like a clumsy cover shooter, something a bit like The Division 2 played in first-person. The enemy AI, for its part, was having quite a bit of trouble keeping up. Many times during the demo they appeared to get stuck on the environment, melee flailing wildly at nothing at all. As it stands right now, the more dynamic, improvisational, and frankly interesting way to play Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be as a Netrunner.

Of course, CD Projekt explained that fixed character classes aren’t really a thing in Cyberpunk 2077. With its system, players are able to mix and match abilities from many different combat styles to create their own, highly personalized characters. At the core of the experience will be traditional tabletop skills, with stats representing reflexes, cool, technical ability, body, and intelligence serving as the baseline for character creation.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on April 16, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.


Cyberpunk 2077 playable from start to finish

The game has hit a new milestone according to CD Projekt Red.

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At Gamescom 2018, it was announced that CD Projekt Red’s latest title, Cyberpunk 2077, is now playable from start to finish. In an interview with Engadget, Cyberpunk 2077 producer Richard Borzymowski confirmed the game’s status, stating:

“Cyberpunk 2077 has been in development for at least six years and its team recently hit a major milestone—the entire game is playable from start to finish. While it doesn’t have all of the proper assets, playtesting, or bug fixes in place, seeing the story come together is a critical step in the development process.”

This is exciting news for fans, as Cyberpunk 2077 has yet to receive a confirmed release date. While the game still requires additional assets and thorough playtesting, a 2019 release is now feels a lot more plausible. Of course, there are always delays that occur in the development process, especially for games of similar scale to Cyberpunk 2077.

To meet the developmental requirements needed, CD Projekt Red has noted that the Cyberpunk 2077 team is bigger than the team that oversaw The Witcher series. Furthermore, job postings recently added to the CD Projekt Red website hint at the inclusion of multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077.

With so much news surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 being released this year, it’ll be interesting to see if the game does indeed release in 2019 rather than being pushed to 2020. Based on the fact that gamers have only been given access to the same playable demo of Cyberpunk 2077 at both E3 and Gamescom, a 2020 release window isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

What do you think? Will we see a 2019 release for Cyberpunk 2077, or will CD Projekt Red push the title to 2020 in order to polish the remaining gameplay aspects? Let us know down in the comments below, and stay tuned as we’ll be updating our coverage of Cyberpunk 2077 as more information is released!


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