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What are the fastest cars in GTA 5 Online

Of the hundreds of cars in GTA Online, only some are worth your time. Avoid the slugs and get the best of each class

  • Jen Diaz March 4, 2020
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Your criminal empire is booming. You’ve run the drugs, smuggled the guns, opened the night club, and now you’ve got a fat stack of green burning a hole in your pocket. What can you spend it on? Clothes? Apartments? Too boring. You need a new car, and you need it now. There are hundreds of cars in GTA Online, and not all of them are worth your time.

The Fastest Cars In GTA Online

Follow this list, and you’ll be screaming down the freeway like a banshee in some of the sweetest rides in town.

Compacts: Weeny Issi

The fastest compact doing the rounds at the moment is the Issi in Arena mode. It won’t win any prizes for its looks, but it’s got a lot of speed tied up in a tiny package. A small, but expensive package; the Issi will set you back $1,449,000. As you cruise down the road at 124 mph, though, you’ll forget about that price tag.

Coupes: Ubermacht Oracle XS

This cushy ride tops out at 114 miles per hour while looking like a grocery-getter. It’s super affordable, at only $82,000—a steal compared to some of the other fast rides. If you’re trying to run errands before rush hour, this is the car for you. Pick one up at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

Motorcycles: Pegassi Oppressor

I know, I know. We said this article was going to be about the fastest cars, and a car this is not. But if you’re looking for wind in your hair, this is it. With a top speed of over 120 mph, the Oppressor will get you from one side of the city to the other in a flash. They’re a little more than $3,500,00, so you may want to save up for one.

Muscle Cars: DeClasse Impaler

If you want a top-end muscle car, your best bet is the Impaler. Clocking in at a hair above 127 mph, it’s on par with the Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire while looking a whole lot sexier. It’ll also set you back $1,541,335, but style and speed make it worth shaking the extra change out of your virtual couch for.

Off-Road: Maxwell Vagrant

This small but mighty vehicle looks to be about 90% roll cage, but safety is important when you’re offroading at 122 miles per hour. The Vagrant is a real rough-and-tumble gem; keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Pick one of these up at Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $2,214,000.

Sedans: Enus Stafford

Need something that will protect your soft squishy form from incoming bullets while giving you the zip you need to get out of town quickly? A top speed of 93.5 miles per hour plus classic good looks makes the Stafford an easy choice. It’ll run you a cool $1.2 million at Legendary Motorsport, but money’s no object to someone who needs a ride this swanky.

Sports: Grotto Itali GTO

Close your eyes and picture a sexy sportscar. Open them: You’ve pictured the Itali GTO. The Grotto Itali GTO is the essence of what it means to be a gorgeous car with a mouth-watering top speed and a hefty price tag: $1,965,000. Beauty costs money, but at 132.1 mph, you’ll forget what you paid.

Sports Classic: Imponte Deluxo

The Deluxo looks like every car somebody’s older brother drove in high school, and for a good reason. Reaching 127.3 miles per hour, this one moves. The price tag, however, puts it well out of big brother’s range. $4,721,500 sure is a lot of dollars, but speed like this doesn’t come cheap.

Supercars: Deveste Eight

Just look at it. Do we need to say more? 131 miles per hour. Don’t walk to Legendary Motorsport to pick one up. Run.

SUV: Pegassi Toros

An SUV that can reach 121.7 mph shouldn’t be taken lightly. This is no soccer mom car, despite appearances. The only thing sensible about this car is its price tag. One of the cheaper entries on this list, the Toros will set you back close to half a mile.

Vans: Gang Burrito

If you’ve ever wanted to live out your deepest, darkest A-Team fantasies, you need the Gang Burrito. It’s remarkably affordable at $65,000. This large cube can move, hitting a dizzying 114.8 miles per hour.

Источник: http://www.gamepur.com/guides/gtav-fastest-online-cars

Where to Find the Best Cars in GTA 5 and GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online are simply so popular. It’s been half a decade, and the 2013 sequel is still on fire. Right now, GTA 5 is still among the the bestseller games out there. Rockstar did not want to release any single-player expansions, and the Online game added the Diamond Casino update because it is all about money. How about we make it about cars?

We have written this article to give you the best tips when it comes to getting supercars in Grand Theft Auto V and Online.

The Vacca

If you have to choose the most common supercar in GTA 5, then you should go with Vacca. We know it is underpowered for the multiplayer scene, but it is one of the good cars in the single-player’s base game. In “Meltdown,” Vacca is parked right next to Michael’s getaway car. You just need to take it.

Make the switch

Hypercars spawn relatively frequently in the single-player campaign, and some are being linked to a specific area in Los Santos. The player might simply find it if he or she switches to another playable character. Trevor and Michael will probably surprise you, but switching to Franklin at some point can get you an Adder. This is the most expensive of the six supercars from the base game, and you’d be blessed to drive it.

The better part of the town

The GTA V’s single-player campaign may come with hypercars, but there’s another story with the multiplayer mode. The best cars need to be purchased in Online. Some entry-level cars can be seen in certain areas of Los Santos, in those rich ones, to be specific. You won’t find a Vagner, but we believe that a Voltic is also a good choice.


We know that you want to get the cars easily, and without having to spend a lot of hours in front of the computer. But the GTA Online rewards will be given to those who are willing to work for them. We know that San Andreas revolves around money, so heists seem like a good idea to make a lot of money faster.

Heists are the best part of GTA Online because they are the closest thing to the single-player missions. You can make a lot of money in just a matter of hours.

Find them during missions

If we are to leave aside the DLC vehicles, GTA 5’s base game has, as the state before, six hypercars. They are not the most expensive cars, but they are enough for the 30-hour campaign. Most of these hypercars are easy to find, and they usually show up during missions.

The first example is Bullet, which can be acquitted at the beginning of Franklin’s “Repossession” mission. Also, you need to keep in mind that the vehicles stolen during the main quests will start to spawn more frequently after that point.

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GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (28th May 2020) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #40 – car

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GTA Online best vehicle discounts for 28th May 2020, plus details of any new cars added to the game and changes to the Casino lucky wheel podium vehicle and premium race.
See all GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx_tHjuVuROAv4WImq8MBLk9pRureBMZ9

For further info on bonus money events this week check out GTAmen: https://youtube.com/channel/UC4zMEl8Qh_nE5nDnp0cxRFQ
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Also thanks to @TezFunz2, @FoxySnaps & u/Call_Me_Tsuikyit for discounts cross-checking.

I’m Broughy1322 and I upload a variety of videos in an attempt to inform, entertain, and discuss. These mainly revolve around GTA Online racing but also include vlogs & other games. I take pride in my content so feel free to have a look around my channel and subscribe if you enjoy! Thanks for watching! 🙂

And finally… watch in 1080p!


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The issi classic as a podium car?! Why not one of the arena war issis?

Sbould i get the deluxo now that its on sale or just save up for opressor?

Oh ffs…. I swear rockstar are watching me… Few weeks back I bought akula, emerus and itali gto, the next week gto became the podium vehicle and akula, emerus got discounts…. Now a few days ago I bought nero and now its on sale…

OMG Broughy includes ads in his vid, my youth ends..

Is the arena war upgrades for issi on sale?

I like when I buy the is so classic it’s on sale and on podium

And I don’t have A car because I’m a teenager

Im happy the deluxo is on sale!

There’s a breakdown of this on reddit but it says there’s a new Vamos rally spec car?

Still no reason to get back on that shit show of a game

The compact grenade launcher is free

I’m moving to a new place for the next week or so, so I’m going to have to miss the Issi and it’s races. 😭😭😭

Man this week is wild.😳🏞️ I can’t believe they did it, those mad lads.🥴🤯 Anyone who doesn’t abuse this is wasting their time.😤⏰

50% off the regular street Issi >> everything

Im so frustrated. I have just been playing for around a week and I really wanted to have the Deluxo. As soon as I had my 3.5m $ I bought it. I didnt know there are weekly changing discounts. I could have saved almost 1.5m $.

Regular Issi for only 9k? Whoa! Yet it costs nothing to steal one from the street and taking it into your garage.

No property discounts wtf

Rockstar, what is this trash? Seriously?

Of course the week of my birthday has the worst discount week since discount weeks started

Will we get the Regina for the next podium vehicle?

Still waiting for the Dune to go on sale….

Man they really do not want us to play the Game (it feels like). ^^°
Thank you again for the Video! Really apriciate it!

Idek y I haven’t subscribed yet cause I watch almost all of ur vids 😂

Discounts are getting really bad recently…maybe only the issi sport is somehow a good deal

I bought the deluxo yesterday rip

Nicely slips in the new car tier list (which is great information by the way)

I love Brough and his content so I feel a bit bad about posting this, but:
You probably don’t need a VPN – apart from masking your IP (which helps with geoblocking), they don’t do much for you.
For everyone considering a VPN, please check out KitBoga’s video on them first. Or any other resource that sheds some unbiased light on the current VPN offer situation.

when will there be lap time of open wheel cars?

What a terrible podium vehicle

If twitch prime dosnt change that 2 week discount to something else im out. ✌twitch

Rockstar put the Issi Classic on sale so it would seem like there’s more sales on this week, another shady but pitiful move by Rockstar


Why are people disrespecting Mr beans car like that 🙁

Seeing the podium car this week means I will be guaranteed to get it just because F me

I’m alright that they at least appreciate MINIs

I’ll feel a little less cheated by this broken ass game if I can actually get the 60% off furia this fuckin week

I bought the PR4 for my guy because he didn’t have an F1 car but I’ll never use it anyway so it was a bit of a waste of money.

Fuck me freddy, the weenie mobile? Really rockstar?

Thanks for doing these Broughy. It’s very helpful.
It’s a kinda disappointing week, especially compared to last week. I just want that beautiful XA-21 to be on discount at some point… or the Visione and SC1… hell, Tezeract on discount would be nice since it’s so damn expensive for a vehicle that has questionable looks to it.
This super collection is killing me.

Broughy out here giving us news faster then Rockstar 😍😂

Источник: http://www.e3trafk.info/en/gta-online-best-vehicle-discounts-28th-may-2020-gta-5-weekly-car-sales-guide-40-car/

Top 5 Fastest Cars in The World 2020

Over the past decade, the demand for high-speed supercars has been increased tremendously. It is for this reason that almost every car manufacturer has focused on the design and production of the world’s fastest supercars that exhibit the much-needed elegance of modern-day travel. If you are passionate about car racing, then you need to get yourself one the fastest supercars in the world. As a matter of fact, here are the top 5 fastest cars in the world in 2020, especially the ones that are worth your investment; they’re the fastest production cars in the world.

1. Hennessey Venom GT (270 miles per hour)

This is currently the world’s fastest car. Hennessey Venom GT can achieve a top speed of up to 270 mph, which is equivalent to 435km/h. Essentially, no other car in the world has this maximum speed in the history of the automotive industry, and thus it makes this car the world’s leading fastest car given that it can also accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Hennessey Venom GT is equipped with a 7Ltr LS7 turbocharged twin V8 engine that produces 1244 horsepower. It comes with a price tag of $1,000,000 and above, if you are looking for a car for racing, then you should consider Hennessey Venom GT.

2. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (268 miles per hour)

If you are looking for the most expensive, luxurious and fastest car that can reach speeds of up to 268 miles per hour, then this is the perfect supercar for you. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport capable of accelerating from 0 to 60mph in just 2.4 seconds. All you need to do is part with just 1.6 million dollars and you will be among the few owners of this super machine. This car was designed by a well-known Volkswagen Group and manufactured by Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. it has an 8Ltr quad-turbocharged W16 engine that is able to produce 1000 horsepower and a wheel drive. With 1200, hp and several aerodynamics changes help Veyron plus gain extra miles per hour. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is all that you need if you are a die-hard fan of car racing and supercars.

#3 Koenigsegg Agera R (260 miles per hour)

Koenigsegg Agera R is designed and manufactured by a Swedish supercar builder, Koenigsegg, which is well-known company for producing fast cars. It comes with a 5ltr V8 engine with a dual turbo that is capable of generating a staggering horsepower of up to 1099, and with only $1,600,000 you will be able to own this car. Koenigsegg Agera R has a top speed of 260 miles per hour (418 km/h). And according to the manufacturer, this car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph within a period of just 2.9 seconds. So if you are looking for the fastest and fuel efficient supercar, then you should consider Koenigsegg Agera R, it will be worth your investment given that you will be able to enjoy cost-effective high-speed rides.

4. SCC Ultimate Aero (256 miles per hour)

SCC Ultimate Aero is produced by SSC North America, formerly known as Shelby Supercars before Bugatti introduced Veyron Super Sport. Basically, SCC Ultimate Aero was once the world’s fastest production car which held the title for three years. This car is equipped with a 6.3-ltr dual-turbocharged V8 engine that generates and extraordinary horsepower of 1,287 as well as a torque of up to 1,112 lb.-ft. This engine power makes it attain a top speed of 256 miles per hour, hence, making it among the fastest cars worldwide. With its beast-like engine, this supercar can quickly hit 200miles per hour within 16 seconds, a speed that’s reasonable for a vehicle that comes at a cost of only €550,000. This car is simply the best; the only drawback is that it has no electronic driver aids that control engine power; otherwise, it is the best in terms of speed.

5. 9ff GT9-R (257 miles per hour)

For only seven hundred thousand dollars you can get yourself this world’s fastest car, it is affordable. 9ff GT9-R is a reconfigured Porsche 911; it is powered by a 4ltr flat 6 dual turbo engine that is capable of generating 1120 horsepower and a torque of 1050 Nm. This superb engine power makes 9ff GT9-R attain a top speed of 257 miles per hour (413 km/h, and be able to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles in just 2.9 seconds.

So, with the list above of the world’s fastest cars in 2020, choosing one that best suits your needs and style won’t be a tedious task, your choices has been narrowed down. Therefore, you will not take time reviewing different cars.

Источник: http://thisbesthoverboard.com/fastest-cars-in-the-world/

Fastest Supercars (2020) – GTA 5 Best Fully Upgraded Cars Lap Time Countdown

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Fastest Supercars (2020) in GTA 5, showing a complete countdown of the best fully upgraded super cars ranked on lap time. Expand the description for full info.

Resources Mentioned
Spoilers Improve Traction:
Spoilers vs Downforce:
Off-Road Wheels:
How To Go Faster:

This series aims to show the best vehicles to use in GTA Online in a racing situation. That is, around a regular circuit with a mix of corners and straights. The word “Fastest” means nothing without some context – these are the fastest vehicles around a circuit. For the fastest vehicles in terms of top speed (for long highway races for example) check out the Top Speed Testing series here:

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How Lap Times Were Obtained Accurately

The best lap time a vehicle can achieve around a circuit determines how good it is and therefore its place within this list.

Each vehicle was taken around the same circuit multiple times, with the best lap time being recorded. For most vehicles this equates to 10 laps per vehicle, but can often be more to ensure the absolute best lap time has been achieved with the vehicle. There are some caveats to this kind of testing though which are worth explaining below.

**Due to YouTube description length limits the information that should be placed here has been removed and can be read in full here: I recommend reading this for anyone who is confused, interested, or doubts the validity of the results in this video as it explains in great detail the extent to which these results will be useful for you personally, in addition to linking the track used for your own testing/comparison.**

So with that all being said, this video should be taken as a guideline. The testing is very accurate for this track and similar tracks when cars are driven close to the maximum. At the very least you should be able to use this testing help narrow your field of view for your own personal testing. I would always recommend testing a variety of cars yourself and take into account what kind of tracks you’re racing on, what is better for you and your skill level, and even your budget. My testing is meant to guide you, not tell you exactly what to use.

If you do find the series helpful, entertaining, or want to be kept up to date on any car performance changes as GTA Online develops please do subscribe, like, comment and share – every little helps! You can also directly support the creation of more of these videos on Patreon (). Finally, for a comprehensive spreadsheet on GTA 5 vehicle performance click here: Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see you on a future video soon 🙂

I’m Broughy1322 and I upload a variety of videos in an attempt to inform, entertain, and discuss. These mainly revolve around GTA Online racing but also include vlogs & other games. I take pride in my content so feel free to have a look around my channel and subscribe if you enjoy! Thanks for watching! 🙂

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Grand Theft Auto V Truffade Adder Location: Best Car On GTA V Online ($1,000,000)

Truffade Adder Car Location in Grand Theft Auto Single Player

Where to find Bugatti Veyron in Single Player

In the video game Grand Theft Auto V, it is actually possible to find the best car in the game on single player. The car can not be stolen and kept as a personal vehicle when playing online, however, it can be purchased for $1,000,000 on the game’s internet. Once purchased online, it will be sent to your garage and then it can be used as your own vehicle.

The Truffade Adder (Bugatti Veyron) actually spawns in one of the streets in Grand Theft Auto single player. Bugatti Veyron is the real life counter-part of the car in the game known as “Truffade Adder.” Truffade Adder is the fastest car in the game and is the most expensive car in GTA Online. The car can be upgraded in both single player and online to become even faster! It is in the “super” car class.

The location of the Adder is in the city of Los Santos on the side of a street, in one particular spot. The car is down the street from Micheal’s house near a Ponsonby’s store. Sometimes the vehicle will not spawn, but it will eventually. Make sure to check both sides of the road near Ponsonby. If the Adder (Bugatti Veyron) is not there, drive a mile or so away and come back to the area in a few minutes. Repeat this until you find the car.

Do you think the Bugatti is too expensive in GTA Online?

Truffade Adder (Bugatti Veyron) Best and Fastest Car in Grand Theft Auto Online

The Adder is an extremely expensive car to buy on Grand Theft Auto Online. It costs $1,000,000 (that’s more than the Eclipse Towers Safe House). The Adder is the fastest car in the game, however. This car can be used in street races where the (super class) is enabled. Upgrading the car by installing turbo and various other upgrades can make it even better!

Truffade Adder Stats

Horse-Power: 1100
Top Speed: 250 mph
Acceleration: 0-60 within 3 seconds
Capacity: Two People

Only way to get the Bugatti Veyron is to buy it in GTA Online

Unfortunately, there is no other way to get the Bugatti in GTA Online other than buying it. No player can give it to you and you can not keep really expensive cars stolen off the street as your personal vehicle (if it can even be found on the streets).

Players will have to save up their cash to buy the Bugatti. However, they will be able select it in races to drive, although it will not be a custom car and can not be used in free roam after the race(s).

How To Win Street Races Using Custom Adder

The Adder is already extremely fast, but upgrading it will increase the chances of winning races when using “Super” class cars. Turbo will make the acceleration on the Adder much faster. This will allow you to take off quicker and reach the top speed of the vehicle in a shorter period of time. Engine upgrades can also be put on the vehicle.

Note that engine upgrades and turbo must be unlocked before being able to buy them. There will be a certain number of races required to win before unlocking them. Los Santos Customs will tell you how many more wins you need before unlocking various upgrades.

Bugatti overrated?

While it is true that the Bugatti is the fastest and most expensive vehicle in the game, is it overrated? There are several other cars that are just about as fast and good as the Bugatti. Personally, I prefer the way the Cheetah and Vacca look aesthetically more. What are your thoughts?


Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: The Merryweather Heist

Grand Theft Auto Online: Car Upgrades for Better Performance to Win Races (GTA V Car Customization)

Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: By The Book

Manipulate the Stock Market in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V)

Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Extra Commission


“Borderlands 2”: Mechromancer/Gaige Skill Builds

Borderlands 2 Assassin/Zero Skill Builds

Borderlands 2: Gunzerker/Salvador Skill Builds


Michael Nelson

i prefer the Roosevelt. Just kidding but I do like the JB 700 although I don’t think you can buy that one in single player.

Smelly Arab

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GTA 5 Best Cars That Look Awesome (Top 5)

What Are The Best Cars in GTA 5?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably played Grand Theft Auto (any series) before. As you drive through the mean streets of San Andreas, I bet you’ve noticed some pretty common patterns.

One of them being the ton of vehicles you find in any GTA game ranging from the fastest, muscle SUVs to the classics.

In this article, I’ll talk about the five most remarkable cars in GTA that I personally find awesome and I think you will too.

After you’re done reading you’ll definitely want to hop in the next Buffalo S you see and take it for a spin around the city.

5. Pfister Comet Retro

Customize your Pfister Comet Retro with a fresh paint job like this glossy green apple color.

The Pfister Comet Retro is a two-door sports car based on the Porsche 993 and the Porsche 928. It is one of the best drifting cars in the game and it actually out drifts the Fudo.

This car is a thing of beauty, especially when it comes to drifting. It drifts like a figure skater gliding down the ice It’s a blast to drive and looks amazing with its low suspension and bulging headlights. Its most distinctive features are the extended bolt-on arches and the front end and side skirts, giving it a wider profile.

The car costs $645,000, which isn’t too expensive considering the other cars on this list.

4. Pegassi Osiris

The Pegassi Osiris can take those tight turns and keep going with its superb grip.

The Pegassi Osiris is one of the most amazing cars, in my opinion, because of the Frog-Eye headlights on the hood and the gullwing doors. This car takes its overall inspiration straight from the Pagani Huayra, while the front end resembles the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Being one of the faster cars, the Osiris has a tremendous grip and performance. It gives you a vibe of a self-made millionaire. Once you drive this car, you’ll come right back for it.

The car comes in at a price of $1,950,000, making it the most expensive car on this list.

3. Albany Alpha

Show off around Los Santos with this high powered beauty.

Even though this car is bigger than the other cars we’ve looked at so far, its still a two-door civilian car with a blending modern design giving it a classic luxury taste. Its curves and sleek design resemble the Rolls Royce Wraith with slight differences.

To be frank, I love how this car looks with a huge hood, wide stylish body, and low suspension. The giant hood holds a massive V8 engine that you can feel when accelerating. Drive this car around Los Santos like a boss when making your rounds to different garages and businesses.

This luxuriously classic car costs $150,000

2. Buffalo S

Soup up your sweet ride with decals of your favorite brands.

This is a four-door sports sedan which you’ve probably spotted speeding away in Los Santos crime scenes. It is a 60s update of a muscle car with a supercharged engine and aggressive appearance.

What’s really awesome about this car is its front fascia. It has one large grille that extends from the hood to the front bumper. The Buffalo S also has ten spiked rims which make it look unique. The special thing about this car is that it’s hard to spin. No wonder it’s Franklin’s primary car in the story mode.

With a price tag of only $96,000, it’s the cheapest car on my list. On the scale of 0 to 100, I rank the Buffalo S an 80.

1 Stirling GT

This car beats the rest with its stunning classic sports car look and it has the speed to match.

The Stirling GT has a classic body style with a capacity of two passengers. Its design is based on the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL and Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, and also comes with the gullwing doors.

This is one is obviously the best sports classic car in terms of speed and body design. It’s so damn beautiful with its sleek curves on the hood and roof. It even has an exhaust pipe coming out on the side. In my opinion, it really has the best sound in the game and it is a really well-made car.

The Stirling Gt costs $ 975,000 and it has the highest rank with a score of 90 out of 100.

Источник: http://www.gamersdecide.com/articles/gta-5-best-cars

GTA V: The 5 Fastest Cars in the Game

Bullet by Vapid

The Bullet by Vapid is, quite literally, a bullet. In a straight line that is. Inspired by the gorgeous Ford GT the Bullet is deceptively quick and will send the eyeballs of Michael, Trevor or Franklin in to the back of their heads. It also sounds meaty. In a straight line we reckon’ that this is easily one of the fastest cars in the game. It’s a little hesitant upon initial throttle but once you’re in third gear it ploughs forward like a Ford GT inspired car should. The only downside? This car has one of the twitchiest back ends in the whole game. Okay, so our driving might suck, but it’s too easy to lose the back end of this car if you ask us. Still, we wouldn’t say no.

So there we have it, our 5 choices for the fastest cars in GTA V. There are other fast cars too – the Lamborghini inspired Vacca by Pagassi almost made this list, so if you disagree with anything, be sure to let us know. Or don’t. Either way we’re still going to go on a destruction spree tonight.

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Grand Theft Auto Online – The Best Cars to Steal (with values and pics)

In GTA Online, you can steal most of the run of the mill cars in the game and take them to any Los Santos Customs and sell them to make some nice cash.

A car in perfect condition will net you around 10% of the asking price that you will find on the website where you purchase vehicles. That’s a crap deal in my eyes, but it is what it is.

The big catch here is that you won’t get paid for the higher end sports or super cars, so don’t bother trying to get money for the Adder or Infernus, because they won’t buy it. You are also restricted to one car per game day, so roughly one car every 48 real minutes.

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Considering this, you want to get the most out of every vehicle you steal, so here is a list of some of the best cars to steal and their worth so you get the most out of your thieving.

Remember not to bang up the car on the way there, or else your earnings will go down.

Best Cars to Sell to Los Santos Customs – With Price and Pics!

Lampadati Felon GT – $9,500
Lampadati Felon – $9,000

Gallivanter Baller – $9,000

Obey Rocoto – $8,500

Ocelot F620 – $8,000

Ubermacht Oracle – $8,000

Albany Cavalcade (Modern) – $7,000

Benefactor Dubsta – $7,000

Ubermacht Zion – $6,500
Ubermacht Zion Cabrio – $6,500

Benefactor Schafter – $6,500

Ocelot Jackal – $6,000

Benefactor Serrano – $6,000

Dundreary Landstalker – $5 800

Fathom FQ 2 – $5,000

Mammoth Patriot – $5,000

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You Can Now Play The Entirety of GTA 5 In VR, Cutscenes And All

The free “R.E.A.L” PC mod adds full VR compatibility to Rockstar’s beloved franchise.

Despite having originally released all the way back in 2013, Rockstar’s fifth entry in their beloved Grand Theft Auto video game series is more popular than ever. Regular DLC updates have kept GTA Online feeling fresh; meanwhile, veteran players continue to spend absurd amounts of real-world money on in-game currency.

Since releasing on PC, players have continued to breathe new life into the 7-year-old title via a wide variety of bizarre, sometimes game-breaking modifications. In 2019, players began experimenting with VR functionality, and while several mods have been successful in nearly bringing the full GTA experience to headsets, they’re not without their fair share of limitations.

Image Credit: GTA Boom

Fortunately, a new update to a popular GTA 5 VR mod referred to as R.E.A.L has managed to rectify many of these reoccurring issues, including VR cutscenes, a simplified setup process, and a variety of other graphical improvements.

Available now via Github, R.E.A.L’s biggest advantage over competing VR mods is the universal FOV fix. In addition to solving a handful of scripted animation issues, such as aiming your weapon and entering/exiting vehicles, the universal FOV fix finally adds VR compatibility to GTA 5’s cutscenes, allowing players to enjoy the entirety of GTA 5 from their VR headsets. Other improvements include the ability to adjust graphic settings in-headset, smooth camera rotation while on foot in 1st person, improved parachute control, and improved camera management while in 3rd Person. This latest version also adds support for several popular graphics mods including NaturalVision Remastered, VisualV, GTA 5 Redux, and M.V.G.A.

As previously stated, one of R.E.A.L’s biggest appeals is the simplified setup process, allowing you to add VR support to your game in a matter of minutes via a simple batch file. There’s even a handful of graphics presets for adjusting visual quality depending on your hardware.

Image Credit: GTA Boom

“The mod natively supports Oculus and SteamVR headsets,” states the mods creator, LukeRoss00 on the official Github page. “HMD detection is automatic: if you have an Oculus headset connected (with the OVR service running) when you start the game, the mod will use native Oculus rendering; otherwise it will launch in SteamVR mode. WMR and Pimax headsets are still not properly supported; I contacted both Microsoft and Pimax about the issues, so fingers crossed, but don’t hold your breath.”

For a full list of the new features and improvements, check out the official GitHub page here.

Источник: http://vrscout.com/news/grand-theft-auto-5-vr-mod/

Zombie apocalypse card

Zombie Apocalyspe (Dying Light zombie base style + Zombie zone) 1.0 for GTA 5!

This mod will add many new objects to the map! So you will have a place in which you can play the zombie apocalypse. All objects are taken from the original game. therefore, there should be no bugs.

Источник: http://libertycity.net/files/gta-5/124897-karta-zombi-apokalipsis.html

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