GTA 5 Online: Fastest Way to Become a Billionaire with Heists Missions


GTA 5 Online: Fastest Way to Become a Billionaire with Heists Missions

GTA 5 has undoubtedly been the top-selling game from Rockstar, owing to its open world gameplay with tons of hidden secrets, easter eggs and innumerable money glitches waiting to be unearthed within the game.

With more and more gamers finding it hard to earn money in GTA 5 Online, it is only imperative that some discerning gamer will eventually unearth new ways of making tons of money or flirt with the idea of becoming a quick billionaire.

With the intent of helping newbies and strugglers who are still trying to explore possible ways of earning big money without cheats, Gamer Headlines has posted a complete walkthrough for the six Heists missions in GTA 5.

It must be noted that the cash reward for each of these Heists missions will be inevitably based on the player’s performance as well as the team chosen for the task.

This walkthrough is meant for those who failed to complete the Heists missions and those who are eager to find out the right way to complete each of these missions in order to secure maximum returns or payouts and become a quick billionaire.

The Jewel Store Job

As mentioned earlier, it is important to choose your team members for the Heist mission carefully if you want to save money during the hire process.

For this mission, it is advisable to choose Option B which will allow you to hire Packie McReary as the gunman. It seems he is a better bet than a slightly expensive Gustavo Mota and can be unlocked via a side-mission.

Tip: Avoid hiring Norm Richards until the last heist mission, where you will need him the most.

In case you choose Option A, then you need to hire Eddie Toh as your driver. The catch here is this guy fetches you the highest possible payout (which will be split as $5m for Michael and about $300K for Franklin) for doing the heist.

The Paleto Score

The Paleto Score is the fourth heist in GTA 5 which will fetch you about $8m on completing the mission. As was the case with the first heist mission, The Jewel Store Job, Packie McReary is your best bet for this one too.

Alternatively, you can opt for Chef who is also a tad cheaper than Gustavo Mota as your hired gunman.

If Norm wasn’t used in the first heist, he would be an ideal choice along with Daryl Johns for this mission. The catch here is you can snatch their share of money as they will die while completing the mission.

The Bureau Raid

The best way to finish this mission is by getting through the roof with Option B.

You need to hire either Karim Denz or Talina Martinez (unlocked via side mission) as your driver to complete this mission easily; since both can help you evade the police and bail you out using their secure access to an ambulance.

Norm Richards could serve as your gunman while Rickie Lukens plays as your hacker.

Tip: Option A will fetch you better monetary returns, but Norm Richards will get killed.

The Merryweather Heist

You will not be able to gain any monetary benefits with this Heist mission, as it is completely a story-driven mission. However, you will enjoy the flexibility of hiring the crew members you desire.

The Blitz Play

Like the Merryweather, this heist is also story-driven and will not fetch you any monetary rewards for completing the mission; but will unlock contacts for additional side missions.

The Big Score

If you want to make big money at the expense of risking your crew members’ lives, then choose Option B which will fetch you $41.7m on successful completion of the mission.

On the contrary, choosing Option A is easier and safer, but it will fetch you just $34.9m.

Regardless of the option you chose, Karim Denz and Taliana Martinez will be your viable options as drivers.

Hire Chef as your first gunman and Norm Richards or Daryl Johns as your second gunman, while your best bet as hacker would be Rickie Lukens (if you have chosen Option A).

At the end of the final Heist mission you should be a rich millionaire if not a billionaire with net earnings of $201,600,000.

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GTA Online Casino Heist Setup Guide – Approach Options & Setup Steps

Last month, Rockstar released the Diamond Casino Heist for Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s been hailed as the the game’s biggest and most elaborate heist to date. In addition to choosing an approach to the mission, there are several steps that you must take before you’re able to embark, including buying an arcade and hiring a crew. In this GTA Online Casino Heist Setup guide, we’ll broadly run down the major parts of the prep stage, including what arcades are available for purchase, how to case the joint, and the three different approach options.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist – Scoping it Out

Step One: Buy an Arcade

To initiate the heist, first find Lester in Mirror Park, which is located in the East Vinewood neighborhood. He’ll let you know that in order to get things rolling, you need to buy an arcade property. There are a few different properties to choose from, which can be found on EyeFind, the in-game web browser.

  • Pixel Pete’s Located in Paleto Bay. Costs $1,235,000.
  • Wonderama – Located in Grapeseed. Costs $1,565,000.
  • Videogeddon – Located in La Mesa. Costs $1,875,000.
  • Insert Coint – Located in Rockford Hills. Costs $2,345,000.
  • Warehouse – Located in Davis. Costs $2,135,000.
  • Eight-Bit – Located in Vinewood. Costs $2,530,000.

Once you’ve made your purchase, head over to your new property to deck it out with new gear.

Step Two: Get Some Gear for the Arcade

The “Arcade Equipment” mission tasks you with running down a truck full of equipment. Head on over to the Post Op Depository, locate the truck, and take out the driver. Once you do, take the truck for yourself and return to your new arcade.

Step Three: Scope the Diamond Casino

The next step requires you to head to the Diamond Casino. This step is split into two different missions—one for the points of entry and one for the contents of the casino’s vault. Note that most of these objectives are optional. The first mission asks you to find all the access points into the casino. Here’s where they are:

  • The main door – Front of the building.
  • The side doors – There are security doors on each side of the building; one on the left side and one in the back.
  • The roof terrace – There are four doors you need to spot here: one next to the pool, one behind the bar, and two at the end of the path that begins on the ledge below the left side of the pool.
  • The security tunnel – Underneath the racetrack at the rear of the casino is a tunnel.
  • The roof – There are two security doors on either side of the helipad.
  • The sewer – There’s a storm drain across the street from the casino. Hop in and snap a pic of the grate inside.

Don’t forget to send Lester pictures of all the guards and security cameras you find! Once you’ve taken pictures of all the major entry points and security elements in the casino, it’s time to return to HQ and plan your approach.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist – Choosing an Approach

The next step is to choose an approach to your mission. There are three options.

Option One: The Aggressive Approach

This is the choice for you if you like gunplay. Choosing this approach requires you to complete the following objectives:

  • Get unmarked weapons
  • Find your getaway cars
  • Get a hacking device
  • Snag some security key cards
  • Snag some vault key cards
  • Get explosive charges

Option Two: The Silent and Sneaky Approach

If stealth is your game, then you’ll want this option. Here are the mandatory objectives for this approach:

  • Get unmarked weapons
  • Find your getaway cars
  • Get a hacking device
  • Snag some vault key cards
  • Find a nano drone
  • Get a laser to break into the vault

Option Three: The “Big Con” Approach

This is a full-blown heist movie production, and probably the most ambitious approach for the casino heist. Here’s what you’ll have to do in order to prepare:

  • Get unmarked weapons
  • Find your getaway cars
  • Get a hacking device
  • Snag some vault key cards
  • Find a disguise
  • Get some vault drills

Each approach also includes a number of optional objectives that you can complete in order to get gear that will further assist you in the mission.

Once you’ve managed to get through all the above, it’s time to get the heist underway! Did this guide help you get prepared for the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online? Let us know in the comments section!

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‘GTA 5’ casino heist teaser may fuel ‘GTA 6’ location rumors

Could this be a ‘GTA 6’ easter egg?

There are few titles that gamers are more excited for than Grand Theft Auto 6. Rockstar Games has yet to even announce that it’s working on the sixth installment of its flagship franchise, but that hasn’t stopped diehard fans from stirring up rumors, hunting for leaks, and searching for hints about the the existence of the game. Now, Redditors believe they’ve found a GTA 6 teaser embedded in the a recently announced GTA 5 Online DLC mission.

Rockstar tweeted a brief trailer for a casino heist that will be released as an addition to the 2013 game. Naturally, the clip didn’t mention GTA 6, but for a moment it highlights a map of South America, one of the many rumored locations for GTA 6.

The map only appears for a split-second in the video, but Redditor /u/ApplelypseNow screen-shotted the image and speculated about how Rockstar might be teasing their next big release.

“In the teaser for the upcoming casino heist DLC, South America is the only continent highlighted on the world map. It might be an easter egg for one of GTA 6’s locations,” they wrote.

Unconfirmed GTA 6 rumors have claimed the game is in development under the codename “Project Americas.” Those same rumors claim the game primarily take place in Vice City (fictional Miami), but players will get to travel to a handful of Latin America-inspired areas and Liberty City (fictional New York). It’s a similar concept to the Guarma mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the North Yankton in GTA 5.

As a whole, the game will allegedly be a riff on Netflix’s Narcos, putting players in the shoes of an up-and-coming drug dealer who eventually becomes an international kingpin as they expand their criminal network overseas.

The casino heist teaser is the only morsel of information straight from Rockstar that could potentially corroborate the “Project Americas” rumor. The developer has a reputation for sprinkling easter eggs in many of its games. GTA 5 has hat tips to popular movies and other games strewn throughout side missions in Los Santos.

To top it off, Rockstar has also referenced its other games in GTA 5 and previous titles. Both Vice City and Liberty City have received secret shoutouts in GTA 5, which seemingly confirms the franchise is part of the same universe, and that Rockstar could be planning bring them all together in a in GTA 6 or a future entry.

GTA 6 might still be years away, but there’s compelling evidence to believe that Rockstar is cooking up something epic.

Источник: http://www.inverse.com/article/61488-gta-6-rumors-online-casino-heist-project-americas

How to pull off for your first Heists in GTA Online

So you want to rob a bank.

GTA Online‘s long-awaited “Heists” add-on is here at last. The free update adds new elements that carry the vibe of endgame content, though you really don’t need to be that far along to get started. Los Santos sociopaths that have been looking for better sources of fake income should get hyped, as there are some big scores to be had from the five newly added heists.

If you haven’t tried them out yet, then you’re probably wondering how the whole thing works. GTA Online‘s heists are structurally similar to those featured in Grand Theft Auto V‘s story, with the key difference being that you can bring a group of friends along. It’s pretty easy to figure out thanks to a gentle “tutorial” heist, but we’ll run through a few helpful tips for getting yourself prepped and taking your first steps on the road to becoming a master criminal.

Crawl before you walk

You can’t host a heist of your own until you’ve hit level 12 in GTA Online‘s progression. We’ve got a guide to help you learn the basics of the multiplayer mode, but here are a few pointers for getting to level 12 quickly. First, don’t bother with the open world just yet. Not only is it dangerous, with higher-level players running around and armed to the teeth, but there’s also not a whole lot of money or experience to be earned there.

Go for missions instead. They’re listed under “Jobs” in the game’s Online menu. You probably won’t have access to many of them if you’re especially low-level, but keep an eye out for invites on your phone. You can’t host higher-level missions, but you can still join them when you get an invite. And while you might not be much help to a team of rank 70s and above with your little peashooter pistol, you still reap the same rewards at the end, even if you’re gunned down in the opening minutes.

Spend some of your newly earned money on beefing up your arsenal. Many of the basic guns are locked off behind level requirements when you’re first starting out, but GTA Online‘s had so many free updates that it’s possible to get several assault rifles and shotguns (and even a sniper rifle) right at level 1, provided you have the money. Just pay a visit to any Ammu-Nation and check out the weapons stacked up on the right-hand shelf.

Guns are important, but try to set aside some cash as well. You’re aiming to have at least $200,000 in savings by the time you reach level 12. Keep reading to understand why.

Ignore the green invites

There’s a new invite notification that pops up with the release of Heists. Normal missions and other, PvP-focused activities still have their same pop-up, with white text on a black background. Heists adds new invites with a green background, specifically for heist setup and execution missions.

Ignore those! Not forever. But when you’re starting out, stay the course and get yourself leveled for your own heists. The add-on’s multi-stage robberies are built to be replayed, but there’s a story wrapped around each one. Both the scripted one that Rockstar Games created and the one that you build for yourself as you piece together the different parts of a robbery, then pull the whole thing off.

There’s something really cool and rewarding about bringing a heist together, and you should give yourself a chance to experience that before you start replaying individual setup components of different heists, like they’re regular missions. Resist the urge to jump on those invites and dive in with piecemeal heists until you’ve run through them in full.

Grab a friend and get started

Lester calls and asks you to pay him a visit once you hit level 12. This is where the heists begin. Head to the “L” icon on your minimap and watch the cutscene. In addition to being level 12, you’ll also need what the game classifies as a “high-end” safehouse (they all have 10-car garages). The cheapest of these is $200,000. Now you know why you were saving some cash. Lester might not call until you have the apartment (we weren’t able to test it), so if you’re phone’s not ringing and you don’t have a high-end pad, that’s probably why.

Once you’re done with Lester, your high-end safehouse icon should be green on the minimap. Head over to check out a new addition to your digs: the planning room! This is where all of your heists are planned. From here, you trigger new missions, set up your team’s responsibilities, and divvy up the money earned.

The first heist amounts to a tutorial, and it’s for two players only. So grab a friend, fire it up, and read along with the onscreen pop-ups between each mission to learn how everything works. It’s not complicated at all. It’s just a wrapper that ropes a group of missions together, tying them up with a giant reward waiting at the end.

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Former jewelry thief explains what GTA V’s heists got right and wrong

Former jewel thief and youth crime prevention advocate Larry Lawton reviewed Grand Theft Auto V’s heist missions, and explained what the developers got right and wrong about them.

Rockstar originally released Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, and the iconic action-adventure has gone on to become one of the highest grossing games of all time.

However, a former jewelry thief reviewed the title’s popular heist missions, and explained how Michael and Franklin would have been busted before they even made it out the door.

Former thief explains what GTA V got wrong

The former thief opened up the video stating the review was just to give viewers a real-world take on things. “I understand it’s a game, but I am to this day considered the biggest jewel robber in the United States,” he said. “And I’m gonna tell you how I would have done it. And what the game did a little off.”

Lawton explained that Michael casing inside the store was sloppy. “As he’s casing this place, he’s taking pictures. Very conspicuous. You don’t think they would be looking at him? Any real criminal would have been pinned out in a minute.”

He also called it a “big mistake” when the protagonist talked to the employee at the jewelry counter and only focused on the display case. “He doesn’t even ask if there is loose diamonds. That’s where the money is in. Not the stuff in the display case!”

Another issue the expert took with the game is how they cased the roof of the building. “You could find all this information literally in the city ordinance, or the city codes. And he doesn’t have any gloves on. He runs up this ladder and his fingerprints the whole way up!”

However, he did praise the game for having a plan to get out. “The first thing you got to know is where the stones are, can you get out of that store, and what you get away with, which they have planned which I liked.”

“It’s a pretty good game. Lots of fun. I think they could have made the game better, more realistic,” he stated, but explained that the Rockstar game failed when it came to the actual casing section, and the planning stages of the robbery. The 41 minute review goes into greater depth as well as he tackles both heist plans.

(Timestamp 1:10 for mobile users.)

Despite having issues with the technical aspects of the game, Lawton seemed to enjoy his time with Grand Theft Auto 5, and even stated it brought back memories for him.

The game continues to be a sales juggernaut, with its longevity largely fueled by GTA Online, and it’s considered to be one of the highest grossing titles of all time.

Источник: http://www.dexerto.com/gta/former-jewelry-thief-explains-what-gta-vs-heists-got-right-and-wrong-1318450

GTA Online Heists – How Do They Work and How Do They Look?

GTA Online Heists finally launch next week and Rockstar continues to build the hype. Following the release of a super short teaser trailer yesterday (below), the developer has now shared a whole bunch of new screenshots and info.

There are five major Heists, all of which are played in four-player co-op with Crew mates. One of the Heists involves stealing a VTOL Hydra jet from a heavily-guarded aircraft carrier, then fighting for survival in the skies over Los Santos. You can also expect prison breaks, bank jobs and luxury yacht raids. The structure, and the way Crew dynamics are going to play out, sounds super interesting.

According to Rockstar, you’re going to have to be a minimum of Rank 12 and own a “high-end apartment” to take part in a Heist. Once these requirements have been met, you’ll get a call from Lester and a Heist room will appear in your apartment, complete with a whiteboard for planning. You’ll be familiar with them from the game’s story mode.

If you’re the Heist leader, you’ll get to pick three players to team up with. Once you’ve done so you’ll also have to splash the cash. Crews have to be paid some money up front, which will set you back around $60,000. The rewards for completing a Heist are big and before the final mission the leader can assign percentage cuts to each Crew member. And yup, the leader can give you 0% if they think your performance is poor or they’re just a dick.

This is offset somewhat by the up-front payment and the missions you’ll undertake in preparation for the Heist, which reward players with cash as well as bonuses for kills, among other things. So even if your leader is a plonker, or you’re performance is crap, you’re going to do alright.

During the Heist, Crews will have two lives to use within each mission (Heists are divided into seperate missions, sometimes involving Crews splitting up and carrying out different objectives). Once both lives are expended, that mission will start again. Checkpoints are reportedly pretty generous, so don’t expect to have to retrace your steps too far if you’re restarting.

Challenges spice things up even further. The top level, Criminal Mastermind, tasks crews with finishing every Heist in order without anyone dying once in Hard mode. If one person dies, no matter how far into the Heist you are, you lose all your progress. Ouch.

Why would you want to do this? Well, beyond knowing that you’re one of the baddest dudes in GTA Online, you’ll also get some fat rewards, ranging from small cash bonuses for the easier challenges to a whopping $10m for completing the Criminal Mastermind challenges.

So that’s how GTA Online Heists work in GTA V. For a peek at how they look, head over to our gallery for 30 brand new screens. GTA Online Heists launch on March 10th. The servers are gonna be carnage.

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LA BANDIT: Serial bank robber wanted for 5 heists in GTA and London

Published: December 5, 2018

Updated: December 5, 2018 5:10 PM EST

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LA BANDIT: Serial bank robber wanted for 5 heists in GTA and London


Saunders hopes for peaceful protests in T.O. with three this weekend

Toronto to allow expansion of restaurant patios

Huge ridership drop prompts layoffs at GO Transit, UP Express

City paying nearly $3M to temporarily house, feed homeless over 6-month period

Investigators need help identifying a man dubbed the “LA Bandit” who is wanted for five bank heists in Toronto, Durham Region and London. (Toronto Police Handout)

A crook dubbed the LA Bandit — wanted for a string of bank heists in Southern Ontario — has managed to elude cops for months.

The man is wanted for at least five robberies — three in Toronto, one in Durham Region and another in London, Ont. — over a seven week period that began in April.

In each case, the crook threatened he had a gun during the robbery.

“He would approach the customer service representative, put his knapsack on the counter and his hand in his pocket and indicated he had a gun,” said acting Insp. Lauren Pogue, of the Holdup Squad. “No gun was ever seen”

“We believe he is operating alone,” she said.

Pogue said it’s not known if the bandit has ties to the areas where banks were robbed.

In the Toronto and Durham bank robberies, the man fled on foot.

A serial bank robber dubbed the “LA Bandit” is believed to have fled a heist in London, Ont. driving this 2014-2016, two-door, white Mercedes CLA 250 on May 16, 2018. (Toronto Police Handout)

But in the London robbery, he was seen driving away in a white, two-door Mercedes CLA 250 with a model year between 2014 and 2016.

The wanted man is described as 25 to 35, with a light brown complexion, about six feet tall with dark facial hair. During the robberies he wore dark glasses and baseball hats.

The first four robberies occurred in the early morning hours at Yonge and Wellesley Sts. in Toronto on Apr. 7, on King Ave. W. in Newcastle on Apr. 12, near Bloor St. W. and Spadina Ave. in Toronto on May 16, and near Oxford St. E. and Richmond St. in London on May 18.

Investigators need help identifying a man dubbed the “LA Bandit” who is wanted for five bank heists in Toronto, Durham Region and London. (Toronto Police Handout)

The fifth robbery happened on May 26 in the late afternoon near Kingston Rd. and Victoria Park Ave. in Toronto.

Anyone with information regarding the bandit’s identity is urged to call the Holdup Unit at 416-808-7350 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Источник: http://torontosun.com/news/local-news/la-bandit-serial-bank-robber-wanted-for-5-heists-in-gta-and-london


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‘GTA Online’ Heist Players Complete Mastermind Challenge for Big Reward

A team of ‘Grand Theft Auto’ players completes the toughest GTA Online Heists challenge, Criminal Mastermind, earning them each an impressive $12 million

After a year and a half of waiting, players were thrilled to finally receive the long-promised GTA Online Heists. And despite a few hiccups at launch last week, players have been logging long hours robbing banks, stealing documents and assassinating targets – all for a healthy payout.

While the money is definitely good in the heists, GTA Online players quickly discovered that they could increase their bounty many times over by completing Rockstar Games-designated challenges within the heist missions. They also discovered that these challenges are much easier to accomplish with friends rather than randomly assigned players, especially when it comes to the heists’ ultimate challenge: Criminal Mastermind.

The Criminal Mastermind challenge requires players complete every heist (including setup missions) in order. on hard difficulty. with the same team. and without any deaths. Doing so will make each member of the team very wealthy.

It took less than a week for one team to finish this challenge and collect their reward. In fact, as the above video shows, the team also finished two additional challenges at the same time: the All in Order challenge, which requires players to complete every heist, including setup missions, in order; and the Loyalty challenge, which requires players complete all heists with the same team of players. In the end, each member of the team walked away with a cool $12 million.

While we definitely expected players to achieve this goal eventually, we’re impressed by how soon one team was able to do so. Though, it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering gamers’ abilities to accomplish extremely impressive video game feats quickly.

Now that one team has completed the Criminal Mastermind challenge, we doubt it will be long before other teams join them in the spoils. Then it’s on to the inevitable player-created challenges, where we’re sure to see gamers attempt a speed-run of the Criminal Mastermind challenge, or complete it with a group of strangers.

For those who may struggle to find enough friends (or skilled friends) to complete the Criminal Mastermind challenge, don’t fret. There are other challenges that a player and team can accomplish to earn some extra cash during the heists. For instance, players can earn $2 million each by finishing the All In Order and Loyalty challenges as a team.

Plus, there are Elite Challenges as part of each heist mission, where players can earn a little extra spending money by complete certain tasks or finish sections within a time limit. Finally, each player will earn $100,000 for completing each heist for the first time.

It’s safe to say there’s plenty of money to be made in GTA Online Heists, and we definitely haven’t seen the end of instant multi-millionaires thanks to the game’s most lucrative challenges.

For help with the heists, be sure to check out our guides for the Fleeca Bank heist, Prison Break heist and Humane Labs Raid heist.

What do you think about this team completing the Criminal Mastermind challenge? Can your GTA Online buddies handle it? Let us know in the comments.

Источник: http://gamerant.com/grand-theft-auto-online-mastermind-challenge-heist/

GTA 5 Casino Heist Patch Revealed, New Cheats Include Drones

GTA 5 Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

“Time to crack that diamond, baby”

The new Grand Theft Auto 5 patch that lets you rob the Diamond Casino Vault is finally out. Specifically, the patch is available to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Players need to use all their skills to complete the heist successfully, particularly given that cheats are not available for the online portion of the game.

The trailer and patch premiered on December 12, along with several tutorials to help you get started. Notably, all the planning takes place beneath an abandoned arcade. You must purchase the property at one of several locations for between GTA$1,235,000 and GTA$2,530,000. The arcade actually serves as a disguise for your illicit operations.

The heart of the heist lies in a Master Control Terminal which you must also purchase. From here, players can run and manage all their business and properties in GTA Online. The terminal also measures how well your illegal enterprises are doing, keeping track of exactly how much profit you are making.

To get the arcade business up and operating successfully you will need to formulate a solid strategy. Everything from the exterior murals (which you can choose) as well as the arcade games themselves contribute to its popularity.

Rockstar Games summarized what the new patch allows you to do while also hinting at a what might be good strategy:

“In order to plan the biggest Heist ever perpetrated in Los Santos, Heist crew leaders will setup an unexpected new commercial venture as a front,” Rockstar said. “A retro Arcade business property shrouding the nerve centre within where Heist operations are staged and rehearsed,”

“While the business runs above, down below you can practice hacking keypads or cracking vault doors, store equipment and getaway vehicles,” they added. “And owners of existing businesses can add a Master Control Terminal to handle all current operations.”

Arcade Hunting

Whichever property you choose to house your arcade will come at a cost. As we mentioned earlier, no property falls below GTA$1 million, which is a large investment for most players. There is no money code amongst all the GTA 5 cheats available so you’ll need to earn that amount by carrying out various in-game activities.

Rockstar also announced that it is giving players with a current Twitch Prime account a special gift.

“Twitch Prime members who linked accounts to their Rockstar Games Social Club account by December 8thwill get free access to a new Arcade property to serve as the otherwise legitimate front for your prep and planning in The Diamond Casino Heist.

“Pixel Pete’s Arcade– formerly a legendary hole-in-the-wall located in Paleto Bay– will be yours to claim from Maze Bank Foreclosures free of charge.

“Any Twitch Prime members in good standing who do buy this specific property at full price will be given a 100% rebate within 72 hours after purchasing it.”

There’s a lot more to love about the Casino Heist patch too – it also includes new vehicles and clothing for example. It is the latest DLC for GTA 5 from Rockstar Games, who we expect to add many more features to the game in 2020.

Источник: http://ckhid.com/data/categ2_tech/2019/12/gta-5-casino-heist-patch-revealed-new-cheats-include-drones/

GTA Online’s Diamond Casino is the target of its “biggest, most audacious” heist next week

Grand Theft Auto Online will be getting its “biggest, most audacious, most complex criminal operation ever” next Thursday, 12th December, in the form of The Diamond Casino Heist.

GTA Online’s controversial Diamond Casino & Resort finally opened its doors this July, after six whole years looming silently, and emptily, on the horizon. Since then, players have been able to gamble away their earnings in the glitziest of surroundings, but as of next week, they’ll be given the chance to breach the casino’s vault and exact revenge on its owners.

“Something’s up at The Diamond Casino & Resort,” teases Rockstar, “Patrons have reported seeing unusual security patrols on the casino floor. Penthouse owners are receiving cryptic text messages from the Cheng Family Holdings. Insiders have spotted unfamiliar blueprints on Agatha Baker’s desk, and visitors to their website are certain the intrusions there can only mean one thing: there’s a crew getting ready to take the whole thing down.”

Infiltrating the casino will, according to Rockstar, require “careful and comprehensive preparation”, with the entire large-scale operation marking an “all-new approach to Heist architecture and execution” in GTA Online – one featuring multiple threads of a constantly evolving narrative, designed to be “highly re-playable with new scenarios unfolding each time”.

To begin the heist, crews will first need to establish a retro arcade business as a front for their criminal operation. From there, players will be given a “a diverse range of opportunities for set-up and prep missions that shape [their] plan of attack, multiple paths of approach, constantly changing security measures and a dizzying array of choices once inside.”

Rockstar says outcomes can change on-the-fly during the heist, depending on teams’ moment-to-moment actions, and these can result in further choices emerging mid-mission. Even if things go awry, crews will always be able to push on without needing to rely on their weapons.

Additional details will be shared when The Diamond Casino Heist officially gets underway next Thursday, 12th December, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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GTA Online The Fleeca Job – GTA Online Heists Guide – Elite Challenges and Payouts

How to complete The Fleeca Job in GTA Online, including Scope Out and Kuruma.

Guide by Bill Lavoy, Contributor

The GTA 5 developers at Rockstar Games recently released their GTA Online Heists update, introducing a wide variety of new content to an already deep experience. Of course, the feature that everyone was looking forward to the most were the five new heists themselves, including the Fleeca Job, the Prison Break, the Humane Labs Raid, Series A Funding and the Pacific Standard Job. Players were also treated to new vehicles, weapons and even outfits, all of which we’ll be talking about in one way or another.

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The Fleeca Job in GTA Online

Fleeca Job – Setup Costs and Payouts

Fleeca Job Elite Challenges

  • Complete it less than 5:20
  • Nobody gets wasted
  • Vehicle damage under 6 percent

While not all that difficult, The Fleeca Job will introduce players to the ins and outs of heists in Grand Theft Auto V.

Scop Out

The Fleeca Job is a two person heist that could be considered a makeshift prologue or tutorial. It will require players to complete two setup jobs, Scope Out and Kuruma. The former will have gamers drive to the bank which they intend to rob, with the passenger completing a mini-game designed to hack into the financial institution’s systems. It’s fairly tame stuff for anyone who’s spent even five minutes with the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and players can leave their guns holstered for the duration.

Consider buying the Armored Kuruma for day to day operations in Grand Theft Auto Online. It’s completely bullet proof.


In Kuruma, both players will work together to steal an armored vehicle of the same name, sneaking to the top level of a parking garage and taking on a hoard of armed thugs. We highly advise that gamers split up and attack from two angles, popping in and out of cover to take out their foes without risking a death that will negate the elite challenges. When the Kuruma is safely in the player’s hands (or should we say, when the players are safely in the Kuruma), focus only on escaping in one piece, delivering the vehicle to Lester’s warehouse.

To be effective as a Driller, don’t go full out with it at any time. Slow and steady wins the race here.

The Fleeca Job

During the final portion of the heist, one player will act as the Driver while another takes on the role of the Driller. While en-route to the bank, the Driller (passenger) will complete another series of mini-games that Lester sends to their phone, with the goal being to unlock the door to the vault. Upon arriving, both players will enter through the front door, with the Driver staying in the lobby to intimidate the bank employees and prevent them from calling the police. The Driller will move into the vault where the safety deposit boxes are kept, locating box 167 and breaking in via another mini game.

When the Driller has box 167 in their possession, both players will need to exit the bank and get into the Kuruma, evading the police while heading north on Great Ocean Highway. There will be several roadblocks and more cops that any criminal would ever want to see, but the Kuruma is a beast and can smash through just about anything. In order to complete the elite challenges, however, players will want to keep the damage their vehicle takes to less than six percent, but either way the final moments of the heist shouldn’t bring too much stress.

While The Fleeca Job may be done, the sunny state of San Andreas has a lot more to offer, including 50 stunt jumps that are way more fun than they should be, and some nifty assassination missions that go down between Lester and Franklin. We’ve got them all covered, and will be continuing to provide more Grand Theft Auto V strategy including an elite challenge walkthrough to the Prison Break heist.

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