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Download Gta 5 Apk For Android Full Apk Free (Data+Obb+Mod)

GTA 5 APK Mod is here available to download. Download GTA 5 APK + MOD + DATA to get unlimited money absolutely for free for your android devices with our fastest servers. Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) apk is safe to install and has been successfully tested on various devices of android running 5.0 and up.

Download GTA 5 full game for Android

GTA 5 apk data files download (DATA/ OBB)

Download and install gta 5 apk data files on your android devices. The Gta 5 mod apk is easy to be downloaded and installed. Just read the full guide to get grand theft auto 5 apk mod for your gadget.

However Gta 5 apk is free to download and play. The game is available on both of the play stores, itunes, and play store. While the Gta 5 apk + Mod + Obb is currently available for android users only.

Gta 5 for android apk + obb Free Download Full Version

Download Links for Gta 5 apk and mod are given below. Make sure to read all instructions carefully in order to run game properly.

How To Install GTA 5 Apk?

  • Download and save the GTA 5 APK or GTA 5 MOD APK file as per your requirement.
  • Now its turn to download DATA+Obb file and save it to you android storage.
  • Open the file with Es File Explorer Pro to install the Apk File.
  • After Installing apk file, you need to extract com.rockstargames.gtasa
  • The extracted file/folder to Android->OBB (If there is not any folder, then Create one named obb)
  • That’s It! You successfully installed GTA 5 Mod Apk.

GTA 5 Mod/Apk Fix Error (Unfortunately Grand Theft Auto 5 Stopped)

  • If you have installed the GTA 5 apk file to internal storage & placed OBB file to SD Card’s (Android->OBB). You will see an error, and the game might not run.
  • So, in this case you have to place both the file in one Directory (i.e., If GTA 5 Apk installed in SD/Internal. Place OBB in the same SD/Internal Storage).
  • Try moving the Obb file from Internal Storage to SD card or SD card to Internal storage and then try to run it.
  • Hope you have enjoyed successful gameplay of GTA 5 APk latest version.

This is an easy guide to download and install gta 5 mod+apk latest version. Consider installing this game and enjoy all the wonderful features of Open-world games.

You can also have a look on gangstar vegas mod apk as this is also one of the best open world game. In case you are facing installing any of the mods, you can always contact us.

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GTA 5 APK OBB Download Highly Compressed no human verification

  • gta 5 apk android download free no human verification
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  • gta san andreas apk obb highly compressed download for android
  • gta san andreas apk+obb highly compressed in (200mb)

GTA 5 – Grand Theft Auto V: As to the legendary names in the world, you can not fail to mention the Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games was released a long time, from 2013 As a product in the GTA series. However, this fifth version only inherited the plot, character of Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV). This game first appeared on the two most modern entertainment platforms at the time – Xbox 360 and PS3. Then, Rockstar spent another two years developing to support more advanced platforms, including PCs. Looking back on the past, why do people call GTA V a legend of the high-end entertainment lineup? It is because of the attractive gameplay with beautiful graphics, full of authenticity to bring the experience to the player is no different a real battle.

GTA V is about three notorious criminals in Los Santos (present-day Los Angeles). After a long retired “robbery,” these three men once again revolt in the entanglement of the low net. But in a world full of crimes still rumbling around the law, avoiding gangs, outsiders are not natural. This survival is the response of the three main characters on the ability to deal with the government and destroy other feared enemies. Well, the end of the story is not a happy ending. It’s all due to your decision, or you die, or the other two die, which can be all three. But no matter what, GTA V will also bring entertainment experience in a world full of negative life.

As a child of Rockstar, GTA V is inherited good points of the previous generation. But because the plot is separate, so many new features were added to the company to develop GTA V. Compared to the earlier version, the amount of media support for players is increased quite a lot. Applying the ability to automate and automate the process, the vehicles you use to travel will be much more authentic. For example, your gun is expired, and your teammates throw you the effect that occurs quite accurately with the physical standards of real life. Weapon modifications are significantly altered, with the number of weapons increased and the ability to switch in alternate turns. As a result, whenever you move anywhere, you can actively change the gun and the most flexible means.

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GTA 5 APK 2020 – OBB File – Data Files For Mobile/Android

GTA 5 APK 2020: Grand Theft Auto (GTA V) is one of the most popular game nowadays. It was released in 2013 and till up now, this game is also made compatible to all smartphones. Before this, we had enjoyed this game on our PC but now the developers have introduced its mobile version as well. So that you can carry the whole entertainment in your pocket.

Isn’t it amazing! GTA 5 APK is designed with astonishing graphics and the latest version is available for iOS and Android devices. In this way, you can enjoy this entertaining game anytime anywhere. Another great thing about GTA 5 is that it runs smoothly on every device with 1 GB of RAM. This game does not require much data and space in your phone as the files automatically downloaded as you enter the new area. This game has a great fan following. People love to play GTA 5. Now streamers on youtube are doing streaming of this game and people love to watch.

GTA V is a mission-based game along with multiple online player’s options. Also, GTA 5 APK is designed with advanced and latest shooting mechanics and excellent driving. Furthermore, you do not need to root your mobile device to install this game. Also, check out GTA Vice City APK and GTA San Andreas APK. These versions of GTA are also similar to GTA 5 but GTA 5 has its own fan following.

Likewise it previous versions GTA 5 apk has been designed with so many cool and attractive features so that it can become more attractive for the player. It comes with the ability to automate and the more authentic vehicles so that you can enjoy your traveling. Additionally, Grand Theft Auto 5 modified with the increased weapons number and the capability to change in alternate turns. As a result, whenever you move anywhere you can change your weapon according to your consequences.

Grand Theft Auto V APK is designed in 2013 background and all game major events took place in Los Santos imitated by Los Angeles. Additionally, the game whirls around the story of the three characters Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips. Furthermore, the plot of Grand Theft Auto 5 is the same as that of GTA 4 APK. Michael De Santa is a retired Bank Robber and after having an agreement with FIB he again returns to the life of a criminal. Trevor is intelligent but a bit strange with an eccentric character. Similarly, Franklin, a young man is the best at driving a sports car but he is not that much experienced in underworld affairs.

Apart from, there are few other characters as well like Amanda De Santa, she is the wife of Michael also Jimmy De Santa, Tracey De Santa’s sons of Michael. Furthermore, there is an appearance of some other characters as well like Lamar Davis who is a friend of Franklin, Ron Jakowski, and Lester Crest.

GTA 5 APK supports all 3D graphics that are no doubt quite stunning. The map is redesigned to support all your exploration needs. GTA V has broken all the limits that were prevailed in GTA 4 so now you can move freely anywhere in the city. This game comes with all the natural and real-life graphics and effects that are extremely smooth also the images are modified to improve the vision of the player. The game comes with indispensable sounds which can give the player a feeling of the most real journey. Another great thing that has been added to the graphics of GTA V is that you can customize the characters as well. Isn’t it amazing!

GTA 5 APK is designed on the theme of theft, violence, drugs, and racing. In order to, complete all tasks the player also gets the freedom to do anything in the city without having any limit. Sometimes the player has the task to steal something and simply a reunion of the couple arguing. Most importantly, GTA 5 is designed with the latest machines as compared to any of its previous versions. Another great thing is that vehicles are made more authentic along with the inclusion of the physical effects of real life.

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GTA 5 Apk

GTA 5 APK As you may know, GTA 5, is a very popular game in the world. They are also available on PC and iOS mobile and Android. This game was played a lot after 2012. This game was played a lot after 2012.

Well, there are a lot of parts to this game, and this game is played a lot throughout the world. It’s a good game. You must download it once. We have all kinds of versions.

But a year later it was also released on PS4 and Xbox One. One year later the developers released a PC version and filled the entire market. I did a lot of searching but couldn’t find it on GTA Mobile Not yet!

Check out the latest updated version of GTA 5 Android and iOS that was optimized specifically to fit your pocket. Incredible graphics and gameplay await live games /PCs/console games. If you’ve ever thought of playing GTA 5 on your mobile devices, like a phone or tablet – here’s your chance to fulfill that dream.

GTA 5 Android

There are not so many high files to download and download. The interesting thing about this version of the game is that it runs smoothly on every device with more than 1 GB of RAM. Don’t worry, it may be pasted into your mobile.

Whenever you enter a new area, the files will be downloaded immediately and will be there before you leave. But this is not every improvement that was made on GTA 5 Android. The game uses the latest GPU emulation which makes it look as good as a console or PC version.

This implementation thanks to all the scripts that improve the game, and the online mode lets you play with people all over the world. A fully functional version of the game is here at your fingertips! The download process is also straight forward.

All you have to do is download the APK file or the IPA file and install it on your device. The game will then launch and take you through all the other stages. Assume that you will never find such an easy thing.

How to download GTA V Android Game

  • Click the Download button to download your file
  • If you have downloaded such Pc or Mac, Just convert it to iOS and mobile, please.
  • Run the APK and install it. On Android, it may ask you to allow installation that was prevented for security reasons – obviously allow installation
  • Do this by clicking on the Settings button and then clicking on Allow for GTA 5 Android APK.
  • Depending on which device you have, the whole process may take 3-4 minutes.
  • Once installed, draw your app or play the game from the desktop icon on your device.
  • It will then download the game data and OBB file and begin after it has finished processing.

You must watch this video before downloading or downloading

GTA 5 download for android

App information:

Author: Rockstar Games
Category: Free Action GAME
OS: Android 4.0 and up
Version: 1.0.8
Size: 17.0 MB
Installs: 1,000,000+
MOD: Full/ Paid + Obb Data
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What has happened in this game?

GTA 5 for mobile is the same game as the Grand Theft Auto Rock Star Games released. This is the most sophisticated and modernized version of the GTA franchise, set in the world a few years after the events at Grand Theft Auto IV.

Everything was better than the first half of the GTA series. Physics is as realistic as it is now. Cars are not the burdensome things you can see in the IV. Driving a car in GTA 5 Android feels like you’re racing.

Shooting mechanics were also improved and made it more realistic and effective. The rock star also changed the weapons selection system and improved the style of fighting turmoil. The whole game is an incredible set of awesome mechanics that make you want to spend only 24 hours in a GTA 5 mobile game.

But that’s what you would expect from a studio that lags behind the Max Pine series, Midnight Club, Red Dead Redemption 2 and all the other great games on the market.

All the special things about GTA 5 Ios And Android

Download files now and dives into GTA 5 Mobile Action! All you have to do is click download to download or click the download button for iOS and you’re all set. Don’t waste your time on emulators with remote gameplay or stuttery graphics.

It gives you a whole new experience for Grand Theft Auto V gameplay. The game is super smooth and runs online. What more could anyone possibly want for their mobile! So enjoy your journey through the city of Los Santos with Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. The game awaits you with open arms to hug you for weeks or months.

More about GTA 5 Mobile

Right out of the gate, the GTA was the victim of a devastating crash. Copies of $ 800 million worth of video games were sold in the first 24 hours of its release, and in three days it exceeded $ 1 billion worldwide. Today’s era is considered to be the most successful entertainment product economically. It is more than 6 billion globally.

The story of the story has always been a huge piece of the puzzle with every GTA title since the third iteration of the game, which really enters the open-world template.

In GTA 5 Mobile you have to slip into three different roles – completely and completely separate characters with stories that are interconnected – and all the rock star guys have ever put together. Go through more intense stories.

The humor is still on full display (like every other GTA game), and when people feel that the game radio stations are a bit sick of it, they were in the last Grand Theft Auto game on this title. It still adds a lot of flavors. It would not have been there otherwise.

Источник: http://apkpureapps.com/gta-5-apk/

GTA 5 Visa 2 – Download 100% Working APK

If you want to play GTA 5 on android devices then I am here to tell you about the GTA 5 Visa 2 that how can you install this on your android devices and play it. Basically visa 2 is a mod and this mod will let you to play this game on your Android devices. This mod is the converted version of the GTA 5 PC, but this visa 2 is specially designed for the Android devices.

GTA 5 Visa 2

If we talk about the visa 2 then this game comes with the maps and missions. So you can totally enjoy all maps and missions on your Android devices. This mod also contains the all vehicles, guns, characters and missions of the GTA 5. But here the main point is that many people are confused and they think that GTA V is officially released for the Android devices. The answer is No, GTA 5 is not released for the Android devices. You can only download and install the GTA 5 visa 2 APK and enjoy the GTA 5 on your Android Devices.

You can explore different cities and areas like the GTA 5. Take part in the street skirmishes. In this GTA 5 Visa Android game you can become the best car thief. Fight with the street gangs and after this face the police. Move from deck to deck and shoot accurately from a gun, machine gun or another weapon. Sit behind the wheel of a fast sports car and abandon the chase, violating all the rules of the road. Operate the helicopter and other equipment.

Key Features

  • Big city
  • Wide range of weapons.
  • A variety of vehicles
  • Convenient operation

How To Install GTA V Visa 2 Mod APK

If you don’t know that how to install visa 2 then all the steps are given below, so follow all the steps and play GTA 5 on your Android devices.

  1. First, you have to download the visa 2 file.
  2. After this install it in your Android devices.
  3. After this install the data of GTA 5 visa 2.
  4. Extract the data file with the help of any archiver.
  5. Move this extracted folder to the Android, OBB Folder.
  6. Now launch the visa 2 game.
  7. That’s it enjoy the game.


If you are a lover of GTA games and want to play on your Android devices then there is the only solution. You have to download visa 2 on your Android devices. You can get all the maps, missions, vehicles, characters, and guns of the GTA. You can easily enjoy this game on your Android devices with the help of visa 2.

Источник: http://technologywell.com/gta-5-visa-2/

GTA 5 Lite Apk Obb 100 MB Download

Download GTA 5 Lite Apk Obb data which works on all GPU for Android, is Just 100 MB in size, with cheat menu and more.

GTA 5 Lite Apk means it doesn’t use much space in your device, which also supports wide varieties of Android device without any issues, this lite version of the GTA mobile can run smoothly on low end Android phones.

Initially, i have already uploaded, GTA V full Apk Obb Data which is working fine, but the overall size of the game is too large for some device to handle, alternatively Grand Theft Auto game lovers can play this lite version easily, because it doesn’t overload your RAM or phone memory.

But here i am again with a new and latest GTA V lite Apk and Obb file, which can now run smoothly on all Android device irrespective of their versions, it is available for all the three main GPUs for Android Mobile phones.

As you all know this is a fan base mod that looks like the official GTA 5 PC, Xbox, Play Station version by Rockstar games, it comes with cheat, same vehicles, same character and environment.

GTA 5 Lite Apk runs offline, because you don’t need any internet connection to play the game, even though the initial size of the game was 200 MB but to ensure stability of the game on all Android device.

The size of the game is 100 MB below, unlike other sites that upload the ones that force closes all the time, but the one you are about to download below has been tested to work on all Android device.

The on-screen control of GTA 5 lite Android works smoothly without any hanging issues, you can control or navigate round the city easily, also pick up items with the control buttons.

Grand Theft Auto V Lite Apk for Android being a gangster game, you will always fight with rival gang members, Police etc.

Complete missions in which you are assigned to do using the point marked on the map, you will be rewarded with some in game money which enables you purchase in game items to enhance your game play.

Download GTA 5 Lite Apk Data For All Android GPU

I am going to show you how to download GTA 5 Lite Apk obb which supports the three main Android GPUs know has Mali, Adreno, PowerVR automatically.

before downloading check your device architecture whether it is arm6 above based or x86 32-bit processor using this app called Droid Hardware Info .

X86 Based Device Version (Android device with lower chip set)

How To Install GTA 5 Lite Apk Obb

To install GTA 5 Lite is very easy compare to when installing the full version. You just need to carefully follow the simple steps below to guide you on how to set up the game easily.

You will need Zarchiver app for android to extract the obb file you downloaded above.

Steps To Install are:

  1. Download > Zarchvier App apk or use any Zip, Rar file extractor that you have.
  2. click on the GTA 5 obb Lite RAR file you downloaded above using Zarchvier.
  3. Option menu will come up, then click extract and go to Phone or Device Memory.
  4. Click Android folder.
  5. Inside Android Folder click Obb folder also.
  6. Now click extract icon which looks like a arrow pointing downwards, to start extracting obb file.
  7. Now you can Install GTA 5 Lite Apk.
  8. Finally open GTA 5 Lite Game in your App menus, and start playing offline.

Screenshots of GTA 5 Lite Apk

Here are the screenshots of GTA V Lite Apk for Android to give you insight on how the game looks like below.

Game Play And Comparison Video

Источник: http://ristechy.com/gta-5-lite-apk

Grand Theft Auto V v1.2 APK Android Open World


Download Grand Theft Auto V v1.2 APK + Data Latest Version.

GTA5 APK or Grand Theft Auto 5 APK is still a beta version and it is based on GTA5 PC and Console Game.This game is a living proof that it’s a realistic to make a quality, good analog of GTA 5 for android! Of all the diversity of the Grand Theft Auto clones, this is the most believable game- it’s not surprising. Los Angeles Crimes APK uses real models from the fifth part of the GTA Game.

GTA 5 Unity APK Open World Gameplay

This is a beta version that allows you to appreciate all the delights of realistic graphics and see on your smartphone something that once flaunted on the most top-end computers and consoles of the latest generation. In this beta there is a small area, where you can walk, ride cars and motorcycles, jump from the springboards, etc.This is a test version! There are no assignments and an open world. Only a small piece of land, some weapons and several vehicles in order to assess physics, graphics and plausibility with respect to the current GTA 5.

GTA Grand Theft Auto Mod Apk

This is not a whole game,just a single stage where you can experience different aspects like NPC,Car or Bike. you can do is try these functions and you will feel like playing GTA5 on Android. well its a fan made game built on Unity Engine. you can watch different videos regarding this beta game. Its just a small fan made game and nothing else. i will keep updating this beta whenever new update arrives so bookmark this page.

Источник: http://apkmb.com/gta-5/

GTA 5 Apk Download 2020 (Normal Apk + MOD APK + OBB Data)

GTA 5 APK : Get the latest version of Grand Theft Auto 5 APK (GTA V APK) for Android. Rockstar games have released the Mobile version of this beloved game and it has been receiving tonnes of love from the fans. Not only it mimics the original PC version’s essence, it also features incredibly stunning mechanics that makes it more worth while to play this game on your Android phone. Unlike iOS, you can also customize this game using apps like Lucky Patcher or other modding techniques. The best way to install GTA 5 on Android is to use the links we’ve given here as we ensure that all of our links are up-to-date. This way, you will not have to worry about missing out. You can download the GTA 5 APK + OBB from This Post

Ever since its inception, Rockstar games have launched game-changing products. We will talk about its past further but firstly, the decision of entering smartphone phase is the single most revolutionary step the company has taken in the past decade. At this age of portability, phones are the main computers that gets the most user base. Apart from this, it only makes sense to move on to more compact and advanced devices. Gone are the days when people used to carry big laptops with them where ever they went only to keep their gaming going. Today, phones as big as your palm can give you what consoles like PS2 used to provide like ten years ago.

GTA V APK Download Latest Version For Android

App Name GTA V
Version v1.09
Android Version Requires 4.0+
Total Downloads 7,000,000+
App Size 21.1 MB + 2.6 GB
Developer Rockstar Games

Download GTA 5 Apk + Data on Android

Features OF GTA 5 APK

The whole GTA Franchise is unknown to none. Literally, anyone who had been in gaming in the last 20 years have seen or heard from Rockstar’s GTA at least once. It has attained the legendary status of game like Mario; Meaning it cannot be forgotten for a long amount of time that has to come. All because at its inception, it has something unique to offer. Something that was thought of before but never was invented. And that is a good open-world. Many games tried to bring city-sized maps with genuine looking NPC’s but all of them failed due to lack to detail. Rockstar on the other hand took a very different approach and gave more life to Non playable characters as well all the physical things present in the game in general. Here are some of the features like this that you can expect in GTA 5 APK :

  • By portable device’s standards, the game features very high-quality, life-like immersive graphics. Its so good that almost seems unreal for a smartphone.
  • The game can be played in 2 Fundamental modes. The first way is to follow the scripted story line. This way, you will be able to experience the game as the developer intended you to do. All the happenings are staged and well-curated which almost feels like watching an action movie
  • The second way would be loosing yourself in the vast valleys of Grand theft auto. After all, only then the true essence can be experienced.
  • You can roam around as a player in the entire city and can also interact with objects, animals and human characters
  • All the Non-playable characters present in the game are given their own set of lines and dialogues which makes the whole experience more immersive and life-like
  • The story line that this game features is quite rich and long. You will be needing at least a whole week in order to complete this game, which really huge for a smartphone app.
  • All the Game Characters, Cars, Designs are awesome and looks as like real.
  • There is a awesome Vehicle driving control, it is far better than any other GTA game.

Only reading those features makes it clear that GTA 5 is second to none when it comes to open-world games. Almost every vehicle in the game is player-usable. In other words, you will be able to drive most of the vehicles you see running around in the game. This will ensure not missing out the whole openness of the game. The city itself is over hundreds of square miles big and you can explore all of it by foot or a vehicle. All of this is possible in your smartphone or tablet.

How to Install GTA 5 in Any Android Phone?

First Of All You have to Download the All Files of GTA 5 Android once you successfully downloaded all the file, you can start following steps given below in order to install and run GTA V on your smartphone.

  • So First of all Download the GTA 5 APK From Above button
  • Once The Download complete Go to your Settings>Security & Make sure that the Unkown Sources in enabled
  • Now Download The ES File Explorer App here Because we have to extract the Data file in this Game folder.
  • Now Go to download folder in Ex File Explorer you will see GTA 5 Data Zip file there which is names as com.rockstargames.gtasa.
  • Now, extract this Zip file to Android >> OBB. (If there is no OBB folder in Android folder then create a new folder in it and name it as Obb and extract your file in it.)

That’s All. Congratulations now you have successfully installed GTA5 Mobile version on your android phone now you can enjoy playing the game.

Download GTA 5 APK

You can use the link mentioned here in order to download the APK file for GTA 5. You can use it on any Android phone you like and it will work like charm as long it has some decent amount of specs. The higher of processing quality your device have, the better gameplay you’ll get – Its a no brainer !

That is why you will have to make sure that your phone is capable of handling the ultra-high level of graphics GTA 5 has to offer. Make sure that and only after then go ahead and download the file mentioned. You will need yo allow the third-party installs from the settings of your Android device. It is needed in order to complete the process because android inherently does not allow installations out-side play store. It can be a bummer as many great applications are not present there. But the good thing is that there is an option to enable in the settings and we are gonna utilize that very well in order to download GTA 5 Phone APK.

Final Verdict

GTA 5 APK download is possible with the link we’ve given in the article. All you need to do now is to go ahead and download the file and move on to the installation process. It is only after installation that you will be able to play this on your Android device. You see, we say Android device here ? It means that you can also use it on a tablet ! The very same APK File ! Not to mention it is a binary file which, unlike Play store back end files, is very much shareable by all the means possible. Make sure to use the same link as much as you like to download on all devices you have.

We will keep updating the article as soon as new variants come, so it will be very logical to bookmark this page. This way you will never miss out any updates ever. You can do that by tapping that start icon on chrome. Do let us know what else you would like to see here on this site. It can be anything Android or iOS related. We are Also working on GTA for iOS and a link for that will be added to this same article whenever it comes out. In case you have an iOS device then keep in touch as we have the very right material coming up for it. Do Now Forget To Check Lucky Patcher & GBWhatsApp.

Источник: http://modapkz.com/gta5-apk/

Free download GTA 5 APK+Data for Android-Androidfunz

Download GTA 5 Apk+Data- GTA V Apk- GTA 5 Android

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) is a branch of world-famous GTA game series, basically, GTA has a series of Gangster games which is well known by everyone. GTA 5 is an open-world action and adventure game. Almost all the GTA games got so much fame and popularity among all ages of game lovers. Mostly these games are available by paid but we do not limit this to any payments, everything that appears on my site is free of cast. Here I will show you how to download GTA 5 APK+Data for Android freely. Grand Theft Auto was developed by Rockstar North and published by famous Rockstar Games. Its first release was for Xbox and PlayStation 3 in September 2013. After releasing GTA IV in 2008 GTA V was the first main entry after a long wait of 8 years. Here are all the releases game series of GTA given below.

  1. Year, 1997 Grand Theft Auto
  2. Year, 1999 Grand Theft Auto London 1969
  3. Year,2001 Grand Theft Auto III
  4. Year, 2002 Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  5. Year, 2004 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  6. Year, 2005 Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories
  7. Year, 2006 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories
  8. Year, 2008 Grand Theft Auto IV
  9. Year, 2009 Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars
  10. Year, 2013 Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony
  11. Year, 2013Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA 5 is not officially launched, even GTA 4 is not still available for Android, but there are several modes available to play like GTA 5. You can download GTA 5 Apk game for Android. No doubt Grand Theft Auto series became one of the most playing games in the game history. Everybody loves to play that amazing game free on Android smartphones. If you want to download the game then follow the instructions below.


All you know it is an open-world gangster game full of roguishness, all the game runs around a fictional state of San Andreas like other GTA Games, the single-player story follows three criminals and their efforts to commit heists after under pressure from an agency of government. A player has a free hand, he walks like a Don, he can beat everyone, can get everyone’s car by force and can drive. Many interesting missions are available in the game like shooting, driving, flying Heli and much more.

Screen Short

Features of the game GTA 5 (GTA V)

GTA V is the most improved version of GTA game series, the features are given below.

  • First time in the GTA series there are three main characters, you can change them anytime in playing missions or whenever you want.
  • You can found countless numbers of vehicles all around the city, drive fast and have fun. Driving these vehicles gives an amazing experience in the game.
  • There are amazing graphics and visuals have never seen before in GTA Games.
  • The customizable main character, earn money from different missions and increase physical strength.
  • Rich graphics with extraordinary sound effects.
  • Good control over the game.

(Method 1) Download GTA 5 APK+Data (GTA V Apk Download)

How to install the game

  1. First download GTA 5 Apk file from the above link 1, do not install the file now.
  2. Download GTA 5 data file from the given above link 2
  3. From Playstore download and install Z-Archiver, now using this archiver extract the Data file of GTA 5.
  4. Now Install the APK file that you have download in step 1. Before installing Enable unknown source on your device, for this, go to your mobile stting>>security>>Unknown source and enable it. Now install the Apk easily.
  5. Now move the extracted data file (com.rockstargames.gtasa) to the Obb folder which is held inside the Android folder (If there is no Obb folder inside Android folder then make a new folder and put the name Obb)
  6. Now launch and play your favorite game.

(Method 2) GTA 5 Mod (GTA SA visa Apk)

Download GTA 5 Mod with complete installation guide click HERE

(Method 3) Download GTA 5 for Android

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How to Download and install GTA 5 for Android

  • Download and install Apk file of GTA 5.
  • Now download Data and Obb files
  • Install ZArchiever from Play Store, extract both Data and Obb files, after extracting cut and paste Data file to Android>>Data folder and Obb file to Android>>Obb folder
  • Now launch and play the game.

That’s it friends, hope you successfully installed GTA V Apk+Data. Now play and enjoy the game. If you have any issue let me tell in the comment. Thanks

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Here comes the latest 2019 list of Free 110+ Best Ppsspp iso Games For Android apk Free Download

As we all know, its impossible to play GTA 5 directly on any iOS or Android phone just because the size of the game file is too big. So all we need to do is to use the PPSSPP emulator. But before I will show you how to download GTA 5 for ppsspp and play it on your android phone or tablet you should know some essential things first.

Is GTA 5 for PPSSPP the same as original?

This version of GTA 5 is not exactly the same as the original GTA V. The Main difference between these games is graphics. Graphics in GTA 5 for PPSSPP is much lower compared to original GTA V., But what is more important, you can play it on any Android device. The size of this version is only 557MB so there might be few things differently such as a smaller map and lower population. But all other original game features will be exactly the same so don’t worry. I am 100% sure you will love this game such as original GTA 5. Now let’s check all the needed requirements.


GTA 5 apk features a realistic-looking graphics which will take your gaming experience to an entirely new level. The game is so addictive that you will crave to play more and more.

Guess what? GTA 5 for Android features a better interface, controls, 3D animes, and impressive graphics. However, it’s worth noting that the game is available in the beta version, so, you can suspect some bugs while playing the game.



First of all, you need to have some Android device (phone or tablet) with 1GB+ RAM. Also, you need Marshmallow or a newer Android version installed on it. If your Android device meets these requirements you will be able to play GTA 5 for PPSSPP. Now let’s see how to set it up! Here are the steps to Install GTA 5 PPSSPP on your Android:

How to Download GTA 5 ppsspp on Android Free:

  1. Download the PPSSPP emulator for Android Download Here.
  2. Download PS4 Emulator for Android Download Here.
  3. Download GTA 5 file zip highly compressed HERE GTA 5 ppsspp iso download for android LINK1LINK2LINK3.
  4. Download ZArchiver into your android here for unzipping.
  5. Open ZArchiver and extract GTA V game zip file.
  6. Extract the game zip file into your PSP folder (extracted file extension should be .iso) open it up and go to the download folder of the browser using the Zarchiver file manager.
  7. Open the PPSSPP emulator, then open the PSP folder and finally open the game file (.iso) install the GTA 5 Apk by clicking on it. When the installer will get opened, scroll down to the bottom and tap on install.
  8. Finally, Launch the PPSSPP from App drawer and Tap on GTA 5 to start enjoying playing GTA 5 on your android device.

The world is now larger than in GTA San Andreas and GTA IV. GTA V for PSP is the best game to enjoy a free moment. You can download the GTA 5 ppsspp iso Rom here.

So that’s all you need to know about how to download and play GTA 5 using the PPSSPP emulator. I hope this guide will help you. If you have any questions, place a comment below.


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