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What is the easiest way to exchange cars between characters in GTA V?

I’m wondering what is the easiest way to give a car from one character to another (perhaps on the opposite side of the map). The garages can only be accessed from the owner and cars left without a character nearby may disappear. I remember reading something related to parking lots and car storage but can’t recall the details.

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If you set a waypoint for a character, then switch characters, the other character will generally head towards the waypoint. You can continue to check their progress by swapping between the two until they both arrive at the destination.

When you switch from a character he will generally stay where you left him for a little while. When you switch to a character he will spawn pretty close to his safe house. For Micheal that’s usually in Vinewwood, Trevor is Sandy Shores, and Franklin is either Strawberry or Vinewood Hills.

You can use this to your advantage and drive to near the spawn location of the character you want to give the car to, and then switch to the recipient. He can then meet up where you left the previous character and take his car.

Caught on to this trick when I accidentally ran Franklin over with Micheal after leaving the latter standing in the middle of a street.

Make sure the character you are taking the car from is standing a little ways away. I tried borrowing the Trevor Phillips Industries helicopter, and Trevor didn’t like that one bit, pulling Franklin right out of the cockpit.

There is a pair of garages next to the Impound Lot (green lights). These garages open for every character and keep the car accessible. I was able to exchange a car between Franklin and Michael.

Theres an easier way, only one condition: -you must at least be to the part in the story where trevor takes over the strip club.

That being said, behind the strip club, kind of by where trevors truck is usally parked there are four or five parking spaces. Namely, two with yellow parking stops. Those are his garage spots, and the fact they are not enclosed lets any character can walk up and take as they please. The car will save there, promise. i put my z type there all the time and dont think twice.

I swapped cars between characters by calling them for an activity and got in the car after the activity.

In this case I played with Franklin and called Michael. I took Michael’s car and after the activity I still had Michael’s car and Michael walked away .

My best way of doing it was, if you park a car that you want to get rid of outside the x persons house, then when you choose x person you can drive to your house if you do it within a day of game time and the car won’t be impounded. I done this quite a few times.

I took all the suggestions and this one works the best 100%. Take the character which has the vehicle you want to switch, lets say Trevor (T). Using him go to a location which is easy to find and close-by to both characters(I prefer the impound). Then using T go to this location with the car and somehow manage to get the car stuck, disabling it from going forward, (being able to reverse is fine). To do this you may jam the car inside the impound green lit garage all the way inside to a corner (hit the car on the wall). KEEP “T” INSIDE THE CAR. Now switch to the character you want to have the car lets say Franklin “F” now take F and drive to the impound with another vehicle. Once there jam his car towards a wall and not inside the garage.( while he tries to forward his car out you can make the switch). Now what you do is switch back to “T” and take the car outside, now get out of the car making sure to park in a park spot near “F” (not right next to”). Now get out of your car and get into another car with “T” (this is important as otherwise T will get back to the same car and drive off”) the moment you do switch with “F”, now the car you want is free and “T” drove away in another car. Go save immediately as this is a pain in the ass to do again ^.^

Easy way to do it: With Trevor, park at Floyd’s apartment (while it’s still his safehouse) next to the blue tarp. Switch characters and go to Floyd’s with them. The car will be there for the taking!

Take your car to Denise’s garage with Franklin. Go to the impound lot and the car you put in Denise’s garage is still in there and its also in the impound. So you have two!

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GTA Online Arena War: all vehicle prices, upgrades, modes and gameplay

By Matt Martin, Wednesday, 12 December 2018 08:31 GMT

GTA Online’s December update – Arena War – has gone live, letting players engage in vehicular carnage with a nasty bunch of modified motors.

As is always the case, these new vehicles don’t come cheap – they all have Buy It Now prices of well over $2 million.

Take a look at the starting prices for some of the new cars and trucks below, courtesy of therealjackster.

  • Apocalypse Cerberus – $3,870,300
  • Apocalypse Scarab – $3,076,290
  • Apocalypse Brutus – $2,666,650
  • Apocalypse Imperator – $2,284,940
  • Apocalypse ZR380 – $2,138,640

Players can upgrade some existing vehicles if they have them in their garage already, or buy them outright. They include the Rat Truck, Glendale, Slamvan, Dominator, Impaler, Issi Classic and the Gargoyle.

To customise their own death machines, players need to buy the Arena Workshop and hire a mechanic, who can then add lethal additions to vehicles such as buzz saws and ram bars. As players compete in Arena Wars, they win Arena Points alongside RP and cash, which can be used for discount upgrades. The Arena Workshop comes with two-floor garage.

All of these can be bought via the new website Arenawar.tv, which you can access from your phone.

There are a bunch of new modes for Arena War too; Hot Bomb, Wreck It, Games Masters, Carnage, Flag War and Tag Team, Here Come The Monsters.

Check out a couple of minutes of Hot Bomb gameplay below.

Any player who logs in to GTA Online between now and December 17 will be able to get their hands on the Annis and Bravado t-shirts.

There’s also 35 percent off all of the following:

  • Mk II Weapon Upgrades & Customization – 35% off
  • Luxury Finishes – 25% off
  • MG & Combat MG – 25% off
  • Snipers – 25% off
  • SMGs – 25% off
  • Shotguns – 25% off
  • Pistols – 25% off
  • Explosives & Throwables – 25% off
  • Body Armor – 25% off

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

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What Happens To Thanos At The End of Avengers: Infinity War?

Immediately after the snap, Thanos is transported to a strange, ethereal realm bathed in orange. The only structure here is an upsidedown-world version of the gazebo where he first met Gamora, and sat there is what appears to be his younger daughter. They have a brief, muted exchange where Thanos begins to grasp his victory, although the conviction that previously defined him feels absent:

It’s not explicitly stated in the movie, but this would appear to be Soul World; in the comics, a dimension inside the Soul Stone where the souls “captured” by it reside. Given the orange landscape and presence of the daughter he sacrificed to capture that very Stone, it would fit as a movie approximation, with Thanos going there after the snap to reunite with his lost child. Whether this is simply intended as a window into his own soul, highlighting how much of himself he’s lost, or setting it up as a key location in Avengers 4 (possibly where Gamora is trapped), is unclear.

After leaving young Gamora, Thanos teleports out of Wakanda, leaving the Avengers to feel the aftermath of his victory. We next see him in the film’s very last scene, on a verdant planet living in rustic isolation. This is, weirdly, a nod to his farming days in the comics, but more purely a stamp on the movie; he sits in silence and smiles. It’s over.

What Happens To The Infinity Stones & Gauntlet?

Thanos’ victory leaves many questions, including the status of the Infinity Gauntlet. After the snap, the golden glove is cracked and cindered, although as Thanos is able to use the Space Stone to escape it evidently still works and allows him to wield their near-uncontrollable power. This further presumably means that, at the very end of the film, he has the Stones in his possession, or at the very least knows where they all are. The fact he’s recovered from Thor’s Stormbreaker attack indeed indicates he’s used on to heal himself. He’s going to need them, as however the Avengers hope to undo his wrath, at least some of them will be important.

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That so much of that is speculation is curious; after spending an entire movie focused on collecting them, Avengers 3 loses all interest in the Infinity Stones the moment Thanos snaps. Of course, that does make some story sense; our protagonist no longer cares about them either.

Thanos’ Victory Is Broken

Thanos is relatable. That may be the most shocking part of Avengers: Infinity War. He’s not quite Killmonger, who was in many ways right in Black Panther (albeit warped), but across the citing of his motivations and the conflict he must go through to win, you begin to empathize with the Mad Titan. The Russos have long said that Thanos was the protagonist of Infinity War, and that’s very true; to the point he’s the character whose return is promised at the very end of the credits. While the film does focus on the heroes’ conflict of duty and friendship – especially in relation to the protection of their two Stones, with Steve Rogers and Doctor Strange both forced to address they allegedly unshakable beliefs – most of its thematic ground is in Thanos.

As already discussed, the sacrifices made for the Infinity Stones are not to the Avengers, but to him. His goal is massive, and the toll greater; he must undo his past in destroying Xandar and Loki, lose what’s close to him with Gamora, deal with his foes for the Time Stone and actually address what his true purpose is with the Mind Stone. Each one is a pointed step in deconstructing Thanos (presumably why the Power Stone is skipped over – it repeats what we get with the Space Stone) and making him question his mission – with the conclusion that it is truly worth it.

But was it? The final Gamora scene is tinged not with victory but regret. Thanos himself says he will be at peace when he snaps, and he ends with a trademark grin, but the movie points otherwise. Has he sold too much of himself for his goal? Is the peace at the end a reward or broken? And was victory really the point? There are flaws in his vague logic, as raised by the people of Titan – killing half the population doesn’t directly lead to peace – and the ending makes clear it was the journey that drove him. After victory, there’s nowhere to go.

Related: How Avengers: Infinity War Was The Most Secretive Movie Event Ever

Of course, that’s not the only way it’s not necessarily a victory for him. We are entering the endgame, after all.

Источник: http://screenrant.com/avengers-infinity-war-ending-cliffhanger-explained/3/

Sega begin 60th anniversary celebrations with new website, new Sega Shiro character

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Sega have launched a new website for its 60th anniversary, as well as a new mascot that seems to be the son of Segata Sanshiro.

Sega may have long since abandoned the console hardware race, but the company continues to be a household name with plenty of long-time fans to call its own, as demonstrated with the success of the Mega Drive Mini and, in its own way, the recent Sonic movie.

This year, the company will be celebrating its 60th anniversary, and it has already kicked things off with both a new website and a new mascot character.

Named Sega Shiro (who also has his own website), he makes his first appearance in a new video that sees him randomly appearing in different locations to stand with his arms folded and yell ‘Sega-dayo!’ He also sports a judo uniform over his shoulders.

In case it wasn’t already apparent, Sega Shiro is clearly meant to be a successor, and a possible relation, to Segata Sanshiro, a mascot created for the Sega Saturn. In fact, Shiro is being portrayed by Maito Fujioka, the eldest son of Segata’s actor, Hiroshi Fujioka.

Ironically, Segata became more popular than the associated console, and is still a beloved icon today. He was even a party member in crossover game Project X Zone 2.

In the run-up to the Dreamcast’s release, Segata was tragically killed off, jumping on a missile that was aimed at Sega’s headquarters and riding it into space, where it exploded, though he has made appearances since in other media.

Whether Sega Shiro’s appearance is meant to herald a return for Segata is unclear, but it’s nice to see his legacy being fondly remembered and acknowledged.

As for what else Sega has planned, chairman Haruki Satomi wrote in a message on the new website ‘The Sega Group is planning a variety of special contents for this 60th anniversary. Through these special contents, we will deliver the passion of the Sega Group to the entire world.’

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Skelattack review – the return of Konami

Games Inbox: Do you want a Sega Game Gear Micro?

Overcooked is new free Epic Games Store game, not Ark: Survival Evolved

We can only speculate on what announcements Sega will have throughout the year, but we know at the very least that a new Sonic The Hedgehog title will be announced, especially with the franchise celebrating its 30th anniversary next year.

Also, next month will see the release of a new Sakura Wars title for PlayStation 4, the first to come out in over 10 years. Part action role-playing game, part dating sim, you must command a small army of anime girls to battle against a demon invasion. As you do.

And lastly, the newest Yakuza title, Yakuza 7, is planned to release worldwide this year and will feature an entirely new protagonist and gameplay style, ditching the 3D brawler action for turn-based combat.

Источник: http://metro.co.data/categ2_uk/2020/03/25/sega-begin-60th-anniversary-celebrations-new-website-new-sega-shiro-character-12454097/

GTA 5 maps

The world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most developed and richest worlds in the computer games industry. It is full of possibilities, mini-games, attractions and much, much more. Despite its relatively small size (“only” 96 square kilometers), almost every inch of blood soaked land of southern San Andreas is full of different interactive objects, added by the developers. Traditionally, as in almost any game in the Grand Theft Auto series, in GTA 5 there are many different objects and collector’s items that the player needs to find across the game map. In addition, Rockstar Games added to the game a lot of tests, like flying under bridges or stunts. All of this scattered at the game map and to find every part of a spaceship or fly under all the bridges in the game you will just need a detailed map of GTA 5.

On this page you will find the GTA 5 map which you can download quickly and without registration. This section presents not only the usual GTA 5 map in high resolution but also, for example, the GTA 5 map with marked shops, so you don’t have to search for them when you suddenly want to get some easy money. Of course, we have not ignored such important things as a map of all hidden package map or all roads. All maps are presented in high definition, so you can download them and store on your PC, but also, for example, print them out and hang on the wall. Perfect for the true fan of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Download world map Grand Theft Auto 5 in high resolution absolutely for free and without registration on this page.

Источник: http://www.gtaall.com/gta-5/maps/


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The Origin of Marvel’s Infinity Stones Explained

The Infinity Stones are the most important part of Marvel’s movie universe, but who made them, and why? We explain their surprising origin.

So where did Marvel’s magical Infinity Stones actually come from? You would think that’s a pivotal question, since the cosmic gems have shaped the billion-dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe, and are regularly mentioned alongside Thanos, the biggest bad Marvel has to offer. But with The Avengers: Infinity War uniting the Stones to make the movie’s villain the greatest threat in the galaxy, even fans of the comics may be surprised to learn their true origin.

It’s hard to imagine that weapons capable of granting all the superpowers the Infinity Stones possess would be made by accident. Even harder to believe that the Infinity Gauntlet wouldn’t be a famous relic across the entire universe. But to learn the true origin of Marvel’s Infinity Stones means getting rid of expectations.

Thoae eager to see what the next Avengers movies will make of Thanos and his Gauntlet will either be thrilled or underwhelmed. either way, the origin of Marvel’s Infinity Stones isn’t what you expect.

How The Original “Soul Gems” Entered Marvel Mythology

It’s not uncommon for the most iconic or all-powerful comic book trinkets or even characters to come from humble beginnings. Often introduced in smaller roles to serve a standalone plot, it isn’t until years later that – through either new storytellers or the original revisiting a past story with a smirk – the “true power” of those one-off story beats or plot devices is revealed. The same goes for the famous Infinity Stones. Or as they were called when they first appeared: Soul Gems.

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The first ever appearance of the objects came with the hero Warlock, created to be the perfect evolved human, and given the gift of an object called The Soul Gem, planted in his forehead. It was eventually revealed to be one of a set of six Soul Gems, all of which gained the attention ton of – you guessed it – Thanos, the immortal from Titan who fancied himself a cosmic conqueror. His plan was to combine all of the Soul Gems’ power into a single SUPER Soul Gem, capable of destroying entire planets.

All things considered, a fairly standard comic book villain scheme. Thanos was defeated in the end, but both the villain’s impact and the magic jewels sparked the imagination of writer Jim Starlin and artist Ron Lim. And so, Thanos received a new quest – and the Soul Gems became even more important.

Thanos Discovered The Secrets of The Soul Gems

The true beginning of the Infinity Stones story, in which they actually are the combined forces of Time, Space, Power, Reality, Mind, and Soul actually begins in the 1990 two-part series The Thanos Quest. The comic is also responsible for setting up the version of Thanos that would continue through the decades to come. Resurrected by Lady Death herself and imbued with extra superhuman strength and fortitude, the embodiment of death in Marvel’s Universe gave Thanos a mission. It’s actually the exact same mission Thanos is on in the Infinity War movie: to rebalance the universe by extinguishing half of all life.

But Thanos has a secret he decides not to share with his benefactor and great love, Lady Death. He now knows the Soul Gems are misunderstood, and capable of power unrivaled in the Marvel Universe. thanks to the cosmic being that unintentionally created them.

Источник: http://screenrant.com/marvel-infinity-stones-origin-comics-explained/

GTA 5 – Mission 73: The Big One, Mission 69: Stingers, Mission 70-72: Gauntlet Pillbox, Rockford, Mission Row

GTA 5 guide met 100% Gold ranking – Zo haal je de hoogste buit van de hele game binnen

GTA 5 – guide voor verhaalmissies

The Big One – Mission 73

Extra doelen voor 100 procent
– Headshots: Maak twintig headshots of meer
– Signal Man: Verander het stoplicht minder dan tien maal
– Accuracy: Behaal de missie met een accuracy van 60 procent

Na da aanval op Michael’s huis is het tijd de grootste overval uit de game te starten. Zoek Trevor op in de stripclub om te kiezen tussen de subtiele of de luidruchtige aanpak, en kies welke crewleden je mee wil nemen. Wees er niet te zuinig mee, want de buit is enorm en je wil er niet te veel van op het spel zetten.

Stingers – Mission 69 (Extra doelen: Escapee: Steel de Police Transporter binnen twee minuten / Not a Scratch: Lever het voertuig schadevrij af): Bij het politiebureau in het zuidelijk deel van de stad dien je een politiebusje te stelen. Rij naar de aangegeven plek om bij de voorkant van het parkeerterrein te komen. Rij een blokje om en klim over de muur om jezelf naar binnen te hijsen. Gebruik stealth om de politieagenten uit te schakelen, want zodra je wordt gezien heb je een wanted level van drie sterren aan je broek. De Police Transporter is niet op slot dus als je de boel netjes afhandelt, rij je er zo rustig mee naar de plaats van bestemming.

Gauntlets: Om de drie vluchtwagens te vinden (gepimpte Bravado Gauntlets), check je je mail om de locatie te markeren op je kaart.

Gauntlet Pillbox Hill – Mission 70 (Extra doelen: Mapped: Lever de wagen uit je mail af / Not a Scratch: Lever de wagen schadevrij af / Pimped Out: Spendeer 17000 dollar aan het pimpen van de wagen): De eerste wagen vind je in Pillbox Hill. De wagen staat geparkeerd op het dak van een rood-grijze parkeergarage. Deze muscle car is zwart met oranje gekleurd. Rij ermee naar een Pay ‘n’ Spray en zorg dat je voor de gouden plak minstens voor 17000 dollar aan upgrades doet. Het gepimpte voertuig rij je vervolgens naar de aangegeven verstopplaats.

Gauntlet Rockford Hill – Mission 71 (Extra doelen: Mapped: Lever de wagen uit je mail af / Not a Scratch: Lever de wagen schadevrij af / Pimped Out: Spendeer 17000 dollar aan het pimpen van de wagen) De tweede auto staat in Rockford Hill voor de CaCa, vlakbij de juwelierswinkel uit het begin van de game. Iets ten noorden vind je een Ponsobys-winkel. Volg de straat zuidwaarts om de CaCa tegen te komen, en aan de oostzijde van de straat vind je nu de witgrijze Gauntlet. Steel ‘m, pimp ‘m en lever ‘m af

Gauntlet Mission Row – Mission 72 (Extra doelen: Mapped: Lever de wagen uit je mail af / Not a Scratch: Lever de wagen schadevrij af / Pimped Out: Spendeer 17000 dollar aan het pimpen van de wagen) De laatste Gauntlet vind je bij het Templar Hotel, ten zuidwesten van het Tow Truck bedrijf. De wagen heeft een klassiek zwarte afwerking. Dezelfde procedure als bij de vorige twee wagens geldt: eerst pimpen, dan afleveren.

Als je de drie vluchtwagens en de Police Transporter hebt afgeleverd, krijg je een melding van Lester dat de overval kan plaatsvinden. Tref elkaar in de stripclub, vergeet niet genoeg wapens en munitie in te slaan. Een kogelvrij vest kan nooit kwaad.

Dan is het eindelijk zover. Stap met Michael in de jeep die voor de stripclub geparkeerd staat. Je moet in de tunnel aankomen voor het 8:00 uur is, en eenmaal daar wacht je op de trucks.

Met de vierpuntsruktoets rechts leg je de spike strip op de grond. Rij een stukje vooruit en zie hoe de trucks met kapotte banden achterblijven. Na het tussenfilmpje rij je de route op je navigatie. Volg de manager naar de kluis en stop je zakken vol poen. Ga met de lift terug omlaag: tot dusver geen problemen!

Vanaf hier wordt de missie lastiger. Schakel naar Franklin om het stoplichtensysteem van Los Santos te hacken. Je dient de stoplichten op rood te zetten om vijandelijke patrouilles tegen te houden. Op de kaart worden Michael en Trevor aangegeven als blauwe icoontjes, tegenstanders zijn rode icoontjes. Het ziet er uit als een puzzel, maar het komt vooral neer op je reflexen: omdat je niet kan zien welke richting de wagens op gaan, moet je snel reageren en veel verschillende kanten tegelijk in de gaten houden. Hou er ook rekening mee dat er lag in het systeem zit, waardoor je een korte periode moet wachten op een reactie nadat je op de knop hebt gedrukt.

De missie is nog niet ten einde wanneer je de trucks hebt geparkeerd, eerst moet je nog een shootout overleven. De soldaten zijn tot de tanden bewapend, dus blijf in cover. Raketwerpers en granaten zijn in deze missie je beste vriend. Je start als Trevor, maar vergeet niet te schakelen naar Michael zodra de karaktercirkel rood knippert.

Nu moet je nog ontkomen met Franklin, die de perfecte persoon ervoor is met zijn speciale vaardigheid. Je hoeft de andere auto’s niet perfect te volgen. Zolang je ze op de kaart houdt, kun je shortcuts nemen. Maar maak het niet te bont, want als je ze kwijtraakt ben je de pineut. Eenmaal in de tunnel rij je de wagen de vrachtwagen in.

Nadat je het goud hebt afgeleverd, rij je naar Michael’s huis. Als je een goede crew hebt gekozen in het begin van de missie, dan ben je nu min of meer superrijk!

Terug naar de GTA 5 guide en tips inhoudstafel

Источник: http://www.eurogamer.nl/articles/2013-10-15-gta-5-guide-en-tips?page=37


Grand Theft Auto V

– Grand Theft Auto V Save Game / GTA V Missions unlocker
– Platform: PC
– Status: from 12% to 100%

List of missions unlocked : 01 – Prologue 02 – Franklin and Lamar 0 – Repossession 04 – Pulling Favors 05 – Chop 06 – Complications 07 – Father/Son 08 – The Long Stretch 09 – Marriage Counseling 10 – Friend Request 11 – The Good Husband 12 – Casing the Jewel Store 1 – Daddy’s Little Girl 14 – Bugstars Equipment 15 – BZ Gas Grenades 16 – The Jewel Store Job 17 – Mr. Philips 18 – Special Bonds 19 – Trevor Philips Industries 20 – Rampage One 21 – Nervous Ron 22 – Crystal Maze 2 – Friends Reunited 24 – Fame or Shame 25 – Dead Man Walking 26 – Did Somebody Say Yoga? 27 – Three’s Company 28 – Hood Safari 29 – Pulling Another Favor – Hotel Assassination – Pulling Favors Again – The Multi Target Assassination – Still Pulling Favors – By the Book – Scouting the Port – Flight School – Pulling One Last Favor – Shift Work – Grass Roots – Franklin 40 – Paparazzo 41 – Grass Roots – Trevor 42 – Grass Roots – Michael 4 – Cargobob (Offshore) 44 – Minisub (Offshore) 45 – Blitz Play (Introduction) 46 – The Merryweather Heist (Offshore) 47 – Getaway Vehicle 48 – Trash Truck 49 – Boiler Suits 50 – Tow Truck 51 – Masks 52 – Blitz Play (Main Heist) 5 – Mr. Richards 54 – I Fought the Law… 55 – Eye in the Sky 56 – The Vice Assassination 57 – The Bus Assassination 58 – Caida Libre 59 – Deep Inside 60 – Minor Turbulence 61 – Paleto Score Setup 62 – Predator 6 – Military Hardware 64 – The Paleto Score 65 – Derailed 66 – Monkey Business 67 – Hang Ten 68 – Surveying the Score 69 – Bury the Hatchet 70 – Pack Man 71 – Fresh Meat 72 – Cleaning out the Bureau 7 – Reuniting the Family 74 – Architect’s Plans 75 – Fire Truck 76 – Doting Dad 77 – The Bureau Raid 78 – The Wrap Up 79 – Lamar Down 80 – The Ballad of Rocco 81 – Legal Trouble 82 – Meltdown 8 – Big Score Heist Setup 84 – Stingers 85 – The Big Score 86 – Finale Intro Cutscene 87 – The Grandest Finale

How to install the savegame ? (save game location/folder ?)

1. Extract the .zip archive
2. choose savegame folder xx%
3. Copy savegame files to => DocumentsRockstar GamesGTA VProfilesxxxxxx

example: Documents Rockstar Games GTA V Profiles HAE8B7JV

Источник: http://savegame-download.com/grand-theft-auto-v-save-game-100-download-pc/

Five of our Favorite GTA 5 Glitches

Glitches are often a source of contention in video games. Some are bad enough to make the game crash or render it un-winnable, which always annoy fans. Such glitches lead to debates about rushed games and whether or not the developer should have caught the problems beforehand. Then there are controversial glitches, such as Grand Theft Auto Online’s notorious vehicle duplication exploit, which unbalanced the game’s economy.

But sometimes glitches are fun. Players don’t wish they were caught before the game’s release. Instead, they’re sad when a patch takes the glitches away. They are remembered as great tricks, not as problems, and GTA V certainly has its share of those.

So, what are some of GTA 5’s most popular glitches?

Appearance Glitches

These had no effect on gameplay, but they sure were entertaining. One glitch warped the player’s character model to the point where it looked like an alien abomination. Others just allowed players to take their existing characters back to the customization screen and change their appearance or gender.


The simplest, but perhaps most popular, appearance trick let characters wear hats, masks, and glasses at the same time. Fans loved it, and no matter how many times Rockstar patched it, another method was always waiting to be discovered.

Single Player to Multiplayer

In general, the single player GTA V and the multiplayer GTA Online are kept as separate experiences, but not everyone likes that—especially not the people who counted this glitch among their favorites. Through various methods, some of which required the help of a friend, a player could take any vehicle from single player mode into GTA Online.

It was patched on several occasions, which resulted in all the different techniques as players searched for workarounds. After all this time, it seems to be gone for good… as many of the best glitches are.

Store a Jet in Your Garage

When players discovered they could steal the Lazer Fighter Jet, their excitement was nothing compared to when they discovered a glitch that let them store it in their GTA Online garages. Even better, fans found a glitch in the vehicle insurance system that allowed them to insure the jet, as well.

Besides the awesomeness of having a jet in your garage, it’s hard to beat the humor of your mechanic trying to drive the jet to you. The glitch applied to other vehicles, as well, but the jet was the most popular. After two patches addressed the issue, it looks like this glitch is no longer possible.

North Yankton

North Yankton is a snowy state seen in two of GTA V’s missions, “Prologue” and “Bury the Hatchet.” It was otherwise never visited… until a glitch made it accessible in GTA Online. Ludendorff, the North Yankton town featured in the glitches, would appear in the air above Los Santos. Players could then travel there with a helicopter.

The floating Ludendorff was filled with strange sounds and unusual occurrences due to its partially-completed state, and many players were sad when a patch removed their ability to visit it.

Now that we’ve gone through four of the top fan-favorite glitches, we only have one to go, one that fans seem to miss more than any other.

So, what is it? What GTA V glitch have players enjoyed the most so far?

The Hooker Glitch

Rockstar may have patched the original vehicle duplication glitch, but many players continued to search for a new one. This, the number one fan-favorite GTA V glitch, is yet another way to duplicate vehicles. A player could pick up a prostitute, frighten her to keep her in the car after he exited, and then kill her. The player could then order a free car and swap them, which would create a duplicate of the one the dead prostitute was in.

It was a single player glitch through which players could earn millions of dollars in just a few minutes. It was patched once, and fans found a workaround, but the latest update has patched it again.

Whenever a glitch gives a player an advantage, you have to sympathize with Rockstar’s decision to remove it. All the same, it’s hard not to feel sad when fans discuss their favorite glitches and almost all of them have been “fixed.”

Of course, there are many other glitches beyond these five, and everyone has their own personal favorites. What GTA V glitches have you enjoyed the most?

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GTA 5 – 100% Completion Guide

This guide shows you how to achieve 100% completion and all the rewards in Grand Theft Auto 5 Story Mode. The 100% completion unlocks the Career Criminal achievement.

All Collectibles

Letter Scraps

You need to collect all 50 Scraps scattered around Los Santos and Blaine County for the 100% completion, however collecting all 50 is just a miscellaneous quest but it unlocks a Strangers and Freaks missions. Completing that Strangers and Freaks mission unlocks the achievement A Mystery, Solved.

Spaceship Parts

You need to collect all 50 Spaceship parts to achieve 100% completion. After collecting all the Spaceship parts Franklin will get the Strangers and Freaks mission “The Final Frontier” after completing The Final Frontier Franklin wil be rewarded with the special Space Docker and the From Beyond the Stars Achievement. You can store the Space Docker in your Garage.

Submarine Parts

You need to buy the Sonar Collections Dock ($250,000) to start this Strangers and Freaks mission. In this mission Michael or Franklin has to use a Dinghy to find the Submarine Parts underwater. The character will automatically get into a Scuba Suit. You need to collect 30 pieces you can collect the pieces with all the character but Michael is the only one that can return them. The Submarine Parts do not count towards the 100% Completion.

Nuclear Waste

You can start collecting Nuclear Waste after purchasing the Sonar Collection Dock The player will get $23,000 for finding a barrel and an additional $250,000 for finding everything making it a total of (23,000 x 30) + 250,000 = $940,000 all the Protagonists can pick the Nuclear Barrels up but the owner will get all the money. After finding all 30 barrels the player will unlock the Waste Management achievement.

Monkey Mosaics

You DON’T need to do this for 100% completion or an Achievemnt. There are 50 Monkey Mosaics scattered around Los Santos and Blaine County since the release of the Enhanced Edition. You need to take a photo of each monkey. After photographing all the monkeys Trevor will be awarded with 4 shorts, 5 tank tops and 3 dresses.


Storyline Missions

You need to complete all 69 Storyline Missions, and you also need to complete all Lester’s Assassinations if you complete these missions after completing the main story you will get more money for completing it.

Strangers and Freaks

You need to complete all 20 Strangers and Freaks missions to achieve the 100% completion.

Random Events

You need to complete 14 out of the 60 Random Events for the 100% completion. Random events are triggered on certain roads and you can use any character you like.

Hobbies and Pastimes

You need to complete 42 out of 59 Hobbies and Pastimes for 100% completion. Here is a list of all the Hobbies and Pastimes:

  • Shooting Range Challenges in the Ammu Nation. You need to do them all.
  • Win the 5 Street Races.
  • Win at each sport: Golf, Tennis and Darts.
  • Get a private dance in the Strip Club.
  • Win the three Triathalons.
  • Win all Six Offroad Races.
  • Complete the 12 Flight School Lessons.
  • Win the 4 Seashark Races.
  • Complete all 13 Parachuting missions.

All other Hobbies and Pastimes are not required for 100% completion. Here is a list of all the Hobbies and Pastimes that you DON’T have to do for 100% completion.

  • All Sunt Plane Time Trials.
  • All 4 Bail Bonds Missions – Unlocks the achievement “Wanted: Alive or Alive” if the target is still alive.
  • Complete all 5 Ground Trafficking Missions.
  • Complete all 5 Air Trafficking Missions.
  • Complete the Hunting Challenge.
  • Perform Yoga with Michael.
  • Complete the Wildlife Photography Challenge.
  • Complete the Stock Car Races.

Miscellaneous Activities

You only need to do 16 out of 30 activities for the 100% completion. this is a list of all the activities:

  • Purchase some Clothes
  • Mod a Car
  • Get a Haircut
  • Get a Tattoo
  • Purchase a Weapon
  • Purchase 5 Properties
  • Buy a Vehicle
  • Collect all Collectibles – SEE COLLECTIBLES
  • Play with Chop
  • Complete a ‘Booty Call’
  • Sleep with a Prost¡tute
  • Watch TV
  • Purchase Stocks from the Stockmarket
  • Shoplift a store
  • Complete all Challenges – SEE CHALLENGES
  • Ride Cable Car
  • Use the Car Wash
  • Use a Fairground Ride
  • Visit the Cinema (Solo)


Stunt Jumps

There are 50 stunt jumps in Los Santos and Blaine County, you only need to do 25 Stunt Jumps for the 100% completion. But if you complete all the stunt jumps you will get the Show Off achievement.

Under the Bridge

You need to fly under a bridge in an aircraft, you only need to fly under 25 bridges for the 100% completion but if you fly under all 50 bridges and do all the Knife Flight mission to unlock the “Close Shave achievement.

Knife Flight

You need to fly between buildings in a dangerous way to do the Knife Flight challenges. You only need to do 8 of the 15 knife flights for the 100% completion. Doing all 15 knife flights and all 50 Under the Bridge challenges unlocks the Close Shave achievement.


After completing Grand Theft Auto V 100% this will happen:

  • The player will unlock the Career Criminal achievement.
  • UFOs will spawn on top of Mount Chiliad and above the military base Fort Zancudo.
  • Franklin will get a special T-Shirt that says 100%.
  • A new strangers and freaks mission is unlocked for Franklin. After this mission the player can become the Sasquatch.

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