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Easter eggs huevos de pascua – Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) para PC

Todos los Huevos de Pascua (Easter Egg)

Te mostramos todos los Easter Egg, no trucos que hemos descubierto en Grand Theft Auto 5 como por ejemplo el secreto de los Illuminati, una alien congelado en un río o un OVNI bajo el agua.

Easter Egg: Rehab Island (Dead Island)

Easter Egg de Grand Theft Auto 5 de un cartel con el nombre Rehab Island que hace referencia a Dead Island, en el vídeo os mostraremos la localización exacta del huevo de pascua y como encontrarlo.

Easter Egg: Muñeco de Nieve

Easter Egg de Grand Theft Auto 5 y Grand Theft Auto Online en que os mostramos la localización de un muñeco de nieve que encontraremos escondio en un almacén. A demás de divertirme un rato al principio del vídeo matando a una señora con un lanzabengalas.

Easter Egg: Nuevo Ovni Oculto

OVNI/UFO en Grand Theft Auto V Easter Egg.

Easter Egg: Alien oculto

ALIEN encontrado en Grand Theft Auto V Easter Egg.

Easter Egg: Fosil de Dinosaurio

Dinosaurio en Grand Theft Auto V Easter Egg.

Easter Egg: CJ San Andreas

Easter egg en Gta 5 que hace referencia al famoso protagonista de GTA San Andreas. Easter Eggs de CJ de Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas en el que podemos ver a tres tipos en bici del juego Grand Theft Auto V.

Easter Egg: Policias de The Walking Dead

Easter Egg de Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV/ GTA Online). En este caso vamos a ver dos policías que casualmente visten y se llaman igual que en la famosa serie de The Walking Dead.

Easter Egg: El Alien Pervertido «Aliens ate my prize pussy»

Nuevo vídeos de Grand Theft Auto 5 comentado en Español en el que os mostramos un Huevo de Pascua (Esaster Egg) de un alien pervertido «Aliens ate my prize pussy». Easter Egg de la famosa quinta entrega numerada de la saga Grand Theft Auto (GTA), GTA V. Os enseñaremos un easter egg que sale en muchos de los juegos de esta saga y que ademas nos avisa de que un alien pervertido anda suelto por los santos.

Easter Egg: Como ver fotos de Franklin de niño y de mayor

Nuevo truco de Grand Theft Auto 5 en el que os enseñamos a ver fotos de Franklin de niño y de mayor. Uno de los tres conocidos personajes de GTA V tiene un pasado y un futuro que podemos conocer en parte. Curiosamente hay un Easter Egg que nos permite ver como era y será Franklin dentro de unos años. Aunque no se dice claramente que es el, por muchos factores se deduce que se trata del personaje principal de Grand Theft Auto V.

Easter Egg: Merle Abrahams El Asesino Infinito

Easter egg o curiosidad, se trata de la historia de Merle Abrahams también conocido como el Asesino Infinito, conoce un poco más sobre su misteriosa vida.

Easter Egg: Niko Bellic en Life Invader

Easter egg en el que podremos ver que el hijo de Michael está visitando la red social Life Invader y Niko Bellic tiene perfil en ella.

Easter Egg: Fantasma en el Monte Gordo

Easter egg o huevo de pascua en el que podremos encontrar a un fantasma en la localización que se muestra.

Easter Egg: Secreto de los Illuminati

Easter Egg del secreto de los Iluminati. Para ver el mapa secreto de los Illuminati debes ir al lugar indicado en el vídeo. Este Huevo de Pascua te ayudará a conseguir el Trofeo/Logro «Más allá de las estrellas».

Easter Egg: Alien congelado

Easter Egg que se puede encontrar al comienzo del juego, cuando conduces por primera vez. Sigue las instrucciones del vídeo para encontrar el alien.

Easter Egg: OVNI bajo el agua:

Este Huevo de Pascua se puede encontrar bajo el mar en el punto indicado en el vídeo.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Easter Eggs

When ding the mission Madd Dogg’s Rhymes for OG Loc go to Madd Dogg’s mansion and sneak through to the bar area.

After you’ve snuck behind the counter you enter a room with a guard playing a computer console.

If you listen to the sound effects of. more

Do you know about the famous ‘Sky door’? I have found a way to enter it!

Finding the sky door-
If you don’t use the ‘jet pack’ as stated in the requirements and go high up above the cluckin bell in fort Carson-there you will find an Enex marker or. more

Once you have completed the mission for Big Smoke, the one where you must go to an atrium and kill loads of Russians, before escaping on a motorbike, go back to the Atrium.

Look at the statue in the center of the complex. It is a statute of a man pleasuring. more

On Catalina’s robbery missions, when you go to the petrol station to hold it up, before taking the rig. During the cut-scene look at the bulletproof window and there is a sign saying ‘Max Pane – Bulletproof Glass’

A reference to Rockstars popular Max. more

Abandoned Wheelchair on the Edge of a Jetty – 7.7/10 with 11 votes

San Fierro Bridge Facts – 7.6/10 with 24 votes

Head toward the big red bridge between San Fierro and Las Venturas. Just before you get onto it there is a gray pavement going downhill to your right. Follow this and down a stair case and there is a big sign there that reads:

This egg is kind of hard to find so keep looking if you don’t succeed the first time around

1. Go to San Fierro.
2. Go to the center of Downtown.
3. Look for a building with french/glass doors on your right and left.(the center also has these doors. more

Forth Road & Rail Bridges – 7.5/10 with 26 votes

The Garver and Kincaid Bridge in GTA: San Andreas (from San Fierro to Las Venturas) are exact replicas of the forth road and rail bridges in Scotland, this can be proved by having a look at the real article at:

A Rockstar Memorial – 7.4/10 with 16 votes

This one is not your typical bonafide “egg” but I feel it’s a good mention because the reference seems to be lost on the vast majority of people I tell about it.

In San Fierro there is a broken up stretch of neglected double-decker freeway running. more

Look in the night sky to see the Rockstar constellation. It may be hard to find, but a picture is found below. This is also from Vice City.

The number 69 appears in almost every GTA game, and it’s a gag referring to the 69 “position.” Here’s some appearances in the games:

GTA: London, 1969:
1. The name itself is a gag.

1. There’s a play that’s being advertised called “69th. more

Vice CIty sells out – 6.8/10 with 6 votes

When listening to WCTR, there is a show called “Area 69”. One of the callers goes by the name of ‘kevin’. He says that he can launch all the nuclear missiles in the world by just whistling into a phone.

During their early 1990’s, a man by the name. more

Im surprised nobodys put this in yet.

Go to the train station in Los Santos
Go to the mouth of the train tunnel and look up
You will see a billboard that makes a reference to the game True Crime: Streets of LA which a lot of people tipped to be. more

Vice City Flashback – 6.0/10 with 3 votes

NOTE these are easy to find and you will probaly already seen and heard of them.

• Grand Theft Auto 3 reference in Farewell My Love mission
The man who Catalina is with is the main character from Grand Theft Auto 3. At the end of the mission. more

Hidden Rockstar Symbol – 5.3/10 with 3 votes

This is fairly simple, but I still found this clever of Rock star to stick this into the game.

When you go to Zero’s RC store, look behind the counter at the magazine racks, there will be Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance action figures for sale(Though. more

Ryder and Eazy-E Comparsion – 5.1/10 with 8 votes

Shout Out to My Homie – 5.0/10 with 7 votes

Manhunt References – 5.0/10 with 1 votes

Manhunt reference in Red County
In Fisherman’s Lagoon, there is a circle wire holder. On it is a company name and Carcer, which was the city in Manhunt.

Manhunt reference in San Fierro
When you first start the Zero RC toy shop’s missions, watch. more

Character Poker Cards – 4.5/10 with 17 votes

If you play some poker in Las Venturas, you’ll see that the face of cards have pictures of previous characters from GTA 3 and Vice City. Here’s a
list of them:

Jack of Spades: Lance Vance
Jack of Clubs: Darkel
Jack of Hearts: Film Studio Director. more

Go to a 24/7 shop. There are ad posters sticked on the walls. Usually, players are not interested in these ads. But if you’ll zoom and look on the underside of the ad with the monkeys in it, you will see this thing written:

Rockstar Comeback – 3.4/10 with 5 votes

Go to “Cluckin’ Bell” and kill the first guy.
Now you must stand in his place, take you sniper and zoom in on the register.

It reads: “BURGERSHOT, D-lux and Buster”
(Buster is from “Well Stacked Pizza”)


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Something New

GTA Online After Hours: How to Unlock the New Easter Egg

The Grand Theft Auto Online After Hours update introduces a wild new Easter egg, allowing players to unlock a new item by getting their characters blackout drunk.

The latest Grand Theft Auto Online update, called After Hours, has finally been released to fans. It adds a huge amount of content for players to enjoy, including the ability to run their own nightclubs, hire DJs, play minigames, as well as complete narrative missions with the series’ returning NPC, Gay Tony. Inquisitive fans will also be glad to know that the After Hours update also introduces a brand new Easter egg.

The new Easter egg in question allows GTA Online players to unlock a new apparel item called the Kifflom t-shirt. (Kifflom is a reference to the Epsilon Program, which is the GTA 5 parody of Scientology.) In order to unlock the shirt, players must repeatedly get their characters blackout drunk.

The first step is to go to any nightclub in the game and order a drink called the Macbeth Whiskey Shot. Costing $350, this shot of extremely powerful alcohol will cause the player character to blackout and wake up in a new place. Players have reportedly found themselves in nightclub bathrooms, in a hedge maze, and with half of their clothes off on the top of Mount Chiliad. However, give it enough tries and players may also find themselves on top of Los Santos’ Epsilon building, wearing the baby blue Kifflom t-shirt.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is known for its Easter eggs, some of which are incredibly elaborate. Some of the very best moments that fans have discovered include a reference to the supernatural TV show Teen Wolf, a frozen alien in Mount Chiliad, and, of course, the alien egg mission that requires a real grind just to access.

This Kifflom t-shirt Easter egg is slightly less grind-y in that sense, as players could well unlock the t-shirt in under an hour (though many have reported that it has taken them longer). It also requires very little legwork; players only need to go to a club and order a shot.

Rockstar loves to drop little hints and fun discoveries for fans and this Easter egg isn’t even the only example from the After Hours update alone. There’s also the Stone Hatchet weapon quest which will allow players to unlock a weapon for Red Dead Redemption 2 and there some eagle-eyed players have even spotted some additional references to GTA IV‘s The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC. These additions are unlikely to be the end of Rockstar’s Easter egg mischief and many players will be excited to see what’s next.

Grand Theft Auto Online and all of its latest updates are available now through Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


Los mejores Easter Eggs de GTA 5

Hacemos una selección de los mejores Easter Eggs de GTA 5. Sorpresas que Rockstar nos tiene reservadas y escondidas por el videojuego para que las vayamos descubriendo.

Los mejores Easter Eggs de GTA 5

GTA 5 está repleto de secretos o Easter Eggs, aquí les dejamos los mejores del juego de RockStar:

Easter Eggs de GTA 5 – Convertirnos en animales

Nos podremos convertir en animales en el juego sin ninguna dificultad. Para ello solo deberemos comernos alguna de las 27 plantas de peyote repartidas por el mapa. Tendremos una alucinación y nos convertiremos aleatoriamente en un animal. Hasta ahora se han reportado

Aquí puedes ver explicadas con todo detalle todas las localizaciones de las plantas de Peyote

Easter Eggs de GTA 5 – Convertirnos en el Yeti

La mecánica es la misma que para convertirnos en animales, solo que tendremos que comernos una planta de peyote concreta y cumplir bastantes requisitos:

  • Haber reunido los 27 peyotes anteriores
  • No haber matado al Yeti en la misión La última
  • Solo disponible para PC, PS4 y Xbox One
  • Solo disponible los martes entre 05:30 y 08:00
  • En PS4 y Xbox One tiene que haber niebla
  • Haber completado el 100% del juego
  • Encontrar el peyote dorado: Está en las coordenadas -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862

Easter Eggs de GTA 5 – Cadáver de dinosaurio

Por su tamaño podría ser el esqueleto de una ballena, pero al tener dos patas las teorías de los jugadores coinciden en que es el de un dinosaurio, o como poco un monstruo marino. Hay que bucear para encontrarlo, y aquí en este video pueden ver la ubicación:

Easter Eggs de GTA 5 – Jesse Pinkman de Breaking Bad

Todo un guiño hacia la genial serie Breaking Bad y hacia uno de sus protagonistas, Aron Paul (Jesse Pinkman).

Y no es la única alusión a la serie, ya que hay otra cómica escena, esta vez incluyendo a Walter White y la mítica furgoneta laboratorio.

Easter Eggs de GTA 5 – Ovni sumergido

No es que tenga ninguna utilidad, pero no deja de ser curioso. Necesitaremos el submarino y sumergirnos al norte del mapa para llegar hasta la nave alienígena. Por si te interesa, aquí te dejamos la localización.

Easter Eggs de GTA 5 – Muñeco de nieve

Lo más curioso es su ubicación, ya que lo encontramos en unos almacenes en medio de la ciudad. No podemos interactuar con el ni nada, simplemente sorprende cuando lo vemos.

Easter Eggs de GTA 5 – Zombie

Solo incluyeron un zombie a modo de guiño a una temática que ha ganado muchos adeptos en los últimos años con series como Walking Dead. Se encuentra en Vinewood y realmente no es que de mucho miedo, la gente pasa muy cerca como si nada.

Easter Eggs de GTA 5 – Hatch de la serie Lost

Hay que haber sido un seguidor de la serie para reconocer este objeto, que de lo contrario lo normal es que pase totalmente desapercibido. Aquí se lo mostramos en un video, así como su localización:

Secretos de GTA 5 – Fantasma en la montaña

Podremos verlo entre las 21:00 y las 23:00 en lo alto de Monte Gordo. Justo en la roca que tiene escrito Jock con sangre. Aunque no se deja ver de cerca y tendremos que usar la mira del rifle de francotirador para verlo

Secretos de GTA 5 – Alien congelado

Al principio, en el prólogo de la historia, podremos ver el primer secreto que nos tiene reservado RockStar. Si caminamos sobre el lago helado, podremos ver un alien que se ha congelado en un intento por acceder a la superficie.

Secretos de GTA 5 – La Mansión Playboy

Se encuentra en Little Seoul, muy cerca de la costa. Pero si queremos visitar esta réplica recomendamos ir ya de noche, cuando estarán celebrando una fiesta en el patio trasero. Por si no la encuentran, aquí les dejamos la localización:

Secretos de GTA 5 – Master Cheff y Power Rangers

Una parodia en la que Master Cheff y los Power Rangers acaban a puñetazos en medio de la calle en la zona de las estrella de la fama, una clara burla de los desarrolladores de RockStar.

Secretos de GTA 5 – Los 3 OVNI

No tienen nada que ver con el que está sumergido al norte del mapa, y se encuentran en 3 localizaciones distintas:

1- En el Monte Chiliad: Lo veremos una vez nos hayamos terminado el juego y yendo a las 03:00. No siempre sale, aunque podemos incrementar nuestras opciones si cambiamos el tiempo a lluvioso a través de los trucos

2- Base militar de Zacundo: Para que aparezca tendremos que sobrevolar un rato la base con un helicóptero.

3- En Sandy Shores: Tendremos que hacer lo mismo, sobrevolar la zona con un helicóptero hasta que le de por salir.

Aquí os dejamos un video en el que podéis ver como localizar a los 3 OVNI:

Secretos de GTA 5 – Monte Chiliad

Sobre pocos enigmas hay tan poca información como del Easter Egg del Monte Chiliad. Ya han pasado 4 años y se sigue sin saber que significan el ovni, el jetpack y el huevo, así como la relación que tienen con las otras 5 cámaras. Pero parece ser que empieza a haber novedades en el código del juego. Si quieres seguirlas, aquí te dejamos toda la información: Misterio del Monte Chiliad

Aquí puedes ver también los mejores trucos para PS3, Xbox 360


GTA 5: Bizarre easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto V as players discover ALIENS in the game

Sunken alien spaceships, frozen alien bodies, a secret mission. is GTA going supernatural? WARNING SPOILERS

As Grand Theft Auto V hits shelves and thousands of gamers take time off work to enjoy it, secret storylines and easter eggs are starting to emerge.

There are callbacks to previous GTA games, reappearances of old friends, and – most importantly – new paranormal myths to dig up.

Rockstar has always loved playing games with it’s fans, and the cryptic clues just keep coming.

The first big surprise is a mysterious storyline all about aliens.

This is not the first time aliens have appeared in GTA – but this is on a whole new level.

1. The first clue happened when Rockstar hinted: “The blueprint map in the other editions does contain plenty of additional information and secrets on it.”

The special edition map of the game seems normal – until you put it under a UV lamp.

Then, in glowing blue ink, dozens of secret messages and codes appeared on the map.

Most intriguing out of these was a little doodle of a space ship with the words “They’re here!”

2. So what happens when you go to that particular location on the map?

It’s in the water on the northern ridge of the map – and if you dive deep enough, sure enough, there’s an alien spaceship.

There are no entrances to this ship, but we have a feeling this is not the last we are going to see of it.

3. Rockstar go one step further – you can find an actual alien hidden in the map.

During the tutorial mission at the very beginning of the game, you can go off-road to find an alien frozen in a stream.

Here is a guide as to how to find the creepy guy:


‘GTA 5’: The best Easter Eggs in Los Santos and San Andreas

Aliens, UFOs, ghosts, and Trevor Philips. It’s safe to say the fictional state of San Andreas is a pretty strange place. And it’s in this strange place we have spent countless hours of our real lives over the last few weeks exploring while listening to Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time.

With Rockstar’s fantastic attention to detail and numerous cryptic messages, we’re certain there are plenty of Easter Eggs and secrets still waiting to be discovered, but for the time being, here are some of our favourite Eggs that have been found so far.

Aliens and the mystery of Mount Chiliad

Hitch a ride on the cable car service up to the top of Mount Chiliad (read: fly up in a helicopter, parachute out, guns blazing) and the player is presented with a cryptic map that continues to baffle even the greatest GTA detectives.

There has been plenty of speculation to what the various markers dotted across the possible Illuminati-inspired drawing mean, including: unlocking an accessible, flying UFO, and a certain Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson’s best friend, GTA: San Andreas‘s jetpack.

By combining the drawing with the San Andreas map, players have deciphered that key icons lead to various UFO locations, although some icons have yet to be deciphered.

The Lost hatch

Remember Lost? Well for those of you who don’t, the JJ Abrams-created show about a group of passengers stranded on a mysterious island after a plane crash thrilled audiences from 2004 up until its unsatisfying finale in 2010.

In a recurring mystery featured in the first season, a mysterious hatch is found and subsequent theories followed from the characters as to what was inside.

The same hatch appears underwater on the far-east side of the map in GTA V, although finding what’s inside proves to be a little harder than in the show, as players are crushed by the water pressure upon arrival!

A scene from No Country for Old Men

In a truly awesome reference to the Coen Brothers’ 2007 Oscar-winning crime-drama No Country for Old Men, by heading over to a small off-road lane on the north-west area of the map, you will notice red dots suddenly appear on the map. Upon further inspection, the area bears a striking resemblance to the drug deal-gone-wrong scene from the film, complete with a tidy sum of money available in a briefcase.

If you choose to ignore the warnings from a dying dealer and collect the briefcase (who wouldn’t?), after leaving the area, two trucks chase after you that are not best pleased with your decision.

We can only hope that one truck contains Anton Chigurh.

The Ghost of Mount Gordo

In the creepiest of the Easter Eggs, a ghost appears at the edge of Mount Gordo between the hours of 11pm and midnight.

For those of you that found all the letter scraps scattered around the map that detailed the murder of Lenora Johnson, this then led to another mystery titled ‘Blood on the Rocks’ describing the murder of Jolene Cranley-Evans and her suspect husband supposedly pushing her off the cliff.

Jolene disappears on closer inspection, so follow the below video for instructions on how to take a selfie with a ghost.

Cool Clothing

To have a sense of cosplay in your GTA world, why not buy the Drive-inspired jacket worn in the film by Ryan Gosling, or Jack Nicholson’s jacket sported by Trevor from The Shining.

Or if you fancy becoming another famous Rockstar character, by shaving Michael’s head, purchasing (yes, purchasing) stubble, and buying the ‘Parrot Print Shirt’, he resembles the bullet time titular character from Max Payne 3.

Bigfoot, at last

The supposed appearance of Bigfoot in GTA: San Andreas has been the biggest urban myth surrounding the game ever since its release in 2004, so it makes sense that GTA 5 would pay homage.

On the ‘Predator’ mission, when using an infrared scope as Michael, it’s actually possible to spot Bigfoot in the trees. Bigfoot found, at last!

Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson & Grove Street Families

In the mission ‘Hood Safari’, the player heads down to nostalgia town and revisits Grove Street from our past San Andreas trip. Three men appear on bikes closely resembling the main protagonist Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson, alongside Big Smoke and Ryder from GTA: San Andreas.

The mission’s narrative continues by meeting a drug dealer who is now living in Carl’s house.

What secrets and Easter Eggs have you found in GTA 5? Let us know in the comments below!


GTA V Easter eggs, secrets, and cameos

Grand Theft Auto V is a game of unprecedented size, but in our dozens of hours with Rockstar’s latest open-world adventure, we’ve unearthed several secrets and Easter eggs. These hallmarks of the Grand Theft Auto series are always a pleasure to discover, and we’ll be adding more to this list in the weeks and months to come.

Check out our list of secrets, cameos, and Easter eggs in GTA V. We’ll be updating this list in the days and weeks to come, so i f you’ve spotted something that we missed, be sure to drop a comment below and tell us about it!

Spoilers below

1. GTA V has cameo references to GTA IV characters. During one pre-heist conversation, Lester mentions an “Eastern European” out in Liberty City who was quite good at this kind of work, but has gone quiet in recent months. Quiet? What’s happened to our beloved Niko Bellic?

2. There are also cameo appearances by GTA IV characters. Johnny Klebitz, the main protagonist of GTA IV’s The Lost and the Damned DLC, first appears during Trevor’s introduction. What happens next is a spoiler best left for the game, but suffice it to say, his introduction is simultaneously exciting and disturbing.

3. In the Suburban clothing store, you can buy a tropical shirt for Michael that looks remarkably similar to the one worn by Max Payne in Rockstar’s Max Payne 3.

4. Grove Street (a GTA: San Andreas landmark) makes a prominent appearance in one GTA V mission. Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor go to CJ’s old haunt to carry out a drug deal with some Ballas, but the deal goes south and all three must shoot their way out.

More secrets and Easters eggs on Page 2.

5. In the aforementioned mission, the house that Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor go to for the drug deal is in the same spot as CJ’s mom’s house was in GTA: San Andreas.

6. The game map included in GTA V’s special edition has a secret message and marked location visibly only by shining UV light on the map. In the game, this spot has a remote dock for sale with a Minisub and several offshore Nuclear Waste barrels you can sell for cash.

7. The game’s second heist, in which Trevor decides between blowing up a docked freighter or hijacking a device at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, is a clear nod to GTA III’s iconic “Bomb Da Base” missions, in which the protagonist and 8-ball blow up a freighter with a huge cargo of SPANK, the Colombian Cartel’s premier drug.

8. Lester has Superman and Master Chief action figures on a shelf in his house. (Thanks, Cheat CC.)

9. If you swim out too far in the Pacific Ocean, a shark might come out of nowhere and eat you. But at least there’s a trophy for it! (Thanks, Cheat CC.)

10. Righteous Slaughter is the first-person shooter that Michael’s son Jimmy is addicted to. Drop by his room during GTA V’s early hours and take a peek at the game’s graphics, which are a brash nod to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

GTA V has only been out for a day or two, so there are hundreds of secrets left to unearth. As you play your own adventures in San Andreas, be sure to keep an eye out for easter eggs, cameos, and other clever treasures. Drop a comment below if you spot something, and we’ll add it to our list!

Stay glued to for more GTA V coverage, and stay tuned for our review later this week.

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GTA V Cheats, Easy Money Farming, Easter Eggs, References


Rockstar Games have released the remastered version of their blockbuster open world action adventure title to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today.

I am sure many of you have been waiting for this day, holding on tight to your new consoles from over a year so that you could play GTA V on them; and now is your time! While the game’s graphics and a lot of other features have changed massively, there still are aspects that remain the same.

For instance, the cheats that we have exploited on PS3 and Xbox 360, the ways in which you can earn faster and the intricately developed Easter Eggs!

Here we are with a rundown on a couple of guides that we have written for those who want to rake up the numbers quick.

GTA 5 Cheats For Weapons, Vehicles, Items, Player and World
Casual gamers have always benefited from cheats in the Grand Theft Auto series, and GTA V is no different.

Whether you are talking about the vehicles, weapons, players or the world itself; this game is full of surprises if you know what buttons to hit.

This guide will give you the cheats for both, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

GTA 5 Easy Money – How To Make
Next up, we have the easy money guide. Of course, who doesn’t want to get rich quickly; and this game has a lot of ways in which you can do so.

We have listed over a dozen different ways in which you can earn extra money, especially how the stock market works.

GTA 5 Easter Eggs, References and Secrets
Lastly, we have a detailed guide that will explain to you around 40 Easter Eggs, secrets and pop culture references that the game has.

If you haven’t tried these before, let me tell you that there are going to be things related to movies, other games and even Jesus Christ himself.

Do check out the other guides that we have written for GTA V.


Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter Eggs Locations Guide

Find all the Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter eggs locations by following the guide.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter Eggs Locations will guide you on finding all the different places where the can be found. There are different easter eggs in the game that you will be able to find. From old shows such as like chips, Jaws, reference to other video games such as Borderlands and many more. Follow the Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter Eggs locations below and if you have any more, please do share with us in the link below.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter eggs locations

  • Alien Easter Eggs
  • Ghost of Mt. Gordo
  • Big Foot
  • DC Characters (super man, wonder woman)
  • Master Chief
  • Dead Island
  • Jaws the Movie
  • Borderlands
  • Mt. Chilliad
  • Children of the mountain
  • Frozen Alien
  • Back to the Future
  • Zombie Easter Egg
  • Chips


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Easter Eggs

Go to the boat yard, and get in one of the boats. drive east, in the boat somewhere between the boat yard and washington beach. It looks like the boat crashed into a large underwater rock.

The next one, go to the part of the ocean north of the north. more

Broadway in Vice City (the Liberty City Experience) – 8.3/10 with 6 votes

Grand Theft Auto 3 Reference – 8.1/10 with 11 votes

1. Find a boat, preferably a Dinghy.

2. Go to the large piece of land that sticks out from th Leaf Links Country Club.

3. Find the collection of rocks in the the water between the west island and the piece of land.

1.Go to Vice city east and go to the southern most pay’n’spray.
2.Exit it and go to the street south of it.
3.There should be a pink house with two stairs leading to the first floor with two doors. Go through the second door.

1. Go to the VCN building’s helipad. The VCN Maverick helicopter is parked there.

The VCN building on the west island, downtown area. It is on the north side of North Bridge (the bridge that leads to Prawn Island). At ground level, the building has. more

Tommy Vercetti’s Office – Scarface Reference – 7.2/10 with 76 votes

There are a lot of Scarface references in this game. The beach setting, the music on the radio stations are from the Scarface soundtrack, peoples names like Diaz and the Colonel and certain scenes and missions within the game.

After you have completed the mission where you kill Diaz and take his mansion on Prawn Island go inside the mansion from the main entrance and go up the stairs. The first picture to the right of the office is a picture of Diaz, however. more

Beach Ball Minigame/Rockstar Pool – 6.8/10 with 4 votes

TV Show Reference – 6.5/10 with 17 votes

1- You must go to the second part of the city.

2- Go to little Haiti and find the Kauffman Taxi Station.(It’ll be available after you completed the Kauffamn serie of duties)

3- Go to the right wall in the building

4- There must be a gaming arcade. more

NOTE:This is not officialy an egg but it helps.This is for PS2 ONLY!

These are all known cheats for the PS2 version of GTA:Vice City:

Weapons (tier 1):
Press R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up during game play. A message. more

Come to Dundee – 3.6/10 with 149 votes

Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan – Hidden picture – 3.2/10 with 12 votes

Learn how to use the Jetpack. It’s simply a “in-game coordinate changer”. You can move up, down and forwad in the air, even through walls. Steer the direction with the mouse.

1. Drive (or fly with the Jetpack) to the Ammu-Nation in Downtown. Picture. more

In your Apartment room, ion the wall above your couch is a picture of Claude Speed.

Claude Speed is the main character from GTA3 (otherwise known as Claude, Fido, the Kid). Claude also featured in GTA: VC as a non-playable character.


An iconic, landmark restaurant

Hours & Location

Main Restaurant

Monday – Thursday
Lunch 11am – 4pm
Dinner 5pm – 9pm

Lunch 11am – 4pm
Dinner 5pm – 11pm

Brunch 9am – 4pm
Dinner 5pm – 11pm

Brunch 9am – 4pm
Dinner 5pm – 9pm

Bar Room Seating & Bar Menu available all day, seven days a week.

A modern tavern.

. nestled in a bucolic Central Park setting, Tavern on the Green is an iconic, landmark restaurant unlike any other.

Centered around a hearty, rustic menu shaped by local, seasonal ingredients, Tavern on the Green invites patrons into a warm, celebratory gathering space that captures the spirit of Central Park and the energy of New York City.

Originally designed by Calvert Vaux and built in 1870 to house the sheep that grazed in Central Park’s Sheep Meadow, Tavern on the Green has proudly served locals, presidents, royalty, artists, actors, and first-time visitors since 1934.

Tavern on the Green is temporarily closed in compliance with the NYC mandate in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We will reopen as soon as possible and are anxious to get back to doing what drives our passion every day, which is serving our community, being a part of the vitality of New York City and providing hospitality to our loyal guests…our Tavern Family.

We look forward to NYC rebounding from this, and to seeing you soon in our Courtyard, Dining Rooms, Beer Garden and ToGo window.

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With Warmth & Gratitude,
Tavern on the Green


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