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Join A Cult In ‘GTA V’ With These New Epsilon Program Online Missions

While picking out this week’s selection of player-made missions to promote in Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games decided to single out the best community jobs that revolve around the one of the franchise’s biggest in-game cults. After announcing the currently promoted user-generated content on the official Rockstar Newswire blog, the developer revealed that each and every one of their new favorite fan-created missions for GTA Online involve the Epsilon Program cult.

“Truth seekers rejoice, the time is nigh to partake in player-created GTA Online Jobs inspired by the Epsilon Program. Don’t be an antithesis, bookmark these Epsilon Program-themed Jobs on Social Club to experience them for yourself. Kifflom!”

It seems that Rockstar Games had a hard time narrowing down what they consider to be the best jobs that the GTA V online community has built to date. Normally the developer picks out a selection of about four missions to showcase but, with this week’s offering, they selected a total of six cult-themed jobs that were made by GTA Online players across all platforms.

These user-made missions give gamers a variety of different objectives that all deal with the Epsilon Program ranging from races around the cult’s headquarters building to competitive deathmatches that pit Epsilon members against a team of anti-cult specialists.

The Epsilon Program was first introduced to gamers in the Grand Theft Auto IV. However, the cult played a larger role in GTA V, which featured a mulit-part story arch that allowed Michael to become a high ranking member of the program. Furthermore, after experiencing their first death within GTA Online, players were also visited by the cult’s leader who gives out advice on how to enable Passive Mode to help prevent future mishaps.

Nearly every week, Rockstar Games showcases a new selection of what they consider to be the best jobs that fans have built using Grand Theft Auto V‘s in-game missions creation tools. In addition to giving players the ability to design their own missions, the developer also frequently shares some of their favorite custom videos that PC gamers have directed with the Rockstar Editor. Continuing this trend, the developer posted a new set of videos on Friday.

However, console gamers will also soon be able to create their own films within GTA V. As the Inquisitr reported earlier this month, the editing tools will officially be added to the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game as part a new major update coming in September.

Have you ever tried to create your own mission or short film using the provided tools in Grand Theft Auto V?


Gta 5 epsilon missions

  • Sections
    • Home
  • Walkthrough
    • Prologue
    • Franklin and Lamar
    • Repossession/ Complications
    • Father and Son
    • Chop
    • Marriage Counseling
    • Daddy’s Little Girl
    • Friend Request
    • Casing the Jewel Store
    • Carbine Rifles
    • The Jewel Store Job
    • Mr. Philips
    • Nervous Ron
    • Trevor Philips Industries
    • Crystal Maze
    • Fame or Shame
    • Dead Man Walking
    • Friends Reunited
    • The Long Stretch
    • Did Somebody Say Yoga
    • Hotel Assassination
    • The Multi Target Assassination
    • Three’s Company
    • Hood Safari
    • By the Book
    • Scouting the Port
    • Minisub
    • Trash Truck
    • Boiler Suits
    • Masks
    • Tow Truck
    • The Merryweather Heist
    • Blitz Play
    • Mr. Richards
    • I Fought the Law
    • Eye in the Sky
    • The Vice Assassination
    • The Bus Assassination
    • Caida Libre
    • Deep Inside
    • Minor Turbulence
    • The Construction Assassination
    • Paleto Score Setup
    • Derailed
    • Monkey Business
    • Hang Ten
    • Surveying the Score
    • Bury the Hatchet
    • Pack Man
    • Fresh Meat
    • The Ballad of Rocco
    • Cleaning Out the Bureau
    • Reuniting the Family
    • Architect’s Plans
    • Legal Trouble
    • The Bureau Raid
    • The Wrap Up
    • Lamar Down
    • Meltdown
    • Driller
    • Sidetracked
    • The Big Score
    • The Third Way
    • Grass Roots – The Drag
  • Collectibles
    • Epsilon Tracts
    • Hidden Packages
    • Nuclear Waste
    • Spaceship Parts List
    • Stunt Jump Locations
    • Submarine Parts List
    • Secrets
    • Letter Scraps
    • Complete Website Lists
    • Epsilon Missions
    • iFruit
    • Money Earniner Techniques
    • Radio Tracklists
    • Vehicles List
    • Weapons and Equipment List
  • Strangers & Freaks
    • Exercising Demons
    • Fair Game
    • Grass Roots – Michael
    • Grass Roots – The Pickup
    • Paparazzo – The Sex Tape
    • Paparazzo
    • Pulling Another Favor
    • Pulling Favors Again
    • Pulling Favors
    • Shift Work
    • Still Pulling Favors
    • Target Practice
    • Vinewood Souvenirs – Al Di Napoli
    • Vinewood Souvenirs – Kerry
    • Vinewood Souvenirs – Mark
    • Vinewood Souvenirs – The Last Act
    • Vinewood Souvenirs – Tyler
    • Vinewood Souvenirs – Willie
    • Paparazzo – The Highness
    • An American Welcome
    • Breach of Contract
    • Civil Border Patrol
    • Closing The Deal
    • Exercising Demons – Franklin
    • Exercising Demons – Trevor
    • Extra Commission
    • Grass Roots – Trevor
    • Liquidity Risk
    • Minute Man Blues
    • Paparazzo – Reality Check
    • Paparazzo – The Meltdown
    • Risk Assessment
    • Surreal Estate
    • Targeted Risk
  • Achievements
    • Achievements and Trophies
  • Bail Bond Missions
    • Bail Bond Jumper: Curtis Weaver
    • Bail Bond Jumper: Glenn Scoville
    • Bail Bond Jumper: Larry Tupper
    • Bail Bond Jumper: Ralph Ostrowski
  • Rampages
    • Hipster Nation
    • No Love For The Hood
    • One Man Army
    • Redneck Rampage
    • What Accent?
  • Radio Tracklists
    • Radio Tracklists
  • Extra Scenarios
    • Extra Scenarios

These missions become available after you acquire Michael as a playable character. After completion, this allows you to start hunting for the collectibles called the Epsilon Tracts.

* Using Michael, press up on the d-pad to pull up the phone, open the internet browser, then go to the Epsilon website “” and finish the evaluation.

* Head to the marker at Raton Canyon, receive the email, then open the attachment and send a $500 donation to the Epsilon site.

* Head back to your home, save a few times until the Epsilon icon appears on the map, then go to that location. Receive a new email, open the atachment, then send a $5,000 donation to the Epsilon site.

* Save in your home again until you can access another Epsilon icon. Then grab all the Epsilon vehicles – Dinka Double-T, Benefactor Surano, Declasse Tornado, Pegassi Vacca, and an Enus Super Diamond.

* Save in your home again until you can access another Epsilon icon. Finish this mission then send a $10,000 donation to the Epsilon site.

* Save in your home until you can access another Epsilon icon. Receive a new email, open up the attachment, then purchase the robes for $25,000 from the Epsilon site.

* After a day, the robes will be delivered. Head to Michael’s closet. Wear the robe, then sleep for ten days straight. Save in your home until you can access another Epsilon icon. Head to the designated waypoint and finish the mission.

* Save in your home again until you can access another Epsilon icon. Walk through the desert for five miles while wearing the robes, then take the call that you will receive.

* Save in your home again until you can access another Epsilon icon. Go to the marker and finish the mission. Make sure to neutralize everyone and escape the area using your vehicle.


Epsilon Missions

Last updated: 5th May 2019

The Epsilon missions in Grand Theft Auto V are a series of missions designed to make the player become hostile. The Epsilonists require Michael to do a series of crazy missions whilst continuing to donate large amounts of money to the cult. Only Michael can take part in the Epsilon missions and you can start the missions at any point during the game.

Below is an ordered list of the Epsilon missions in GTA V that you can complete, we have provided extensive guides on how to do this.

Noticed a typo? Or something unclear? Help improve this page by leaving a comment below.


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30 Complete your path to enlightenment. or not.

This achievement can only be obtained while playing as Michael and involves a very long process of tedious missions and monetary donations. To begin, pull up your in-game cellphone and access the internet. Type in “Epsilon” in the search bar, click on the first website that comes up, and complete the Epsilon Program Identity Evaluation on the homepage. As soon as you quit out of the internet, there will be a new Strangers and Freaks mission on your map in Raton Canyon. Approach the red truck there and watch the cutscene that ensues. Following this cutscene, Michael will receive an email informing him to donate $500 to the Epsilon website in order to unlock the next mission.

After making the donation and a few in-game days have passed, head to the next Epsilon icon on your map near the corner of Clinton Avenue and Alta Street in Downtown Vinewood. Complete this mission and you will need to donate another $5,000 through their website. During the next mission, you be required to deliver five vehicles to the Epsilon Garage in Vinewood Hills. You will be sent a photo of each vehicle to your cellphone in order to help track them down. If you have a lot of spare cash, access the internet on your cellphone and open the “Travel and Transport” menu. Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website and buy the following vehicles:

  • Enus Super Diamond – $250,000
  • Pegassi Vacca – $240,000
  • Benefactor Surano – $99,000

These purchased cars will be sent directly to Michael’s garage. If you do not have the cash for these three vehicles, all five can be found throughout the city of Los Santos (if you need further guidance, the video below shows these vehicle locations starting at 2:31):

  • The Pegassi Vacca can be found parked on Wild Oats Drive in front of a house in Vinewood Hills
  • The Benefactor Surano is sitting in a parking lot in the cul-de-sac of the Lake Vinewood Estates
  • The Declasse Tornado can be found in a parking lot at the “Domestic – Japanese – European” Garage in Hawick (2 blocks East of Ammu-Nation gun shop 2/9 on map legend)
  • The Enus Super Diamond is parked behind Leopold’s on Dorset Drive in Rockford Hills (2 blocks South of Ponsonbys clothing store 1/3 on the map legend)
  • The Double-T Motorcycle is parked in one of the spaces next to the Lifeinvader offices on Boulevard Del Perro.

After delivering all five vehicles to the Epsilon Garage, you will need to complete another short mission. After this, you will need to make TWO $5,000 donations to the website for the next mission to appear, which tasks you with buying the Epsilon Robes from their website for $25,000. You must now wear the robes for 10 straight days, so return to Michael’s house and simply sleep for 10 days straight in order to speed this up. Once this task has been completed, you will receive a text from Jimmy Boston asking you to go Fort Zancudo; complete the next mission there. Following this, proceed to the next Epsilon icon when it appears on your map and make sure you are still wearing the Robes. Talk to the crew there and they will inform you that you need to wander 5 miles in the desert. Distance covered is tracked onscreen above your radar after every 0.1 mile.

Tip: Wrapping a rubber band around the controller’s thumbsticks will continuously move Michael in a circle so that you do not have to sit there during the mission. Just be careful not to wonder outside the desert of the tracker will reset.

After completing this dreadful task, make sure you have $50,000 on hand and head over to the Epsilon Center in West Vinewood when the mission appears. Complete this final mission in any way you’d like (to obtain the Gold Medal for this mission; drive to the drop off point, kill the helicopter crew, security guards and back up security, and then drive off with the money) and the achievement is finally yours!


GTA 5 Walkthrough All Epsilon Program Missions

Rumas said: December 14th, 2013 01:49 AM

GTA 5 Walkthrough All Epsilon Program Missions

The Epsilon Missions are weird and you must be Michael to do them. You will not be able to play them until you visit the Epsilon website.

Epsilon Program – Seeking The Truth:
Open up your web browser and type:

. or just hit Random until it appears.

Click the “Evaluate your identity” and answer however you like.

Head to Raton Canyon and find the red truck. You now need to wait for a text message to start the next mission.

Epsilon Program – Accepting The Truth:
Once you receive a text message you can begin the mission “Accepting the Truth“.

Go to the Epsilon website and donate $500.

A question mark will appear in Vinewood. Go there and enter the seemingly empty building and watch the cut scene.

You will now be asked to donate another $5,000 via the Epsilon Program’s website.

You may need to wait some time for the next mission to appear. So forget about it for a while and do some other missions in the game. Switching characters for some time seemed to help.

Epsilon Program – Assuming The Truth:
The next mission will be in Grapeseed. Go there and watch the cut scene, then leave the area.

You will now need to find some cars for the Epsilon Program. You will need to deliver all the cars to a garage in Vinewood Hills. Try to do so with little damage to the cars.

All five car locations are marked on the map in this section.(In the video)

1) The Pegassi Vacca can be found parked in a driveway close to Franklin’s home in Vinewood Hills.

2) The Benefactor Surrano is in a neighborhood in Vinewood Hills near a lake. I found it in a small parking lot, but you can also find it in other driveways on this street.

3) I found the Dinka Double-T in west Vinewood. You can also find it around the golf club. It will be parked across the street in front of a large apartment building.

4) The Enus Super Diamond can be found driving on the same road as the place you will be delivering it to. You can also find it near a place called Leopolls. The car is in the rear parking lot here.

5) The Declasse Tornado is all over the place in North Vinewood. I found it near Vaspucci Canals.

Once you deliver the last vehicle you will need to wait for a text message.

Epsilon Program – Chasing The Truth:
Once you have received the text message, the mission “Chasing the Truth” will show up on your map.

Use the so called “incredible meter” to find a bunch of junk.

To get Gold:

  • Use the Force – You will need to find the artifact without using the meter. In other words, you will need to memorize the location of the boot and play the mission over again. Once you find the boot the mission will end, you will be told to donate $10,000 to the Epsilon Program.

Epsilon Program – Bearing The Truth:
Once you have donated $10,000 to the Epsilon Program. You will need to wait a few days (in the game) for the “Bearing the Truth” mission to show up. Sleeping will often cause it to appear on the map.

You now need to go to the Epsilon website and buy the Epsilon robes for a whopping $25,000!

Go to Michael’s home and sleep a few times until the robe is delivered. Boy, will Michael look cool in this!!

You now need to pass 10 days. The best way to do this is to sleep 40 times, as 6 hours will pass with each sleep.

Epsilon Program – Delivering The Truth:
Once you are done sleeping you will get a text and “Delivering the Truth” shows up on the map.

When you arrive at the mission you will find a plane waiting. You will need to Fly it to the Sandy Shores Airfield.

To get gold:

  • Touchdown – Land the plane without damaging it.
  • Zondar the Bridge – Fly under any bridge near Fort Zancudo on your way to the Airfield.

Epsilon Program – Exercising The Truth:
You will have to wait for “Exercising the Truth” to show up on the map.

You will need to drive out to the Grand Senora Desert. Make sure you are wearing your cool Epsilon outfit, otherwise the mission will not start!

You will now have to do the most senseless thing in this game. You will need to remain within the boundaries of the Grand Senora Desert and run, jog, or walk five miles. All of it must be done on foot. This will take 40 real minutes to complete.

The best thing I found to do is find a good spot where there are no bobcats and place a rubber band on the 2 analogue sticks, pulling them together.

This will make you walk in a circle. You can now walk away from your controller and let the rubber bands do the annoying work.

Once you are done Chris will call you and let you know you have finished. Now switch to Franklin and sleep.

The next mission should appear near Michael’s house.

Epsilon Program – Unknowing The Truth:
The next mission is the last one.

Make sure to wear your Epsilon Robes and have $50,000 and you can begin the mission.

This mission can end two ways:

1) The first and recommended way is as follows. When you arrive at the pick up point shoot everyone.

Use Michael’s special ability and shoot the helicopter pilot first. Shooting him will make the getaway a lot easier.

Once you get away you will be rewarded $2,100,000. This way will earn you gold.

But, If you steal the money, you will not be given any hints, to the locations of the Epsilon tracts.

2) The other way is to let them take the money. If you choose this way you will be rewarded with a useless tractor.

To get gold:

  • Cult Intervention – Kill all Epsilon security
  • Show me the Money – Steal the Epsilon money and escape

Rumas said: January 11th, 2014 09:12 AM

Re: GTA 5 Walkthrough All Epsilon Program Missions

GTA 5 Walkthrough: Epsilon Tract Locations:

You can collect these after you finish the main Epsilon missions. Just wait till you get a text from Marnie afterwards.

rifat499 said: November 16th, 2016 11:33 AM


Grand Theft Auto V Epsilon Missions Guide

Taking part in Grand Theft Auto 5 with cheats makes this insane Rockstar sandbox even crazier. It is also extremely recommended you max out the “Flying” statistic of one of your characters first by finishing the teachings at the Flight College at the Los Santos International Airport (Trevor might be almost maxed out when you achieve control of him within the story).

We would like to point out, nonetheless, that there’s a time limit for how typically you possibly can sell a automobile, so if you happen to find one other version of a car that you just sold, you could have to reserve it in a storage until the time is up. Two seconds are never the identical in Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos and Blaine County, where timber sway, unscripted occasions happen, and the inhabitants are randomly generated.

Mission Time: Full inside 09:forty five minutes. It is also attainable in the on-line mode, but it’s not suggested, as you’d lose your cash permanently, if the automobile does not work for the trophy. They’re co op missions involving 4 players. Additional New Adversary Modes – Brings new kinds of competitors to GTA On-line whereas new Daily Goals and different Freemode activities bring chaos to the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County.

All mental property rights in and to Grand Theft Auto 5 are owned by Rockstar Video games, together with copyrighted photos and trademarks from Grand Theft Auto 5. Omada Digital is just not affiliated with Rockstar Games in any manner. This trophy can only be executed by Trevor any time after the mission Mr. Philips.

Itemizing all the brand new stuff would take way too long (and almost certainly over 20 steps right here), so in this step I’d advocate to play almost all story missions to be sure, that each one issues are unlocked. You won’t lose any cash should you sell the shares quick sufficient, but it still counts in direction of the spending for the trophy.

Our examination of Grand Theft Auto V’s many, many settings comes to a close with a have a look at the self-explanatory Water Quality. These missions are a great way to gain expertise points and money, as well as enjoy some distinctive quests not available in the campaign.

You CAN replay the identical heist and get a platinum medal on the identical missions, it WILL depend! The earliest this can be achieved is throughout the second heist, The Prison Break.” After your crew of four has accomplished all four of the Setup missions, host a lobby for the Finale and invite your social gathering.

Frome there, it’s a case of cleaning up all the collectibles and side missions, which we have outlined in additional element in the Trophy Guide below. Each of these heists consists of a number of Setup missions in addition to a Finale and competing your first Setup mission will unlock Be Ready.

Go to the “M” on your map while playing as Trevor or Michael to start this mission. To search out these little aspect-missions, merely watch for a query mark image on the Map. Since there may be a lot to do in the world, you might get a bit overwhelmed at time; so play at a comfortable pace and ensure to unfold out your play time between all three characters and all of the completely different missions and activities.

The Map in GTA 5 is basically your greatest instrument for getting missions, discovering things to do and for planning routes to and from jobs. Refer to our Easy methods to Make Massive Quantities of Money in Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 guide for extra information on this. Set in the sprawling, sun-soaked metropolis of Los Santos, Grand Theft Auto V centres round three very completely different criminals all plotting and scheming for their own probability of survival and success.

It is not long earlier than you construct up a wholesome arsenal of firepower in GTA V. Your guns stick with you once you’ve got got them in your inventory, barring a handful of plot-particular moments that restrict what you’ve received entry to. Ammu-Nation continues to be the weapons supplier of selection within the GTA universe, they usually’re all over the place in Los Santos.

The setting of Grand Theft Auto 5 is Los Santos and the encircling areas of San Andreas , the Los Angeles-inspired region where GTA: San Andreas on PS2 was set. This Roadmap will include several really helpful steps to make sure that you’ll not miss any trophy, as there are a few of them at different stages of the game.

Grand Theft Auto V affords players the selection of three DirectX renderers: DirectX 10, DirectX 10.1, and DirectX 11. DirectX 10 and DirectX 10.1 are included primarily for compatibility functions, enabling these with older GPUs missing DirectX 11 support to play the sport.


GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #166 (BEST GTA V Funny Moments & Epic Moments Compilation)

GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #166 (BEST GTA 5 Funny Moments & Epic Moments Compilation)
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♬ Epidemicsound (
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♬ Slippy – Flow


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GTA 5 FAILS & WINS #163 (BEST GTA V Funny Moments & Epic Moments Compilation)
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GTA 5 roleplay mod

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most joyful game and a successful addition in GTA family. The gamers love its advance GTA 5 RolePlay Mod as this feature has made this all-time game favourite among all GTA lovers! This option allows multiple new features, and thus all gamers love the game more than its previous versions. Here in this article, we will throw some light on this advanced GTA 5 RolePlay Mod feature.

What is Mod?

Modding in Grand Theft Auto is something massive and exciting to understand. This advance feature has improved the experience to play this latest series of Rockstar! In simple words, a mod can be defined as a modification, alteration or a change in the game, while the users and players can customize the character according to their preferences. The gamers can join the GTA 5 Arena as a cop, a criminal, a doctor, a different criminal, or other characters—you can name it!Mods and Cheats are two different things in GTA.

Below is a sample picture of the Mod that how the giant GTA 5 main character has been replaced with a small seagull due to the power of GTA 5 Mod.

Here is the list of some all-time favourite GTA 5 MOD characters:

  • Spider-Man
  • The Hulk
  • Robber
  • Police
  • Zombie and Many more.

Indeed, you can be any character in the game with the powerful Modding feature in GTA 5. Now there are online communities where the gamers interact with one another, exchange knowledge and their toolsets about the mods.

The modification is not restricted to the customization of GTA 5 character. It allows the gamers to modify the cars and other assets of the game too!

What is GTA 5 Roleplay?

GTA V Roleplay is a multi-player mod launched for the computer version. In this Mod, Players plays a significant role, and the level of a character highly depends on the Character role selection. It allows different gamers to join the server and connect with one another. This Mod is available in online Servers, and if you have it, then it’s possible to join and connect the roleplaying servers! These types of servers are quite the same as the regular server. These are just additionally designed and modified that you can select some different roles and choose multiple mods that really enhance the experience of the game.

The big thing in GTA 5 Role Play Mod is that, you might be connected with the game as a criminal while one of your friends might be connected with the game as a police officer or as a superhero– Enjoy this excellent feature of GTA 5.Keep remember that you can only Play this Mod on PC not in Xbox mods.

How to play GTA 5 Roleplay Mod?

Indeed, there are different servers that the gamers join and then play the GTA 5 Roleplay Mod! The server performs a significant role, and the level of a character highly depends on the server selection. Some servers are very hardcore to play the character of Role Play- Thanks to NoPixels. This is publicly available for all the gamers.

In order to get and connect with this server, you need to download FiveM from its official website.For Step-by-Step Guide of How to Download and Instal FiveM you need to Click here. You will find that there will be two instances available in the FiveM. You need to connect with the multi-player settings because you are likely to play the GTA 5 RP mod. Here are the famous three servers’ names:

  • NoPixels
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  • Eclipse RP

So, nowadays, the Grand Theft Auto 5 roleplay servers, kept running by NoPixel! The Servers are no available for almost everyone excited to be the part of this absolutely exciting game, so the makers have also launched the Indian servers – The reason as it’s a part of the significant live stream on YouTube Channels!

So, have you tried the game in RolePlay Mod? Indeed, it’s a fun, excite, and an addiction to play. You will start loving this game more than anything and thanks to the entire GTA 5 developing community for such excellence gift to gamers community. All the gamers are waiting for something more bigger than expected in the next launch!


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@TayMcKenzie Brilliant xD cant wait to release THE BIG UPDATE soon!

@Tokisada Hello due to my admission in the hospital when i go home i’m going to update everything

@All that haven’t figured out the instruction pronouncements yet consider contacting me via discord or join the server all instructions are listed there with images 🙂

@TwilightRoseVaramek i’m making a huge update anyway, stay tuned hon 🙂

@iammistahwolf BTW I’m working on the asses now so i’ll release the updates soonish as i’m working ion the breast physics

@johnmac328 I’d keep changing upper ids until you find a proper fit 🙂


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