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The Invisible Bunnies That Power World of Warcraft

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Yesterday, I posted about a Fallout 4 mod that uses a complex, intertwining network of, er, kitties to make radios work. Turns out, game development is full of stories like that. World of Warcraft, for instance, is overrun with ghost bunnies.

WoW encounter designer Nathaniel Chapman explained it to me via Twitter .

“A lot of stuff behind the scenes that you wouldn’t expect to be a spell in WoW runs using the spell system,” he said. “Spells need casters, so we often have to rely on spawning in an invisible creature to be the one to actually ‘cast’ the spell. Other things that creatures are good at doing would be hard to implement any other way, so we use an invisible creature instead.”

He offered the example of the laser turret in this raid:

The ‘point’ of this laser turret is actually an invisible creature that is following a player with [a] laser visual and beam attached,” Chapman said. “It’s periodically casting fire zone spells.”

G/O Media may get a commission

Puriderma Fingernail and Toenail Repair Pen 2pcs- Nail Solution Nail.

Different games use different invisible creatures. For WoW, it’s mostly bunnies. Chapman pointed me to a list of bunnies in the game , noting that every bunny on the list that’s not categorized as a “critter” is an invisible bunny oompa-loompaing around in the background of WoW’s endless chocolate factory. The list, I should add, is 1,000 damn entries long. These bunnies have some incredible names, too. For instance, there’s the Projections And Plans Kill Credit Bunny. I’m also partial to Pony Gun Bunny.

Why is WoW a front for a morally questionable bunny labor operation? The short version is, programmers’ time is limited, and NPCs’ time is not. “Programmer time is extremely valuable, and most of the ‘stuff’ that can be done in a game can be done by NPCs,” said Chapman. “NPCs already have to support things like pathing, casting spells, using weapons, doing various actions to other NPCs, etc. So, while you could in theory have a programmer separately implement every ‘effect’ you wanted in the game with some minor benefit, if you already have a class of thing in a game that can solve your problem, it’s a better use of time to use the existing system.”

“NPCs check off every box in the ‘what I want’ column, except ‘not visible to the player,’” he said. “So you make an invisible creature.”

He noted, however, that this is all case-by-case, and some individual effects and functions are better left to programmers. Principal server software engineer Kurtis McCathern added that there aren’t as many invisible bunnies in WoW as there used to be. The WoW team’s tools have become more refined over time, so they don’t have to duct-tape rabbits to lasers as much anymore. “Sometimes,” McCathern said, “you don’t know designers need a kitchen until they’ve made ramen in a flower vase with an iron.”

Other designers pointed out that games they’ve worked on or played were also built on the haunted remains of pet cemeteries:


All My Alts

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World of Warcraft Quick Tips: New Herb Milling Macro

World of Warcraft Quick Tips: New Herb Milling Macro

Welcome to All My Alts quick tips. A brief but potent section that will hopefully help to ease or enhance your World of Warcraft game. Let’s get started:

The Garrison Herb Garden

Back in Mists of Pandaria a player was able to use a simple /use macro to be able to mill their herbs. Along the road to Warlords of Draenor a few lines of code were changed. Now, if you use the old /use macro it will not allow you to mill past a stack of herbs that doesn’t have exactly 5 in it. For those that do not use addons alike TSM destroy it can be frustrating.

However, there is a quick and easy save. Bring up your macro window by typing in /macro in your window and pressing enter. It should bring up the macro window.

Next we will make two macros. The first macro will be pressed once because it simply starts the script. Then you press the second macro repeatedly to continue milling to your hearst content.

Note: Make sure to name the macros just alike the bolded text and copy & paste the following code as exactly as shown:

/run function FnH() for i=0,4 do for j=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i) do local t= if t[7]==”Herb” and select(2,GetContainerItemInfo(i,j))>=5 then return i..” “..j,t[1] end end end end

/run local f,l,n=AuM or CreateFrame(“Button”,”AuM”,nil,”SecureActionButtonTemplate”) f:SetAttribute(“type”,”macro”) l,n=FnH() if l then f:SetAttribute(“macrotext”,”/cast Milling
/use “..l) SetMacroItem(“Milling2”,n) end
/click AuM

Once you do, you’ll be able to continue milling from one stack of herbs to another without being stopped by less than 5 bundles of herbs.

Happy playing!
from: All My Alts

#milling herbs #milling herbs macro #milling herbs wod #milling herbs addon #herbs wod


Think ‘World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth’ can play on any PC? Think again.

World of Warcraft is 14 years old. Its success comes with challenges most games never face, and graphics are chief among them. Blizzard’s MMO released the same year as Battlefield Vietnam, Half-Life 2, and Gran Turismo 4. Load those games today, and you probably won’t like what you see.

Blizzard is in a running battle with its own art. Expansions like Battle for Azeroth introduce new worlds, but the game’s artists must refresh the old as well, selectively polishing what’s most important. That polish has consequences for performance. The game has new graphics features, new textures, and new character models with higher polygon counts. The latest expansion even upgrades the game with DirectX 12 compatibility, while ditching DirectX 9 support.

What do you need to run World of Warcraft’s latest incarnation, and what settings should you change to improve performance?

The results are in

Before we dive into specific recommendations, we need to set a baseline. How does World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth perform on a modern computer? Might modern systems struggle with it? Or can virtually anything run it?

We fired up one of our most powerful test rigs, packing an AMD Threadripper 1920X processor and 32GB of RAM, all slapped on an Asus ROG Zenith motherboard. We tested with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1060, and GTX 1080 Ti. Of course, not everyone has such a powerful system, so we also tested on a Dell G3 gaming laptop. It had an Intel Core i5-8300H processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics chip, and eight gigabytes of RAM.

Our test loop began in Kul’Tiras, a major city in the new expansion, and ended in the wilderness of Tiragarde sound.

The results weren’t what you’d expect.

That’s right. The laptop significantly outpaced the beastly Threadripper 1920X system at every resolution and every detail setting. We also saw small differences in performance between each video card. Strangely, the GTX 1080 Ti wound up slightly slower overall than the GTX 1050 Ti.

Old man Warcraft

These are puzzling numbers, but they’re correct. We tested several times over and double checked every parameter we could imagine. This is how the game performs. The question is, why?

World of Warcraft was released in 2004, which of course means its development began years earlier. At the time, most people were running Pentium III or AMD Athlon processors, and most developers believed that single-core processors running at insanely high speeds was the future. Dual-core processors weren’t found in gaming PCs. World of Warcraft , like its peers, was developed to make as much use of a single core as possible.

That doesn’t translate well to modern computers. There’s no shortage of games that make poor use of multiple cores, but World of Warcraft is exceptionally bad. It generally hammers just one core, leaving a few scraps of code to another three, and the rest remain untapped.

Our numbers make sense if you keep that in mind. Geekbench’s single-core test reached a score of 4,456 on the Dell G3 with its Intel Core i5-8300H processor. The AMD Threadripper 1920X hit a score of 4,364. Though its has fewer cores, the Core i5-8300H is quicker in single-core tasks, and that seems to be a deciding factor here.

We wanted to further confirm the result, though, so we took an even more direct route. We overclocked the Threadripper 1920X, upping the base clock from 3.5GHz to 4.2GHz.

As you can see, overclocking the processor netted a performance boost of about 10 percent. That’s not massive, but it was consistent enough to be noticeable, and reinforces our belief the processor is holding back performance.

It’s fair to say World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is CPU-bound, but that’s not the entire story. You can’t pair it with any processor and expect the best results. You’ll need a processor with fast cores. That means Intel hardware is likely your best bet, and you’ll want to give preference to processor frequency over core count.

Direct X 12 processor performance comparison

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth isn’t blessed with the most modern game engine, but Blizzard has made efforts to modernize it over the years. Patch 8.0, released just ahead of the new expansion, makes that obvious by ditching DirectX 9 support and adding DirectX 12. DirectX 11 remains available, and it’s the new default option.

That’s for the best, because DirectX 12 doesn’t fare well in World of Warcraft.

We saw a major performance hit with every tested configuration, and most configurations saw the DX12 option performance 10 to 15 percent behind DX11. That’s a big gap, enough that you’d likely notice it in gameplay.

Just ignore DirectX 12 for now and stick with DirectX 11, the default setting.

How do you make the game run better?

World of Warcraft’s age comes with baggage, but it’s not all bad. The game offers a high degree of graphics customization, something that used to be a must-have for PC games but, in today’s era of multi-platform game releases, is too often skimped. Players can tweak World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth in numerous ways to achieve an ideal compromise between looks and performance.

The buffet of settings can be controlled with the game’s preset slider, which ranges from one (the lowest) to 10 (the highest). You’ll even have your settings adjusted to a recommended level when you first boot the game. As you can see in our performance results above, the “6” preset is a good balance of performance and visuals. High-end systems can ramp the preset up to and 7 or 8. Dialing it up to 10, though, means sacrificing 60 FPS gameplay on even the most powerful PCs.

While the presets are a good baseline, you can gain more performance with minimal visual compromise if you tweak a few individual settings.

View Distance

MMORPGs like World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth promise epic, immersive worlds, but providing such a world is always a struggle because view distance can be a huge drain on system resources. The further you can see, the more objects must be rendered. There’s no way to escape that.


What to do in WoW this week: the Darkmoon Faire continues

And play some Minesweeper.

WoW patch 8.3 this week marks the launch of new trainable pets for hunters; the second Looking for Raid difficulty wing for the Ny’alotha raid; a chance to be an evil rare creature; the right time to start working on an alt; and the continuation of the Darkmoon Faire.

This guide covers the week of February 4-10 (February 5-11 on EU servers), so here’s everything you need to know about how to excel in Azeroth.

The Darkmoon Faire: grab your bonus reputation and some new arcade games

The Darkmoon Faire runs until Saturday night, so grab your WHEE! buff from the roller coaster or the carousel to give yourself a bonus ten percent to reputation and experience gains. While you’re there, check out the brand-new Darkmoon Faire Arcade, which offers life-size versions of some pretty entertaining mini-games.

Some are familiar, including the pattern-matching game from the Tortollan world quests and the circuit-uncrossing game from Nazjatar world quests. But one of the most fun is a reboot of the old Minesweeper game that came with Microsoft Windows.

‘HexSweeper’ has you stepping on hexagons to clear them or right-clicking on a space to mark it as a mine. If you fail, you explode (and die, though you won’t take durability damage.) There are five levels, plus level X, which doesn’t label any of the hexes to start.

So far there’s no indication of any rewards for playing, but you can play all of the arcade games for an entire day with a single game token.

Hunters, get your new beasts

Hunters received the ability to tame a collection of new animals in a recent hotfix, including Dread Ravens, Rocs, Sea Serpents and Mechanical Chickens. One of the prettiest is the world boss Rukhmar in Spires of Arak (from the Warlords of Draenor expansion), who are now tamable.

Looking for Raid Ny’alotha opens a second wing

The second wing of the raid Ny’alotha, the Waking City, is now open in the Looking for Group tool on Looking for Raid difficulty. This wing includes the bosses in the Halls of Devotion: Dark Inquisitor Xanesh, Vexiona, The Hivemind and Ra-den the Despoiled.

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Is it finally time for alts?

Battle for Azeroth has been an extremely alt-unfriendly expansion, but as the busy Patch 8.3 grind starts to settle down, it may be time to dust off a second character. Keeping up requires some hefty effort the first week, as you move through the intro quests and do your first series of Horrific Visions to get your new Legendary cloak leveled. (Hint: Every time Magni tells you to meet him somewhere, talk with him again. He doesn’t offer you the opportunity to skip scenarios until you do.)

But after the initial effort, you can keep up on an alt by doing the weekly major assault, the biweekly lesser assaults, one Horrific Vision, and whatever daily minor visions you manage to squeeze in—those tend to only take a few minutes. You’ll end up with two essences for your Heart of Azeroth legendary neck just from doing these steps, plus another if you take part in the Ny’alotha raid on that character.

The Worldvein Essence, obtainable by running the weekly Island Expeditions quest, is relatively easy to obtain and was recently buffed substantially, becoming of the best essences for some classes.

Essences remain the stumbling block for alternate characters, but it’s possible to get an alt in reasonable shape in 8.3, if not perfectly min-maxed.

Turn yourself into a Rare

You can become a Void Wraith, a rare mob in World of Warcraft, thanks to a secret recently dug up by the Secret-Finding Discord. It’s a long chain, ending in the ability to turn into a giant purple evil wraith, marked on players’ maps as a rare creature with extra rewards. You’ll be hostile to both factions, and if you manage to kill some players before you are killed, you’ll reap a few rewards. Amusingly, players who kill you will receive the same benefits as killing other rares, including currency and azerite power for their neck pieces.

The short version is that you have to kill the summoned creature Adherent of the Abyss in Stormsong Valley, then use the item Aether of the Abyss when in a N’Zoth assault of Vale of Eternal Blossoms of Uldum. You’ll see a Shard of Corruption in some of the glowing purple cracks on the ground. Looting it gives you a quest to find 20 of them.

When you complete that quest, you are transformed into a Void Wraith immediately, with 4.6 million health and new abilities. To earn your rewards, you’ll need to kill ten players of either faction without dying.

Check out our weekly WoW advice for January 21-28 on the next page.


Feed Your Horde With the Official World of Warcraft Cookbook


Anyone who has had an adventure in World of Warcraft knows that cooking and recipes are an essential part of the game.

Thanks to Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, author of the official Game of Thrones cookbook A Feast of Ice and Fire, the best dishes in Azeroth can now be recreated in your kitchen–and you don’t need a Cooking skill of 525 to do it.

Monroe-Cassel didn’t play World of Warcraft before starting work on World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook, but it didn’t take long to get her involved in her own unique cooking quest.

“Once I started researching for the cookbook, it was absolutely vital that I play the game,” says Monroe-Cassel, “not just to explore the foods and ingredients, but to really get a sense of the world and the aesthetics involved.”

With so many recipes in the game, Monroe-Cassel turned to experienced fans and players for the must-have dishes to include in the official cookbook. “I started by querying fans online so I would know which player favorites would be expected in the finished book,” she says. “Then I went through the master list of foods and drinks, and highlighted those that sounded interesting, delicious, or like they really showcased the setting.”

After that, she began looking at specific ingredients in game and determining their real-life counterparts. (After all, you can’t find boar meat and rylak eggs just anywhere!)

“Do night elves have access to tomatoes? Well, that’s never really addressed in the game,” says Monroe-Cassel, “but I reasoned that since tomatoes are a member of the nightshade family, they should fit right in with that lovely but dark setting.

“Sometimes I could use mythology to sort of parse the recipe. With the Chimaerok Chops, for example, I first thought pork chops. But when I thought about how a classical chimera was part goat, I decided to go for lamb chops instead. With a dish like Crunchy Spider Surprise, I looked to nature for inspiration, and swapped in spider’s crab cousin instead.”

Making fictional foods and recipes real takes patience and practice, with usually two or three attempts to perfect a dish. That sometimes means that not every dish actually makes the final cut, and some just had to stay in Azeroth. “Westfall Mud Pie was one, Gooey Spider Cakes was another. In both cases, the ingredients got me,” says Monroe-Cassel. “I mean, obviously nobody wants to cook with coyote tails or giant hunks of spider meat, right?”

But Monroe-Cassel was up for the challenge, and definitely up for the taste-testing—especially the desserts.

Her favorite recipe from the cookbook, Rylak Claws, are a treat for breakfast or dessert. “They’re these flaky pastries with a cinnamon-almond filling. It took a while to really get the dough recipe balance, which meant that I ate a lot of the ‘failed’ batches. SO good!”

Just like her amazing Game of Thrones recipes, Monroe-Cassel’s eye for details and appreciation for accuracy make World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook a must-have for dedicated fans of the game.

“The most important thing for me in the process of making fictional food into real recipes is authenticity,” she says. “The recipes have to be as authentic as possible to the world, culture, and aesthetic of the source material. With Warcraft, the world is so expansive that there’s a lot to work with.”

Do you have a beloved World of Warcraft recipe you hope to see in the cookbook? Let us know!

All Photos: Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, used with permission

Cookbook cover © Insight Editions. Cover not final, used with permission


Insight Editions

  • Format: Hardbound
  • Categories: Cooking, Gaming.
  • Published on: data/categ1_10/18/2016
  • ISBN: 9781608878048
  • Pages: 216
  • Trim Size: 8 x 10
  • Season: Fall 2016
  • Awards: Foreword Indies, Gold Ink Awards, IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, IPPY

World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

Buy from another retailer

Product Description

Prepare a feast fit for a warchief with World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook, a compendium of sweet and savory recipes inspired by the hit game from Blizzard Entertainment. Presenting delicacies favored by the Horde and the Alliance alike, this authorized cookbook teaches apprentice chefs how to conjure up a menu of food and drink from across the realm of Azeroth.

Featuring food pairings for each dish, ideas for creating your own Azerothian feasts, and tips on adapting meals to specific diets, this otherworldly culinary guide offers something for everyone. The aromatic Spiced Blossom Soup is perfect for plant-loving druids, and orcs will go berserk for the fall-off-the-bone Beer-Basted Boar Ribs. With alternatives to the more obscure ingredients—just in case you don’t have Chimaerok Chops lying around—this comprehensive cookbook will ensure that you have no trouble staying Well Fed.

Each chapter features dishes at a variety of skill levels for a total of more than one hundred easy-to-follow recipes for food and brews, including:

• Ancient Pandaren Spices
• Fel Eggs and Ham
• Mulgore Spice Bread
• Dragonbreath Chili
• Graccu’s Homemade Meat Pie
• Bloodberry Tart
• Greatfather’s Winter Ale

Whether you’re cooking for two or revitalizing your raid group for a late-night dungeon run, World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook brings the flavors of Azeroth to life like never before.

About the Author


IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards: Cookbooks

IPPY: Cookbooks – General

Foreword Indies: Cookbooks

Gold Ink Awards: Cookbooks


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We value sustainable living and a healthy planet and support philanthropic efforts around the world. In association with our partnering organization Roots of Peace, we will plant two trees for each tree used in the manufacturing of our books.


Conheça os melhores easter eggs que aparecem em World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft é o popular MMORPG da Blizzard que conquistou milhões de jogadores em mais de dez anos de estrada. Com personagens, missões, itens e carisma inigualáveis, o game também promoveu diversas homenagens e brincadeiras em seu vasto universo na forma de divertidos easter eggs. Confira.

Sarah Kerrigan de StarCraft

Um estudo mais cauteloso do painel do personagem Goblin Shredder revelará a imagem de Sarah Kerrigan, de StarCraft, na pequena tela do veículo. Essa é uma clara homenagem à série da própria Blizzard e à Rainha das Lâminas.

Mickey Mouse desenhado no mapa

Nas proximidades de Valley of Honor é possível encontrar uma referência ao popular personagem da Disney. Basta afastar o zoom da câmera para um desenho no formato da cabeça de Mickey aparecer no mapa.

Ilha de Lost

A aclamada série de TV também foi alvo de uma das brincadeiras dos desenvolvedores de World of Warcraft . No game é possível encontrar uma pequena ilha, que contém uma placa com a sequência “5 9 16 17 24 43″, marca registrada de Lost.

Estátua da Liberdade enterrada

Além de ícones da cultura pop, a Estátua da Liberdade também ganhou espaço no game, com um easter egg no mínimo curioso. Em uma área do mapa é possível encontrar o famoso monumento de Nova Iorque enterrado no chão.

Interação com personagens

Outra possibilidade divertida é a de interagir com NPCs, por meio de uma série de comandos, como os de acenar, dançar e outras opções. Além das reações mais básicas, alguns personagens terão atitudes engraçadas, como te perseguir, falar algum meme ou referência.

Homenagem a ilustrador falecido

A Blizzard também mostrou seu lado mais sensível ao homenagear Michel Koiter, morto em 2004. No mapa do game é possível encontrar um memorial dedicado ao ilustrador, com direito a um espírito com o nome de Koiter.

Pac-Man de pedra

Localizado na região de Eastern Earthshrine, o clássico personagem dos videogames pode ser encontrado em uma parte de pedra do cenário, que precisa ser visto de cima. O ideal é usar uma montaria voadora para conferir o easter egg.

A expressão bastante usada em jogos online teve um boom de popularidade com World of Warcraft, e não poderia deixar de ganhar um easter egg especial. Ao lado de uma das montanhas de Hammerfall, é fácil encontrar a famosa sigla disfarçada entre as curvas do local.

Bambi e sua família

Bambi é outro personagem da Disney a ser homenageado no game da Blizzard. Ele também faz uma aparição especial em WOW, caminhando pela floresta com a mãe e os amigos. Ao ver sua mãe atingida por um NPC, o personagem se transforma, e busca vingança contra o caçador.

Robin Williams e o gênio

O ator Robin Williams morreu em 2014, e foi prontamente homenageado no game com a criação de um personagem chamado Robin. Em forma de um gênio azul, o NPC remete ao papel interpretado pelo ator na animação Alladin.


WoW Classic Blacksmithing Guide

Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Blacksmithing Guide, how to level up from 1 to max level 300. Blacksmithing is often paired with Mining Profession to supply the materials you will need. We list the amounts of materials you will need and a walkthrough of the entire 1-300 levelling. We also included Blacksmithing Recipe Locations that are required and Trainer Locations will be shown below with an image.

WoW Classic Blacksmithing Trainer Locations

Every Blacksmithing Trainers Location in WoW Classic, these Captial Cities are the main hub for most Races. Depending on which Race you start with you will likely end up in one of these Cities.

Orgrimmar Blacksmithing Trainer Location
Orc | Troll

Thunder Bluff Blacksmithing Trainer Location

Ironforge Blacksmithing Trainer Location
Dwarf | Gnome

Undercity Blacksmithing Trainer Location

Stormwind Blacksmithing Trainer Location

Darnassus Blacksmithing Trainer Location
Night Elf

World of Warcraft Classic Blacksmithing Leveling Guide

This World of Warcraft Classic Alchemy Blacksmithing Guide will list the Ingredients and Materials you will need to go from level 1 to the max level of 300 with the Blacksmithing Profession. You will want to have the Mining Profession and if for some reason you do not have it or want it, you will need to purchase these materials from other players.

  • [Apprentice Blacksmithing] (Level 1-75) – Any Major City
  • [Journeyman Blacksmithing] (Level 75-150) – Any Major City
  • [Expert Blacksmithing] (Level 150-225) – Learn in Orgrimmar for Horde OR Ironforge for Alliance
  • [Artisan Blacksmithing] (Level 225-300) – Learn from Brikk Keencraft in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

Recommended Profession to pair/use with BlacksmithingMining Guide

It’s an easy start for levelling up Blacksmithing in WoW Classic, most of your early levels will come from Stones. These are extra materials you receive from mining various types of Orc Viens and are relatively cheap.

  • Learn [Apprentice Blacksmithing]
  • Materials Needed 30Rough Stone
  • Make 30Rough Sharpening Stone

We continue to use Rough Stones, but know at twice the rate, this will give you an easy 65 levels from stones alone.

  • Materials Needed 100 Rough Stone
  • Make 50 Rough Grinding Stones

Things start to slow down from here on out if you haven’t yet you should return to the Profession trainer and learn Journeyman Blacksmithing. Now we start using our next type of stone that will provide 45 or so levels.

  • Learn [Journeyman Blacksmithing]
  • Materials Needed 20 Course Stone
  • Make 20 Course Sharpening Stones

These are some of the last levels you will see from Stones for a while, you also will need a lot of these Course Stones to reach level 100. If you have extra Copper Bars you can use a little to make Ruined Copper Belt, but we only recommend this if you cannot get enough Course Stone.

  • Materials Needed 100 Course Stone
  • Make 50 Course Grinding Stones

You can sell the Rods you make since the Enchanting Profession uses them.


World of Warcraft is doubling all XP gains to keep its players indoors

We all get those urges from time to time. You’re stuck at home, the PC’s right there. Surely it’s time to start up another World of Warcraft character, right? Unfortunately, that temptation might be harder to resist this month. As an incentive for staying indoors and infection-free, Blizzard have let loose the Winds of Wison, an 100% experience boost for every Azerothian adventurer ’til April 20th.

Whether out of genuine concern or taking advantage of a house-bound community, Blizzard are encouraging World of Warcraft players to remain logged in with a month-long double XP bonus. From now ’til April 20th, Battle for Azeroth players will see every experience point gained double through a new “Winds of Wisdom” buff – along with all starter edition players, and paid subscribers who haven’t yet picked up the latest expansion.

Being time-locked in 2005, World of Warcraft: Classic players won’t receive the XP bonus. Hell, they probably aren’t even aware there’s a crisis going on – what with all the, uh… Harry Potters and Green Days and wars on terror or whatever else was happening in 2005 to preoccupy them. I was 10. Don’t ask me to remember things.

Now, I’m not sure even a 5,000% XP bonus would get me back into WoW. After a whole decade-and-a-bit, I think I’m finally done throwing fireballs at goblins. But if you are thinking about starting a new adventure or pushing a forgotten character towards the endgame, now’s the perfect time to get grinding.

Blizzard aren’t alone in trying to convince you to remain indoors during these uncertain times. is full of incredible indie games going cheap or free, while our own Alice Bee even put together her own list of games to play while self-isolating.

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