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Monday, December 29, 2008

World of Warcraft Map Mods Review

As you know, leveling your character in world of warcraft is a very complicated process which requires a lot of time and afforts. If you have a leveling guide it is well, but you always need to press alt+tab to read another step. It is so boring. That’s why you should have world of warcraft map mod. In this review I will tell you more about the best wow map mod that I have been using for a long time.

Have you ever heard about Idemise 1-70 alliance leveling guide? This guide is simply the best alliance leveling guide. Why? Because with this guide there is no need to alt+tab out to read anymore, the entire guide is on your game map. I downloaded this guide a month ago and i am so satisfied. With this guide I got a special world of warcraft map mod which is installed into my game as an addon. This map mod allows me to read the guide inside wow.

Let’s talk more about Idemise’s guide. It is not just an average text guide. This is first in-game alliance leveling guide which is based not on grinding but on questing. Because quests is the only way to achieve the fastest leveling time. By the way, team Idemise has the fastest 1-70 time in the world! They got there in just 6 days 5 hours. Their world of warcraft map mod is awesome! It has all the steps and quests in the game so it won’t make you any problem to level up your alliance character as fast as possible.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

World of Warcraft Guide to Inscription

If you have travelled to Stormwind recently, you will know that the Stormwind harbor is now open to all in preparation for the release of the forthcoming Wrath of the Lich King. Boats are making ready at the docks for the journey to Northrend and mighty heros are lining up at the gang plank to battle with the Lich King Arthas and his undead horde.

With the latest patch 3.02, Echoes of Doom, the new primary profession of Inscription has been unlocked and players can now start training as Scribes.

Inscription is a primary profession, which means you are only allowed to train two. If you already have two primary professions, you must drop one to be able to learn Inscription. You do this by clicking on the profession skill in the character panel and choosing the drop skill option. Make sure you choose the right one thought!

In Stormwind the trainer Catarina Stanford will train you to apprentice level. You can find Catarina in her store by the canals, south of the Stockades. You’ll also need an Inking kit so that you will be able to Ink your inscriptions onto parchment. Ink kits and parchment can be bought by the vendor standing close by.

The profession of Inscription allows a Scribe to enhance spells and abilities by creating Scrolls, Vellums and Glyphs. These can all be sold and traded at the Auction House and will make a huge impact on the gold economy of the World of Warcraft.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

First of all, you get a guide for Alliance characters who are working on leveling from 60-70 level. My son and I were discussing this and he felt that it seemed pretty easy to get to 70 level using the guide’s advice.

Secondly, you get a guide for Horde characters working the same levels: 60-70. Playing the Horde is always fun, and this guide doesn’t let you down there when it comes to leveling!

Thirdly, the guide does offer complete leveling for both Horde and Alliance from level 1 to level 60. This is very helpful for newbies who want to get to the upper levels quickly and are interested in all the cool items and gadgets you can get.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

World of Warcraft Guide to Inscription

If you have travelled to Stormwind recently, you will know that the Stormwind harbor is now open to all in preparation for the release of the forthcoming Wrath of the Lich King. Boats are making ready at the docks for the journey to Northrend and mighty heros are lining up at the gang plank to battle with the Lich King Arthas and his undead horde.

With the latest patch 3.02, Echoes of Doom, the new primary profession of Inscription has been unlocked and players can now start training as Scribes.

Inscription is a primary profession, which means you are only allowed to train two. If you already have two primary professions, you must drop one to be able to learn Inscription. You do this by clicking on the profession skill in the character panel and choosing the drop skill option. Make sure you choose the right one thought!

In Stormwind the trainer Catarina Stanford will train you to apprentice level. You can find Catarina in her store by the canals, south of the Stockades. You’ll also need an Inking kit so that you will be able to Ink your inscriptions onto parchment. Ink kits and parchment can be bought by the vendor standing close by.

The profession of Inscription allows a Scribe to enhance spells and abilities by creating Scrolls, Vellums and Glyphs. These can all be sold and traded at the Auction House and will make a huge impact on the gold economy of the World of Warcraft.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ultimate World Of Warcraft Quest Guide

First off, if you’re new to the game, or just becoming frustrated leveling up a new character, let me hand you an easy World of Warcraft Quest Guide Tip: Pick the right Combination of Professions! Why would you want to do that? Because if you pick the wrong group you’ll have to do twice as much work to get anywhere!

While you’re in the game you can run into a trainer who will show you the ways of their talents. Keep in mind, you can only pick 2!


World Of Warcraft

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Welcome to the World of Warcraft Guides Blog

Hi I’d like to welcome all World of Warcraft fans to my site. I will offer great WOW products at low prices. You are welcome to post any WOW related articles on this site. It is brand new. Just launched and ready for viewing. Tell your friends about this site. Bookmark it. Visit often as I will have specials here as they are offered. Below is a great World of Warcraft Products Collection . Just click the link and check them out. They are awesome!

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In this massive guide (PDF format, 325 pages!) I lay out all the gold creating secrets I’ve discovered in my 3 years of playing World of Warcraft.
I hold absolutely nothing back! These are the same secret tactics that have made me thousands of gold with ease and make me the number one target of the gold sellers hatred for releasing them.

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TEAM IDEMISE-Ready to Know the Secret To Speed LevelingIn World Record Time ?

VALKOR’S GOLD MAKING GUIDE-The guide is now completely updated for the 3.0 Patch and includes all the latest gold making secrets for the Wrath of the Lich King!

Nyhm’s Warcraft Guides-This guide will allow you to make over 500 gold per hour, level from 1 to 80 in less then 7 days, level professions from 1-450 fast, and become a PvP master.

ELITE WOW-So it’s about time someone released a top quality World of Warcraft leveling guide which is affordable AND written to help BOTH Horde and Alliance players get to level 80 as fast as possible.
We’ve spent

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Monday, May 11, 2009

World of Warcraft Warrior Guide

How many times have you fantasized about being a great warrior? I mean being able to do totally outragious acts of killing and maming? Well you don’t have to fantasize any longer. Just join World of Warcraft and you’ll be able to create a online warrior killer to live out your every fantasy.

Now to become that mighty warrior you might wanna do alittle studying up on. You can’t just go in swinging you will need some sort of battle plan. Of course there are plenty of World of Warcraft guides out there to choose from but please choose carefully. Also unless you’ve already played or have some idea about it you might just find the World of Warcraft guides a bit to technical for a beginner WoW player.
You’ll find there are two player platforms to choose from: either you’ll play solo or you can play WoW with a group.

Now for your warrior to be successful he will need to be fitted with the most gear you can afford to get. Apart from the Paladins class the warrior class in WoW are the only classes that can wear plate on reaching level 40 which will then add to the look and already powerful looking World of Warcraft warrior.

Because of the mighty power in taking and giving damage the World of Warcraft warriors are also known as “tanks” while playing in group mode. The term “tanks” was also given because while in the group combat mode the warrior is the primary taker and giver of major damage and thus possably the most essential member within any group to asure victory. You will find that rarely if ever you will not find a warrior in World of Warcraft during any instance run or raid on someone or something. In essence the warrior of WoW is the perfect “tank” to have. Now there are two other classes within World of Warcraft that could assume the warrior behavior but they are not born to do it.

Now a WoW warrior as all classes will have three main tress which they can specialize in later are these.

1. Arms warrior specialization. This class allows the WoW warrior with to have many faceted talents geared toward offensive and utility purposes with World of Warcraft game. The weapons of the warriors will include two handed axes, maces, and swords with which to incfict the heaviest kill damage available. Along with these weapons they will have the ability like Mortal Strike to add to their already destuctive combat killers. The real benefit of this class is the available weapons and shield you’ll be able to choose from.

2. Fury warrior. In WoW this is the most preferred method when you want to powerlevel quick. The Fury warrior will possess the ability to “Flurry” strike which can turn a fight around with only a single blow. When you play Rogue, a fury warrior will give you similar stats and weapon damage with an added bonus of being able to plate and thus giving you additional armor in World of Warcraft.

3. Protection warrior. This is an excellent warrior specialization for both offensive and defensive combat playing when playing within a group or raiding or instance runs. This is due to the fact that they will last longer in combat due to the fact that they rely more on their shilds and sword mastery than most other players in World of Warcraft. So if you want to spcialize as a “tank” this this the best choice.

As you find when you begin to play World of Warcraft you’ll be able to experience each of these trees abilities to see which suits you best and thus give you the ability to reach level 70 the quickest. You’ll also find that whatever style you pick playing a warrior in World of Warcraft can be one of the most exciting and fantasy fulling game you can ever play either alone or with a group.

If your looking for a guide to help you along check out Warcraft Riches. This is one of the top selling World of Warcraft guides.


World of Warcraft Pets

The place for talk and news on World of Warcraft and your virutal best friend.

The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide – Powerleveling info, Get Gold Fast, Tons of Quest Info!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Should World of Warcraft Pets Level With You?

I was reading a pretty interesting thread on the official WoW forums about whether or not World of Warcraft pets should level with the hunter or not. That’s something I really hadn’t given a lot of thought to before.

The argument for it says that Warlock pets level with him, so Hunter pets should to. Also, having the pets level with you would eliminate the tiresome grinding for pet levels that hunters go through. There’s also the point that in Burning Crusade, quest EXP makes up a bigger part of your normal leveling than grinding, and pets don’t get to share in that, meaning you’re still grinding just for your pet.

The arguement against wonders where it would stop. If you’re a level 68 hunter and you tame a level 65 pet, would it instantly level to 68? Wouldn’t that be kind of broken?

My take is a compromise in the middle. I’m not a huge fan of pets magically becoming the same level as you, but I’m also not a fan of lots of grinding. I play to have fun, not to work. So how about reducing the EXP the pet needs to level? That sounds like the easiest and best way to address the issue to me. Someone in the thread mentioned making it only take 1/3 of the normal EXP for the pet to level. I’m not sure if that’s the magic number, but I think it is probably pretty close.

I think they could also change what would give your pet EXP. Right now, for your pet to gain EXP, the mob has to be at least green to you. Depending on your pet, that means the mob could be bright red. Blizzard could change the rules to make it so the mob has to be green to the pet and that could make things easier, too.

If you’re looking for ways to quickly and efficiently level both you and your pet, you should check out the Ultimate World of Warcraft guide. It comes with 1-70 level guides for both Horde and Alliance as well as a fantastic gold guide, class guides, maps, and tons of quest info. They’re always updating it, so it’ll never go out of date. It even comes with a money back guarantee, so there’s no risk at all. Check it out today!

The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide – Powerleveling info, Get Gold Fast, Tons of Quest Info!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

World of Warcraft Pets – Cool Hunter Info & L2P

There’s a great article over at Warcry about hunter’s and increasing their DPS since Burning Crusade’s release. It leads to a very detailed forum post that explains how to use shot rotation to totally maximize your DPS. If you go to check it out, make sure you’ve got some time because I’m not kidding when I said it is detailed.

The article also goes on to discuss knowing how to play your class, which is what I want to talk about today. It has happened to anyone that plays WoW for more than a week. You’ve grouped with someone that just doesn’t know how to play their class. You’ve met the priest that is too distracted to heal, the tank that can’t hold aggro, and the nuker that can’t control their aggro.

When I play anMMORPG I make it a point of pride to be able to play my chosen class well. The way I look at it, people will always remember a guy that has no idea how to play his class. But they’ll also remember the person that plays with skill and an understanding of their class. The bonus is that I rarely have trouble finding a group, because people I’ve grouped with before are always glad to have me join them again.

I think that a lot of people take the social part of an MMORPG for granted. They figure since they pay their monthly fee, they are entitled to play any way that they want. I think that’s true up to a point. I really don’t care what tactics or strategies you use as long as they don’t negatively impact me or my playing.

The problem comes when people join groups with this attitude. Now you’re directly affecting the play experience of other people that paid the same amount of money as you and are also spending their (most likely) limited leisure time playing a game. If you join a group and can’t play your class, you’re just wasting several people’s time and money.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to people in the lower levels. The whole point of the low levels is to learn to play the class properly. Some people don’t learn the lessons properly and some people just buy their accounts on ebay, so neither of these two groups are assets to a group. But I think the majority of people know what they’re doing and are a joy to adventure with.

So really, just keep in mind that this is very much a social game and your actions can impact other people. And really, you do get out of it what you put into it. Play well and the game will be much more fun in the long run.

If you’d like to learn to play your class better, or maybe just pick up some new tactics and strategies, check out the Ultimate World of Warcraft guide. It has great strategies for every class, plus 1-70 leveling guides for Horde and Alliance. In addition to all that, it has great methods to make really gold in no time. It is constantly being update with all the latest tips and tricks and comes with a money back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose! Check it out!

The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide – Powerleveling info, Get Gold Fast, Tons of Quest Info!

Friday, August 24, 2007

World of Warcraft Pets In a Battlechest

Following in the tradition of Diablo, Starcraft, and um. Warcraft, there’s going to be a battlechest edition of World of Warcraft (pets not included).

Its going to be a pretty sweet deal, too. You get the core game and the Burning Crusades expansion, plus Brady guides for each of them. All for the low, low price of $39.99. That’s an especially good deal when you consider that just Burning Crusade costs $39.99 right now, and that’s without two strategy guides.

Luckily for me, I already own BC plus I’ve got all the guides that I need at the moment. I will say though, that I’m a sucker for these battlechests. I’ve got the other three already. You can’t beat getting tons of great gaming for a low price.

If you’re like me and already have Burning Crusade, or even if you don’t have it, you will probably want to check out this strategy guide. Its got all the stuff the official guide has (maps, quest info, etc) plus it tells you how to get some quick gold and has leveling guides for both the Horde and the Alliance. Its a great deal and a real time saver. And remember, any time you can save from grinding and farming gold is more time you can spend having fun! And at World of Warcraft Pets, we’re always looking for ways to maximize our fun.

The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide – Powerleveling info, Get Gold Fast, Tons of Quest Info!

Mid Level Content Changes

I just found an interesting article concerning some upcoming changes to the mid levels.

Basically, Blizzard is taking a look at different zones and seeing how they can be optimized for faster/more efficient leveling. They’re also discussing making leveling go faster, which I can only assume means raising the EXP rate, possibly in particular zones.

EverQuest is doing something like this, where every few months they put out a list of “hot” zones, where the EXP rate is significantly raised. There’s a zone for each level range, so in theory, you can fight just in that zone until you don’t get good EXP there anymore, then move to the next hot zone.

I think this is a really cool idea, though if that’s the path Blizzard is taking, I hope they either update their hotzone list more frequently than Sony does, or they just raise the EXP rate across the board.

Of course, the drawback to hot zones, is that those zones could quickly become too crowded. It could also make the game boring, because you’re spending all your time in one place, trying to max out your EXP. But at the same time, developers can use this as a tool to get people to try out zones that would otherwise be overlooked.



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mWOW Fishing Bot, World of Warcraft Fishing Bot

Before you learn about Cyberfish fishing bot remember 3 other things you might need are going to be a World of Warcraft Horde 1-70 Leveling Guide, a World of Warcraft Lock Picking Bot or an World of Warcraft WOW Bobber Fishing Addon.

CyberFish is the ultimate fishing trainer for World of Warcraft. Easily skill your fishing to max in a matter of hours! Combined with your cooking skill, CyberFish makes making gold effortless! Here are just some of the features found in this great program:

Breaks: Random breaks makes CyberFish appear more human than most fishing macros on the market.

Whisper/Tell Detection: Enable CyberFish to pause whenever a whisper is detected or have it exit when too many tells have been received. You can even make CyberFish beep through your computer’s CPU speaker when a tell is received, alerting you if you are nearby.

Lures: Need that little boost to your fishing skill? Why not use a lure! Simple lure configuration makes it effortless to apply various lures.

Combat Detection: Every once in a while some stray mob comes along and insists on ruining your fishing. CyberFish will promptly exit WoW when combat occurs, saving your equipment and life!

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Profiles: Forget about setting up your macro each and every time you want to fish! CyberFish lets you save and load profiles to make switching characters and fishing holes easy!

Packaged into a nice GUI with status display, CyberFish is one of the easiest and most efficient fishing trainers for the World of Warcraft you will ever find! Try it out!



Something New

WoW Classic Race Guide: Gnome

Gnomes are known for their brilliance and their eccentricity. No matter where we see them, their obsession is towards new technology and engineering.

With World of Warcraft: Classic launching, players are considering all of their options for races now in the game, and Gnomes can be a great choice for certain classes, and a fun choice for others. As with each race, there is a rich lore that one may enjoy having as part of their character’s backstory, while others may enjoy having access to a specific type of racial mount, abilities, and of course, access to certain classes.

Gnomes are known for their brilliance and their eccentricity. No matter where we see them, their obsession is towards new technology and engineering. As players may recall, the Gnomes once lived in Gnomeregan in Dun Morogh near their Dwarven kin. Unfortunately, the capital city to the Gnomes race was overrun by a trogg invasion. In the days to come, the actions of High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque resulted in the death of about 80% of the Gnome population, with others becoming the crazed leper gnomes we see in game.

Since then, the Gnomes have taken refuge in Iron Forge, where their technological influence is still readily observable. Their technology is observable in the wars against the Horde, providing steam-powered vehicle and flying machines.


Although each class has perks when it comes to passive and active abilities, Gnomes excel in Spellcasting and Engineering.

  • Arcane Resistance: Arcane Resistance increased.
  • Expansive Mind: Intelligence increased by 5%.
  • Engineering Specialization: Engineering skill increased by 15.
  • Escape Artist: Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect.

Expansive Mind is what puts Gnomes over the top in terms of Mage and Warlock class selection. That 5% to Intelligence is massive in the endgame, but only for those attempting to min/max their players. If one does not enjoy the look and feel of Gnomes, any race will be perfectly fine for those classes for the majority of players.

Escape Artist is a handy tool for PvP, since remaining mobile is one of the most important things to do on the battlefield. As a Spellcaster especially, one needs to remain unrestrained and able to get away from melee classes, and this ability is always welcome as a lifesaver.

Available Classes

Gnomes seem to have fewer class selections than most, coming in at a total of four options in World of Warcraft: Classic:

Mage — As stated earlier, Gnomes are the best choice among all for Alliance Mages, in both PvP and PvE. There is also a satisfying feeling of launching a Pyroblast from the tiny frame of a Gnome.

Rogue — Gnomes can be a great choice for Alliance Rogues in PvP thanks to Escape Artist. In addition, their small size can make it easier to get the drop on opponents, unlike Taurens for example, who can be seen lumbering in the distance.

Warlock — For the same reasons as the Mage class, Gnomes are the best race for Alliance Warlocks for both PvP and PvE, and again look ridiculous but wonderful in commanding large demons.

Warrior — Gnome Warriors are effective in in PvP mainly due to Escape Artist, but lack the weapon specialization of Humans and Dwarves. However, seeing a Gnome Warrior tank a raid boss has always been wonderful. These tiny Warriors taking the brunt of the damage for their guild looks ridiculous, and fantastic all at once. If one is not looking to min/max a character, this is a perfectly viable option.

Racial Mount

Gnomes are peculiar with regards to their mounts, choosing to build their own rather than mess about with a living creature. The result are the Mechanostriders, which are again locked only to Alliance races, meaning that we will not be seeing any Taurens riding them for quite some time.

  • Blue Mechanostrider — 80 gold, 72 with reputation discount
  • Green Mechanostrider — 80 gold, 72 with reputation discount
  • Red Mechanostrider — 80 gold, 72 with reputation discount
  • Unpainted Mechanostrider — 80 gold, 72 with reputation discount
  • Swift Green Mechanostrider — 1000 gold, 900 with reputation discount
  • Swift White Mechanostrider — 1000 gold, 900 with reputation discount
  • Swift Yellow Mechanostrider — 1000 gold, 900 with reputation discount

Via: (u/Sh1eldbearer)

Thanks to their racial abilities, Gnomes are the best option for both the Mage and Warlock classes. Combined with their natural inclination towards curiosity, they can be a wonderful class to role play as well.


World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide

World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide was published by BradyGames on November 16, 2004 and November 19, 2004. The guide provides:

  • Maps of each city and region, with call outs for characters, quest locations, dungeons, and more.
  • Essential stats and strategies for each of the 8 races and 9 classes for both the Horde and Alliance factions.
  • Must-have quest data – – contacts, quest type, item rewards and more.
  • Profession sections provide data on products, requirements and item components.
  • Weapon, armor and item tables, ability and spell lists, and bestiary.
  • Timeline, Background History, and Short Stories.
  • Penny Arcade Comics

However, due to the ever-changing nature of MMORPG games like World of Warcraft, the original strategy guide is out of date. A second edition has been released as World of Warcraft Master Guide, Second Edition, and BradyGames provides an online service to give updates to their guides. See their WoW Community Page for more information.



There are two separate publications of this book. One was published for sale with the game, while the other was published to be sold separately. The only difference between the two is that the standalone publication had two variant covers, Horde and Alliance.

Short stories

Other Editions

Material from this book has been updated or reprinted in other formats.

  • World of Warcraft Master Guide, Second Edition (the complete second edition of the guide)
  • World of Warcraft Strategy Collection (Contains Master Guide Second Edition, Dungeon Companion, and Warcraft Atlas)
  • World of Warcraft Battle Chest Guide (A mini edition containing portions from the complete second edition guide.)


World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm: Ars tours the new Azeroth

The last major patch before the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion shows …

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World of Warcraft’s grip on the way things used to be has slipped again, down to a couple of fingers. What is possibly the last major patch before the next expansion, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, went live on Tuesday night, implementing many small changes that set the game up for the impending apocalypse.

Perhaps the biggest change comes from the effects of the impending war trickling down to new and newish players. The cutscenes that play when starting a new character have been updated to include the Wrath of the Lich King and the looming Cataclysm storyline. From the beginning, each race is told about the coming conflict—the rise of Dragon Aspect Deathwing and any factions that take his side—and that they need to prepare adequately. In the new Azeroth, everyone will be fighting the same war.

The new questing process has been implemented, as Blizzard has promised for some time. While I have not yet played through all of them for a significant amount of time, most are shaped more like the engaging quest chains found in Northrend and less like the classic quests, which were along the lines of “Hey there, mage, my friend might have been eaten by murlocs. Go search the entire south side of this lake for a small pile of bones.”

Along with the more engaging play, all of the Azeroth maps have been redrawn and properly labeled with sub-zones. This should make it much easier to get around for leveling players. More seasoned players may think it’s too easy, but I will envy the newbies for the many hours they don’t spend finding out they’ve grubbed around the wrong area for a quest item, again.

If you’re loading up the patch on a character who can get around to a few areas, it appears some time has passed (about a few years, depending on who you ask). Both old-world continents look like they’ve been at war for some time: some areas are newly flooded, like Menethil Harbor and Thousand Needles, while others have emerged from the water (Loch Modan has been drained). Many areas look like they’ve been battered by something huge, as with the Badlands’ new Scar of the Worldbreaker.

The Badlands aren’t alone, either—Westfall has a nice new Raging Chasm to complement its farms. Some areas, though, are showing signs of fighting back. Gnomeregan has been repopulated with various pint-size gnome troops attempting to reclaim the instance, and the dreaded instance itself has been updated to reflect this with design and quests.

Many of the zones have received an aural treatment as well as the visual, and some new music loops have been brought in. Darnassus’ music sounds like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra playing some ominous chimes.

The maps in general have also been filled out quite a bit. Many areas that were previously unlabeled and unaccessible on the map have been filled in, some with new level 80-85 content. Of course, those areas won’t be accessible until the actual expansion drops. Passages that looked open on the map turned out to be blocked by mountains, though presumably Deathwing will knock them down at the appropriate time.

According to Blizzard’s announcements, the virtual world is due for some interesting in-game events in the next couple of weeks, leading up to the expansion’s release on December 7. Namely, Deathwing is going to be going around randomly destroying zones in real time, and likely killing a lot of players.

The whole game feels like it’s in an adolescent stage right now—everyone knows what’s going to happen (except for maybe all of the NPCs), and now it’s just a question of whether it will blossom into something incredible, turn into a gangly, pimply monstrosity, or some combination of the two. If you’re interested in seeing Azeroth go to hell in a handbasket, now would be the time to join up.


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