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Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Benchmark: What You Need to Play at 4K

Can you run it?

Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally landed on PC and, launch woes aside, it’s glorious. If you have the gaming PC to run it, it is one of the most visually stunning games available today. But what does it take to run it? That’s the question we’re out to answer. We tested half a dozen of the most popular graphics cards today and put them up against the game’s meaty, system-straining benchmark. Wondering if your PC is up to the task? Saddle up and let’s find out.

Options a’Plenty for PC Gamers

Before we get into the benchmarks, let’s take a moment to marvel at the sheer amount of graphics options Rockstar has baked into this game. This is no mere port from the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro version. They’ve gone above and beyond to allow you to really dial how beautiful you want the game to look, right down to water physics.

All told, Rockstar has delivered more than two dozen graphics options for your tweaking pleasure. If you’re the kind of player who likes to squeeze every spare frame out of your hardware, this is the kind of graphics smorgasbord that will make you sit back and smile.

That many options can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Rockstar has included helpful tooltips to let you know what each option changes. There are also a number of presets broken into three tiers on a slider: Favor Performance, Balanced, and Favor Quality. Most gamers will be best suited choosing a level in the Balanced tier to maintain 60 FPS unless they’re running the latest and greatest hardware, even at 1080p.

Red Dead Redemption 2 also includes a generous benchmark that runs through many of the big situations you’ll find yourself in during your adventures as Arthur Morgan. It covers sweeping vistas and city streets, indoors and outdoors, weather effects, gun-fights and explosions with smoke and particle effects, and, of course, plenty of NPCs. As a representation of the actual game, I was impressed, though the camera did glitch out once or twice and stop tracking the action, forcing me to restart the benchmark.

The only downside is that applying changes more than once forced me to restart the game, though this isn’t a situation you’re likely to find yourself in after your first bouts with setting the graphics.

Benchmark Results

For my testing, I chose a half dozen of the most popular graphics cards on the market today, spanning from the budget-oriented GTX 1660 to the nuclear reactor that is the RTX 2080 Ti. Unfortunately, I was only able to pull in the Radeon RX 5700 XT to represent AMD and was not able to secure an RTX 2070 Super in time for publication. Still, this should give a good representation of the levels of performance you can expect across the different performance tiers of GPUs today.

For settings, I ran the in-game benchmark at the three major resolutions: 1080p, 1440p, and 4K. Because PC gamers love to push visual fidelity, I completed the test using what I would consider “high” or “middle-high” settings. Since the game doesn’t use common terms for its graphics presets, this amounts to the very first level of “favor quality.” After that point, we set TAA to its lowest setting (Medium) and used the lowest amount of TAA Sharpening in the Advanced Settings to slightly increase the crispness of the image. I also disabled V-Sync and triple buffering, as well as FreeSync/G-Sync.

For hardware, I used the following system:

  • CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 AORUS Master
  • Memory: G.Skill TridentZ NEO DDR4-3600MHz, 32GB
  • Storage Drive: Plextor M9Pe NVMe M.2 SSD, 1TB
  • Hard Drive: SeaGate BarraCuda Pro HDD, 12TB

Let’s take a look at how the game performed:

Starting with 1080p, it’s immediately clear that Red Dead Redemption 2 will require at least a middle-tier card to achieve 60 FPS at high settings. The RTX 2060 Super is just able to pull it off but the GTX 1660 falls quite short, so you’ll need to turn down settings there. What’s especially striking is that the $1199 RTX 2080 Ti (our model was actually a more expensive Gigabyte Xtreme version) isn’t able to break 100 FPS at 1080p, even as the most powerful gaming GPU on the market today.

Moving on to 1440p, this is really where we start to see things separate. At these settings, the only cards able to pull an average frame rate of at least 60 are the 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti, which are each quite pricey. The 5700 XT is barely behind at 58 FPS, which is close enough to not notice the difference and respectable for $399 versus the 2080 Super’s $699. Still, if you don’t mind playing at the console frame rate of 30 FPS or lowering settings, the GTX 1660 will still provide a very playable frame rate.

Finally, we come to the real heavy-hitter: 4K. Unlike consoles, the PC version doesn’t have the option of using checkerboarding to lower the performance hit – and the hit is big. At our settings, which are still well short of the highest they can go, even the 2080 Ti couldn’t maintain 60 FPS. Anything less powerful than that beastly card couldn’t maintain 40 FPS at 4K.

What Does It All Mean?

Breaking all of this down, it really means one thing: if you want to run Red Dead Redemption 2 on high settings beyond 1080p, you’re going to need a high-end graphics card. At 4K, the most powerful gaming GPU on the market couldn’t maintain a solid 60 FPS. Even at 1080p, I was locked to double digits.

Don’t lose hope! Since Rockstar has provided so many options, it’s very possible that there are settings you could disable to squeeze out some extra frames. My colleague, Poorna Shankar, at found that turning down water physics a single tick under Ultra gained him an extra

10 FPS without any visual impact (I didn’t have time to test this myself before publication). Playing with the settings and finding a middle ground is the tried and true way of PC gaming and will surely apply here. It’s also likely that performance will improve over time as Rockstar further optimizes the game and both AMD and Nvidia roll out new drivers.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Upscales to 4K on PS4 Pro

The gameplay trailer was captured on a PS4 Pro.

As reported by Digital Foundry, the PS4 Pro uses a reconstruction technique, most likely checkerboarding, to take the game’s native 1920×2160 resolution frame buffer up to a 4K resolution. Meanwhile, the Xbox One X version of the game renders natively on ultra HD displays, not using any sort of special techniques to manage the resolution.

The original story is as follows:

Though many had assumed Red Dead Redemption 2 would run in 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony and Rockstar have confirmed this to be true.

Via the PlayStation Blog, Sony has posted the six minute gameplay trailer of Red Dead Redemption 2 that was revealed this morning with the text “Captured entirely from in-game footage on PlayStation 4 Pro, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay in 4K.”

An identical caption can be found beneath the YouTube video itself on Sony’s official account. The same video was uploaded to the official Xbox YouTube channel, though its caption is slightly altered, reading “Captured entirely from in-game footage, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay in 4K.”

This minor change in description suggests that the video shown across all outlets and channels was, in fact, captured on the PlayStation 4 Pro, and that it was definitely running in 4K. Speaking with USgamer, Rockstar confirmed this to be the case.

Though it wasn’t captured on the Xbox One X, the official Xbox website confirms that the One X also plays the game in 4K, and that the game is “Xbox One X Enhanced.” However, the same page also notes that “enhanced features for Xbox One X [are] subject to release of a content update.” A required content update could prove to be required for the PlayStation 4 Pro version as well.

For more on the upcoming open-world western, check out everything you need to know about Red Dead Redemption 2, including information on special editions, the game’s story and more. If you have access to GTA Online, you can access a stone hatchet weapon to wield in RDR2.



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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ on PC will support 4K and HDR

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When Rockstar Games announced last week that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC on November 5th, the studio said the new release would include a variety of enhancements. Now that game is available to pre-order, Rockstar has detailed those improvements. To start, you can expect support for both 4K and HDR, in addition to support for multi-monitor setups, widescreen resolutions and frame rates above the 30 frames per second the game targeted on consoles.

While it’s a bummer PC owners have had to wait a year to play the new Red Dead, the good news is that they’ll get to take advantage of all the additional work Rockstar has poured into the title. One good example is HDR. When Red Dead Redemption 2 first came out on consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners noticed something strange with the game’s HDR implementation. An investigation by Digital Foundry eventually found that Red Dead‘s HDR mode did mostly nothing. Rockstar later fixed the feature when it released the game’s 1.09 patch this past May.

There are smaller graphical enhancements as well (all the screenshots in this article are from the PC release). According to the company, Red Dead Redemption 2 will feature increased draw distances, allowing you to see more of the game world than you can on the console version of the game. Additionally, Rockstar claims both day and night lighting, as well as shadows and reflections, look better. Lastly, plants and animals will look more realistic thanks to improved textures.

Rockstar also listed all the new side activities, horses and items it’s adding to the PC release. Highlights include some weapons that were previously exclusive to Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online multiplayer mode.

To play the game at its minimum settings, you’ll need a PC with components that meet the following baseline: an Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD FX-6300 processor, 8GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 770 or AMD R9 280 graphics card.

For a smoother experience, Rockstar recommends an Intel Core i7-4770K or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X CPU, 12GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1060 or AMD RX 480 GPU. Whether your PC meets the minimum or recommended specs, you’ll also need a massive 150GB of free space to install the game. For the best experience, Rockstar recommends playing the game on Windows 10, though it’ll also work with earlier versions of the operating system, including Windows 7. One thing to keep in mind is that Rockstar has specified what kind of experience the recommended spec will deliver. You’ll likely need a more powerful setup than the recommended configuration if you plan to play the game at both 4K and 60 frames per second.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available to pre-order on the Rockstar Games Launcher starting today. If you pre-order the game directly from Rockstar, you’ll get two free games from the studio’s back catalog. The game will also come to Steam, but in December instead of November.


Unlocking mission 4 | Main missions – Act I Watch Dogs Guide

After you listen to the conversation with Jordie Chin, go to the parking lot, in the Loop district. After The attempt to start another main mission results in the unlocking of your first Online Contract, where, an impostor AI-controlled hacker will pose as a human player. You need to complete the entire training contract, which consists in tracking down the enemy hacker. Go Eastwards, towards the underground garage, whose vicinities you need to explore.

After you get inside the violet circle, the enemy hacker will start hacking and, if you want to complete this contract, you need to track him down, before the hacking bar, shown in the upper-left corner of the screen, fills up. To do that, activate the Profiler (press the hacking key/button) and start scanning the people inside the violet circle. In my case, the hacker was staying on the square, in front of the parking lot.

The final step is to get the enemy hacker and you can do the same as in the case of the previous chases, i.e. shoot him or catch up with him and beat him up. If you want to, you can start completing the remaining online contracts right now, by selecting an appropriate item in your smartphone’s menu, or give it up and focus on the next main mission of the game’s storyline.

Rewards for completing the mission: 200 Notoriety points, 20 experience points


Watch dogs act 5 walkthrough

  • Sections
    • Home
  • Walkthrough
    • Act I – Bottom Of The Eighth
    • Big Brother
    • Backstage Pass
    • Backseat Driver
    • Open Your World
    • Thanks For The Tip
    • Remember
    • Not The Pizza Guy
    • A Wrench In The Works
    • Dressed In Peels
    • Act 2 – Hold On, Kiddo
    • Breakable Things
    • Collateral
    • One Foot In The Grave
    • A Blank Spot There-ish
    • Jury-Rigged
    • Grandma’s Bulldog
    • Not A Job For Tyrone
    • Uninvited
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Stare Into The Abyss
    • A Risky Bid
    • Role Model
    • Planting A Bug
    • Way Off The Grid
    • Act 3 – Hope Is A Sad Thing
    • A Pit Of Paranoia
    • Unstoppable Force
    • The Future Is In Blume
    • For The Portfolio
    • By Any Means Necessary
    • Act 4 – Someone’s Knocking
    • In Plain Sight
    • The Rat’s Lair
    • The Defalt Condition
    • Little Sister
    • Ghosts Of The Past
    • No Turning Back
    • Act 5 – Sometimes You Still Lose
  • Sidequests
    • Investigations
  • Activities
    • Criminal Activities
    • ctOS Towers
  • Achievements
    • Achievement Guide

ACT 5 – Mission 01: Sometimes You Still Lose

Note: Fill up on everything before starting this mission as you won’t have time to pick up anything during it.

Objective: Reach the bunker

Fast travel to the bunker and head inside for a cut-scene. Looks like everything is about to hit the fan. Leave the bunker and cross the bridge off the island.

Objective: Locate Damien

Great, Damien is now in control of all of Chicago. First Aiden needs to track him down before he can confront him. T-Bone will suggest a method for locating Damien, but it isn’t going to be easy.

Objective: Gain entry into the central ctos building

Head to the marker on the map to find the building deserted. A marker will appear inside showing you where the access panel is. Head towards it and hack in. After a couple of attempts, Aiden will realize this is one computer he can’t hack. T-Bone will propose a new way of doing it with one of his homemade viruses. But to infect the system, Aiden will need to travel to three points in the city to infect them first.

Objective: Upload T-Bone’s virus into ctos

Note: Memorize the locations of the three infection points, as events will soon make your mission markers useless.

Head out of the building and head to each point in turn. The main difficulty of this mission is this objective. When Aiden approaches each point, a police scan will instantly be triggered and will continue until he is found. To upload the virus at each point, Aiden needs to stay at that location for a set amount of time. This means you will have to deal with a high level police pursuit at every point (although jammers can get you out of it once or twice with clever use).

Essentially you will need to use all the skills you have been honing the entire game to reach each point, upload the virus and get away successfully. Complete this and you will definitely be deserving of watching the final confrontation. Once again, there is no easy solution or strategy to getting this done.

Objective: Shut down ctos

After all that, head back to the ctos central building and try the panel once more. This time, on the way you will be contacted by DeadSec. Listen to Aiden’s conversation and then hack the access panel. After pipe dream, you will be inside the central server room. Hack the server for one final pipe dream puzzle and Aiden will be soaring over Chicago. Hold down X (Xbox) or Square (Playstation) to turn off ctos.

Objective: Use a boat to reach Damien

Damien is on a lighthouse offshore, so head for the marker. Grab a boat along the way and make a beeline for the lighthouse. Several basic climbing sections later, you will be facing off against Damien in a final cut-scene. Near the end, events will happen and Aiden will enter focus mode a final time. Follow the prompts, the game and the cut-scene will end. Congratulations on beating Watch Dogs!

Watch the end credits and wait to the end of the first set of credits for a little bit extra, story-wise and to get your final achievement/ trophy.


Watch Dogs Guide

Last updated: 2 weeks ago · Guide Information

Sometimes You Still Lose

Head back to The Bunker for a scene and a final decision on how to end all this mayhem. taking down Damien and ctOS.

Damien has control over ctOS, meaning you will have to contend with the Blockers, Traffic Lights, Steam Pipes, and more. Your objective is to reach the Bower Tower and take down ctOS, but when you get there it the access point’s firewall is too strong. Kenney suggests you take down the entire network, but in order to do that you’ll need to access three junction boxes across Chicago to upload a virus that will give you access.

Note: Not only will you need to contend with Damien hacking the city to try and stop you, but the cops will also try and track you. Be prepared to use all your Blackouts, Jam Comms, and other tools in an attempt to survive long enough to reach all three locations. You should also think about getting a motorbike or boat to help you avoid the police, making this mission much easier.

Due to the random nature of this mission and how it has you racing across the city in whatever manner you see fit, strategic advice is pretty hard to come by.

The best advice I can give is that you keep moving toward your objective, which you should always set a waypoint to so that Damien’s scrambler doesn’t mess you up, and to use all your skills that you have obtained throughout the game.

If you are close to the next junction box it is worth using Jam Comms, but if you are a decent distance away you might as well let them spot you so you can lose them before the next box. The cops are persistant, but if you use Blackout they will lose track of you pretty quickly. Using these tactics your should be able to get away from the cops and access all three junction boxes, but don’t be surprised if you die a few times.

Once all three of the junction boxes have had the virus uploaded to them, and you have escaped the police, you’ll need to return to Bower Tower. DedSec offers one last plea, but after everything Aiden’s been through it’s no surprise he blows them off. Hack into the final access point and shut ctOS down.

While the city reboots in total darkness we can finally track down and finish Damien off. Check your map to find Damien’s location at the Windy City Lighthouse and grab a boat to ride out there.

The Lighthouse has no defenses, so make your way to the top of the lighthouse for a scene with some QTE’s and complete the mission.


Mission 5 (For the Portfolio) | Main missions – Act III Watch Dogs Guide

Reach the scrap yard

This mission starts automatically after you complete the previous one. However, you do not need to race against time, while driving towards T-Bone’s scrap yard in the Western part of Pawnee. What is even more, before you reach your destination, it would be a good idea to take care of new gadgets, because there is a sequence of quite demanding fights ahead of you.

Eliminate the enemy soldiers

Do not haste too much with reaching T-Bone because, although there appeared his health on the screen, his lie is not in danger. Start the fights with the enemies near the scrap yard entrance. In this fight, hacking into the elements, of the environments, plays an even greater role, because some of them may be helpful, while killing the enemies. You should turn your attention, especially, to the spider traps, because they shock the nearby opponents with electricity (make sure that you yourself do not stay too close to them!). Note – If you do not want to come close to the traps, you can hack them remotely, by hacking into cameras.

Of course, you do not need to limit yourself to activating the traps, prepared by T-Bone, only. You can eliminate the enemies just as effectively, by using long weapons (especially sniper rifles), grenade launchers, explosives, or by sabotaging the explosives attached to the enemies. However, try not to use up all of your supplies at the very beginning, because there are several more fights to have, in this mission.

Protect T-Bone

After you have cleared the area, approach T-Bone and, after a short conversation, follow him. It should not be too demanding to eliminate the next wave of enemies, but remember that you should not activate the traps whenever Aiden is staying within short distance of them. Also, you should be prepared to dash towards the other covers, whenever the opponents decide to use, e.g. grenades.

T-Bone will soon reach a small platform, where he starts concocting the first bomb. In the meantime, you need to protect him and the first thing that you should do is raise all of the metal protectors at the edges of the platform. This will decrease the risk of taking accidental damage, either by Aiden or T-Bone.

I recommend that you select the grenade launcher, because the new wave of enemies arrives to the scrap yard, predominantly in cars and it would do if you blew them up, before they manage to get out. If you do not have the grenade launcher on you, you can just as well use frag grenades or the IEDs, although the enemies may manage to scatter, by the time of the explosion.

Since the enemy soldiers start surrounding the platform, with Aiden and T-Bone on, it is necessary to use the traps, which you have used at the beginning of the fight in the scrap yard (the spiders that shock the enemies with electricity are the most effective) This will allow you to eliminate the enemies much faster, because a trap, if activated at the proper moment, it will be able to kill 2-3 of them. Keep fighting up until the moment in which you have cleared the entire area, which should happen at the same time, as T-Bone ends constructing the bomb.

T-Bone will soon move to the place, where the second bomb is. Just like earlier, you need to protect him but, it is a facilitation that this time, you and T-Bone cannot be surrounded by them. Again, rely on hacking into T-Bone’s traps, sabotaging the explosives attached to the enemies and on using a good rifle or grenade launcher.

Await the moment at which T-Bone climbs the nearby stairs and follow him. You need to watch out here, because there is an enemy sniper at the end of the path and he has quite a field of vision. If you pack the sniper rifle yourself, try to eliminate him as soon as possible. Otherwise, use the available covers and hack into the metal Protectors. Keep pushing forward and strive for clearing the area of the enemy soldiers.

Reach the boat

After you see the explosion, you can follow T-Bone or explore the scrap yard and collect the ammo and supplies from the corpses. Take the tunnel towards the forest, which will lead you to a small bay, after a while.

Leave Pawnee

Get aboard the boat and use hacking to raise the gate. Start your journey on the boat, during which you and T-Bone will not be attacked by anyone. This mission will soon end and you will watch a longer cutscene of the meeting at the bunker.

Reward for completing the mission: 2000 experience points


Mission 5 (Open Your World) | Main missions – Act I Watch Dogs Guide

Meet up with the hacker

After you listen to the conversation with Badboy17, go towards The Loop to meet up with him, eye to eye. Approach the green marker and after you stat the fifth main mission, climb down the stairs to the metro station. Soon, you will meet the hacker in person and you will receive new objectives.

Note – an additional reward for meeting with the hacker are new more advanced hacking skills. If you want to, you can unlock them now.

Accessing the ctOS office building

Go West. Stop near the entrance to the cargo bay, at the back of the ctOS office building. I recommend that you start again to sneak here, because you will be attacked by the nearby guards, if you are spotted. Start by distracting the guard that is watching the area near the entrance to the cargo bay. It is best to start an alarm in the van on the left (hacking) and sneaking behind his back, or taking him down with a melee attack.

Stick to the left side of the cargo bay, get past two enemies on the right (one of them leaning against a van and the other patrolling the area). Hide behind one of the covers in the center of this location and hack into the nearby surveillance cameras. Switch from camera to camera, until the moment in which you will be able to locate the switch shown in the above screenshot. Hack it remotely, thanks to which you will open the exit from the cargo bay.

Note – You can also reach the switch on your own, but this would be much more difficult. In such a situation, I recommend that you get across the right side of the bay and knock down all of the enemies.

Stand behind the car. close to the exit from this location. Around, there are three guards and it would be a good idea to attract their attention. You can, for example, hack some other vehicles, raise the metal shutters, use Lure or Blackout, or blow up the fuse box, located right next to the exit. Exploit the fact that the guards are confused and sneak behind their backs.

Take the cargo bay’s exit door, which will take you to a small storage. I strongly recommend that you explore this room, because you will find components and other valuable items here. If it is possible, prepare new gadgets here (especially the lures), because you may need them soon. Take another door to the skyscraper’s lobby.

Locate the guard with the access code

Carefully, approach the lobby. If you want to eliminate the first guard quietly,, you can hack the vending machine and wait until he comes here, although you can, just as well, cross the entire location without attacking anyone. Apart from the enemies that are patrolling the ground floor, you need also watch out for the guards that are overlooking the entire area from the upper floor, especially that, at least one of them, may call for reinforcements (if you have the right skill, you can prevent him from doing that).

Before you start your exploration of the lobby, I recommend that you hack into one of the nearby cameras. Use the cameras to mark all of the enemies that you can see, and also use them to locate the person, shown in the above screenshot, who is holding the access code. Hold down the hacking key/button to download the code.

Break into the access point

Only then, continue along your path. Your destination is the staircase located at the other end of the lobby. Along your path, keep to the left side of the location and collect the audiolog that you find (Malcolm Deodato 01). It is very important that you reach the successive covers, which will allow you to avoid being detected by both the guards of the upper floor and the ones on the ground floor.

The abovementioned staircase is being guarded by a single guard and the easiest way to walk around him is to use the Lure or Blackout. If you do not have either of these gadgets on you, try destroying one of the generators, by hacking, in the ground. Regardless of your method, you need to climb to the upper floor.

At the first floor, there are three guards – two of them (the one closest to you and the one on the right) do not leave their positions. The most distant guard is patrolling between the main hall and a side room. This is the room that you need to get into, as of now. Stick to the left wall, thanks to which you will not have to distract, additionally, the guard on the right.

After you enter the small room, hide quickly behind a cover, because the abovementioned guard may soon come here. After he leaves again, find another audiolog (Malcolm Deodato 02) and locate the router that you need to hack into, thanks to the access code that you have obtained.

Complete several hacking minigames (just like earlier, you need to manipulate the rotary elements and connect the input and output points with blue lines). After you have complete these, wait for the camera view to load, to see the view of Caughlin’s office. Locate the computer and hold down the hacking key/button to upload the virus.


Do not wait for what happens next, turn away and dart out of the room, through the door ahead of you. Run up to the nearest covers (the above screenshot), hide behind them and wait for the enemies to run past you, towards the router that you have just hacked into. Reach the low walls, thanks to which you will soon reach the exit without, any problems, on the upper floor.

After you leave the skyscraper, obtain a means of transport, quickly. The police will start scanning the area to find you, but you will be allowed to use the Jam Coms for free now, as a training, to stop this process. Take advantage of the fact that the yellow circles turned grey and drive away from the scanned areas. The end of the pursuit ends this mission.

Rewards for completing the mission: option to buy new skills (thanks to the meeting with Clara), 250 experience points + 225 experience points for losing the police pursuit.


Mission 5 (Little Sister) | Main missions – Act IV Watch Dogs Guide

Hack into the local network

Listen to the new conversations with the allies, thanks to which you will determine that Nicole is probably being held in the treatment plant in Brandon Docks. After you get to the mission marker, head towards the buildings, ignore the homeless people that you pass by. Stand behind a cover, near the router and hack it remotely (hold down the hacking key/button).

Eliminate the guard that is watching over Nicole

Wait for the camera view, on the room in which Nicole is being held, to load up. Switch to the camera in the laptop and hack remotely into the fuse box behind the enemy’s back, thanks to which it explodes.

Hack into the guard’s phone

The next thing to do is very simple. You need to track the phone and hold down the hacking key/button. Wait for Aiden to contact his sister and inform her of his plans to free her.

Escort Nicole to the car

Again, during the game, you will have to instruct an NPC and try to lead them out, into the exit (the car parked at the treatment plant) without raising the alarm. Pan the camera to the left and switch to the camera in the laptop. Then, target the nearest stationary camera and start watching the course of events from its perspective. First of all, have Nicole stop behind the cover, behind the back of the elite opponent (the above screenshot).

Distract the soldier, by hacking into the nearby forklift. After he walks away from the woman, have Nicole go towards the plank on the left. Of course, you need to make sure that the woman stops in the spot where the plank is covered.

Switch to the camera, from whose perspective you can see the entrance to the red container shown in the above screenshot. Have Nicole reach that container.

Now, Nicole needs to walk around all of the enemies and she can do that by moving, initially, close to the water. Switch to the neighboring camera, wait for one of the guards to walk the opposite direction and have Nicole reach the boards neighboring the next red container.

Hack into the neighboring camera and again, wait for one of the opponents to turn away. Then, have Nicole stop next to the exit of the orange container shown in the above screenshot.

Switch to the next camera and do nothing, until the nearby guard goes back towards the red containers, which Nicole has just passed by. This time around, have her make it over to the planks shown in the above screenshot.

Switch to the next camera and, just like earlier, wait for the right moment to issue instructions. Nicole needs to move towards the blue container shown in the above screenshot.

There only is one more opponent to walk around. He is standing next to the car marked by the game. Start by raising the nearby metal Protector (the above screenshot) and send Nicole towards that object.

Finally, use hacking to activate the nearby movable platform and distract the guard. After he goes towards the platform, have Nicole run towards the car. From now on, you do not need to instruct her anymore, because she will be able to make it out.

Leave the treatment plant’s premises

You will now have to choose whether you want to deal with the enemy mercenaries or escape them. The latter is a much better option. Due to the fact that you are in the docks, the search area is best if left by using the boat moored nearby. Losing the fixers (or eliminating them) results in completing the mission.

Reward for completing the mission: 3000 experience points


Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 – SURPRISE (PS4 PRO)

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NEW Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 5 includes a Review and Campaign Mission 4 on PS4 Pro, Xbox One and PC. This Full Game Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Gameplay will include a Review, Story Missions, Cut Scenes, Characters, Marcus, Wrench, Sitara, Operations and the Full Story until the Ending of the Single Player Campaign. Thanks Ubisoft for Watch Dogs 2!


Watch Dogs 2 (stylized as WATCH_DOGS 2) is an upcoming open world action-adventure third-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The sequel to 2014’s Watch Dogs, it is set to be released worldwide on November 15, 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Set within a fictionalized version of San Francisco, the game is played from a third-person perspective and its world is navigated on-foot or by vehicle. Players control Marcus Holloway, a hacker who works with the hacking group DedSec to take down the city’s ctOS 2.0, an advanced surveillance system.

Following Chicago, San Francisco becomes the next city to install the ctOS surveillance system, (the Central Operating System), which connects everyone with everything. The game features a new protagonist named Marcus Holloway, who is a young, intelligent hacker from Oakland. He was wrongly framed for a crime he did not commit when he was still a child by the upgraded ctOS system, ctOS 2.0, which connects his personal information to the crime. Realizing the system brings harm to the innocent citizens of San Francisco, he decides to work with the hacking group DedSec to take down the city’s ctOS 2.0, and Blume, the creator of the ctOS system.


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