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Watch Dogs – All ctOS Tower Locations Guide

There are a total of 13 ctOS Towers in Watch Dogs. Finding all of them will reveal all collectible locations on your map and earn you the Clear Signals Trophy / Achievement. Each tower also unlocks a fast travel point.

You must hack ctOS systems to make the towers available. ctOS systems are always marked on your map from the beginning on. You can either hack them in free roam or wait until the story requires you to do so (you have to hack all of them to make it through the story anyway).
Once you have hacked the ctOS systems you can activate the towers. They are all on rooftops, so it requires some climbing and you must use your hacking skills. Use surveillance cameras to find little control boxes that open locked doors.

None of the towers are missable and you can still get them in free roam after beating the story. Because they reveal all collectibles and additional fast travel points you should get them as early as possible.

ctOS Towers Video Guide

Stuck at one specific Tower? Click the time-links below to start the video at the point you need:

#1 – Parker Square – 0:05
#2 – Parker Square – 1:27
#3 – Mad Mile – 2:11
#4 – Mad Mile – 3:26
#5 – Mad Mile – 4:36
#6 – The Loop – 6:19
#7 – The Loop – 7:17
#8 – The Loop – 8:25
#9 – Brandon DOcks – 9:38
#10 – Brandon Docks – 10:58
#11 – Brandon Docks – 11:52
#12 – The Wards – 13:08
#13 – The Wards – 14:28


Watch Dogs ctOS Towers Locations Guide


Where there is technology, there is vulnerability. The whole Chicago and everything in it can be in your control right from the start, provided that you unlock all ctOS Towers in the city.

Watch Dogs ctOS Towers Locations

There are 13 ctOS Towers in Watch Dogs that you need to unlock as a necessary prerequisite for attaining 100% game completion.

None of these collectibles is missable and are marked on the map since the beginning of the game. Unlocking these towers is a good idea as they reveal the locations of other collectibles and unlock Fast Travel locations.

Furthermore, finding and unlocking them will unlock SMG-11 weapon and Amargosa Turbo vehicle along with Clear Signals Achievement/Trophy.

Unlocking almost each one of these ctOS Towers requires you to do a bit of climbing on the rooftops. And like various missions in the campaign mode, you will have to go through a series of CCTV cameras to reach your desired location.

Also expect resistance from Blume Officials who will do everything in their power to put you down.

As the story will unfold, you will be required to unlock some of these towers. The rest can be done with our guide below. Note that you don’t have to unlock all of them in order to complete the story, but it is recommended nonetheless.

Parker Square ctOS Towers

Hilltop Tower
Head to the hilltop station and check the security. Follow the data flow lines to a fence, then hack into the camera here. Lower the crates on the forklift to reveal another camera, which you can access and ultimately use to hack the box.

Head through the open gate, then climb up the ladder. Drop down and unlock the ctOS Tower.

Pequino Village Tower
Head to the back alley here and use the forklift. Climb using it and the parkour to the lower rooftops. Cross the metal catwalk, while summoning the scissor lift in between to cross that as well.

Climb the AC units to the roof. Hack the camera and pan to the right to spot the data flow lines that lead to the box. Hack the box and access the tower to unlock it.

The Wards ctOS Towers

Woodpark West Tower
Head under the L-train tracks to the area with the metal fence.

Enter through the gate and go up the steps. Climb the ladder to the rail line. Use the tower camera to hack another one, and use that to unlock the switch behind pallets.

Run to the platform and then climb to the top. Shoot the canister to make it explode and reveal the box. Hack it then go to the tower to access it.

Rossi-Freemont Tower
Summon down the scissor lift near the metal and climb up. Climb ahead till you are near a locked door and some data flow lines. Hack the camera and follow the data lines to a second camera, through which you can unlock a switch.

Head through the now open gate and climb the AC unit. Spot the second switch from here and hack it to unlock the tower. Run past the first gate and up the ladder to the right on the balcony to access the tower.

Brandon Docks ctOS Towers

Calumet Market Tower
Head around the brick factory and the metal security hut. Access the camera above the construction lift and pan the camera to see another one across the grass. Access it and unlock the switch inside the hut.

Go through the area and leap over the fence to the area with the lift. Summon the lift and use to get to the edge of the brick factory roof. Run around the edge to the ctOS gate and then access the tower.

Des Monts Canal Tower
Head to the rail unloading station and find the camera. Use the camera to access another camera on the exterior of the roof, and pan it to the right to hack into the switch box.

After you’re done using this camera, head across to the scissor lift. Climb up and turn right to cross a metal bridge. Head to the security door and through the second gate to get to the roof with the tower to unlock.

Lake Shore Tower
This can be a slightly tough one. Use the camera here to scan the environment, then hack the stacking crane to drop the container to the ground. Follow the data flow lines from the tower to the small hut-like building.

Unlock the switch and then drive into the container inside the nearby car. Hack the train to move the container again.

Keep your car to the rear, then accelerate and launch of the carrier and into the fence to land on the roof. Open the gate here and use the ladder to access the tower.

The Loop ctOS Towers

Southside Campus Tower
Head to the alley to the scissor lift to get to the lower roof.

Climb over the fence and head up the stairs, turning left and then further heading up to a higher roof area. Connect to the camera at the back and unlock the door switch within the fence.

Look left to a second camera, which will give you access to the second box that can be hacked. Climb left afterwards and go through the tower gate to unlock the tower.

Theater Square Tower
Head to the alley here and use the scissor lift to reach a low-laying roof. Look right to spot a camera on the building nearby, access it and unlock the switch to the right.

Cycle through the cameras till you are on the one that overlooks the entire fenced building along with the billboard. The second switch box can be accessed with this camera.

Hack this and move through the ctOS gate on the roof.

Riverside Tower
Find the alley with the swing stage and use the ladder there, move to the right and up the walkway and stairs to access a camera. Cycle through the cameras till you spot the switch box.

Hack it to unlock the gate. Head along the walkway and climb the ladder and AC units to access the tower. Use the swing stage to get back down.

Mad Mile ctOS Towers

Franklin Tower
This is another slightly difficult one as you can’t access the area from the streets. You’ll spot a spiked metal fence.

Stand by it and access the camera, which should let you hack the box in a corner. Now, head down to the river and grab a boat to approach this ctOS building from the waters.

Get out and go through the door you just unlocked. Head west and follow the date flow line to a ladder and up some AC units to find a switch box. This will open the adjacent gate that grants you access to the tower.

River East Tower
Head into the apartment complex located right in the center of the block.

Search the walls of the complex to locate a switch box on the ground level. Follow the data flow to the south, and go up using the scissor lift to the balcony.

Head through the ctOS gate through to the glass roof. Turn around to find the switch box. Unlock it, then climb the AC units and the fence structure.

Cross the glass roof to reach the solar array and the tower.

Gold Coast Tower
Enter the parking lot here and climb the stairs to reach a region that overlooks the tower. Climb to the top, then drop down the roof of the concrete walkway. Follow the data flow to the right and unlock the switch.

Track back where the AC units were – there is an intrusion box here that wasn’t working previously. Hack into the server room with it and switch to the laptop’s camera to unlock the box switch. After that, climb the adjacent tower to unlock it.


ctOS towers and control centers | Activities and hints Watch Dogs Guide

CtOS towers have been marked on the map as red hexagons. They are available, virtually, from the very beginning of the game and I recommend that you turn your interest to them, right in the first hours with the game. What speaks for this is the fact that hacking into towers , and installing trojans there is well rewarded. The main reward that you receive for unlocking towers is access to new hideouts. Apart from that, thanks to hacking a tower, you get to know about the locations of new collectibles, hidden around.

In order to hack into a ctOS tower, you first need to reach it and, thanks to the exploration, coupled with hacking, ensure yourself with access to the control panel at its base. Completing the hacking minigame, connected with the terminal, will allow you to uplink the trojan and gain access to the abovementioned rewards.

Note – detailed information on how to hack into the individual towers, has been included in the guide devoted to the attractions of Chicago.

Note – towers of a given district (apart from the Parker Square district) appear on the world map and can be hacked only after you hack into the local ctOS control center. More information about the centers can be found below.

The ctOS control centers also have been marked with red icons, on the map. They are even more important than the towers described above, because only after you hack into the control centers, can you use the Profiler app, on the NPCs in that districts, and hack into their phones. Apart from that, only after you hack into the control center, do the nearby towers become available.

The process of hacking into the ctOS control center is two-fold. First of all, you need to use the Profiler app to locate the person with the access code. After you steal the code, you can break into the server room to upload the trojan.

Note – detailed information, on breaking into the individual control centers, can be found in the guide concerned with the attractions of Chicago. The entire process has also been provided in one of the initial main missions.


Movies City Spy

The switch is on the right side of the building, next to the gate. Cross the tracks to reach the ctOS tower. Proceed forward to reach the tower. Use this camera to unlock the gate, marked by a box beside the front bumper of a billboard car. The view ahead will allow you to see the first switch. Towers stick out above the other buildings, which makes them easy to locate. You should be able to see the unlock panel below you while standing on the air conditioners. Reputation Hideouts and exploration of the city Main and side missions Earning money ctOS towers and control centers.

Jump over the railing go get to the lower roof, and you can hack the camera from there. To get to the next mast, you need to take three steps: The view from the camera on the mast. Auto HD High Low. Now go through the alley and use the blue lift to get up to the balcony. Look to the right for the unlock panel. Cross it, but before you hop the fence, make a degree turn to find another unlock panel.

Head around the building and go through the gates to reach the ctOS Dogw and install the backdoor. At the back, you will find a camera attached to the walthrough.

Climb those objects to reach the ctOS gate. The second switch is in front of the gate on the left. In the case of the eighth tower, just like earlier – between the streets, there is a blue elevator. The fifth fowers on the east from skyscrapers in ceneter of the district. The second switch, in front of the gate. If you’re stumped, it could be because you found the carrier too far for a successful roof jump. Hacking the panel unlocks the gate, allowing you to reach the ctOS Tower and install the backdoor.

Wait for the train to pass by, then go onto the tracks and run to the tower. Then, locate the blue elevator. The switch on the Western wall. Main missions – Act III. Hack it to bring it down, the take it up to the roof. You are walkthrouhh permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. The second ctoos can be found north of the first one. There will be a yellow ladder on the wall across the way. Secondly, you need to enter the car and drive it into the container ahead. The view from the camera, opposite the gate.

To open your way to the next ctOS mast, walk onto the pier and hack the camera on the post. Run toward the ctOS facility and go up the stairs. So what towets can fit in one of those carriers? Climb up the ladder, then drop down to the area with the forklift to access the tower.

Ranged and close combat Types of enemies Taking damage and the consequences of dying. After passing the gate, make a right and climb up the large generator. Return the way you came and step walkkthrough the newly unlocked door. When the lift has fully risen, move straight ahead toward the climbable ledges.

ctOS Towers | Maps of smaller activities – Watch Dogs Game Guide |

The camera view of the forklift that you need to move. Now go inside and install the back door. Jump over the railing go get to the lower roof, and you can hack the camera from there. Hack the camera at the center of the building then look slightly up and to the left towerd hack another camera. The forklift between buildings. While you’re in that view, look straight ahead and hack the tcos in the distance.

Watch Dogs ctOS Centres & Towers walkthrough guide

Then climb the ladder and go through another gate to find some citizens milling around. Now use the blue lift to get to the roof, then keep climbing to the gates.

Go up the ladder, then through the gate, and you’ll find the ctOS Tower. The next tower is located on a small housing estate, on one of the houses.

Go up the ladder, then drop down to the ctOS Tower and install the backdoor. Switch to a fourth camera and dovs it to unlock a panel that needs to be hacked. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. The view from that camera will allow you to activate the switch at the mast. Go to the tower located at the southeast side of the Brandon Docks. Hack it, then head back the way you came to access another panel, which grants you remote access to a server room.

City Activities minigames towrs challenges. Reputation Hideouts and exploration of the city Main and side missions Earning money ctOS towers and control centers.

The second upside is that they unlock additional hideouts, which appear as marked on the map and which you can fast-travel to. Once you’ve arrived, hack the forklift in the back alley, which opens up access to a catwalk. Go through the gate, make your way left and go over some more air conditioners, and you’ll reach the final gate. Now you have a view of the twers panel. Walk over to the lift and ride it all the way to the top. Getting through the Systems will reveal the ctOS towers in each district.

Did you notice the Intrusion panel after reaching the ctOS gate? Deactivate the view and after you cross the door, climb up onto the mast. You’ll now be able to spot the unlock panel, which you should hack. For the next camera, you should also look up and to the left. Use the camera, lower the forklift to reveal the next camera, then jump to it and unlock the door.


09-12 | ctOS Breach Watch Dogs Guide

The ninth mission starts after you hack into the antenna attached to the overhead line support tower.

To hack into the second antenna, use the elevator in front of the building that neighbors the actual one from the South. Climb onto the rooftop and approach the edge to see the hacking marker.

You can see the next antenna on the building, in front of the parking lot. You need to use the elevator to the South-East of the neighboring building, from which you will gain access to the camera on that building. It is the only one that you can view the roof with the antenna from.

There are several cameras that you can view the device from. One of them is attached to the corner of the actual and the neighboring building.

On the last building in the row, the tallest one, there is the last device. There only is one camera that you can use to hack into it – it is under the metal stairs to the West of the building.

The first antenna is at the stairs, on the river-side.

The access to the second relay can be obtained via the camera across the street.

As you walk ahead, in the backstreet, between the buildings, you will see another camera.

When it comes to the fourth device, there is only path to it – on the elevator on the Western side of the building.

The last device is in the alley between the buildings, on the river side.

The relay that starts this mission is located on the roof. You can access it from the alley or, if you find it problematic, climb onto the low building next to you. All of the remaining relays can be hacked into via cameras. Move from one side to the other an look the successive opportunities to switch over.

The relay is attached to the roof of the building, available from the camera next to the tree.

The next camera is hidden behind the roof access. From the camera on the previous building, you need to switch over to the device on the taller wall, net to the camera location.

The fourth camera is on the balcony of the light brown building. It can be accessed via the camera on the pole, next to the street.

The last camera that can view the relay, is located on the building that neighbors the actual one from the South.

The first antenna is located on a small housing estate, in the Northern part of the Mad Mile. Use the elevator to climb to the upper floor – the device is attached to the barrier of the neighboring building.

First of all, go Eastwards. The antenna is attached to the neighboring building.

Turn left and run along the rooftop of the second building. At the end, you will have enough range to hack into the antenna.

Then jump off the roof and walk onto the row of buildings, across the street. Keep jumping over from one rooftop to another, until you reach the relay.

The last device is along your path to the ctOS tower. Hack into the switch box on the building with the mast and walk onto the elevator, while following the path to the South. After you reach the top of the building, go ahead, until you reach the gate – the antenna is behind it.


01-04 | ctOS Breach Watch Dogs Guide

The first antenna is located in the Southern part of the Parker Square. To spot it, you need to walk past the marked building.

ON the map, there appear four points that mark the locations in which there are four more antennas. As you go from the South, the second relay on the left side of the street, is behind the wooden fence, next to the apartment. Destroy it with the car, weapon (e.g. the shotgun) or with explosives, to spot the antenna.

The next antenna is on the rooftop, across the street. You can access it from the street level, after you walk away from the house, to a certain distance.

The fourth antenna in is the corner of the building on the left. You can reach it thanks to the camera on the building across the street.

The fifth relay, on the right, is hidden behind the wooden pallets, attached to the wall of the brick building. Destroy the palettes with a weapon, or explosives – the device will be fine. After you perform the last breach, you will complete the mission and receive an audiolog.

Another antenna (the first of five) is nearly impossible to spot and you will be able to access it after you climb onto the rooftop of the neighboring building, from the West, where you are going to see a fragment of the antenna from. In the case of any problems, climb onto the air-conditioning device, next to you.

Cross the street, you will notice the extension of the building – there is the antenna on it. You can get there from the right side, over the elements adjacent to the wall.

As you go away from the second antenna, towards the other three, clustered together, take the Western side first. There, on the rooftop, you will notice a red tank, from the street level. Blow it up, by shooting at it, and climb up from the Northern side.

Next to the North-most camera, you need to intercept the camera above it. Only through it, while looking downwards, you will get a good view of the device.

The last antenna is attached to the wall near the rocks. Approach in a boat, or even swim up to it – once you are sufficiently close, the option to hack into the device appears, even if you are in the water.

In the third breach, the antenna that starts the succession is attached to the pole of the metal structure, above the tracks.

You will locate the second device on the second floor of the marked building. You need to get there, because no other camera provides you with the view of that place.

The next antenna has been hidden a bit behind the concrete blocks, in the corner, at the fence. It is attached to the wall of the red-brick building.

This antenna is nearly on the edge of the roof but, to hack into it, you need to use the camera in front of the building.

You can hack the fifth antenna while looking through the camera of the building opposite the one marked as the target. The device is on the rooftop.

The first antenna of the fourth mission is in the park, on the pillar of one of the roofs.

Similarly in this case – it also is on the pillar of the next roof.

The next antenna, available from the street level, is attached to the wall of the building next to the pond.

The fourth antenna is attached to the wall of the grayish building, on its Southern wall, available from the sidewalk.

On the pillar of the last roof, there is the last relay.


05-08 | ctOS Breach Watch Dogs Guide

The first antenna, which starts the mission, is on the building in the docks, next to the railway tracks. Find a bike and ride onto the tracks. From there, you will be able to jump towards the incomplete stairs to the building. This is the only way to get to the device.

After you start the mission, jump off tee building and go towards the point marked on the map. The second device is behind the red tanks on the neighboring building. You will get there by climbing up the stairs and climbing over several low walls.

Another device has been hidden behind the inaccessible fence, whose view is being obstructed by the cargo on the forklift. Hack into it to put up the cargo and gain access to the antenna.

The access to the next relay is blocked off again. This time, explosive bottles are in the way. Blow them up with a weapon round.

To b able to see the antenna clearly, you need to hack into the camera on at the altitude, opposite the target itself.

To make it before time elapses, you need to hurry – the last antenna that you need to hack into is attached to the pillar of the bridge traversing the river.

Just like in the case of the previous mission, is available only after you view it from the railway tracks.

The next device is available from the railway platform, close to the building with the first antenna.

The next antenna is on the rooftop. Use the elevator to get there. Then, descend back to the street level.

You can gain access to the fourth antenna only via a camera. It is placed quite high above, near the pipelines, in a straight line from the relay and the pipes.

You can access the last device freely. It is enough that you stand directly under it and look up.

The next mission starts with you hacking another antenna, which is placed very high above. Use the elevator at the building, from which you will be able to see the device, after you reach the very top.

Nearby, you will see a big crane for moving containers. Climb onto the one attached to the mechanism of the crane. Activate the machine to get higher, to the distance that you can hack into the antenna from.

You can reach the next antenna, at an altitude, by climbing up the stairs on the Western side of the building. As you go down, climb the barrier, because going down the stairs is going to take too much time.

The next antenna is in one of the cargo containers. It is freely accessible but, you need to get to the next container, among the others that surround it from each side. Climb onto the container from the Western side and go ahead, until you see the descent on your left.

The only camera with the view on the antenna is located to the South-East of the spot, in which the antenna is.

The eighth antenna, which starts this challenge, is behind the fence, on the wall of a small, light brown building, from the side of the river. In this challenge, you will have to move between cameras at different altitudes.

Locate the elevator in front of the building with the red-and-black logo on it. After you get to the top, you can hack into the device without leaving it.

There is only one camera with the view of the antenna, which is located on the neighboring wall.

The fourth device can be seen from the camera several meters away from the antenna, opposite it, at the same height.

The last camera, which can view the antenna, is attached to the same wall, made of dark brick.


Watch Dogs ctOS Breaches Locations Guide

When you gain access to the ctOS towers, several of them have one or two corresponding ctOS breaches. This means you must find each box in a cluster within a few minutes to complete your hack, or security will close the window and you’ll be returned to square one. When you hack the first box in a breach, the ctOS automatically detects Aiden’s intrusion, giving you a short amount of time to reach and hack the remaining boxes in order to complete your investigation.

This requires you to move quickly through the surrounding neighborhood, using your equipment, parkour abilities, and problem-solving skills to find and access each box in turn. You can hack any ctOS box as long as Aiden is about 20 meters away from it and has a clear line of sight.

There are 16 breaches in total found throughout five of the six districts in the city. Each breach that you successfully exploit is worth 250 XP and unlocks an Audio Log, which you can listen to via your smartphone at any time.

ctOS Breach #1 – Parker Square: St. Joseph Cemetery

  • First box, turn around and swim northwest. The westernmost of the remaining four boxes is attached to the side of a gazebo.
  • The westernmost of the remaining four boxes is attached to the side of a gazebo. Hack it and turn east, hitting the rest of the boxes if you lose too much time going across the lake, you won’t be able to hit all four before the clock runs out.

ctOS Breach #2 – Parker Square: Parker Square Marina

  • The first box in the breach, go behind the Fresh Table Dining restaurant next door and use a parked car as a stepping stone to climb onto its roof.
  • Use the pile of pallets behind the fence to reach the second box
  • The third box is on the wall at the end of the easternmost dock, so hop the fence and hack it from the shoreline.
  • The fourth box is to the northwest, on the roof of a store. Use the construction gangplanks on its northern wall to climb up, then blow up the propane tank.

ctOS Breach #3 – Parker Square: Owl Motel

Dodge the cops while you find and hack the last few boxes. Keep some jam coms at the ready.

  • First box in the breach, sprint north, jump the fence, and head down the sidewalk.
  • Second box is inside a small fenced-in enclosure in someone’s backyard.
  • Third box on the roof of the next house over..
  • Fourth box by the pallet blocking the box with a grenade and hack it
  • Use the security camera above the fifth box to view and hack it.


Watch Dogs Guide

Last updated: 2 weeks ago · Guide Information

Brandon Docks ctOS Center

The Brandon Docks ctOS center is the largest of the facilities, surrounding a huge sewage treatment facility, and is one of the more secure locations.

Start at the east gate and open it to draw over the guard and then take him out with a swift melee strike. You can now enter the garage and head upstairs to take out a sniper focusing out the window, giving you a good vantage of the area below. You can use the cameras to mark the enemies and then move around to the southern gate with another guard you can take out with a melee strike. From here you can head north to a set of stairs, near an electronic sign, and take out the final two snipers with a Spec-Ops weapon.

With the snipers gone you can now use the walkways over the vats to reach the main building in the north that has the rest of the guards and access the junction box.

Watch Dogs – Brandon Docks ctOS Center

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– No crossovers (ideas, settings, characters, etc.) with other series
– No OCs (original characters)
– No concepts that do not fit with the Watch Dogs universe
– Pages depicting AU (alternate universe) scenes must be readable and easy to understand
– Artwork must be unique for the book and cannot be shared in any way until the book has shipped. The production team may use a small piece to promote the book after production is over, but it will be determined by us so as not to reveal too much.
– No explicit content (extreme violence or sex – keep it PG-13ish)
– Pairings are allowed (but again, no explicit sexual acts)
– The production team has the right to deny any drawing from publication if necessary
– Rules will be added, edited, or removed as necessary over the course of production

General Rules:
– Be kind to your fellow artists and the production team. Only offer critique if an artist asks for it. Production team may suggest changes to improve the image’s chances in being approved.
– If participating in the /r/Watch_Dogs Discord coloring book chat, you must abide by its rules.
– Do not share any content from our email correspondence and chat with others outside the project.
– If you have an issue or problem, please come to the production team for assistance.
– Rules will be added, edited, or removed as necessary over the course of production.

Applications close September 2nd, 2018
All finished lineart must be submitted by September 16th, 2018

Email with any questions you may have, to get in touch, or to apply as a contributing artist.

To apply, include your name/handle, email address that is best to reach you with (if not the one you used), page sketch(s) and one or two recently created artworks that show us your capabilities. Sketches and art samples may be attached or linked from a reputable website or gallery. By applying to be in the coloring book, you agree to the rules above. Breaking these rules will prevent you from appearing in the book, and you will be banned from the project and any future projects.


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  • Also Known As: Watch_Dogs
  • Genre: Action, Third-Person 3D Action
  • Developer: Ubi Soft
  • Publisher: Ubi Soft
  • ESRB Rating: Mature
  • Release Date: November 7, 2013


We have no tips for Watch Dogs yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no cheats or codes for Watch Dogs yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


Special Weapon Unlocks

  • Chrome Revolver : Stop 20 crimes
  • Destroyer Sniper Rifle : Stop 10 criminal convoys
  • Gangster Tommy Gun : Do 17 QR codes
  • Spec Ops Goblin Assault Rifle : Complete 9 weapons trades missions
  • Wildfire Assault Rifle : Complete 6 missing persons cases

    Easter eggs

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