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Watch Dogs 2 – A High Price to Pay, The Name Game, Ripcode, Always On, Bad Publicity

How to complete a handful of the game’s side-missions.

As well as the Main Operations, there are a variety of Side Operations that unlock through playing the story or exploring the world with the NetHack vision. They’re completely optional, but offer a bonus way to get Followers and see more of the game’s world and characters.

Here’s how to complete the A High Price to Pay, The Name Game, Ripcode, Always On, Bad Publicity Side Operations in Watch Dogs 2. Once you’re done, you may also be interested in these other side-missions:

A High Price to Pay

How to unlock: Scan in Mission Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Sneak Peek
Head for the first waypoint and make your way to the side of the building farthest from the partygoers. Climb over the wall and sneak your way round to the DJ booth, and when you’re in range hack the smartphone to download the track.

Chump Change
Now head for the next marker and hack the junction box on the wall. Use the camera to hack the PC and laptop in the far corners of the room then make the phone call to complete the mission.

The Name Game

How to unlock: Location: Scan near the gas station south of the Palace of Fine Arts.

Steps to complete: Note you’ll need the Quadcopter in order to finish this mission.

Wrong Answer
Answer the ringing payphone and then head to the three map markers. When you reach each area use NetHack to locate the device and hack it – two are close to the markers, but the one by Civic Center isn’t immediately visible so head towards the north end of the Capitol Building.

On the Line
Use the quadcopter to reach the roof and hack the device.

Operator Speaking
Head to the marker and make your way to the rear of the house. Activate the panel hidden in the hedge and send the quadcopter round to the front for a switch puzzle:

  1. Rotate the top left corner to connect the two wires.
  2. Move the T piece middle left to connect all three wires.
  3. Rotate the elbow piece in the top middle to send power downwards.
  4. Rotate the elbow piece at the bottom middle to connect the two wires.
  5. Unlock the switch in the middle.
  6. Unlock the switch in the bottom right and rotate it to join the two wires.
  7. Rotate the timed switch so the short end is pointing left.
  8. Unlock the middle right switch.
  9. Rotate the timed switch so the short piece is pointing up.
  10. Hit the final panel.

Climb up onto the roof and access the panel, switch cameras, and hack the server.

Rogue Radio
Head to the marker and enter the restricted area. There are only three guards in here – one patrolling near the gate, and two with their backs to your objective – so getting in undetected shouldn’t be tricky. Hack the panel and then use the quadcopter to hack the device on top of the antenna.


How to unlock: Scan near the canal on the west edge of Woodland, opposite Blume Arena.

Under the ‘Hood
Hack the device on the edge of the bridge.

Boxing Day
Head for each of the four locations and hack the device you find. One is out in the open and ready to go, one is locked by a panel guarded by a few gang members, and two are protected by switch puzzles.

They’re both of the “unlock each switch in turn and rotate it to connect to all the wires” variety, but one has a timed switch so remember to deactivate it occasionally before the timer runs out.

Gods, war, and the Queen Sacrifice.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Always On

How to unlock: Scan in the middle of Crestmont Forest, near the large building directly south of Painted Ladies.

Privacy 101
Hack the panel, and watch the show. Once the phone is in view keep hacking it until the mission finishes.

Bad Publicity

How to unlock: Scan outside Pier 39 restaurant.

Head to the marker and move to the north east corner of the building to find a route to climb to the roof. Hack the panel, use the phone at the back of the room to call 911, and then tinker with the other devices in the room until the police arrive.


Watch dogs 2 robot wars walkthrough

  • Sections
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  • Essential Knowledge
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    • Hack Puzzle How-to
  • Walkthrough
    • Main Op 1 – Wipe Your Profile/Walk in the Park
    • Main Op 2 – CyberDriver
    • Main Op 3 – False Profits
    • Main Op 4 – Haum Sweet Haum
    • Main Op 5 – Looking Glass
    • Main Op 6 – Limp Nudle
    • Main Op 7 – Hacker War
    • Main Op 8 – W4tched
    • Main Op 9 – Eye for an Eye
    • Main Op 10 – Hack Teh World
    • Main Op 11 – Power to the Sheeple
    • Main Op 12 – Robot Wars
    • Main Op – 13 Shanghaied
    • Main Op 14 – Motherload
  • Side Ops
    • High Price to Pay
    • Paint Job
    • Haum Intruder
    • Schadenfreude
    • Rodentia Academy
    • $911
    • Always On
    • Bad Publicity
    • Bottom Dollar
    • Ekart Challenge
    • Ghost Signals
    • Infected Bytes
    • Stolen Signals
    • Whistleblower
    • Kickin’ it Old School
    • Pink Slips
    • Proviblues
    • Ripcode
    • The Name Game
    • Save Emilio (side-op easter egg)
    • Shadows
    • Ubistolen
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  • Optional Missions
    • Driver SF
    • Races

Drop the Baby

Talk to Wrench in his garage to start the cutscene.

Head for the facility with Wrench. When you get there, go right and climb up the ladder to get onto the roof of the building opposite from where the objective is. Settle yourself behind some cover and drop the Jumper. Head over the side of the building and go for the first piece of the bomb, distracting or shutting down any guards or robots in your way. As a side note, you can also hit the bots with the love hack to sow some chaos instead, whatever works for you.

Once you have that, head along to the vent in the side of the building and go inside. go upstairs to the control room to get the second part and also to hack the laptop for the access code.

Exit this room and go through the laser gate to reach the room with the final piece of the EMP. Hop down, grab the part then recall the Jumper.

There’s a robot on the other side you can shut down or otherwise hack to get out of your way whilst you hack the doors.

When that’s done, recall the Jumper once again and climb back down the ladder to the street. Go to the garages and use the access code to unlock the door closest to Junior. Get inside and install the EMP on him. When that’s done, leave the area to complete.

Meet Ray and watch the cutscene.

Man vs Machine

Go to the Tidis entrance and activate the marker to start the mission. You’ll be in control of Junior for the first part.

Get yourself onto the track and follow it until you are stopped by a gate, activate NetHack and jump into the camera nearby to get a view of a switch, throw it to open the gate barring your way and head on through. Keep following the track until you’re once again stopped, use the camera behind you to hit the turntable switch to get you onto the right path. Head through and use the next switch to lower the lift with you on it.

In the next room follow the same routine with the turntable, then when you get to the lift, look to your right to hit the switch. Drive off the ledge, go to the server room and set off the EMP.

Head into the Tidus building and distract/shutdown and/or stun/shoot your way up to the objective marker. There aren’t too many guards here so if you keep a good pace up you should be able to get through without being spotted. Once you get to the room beside the objective, you’ll need to hack the terminal in the next room to unlock the door. Get yourself in cover and send the Jumper to do the job.

Once it’s unlocked, head on through to the server room but not before you trap the transformer box on the floor to stop any unwanted interruptions. Once the hack is complete, sneak out of the server room and up the stairs to the CEO’s office. Make sure you disable the motion sensor before you go through the door though. When you get to the office, watch for patrolling guards then ride the elevator down.

Take control of it and turn up your music of choice, it’s time to wreck Tidis ’ day.

Next is the backup server’s power supply. Climb up the walls of the lift shafts until you get to the room, then just hold down the trigger and go full Rambo on that place. When it’s in ashes, your operation is complete.


Watch Dogs 2 – Robot Wars missions: Drop the Baby, Like Minds and Man vs. Machine

Our complete story walkthrough and guide to the many activities in Ubisoft’s hackathon.

You can start the following Robot Wars missions when you’re done with the Hack Teh World Main Operation. We’d recommend you unlock the Robot Hacking and Security System Shutdown research upgrades before embarking on this set of missions.

Drop the Baby, Like Minds

When you arrive at the facility head towards the water, dive in, and swim across to the dock. Take out the solitary guard and then tuck yourself out of sight somewhere near the main building.

Deploy the Jumper, open the gates, and move up the ramp to the left, disabling the patrolling robot if you can. Head through the vent and climb the stairs off to the left, follow the walkway around, and jump across the platforms towards the security gate ahead. Open the door on the left and use the Jumper to unlock the doors, then recall it.

Follow the same route on foot and collect the EMP part from the office then leave through the other door. Descend the ladder and grab the EMP part from this room, either timing it to avoid the robots or disabling them if you can. Head back up the ladder and exit the building through an upper door towards the last marker.

Avoid the patrolling guards and robots as you collect the last piece, and then enter the office to unlock the doors for Wrench, then when the robot is in place enter the storage warehouse and plant the bomb on him.

When you have control of Jr, open the warehouse door and onto the stationary conveyor belt. Keep going until you reach an impasse then hack the camera above and to the left of you to find a switch.

Open the shutter and return to Jr, continue along the conveyor until you reach another dead end, then use the nearby switch to rotate the platform. The next obstacle is a lift followed by another rotating platform and a shutter, both of which are operated by the same switch. Finally hoist yourself up on the lift, drop off the end, and fulfil your destiny in the server room.

Man vs. Machine

Enter the Tidis building and head for the marker – there are a few robots and guards here but avoiding them isn’t too taxing, but being able to shut off security gates will be a major help. Once you reached the locked door use NetHack to locate the panel, disable it, and rejoin the trail.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX and Driver SF. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen and $911 as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Hack the server then head up to the fifth floor and hitch a ride in the elevator. Once in the vault hack the panel on the right to trigger a switch puzzle:

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.

Activate the super awesome robot spider and use it to shoot out the fire suppression points on the walls and ceiling – the ones above will require you to climb up the wall to get an angle on them – as well as laying waste to the guards.

When the doors open head through each one in turn and destroy the prototypes within then head for the lift shaft. Climb up the walls to reach the power room and shoot out all the equipment inside to shut down the system.

Once you have completed all three missions Power to the Sheeple, Robot Wars and Shanghaied, you’ll then unlock the final mission, Motherload.


Robot Wars | Main Operations Watch Dogs 2 Guide

Meet Wrench in his garage. After a short disagreement, you will agree to use one of Wrench’s machines to infiltrate the Tidis’ headquarters. Get there now, and disembark the truck. You need to get three EMP parts. Go back a little bit, and climb onto the roof of a nearby building (the one from the main street side). From here, you can easily neutralize many guards – hack the robot, use blow up explosive objects and manipulate the cars so that they run the guards over.

Once you get rid of most of the guards, use the jumper and proceed to obtaining replacement parts. The first one is nearby, in a junk container. Switch to Marcus and use the quadcopter. Hover above the building in which the local access key is.

There will be an air vent there – get in and download the access key. Go back to the jumper and get another EMP from the production hall on the lower level. The third one is higher – use the staircase on the courtyard to get there.

Finally, you have to open doors for Wrench, which will also be easily achievable with the jumper. When you’re done, you have to plant an EMP charge on the robot – Marcus has to do it personally. If you want to, you can go back to the street and open the garage to get to the robot immediately. When you’re done, leave the area, and the mission will be accomplished.

Award: +36,000 followers

Like Minds

Ray has an idea, and he wants to meet Marcus to tell him all about it. Go to the meeting to get to learn the plan of breaking into Tidis and obtaining new information.

Man vs. Machine

Go to the prearranged place and take control over Junior (the robot). Queue it up in the repair line and boot up NetHack. Switch to the camera above and unlock the further passage. Make your way along the line and use the panels to unlock the passage. When you get Junior to the server room, use the EMP impulse.

You will now return to Marcus. Go to the main entrance, lure the guard out, and knock him cold. Enter the building, turn left and take the stairs up. Distract the guards with the phone and then neutralize them.

Make your way up, walk the long corridor and knock down the guard. Turn right, get through the door and take the stairs up. Look out for the guard and hide behind the sofa. Neutralize him in the right place and go further, through the building next to you. Make your way towards the marker – there are only single guards here, so neutralizing them is not hard.

Unlock the control panel and go to the server room. When you manage to retrieve the data, go a bit back and take the door with the “Exit” sign above them. Run up to the fifth floor and then to the private elevator. Go down and proceed forward. Unlock the three panels, hence opening the windows. Then begin hacking. When you manage to work everything out, walk inside and take control over the big spider.

Let’s annihilate some Tidis’ prototypes. Destroy your targets (the spider can climb walls too) and attack the guards. When you unlock the passage to the three prototypes – destroy them as well. Then go to the lift and start climbing. Your task is to destroy the generators. After you’re done, the mission will be over.


Robot Wars – Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough Chapter 14

Meet Wrench at the Garage for the next cut scene that shows using up the hijacked bot against Tidis. Use it to enter Tidis, and then infiltrate the bunker to destroy all prototype war robots and expose Tidis future plans. Reach Tidis Repair depot: Take the bot to Tidis Report depot with Wrench. That is a small drive mission taking the wan near the repair point.

Gather 3 EMP Parts:

The next objective is to locate 3 EMP Parts in the facility. They are marked on the map. You can take the stairways on the backside ahead of locked door and take the roof.

Locate the Access Key that is inside the facility. You can use the camera for entering inside. The key is marked on the map.

There is a control lift truck that will help you to get down, then enter the facility. You can either use jumper for gathering the EMP or you can slowly move by disabling the motion sensors. Jumper is lot more effective at this point.

Open the door for Wrench:

Reach near the door to allow Wrench inside. There are guards ahead with bots. Disable the bots first and then take down the guards to avoid any alert. The works wont do anything.

Plant EMP on Wrench Jr:

The next aim is to add the EMP on the bot and exit the facility. Take the truck and get out of the place and drive teo Silicon valley sign to meet Ray.

Uncover the Machinations at Tidis:

The bot as it reaches Tidis, take its control for the next job. Straight ahead on top, there is a security camera. Hack into the same to shift the production line gate. Take Wrench Jr. Inside and hack the gates in case of blocked path.

Follow the marker locations. There are gates and bridges controls around, use them to make path for Jr.

Detonate EMP in Server Room:

Once you reach the server room Detonate the EMP. That’s it.

Download Project files from Server:

Enter Tidis and go to the server to get the project file. Use the main entrance ahead, take down the guards on the way. Hack the junction box for access lock door of server room. Get the data and go upstairs.

The next aim is to reach the private elevator that will take you to the CEO’s office. Follow the marker towards Nuclear bunker. You will need to solve the puzzle to access the locked door.

To get the puzzle solved, follow all the connections in single line. It will take sometime, as you will need to connect all the access to unlock 3 windows that will show up Tidis plan. There will be a short cut scene and then again a new puzzle for the other door.

Finally the last one is to open the iron door following the same puzzle to reveal the lethal war robot designed by Tidis. Go to the system in the office on the left side to operate the robot to take down the guards and destroy the security doors.

The bot can crawl on walls. Use it to destroy the fire suppression system. Follow the marker to the prototype labs and destroy all the bots created by Tidis. The next objective is to destroy all the backup power supply for the servers. Wait for the cut scene.

So this was the end of Chapter 14 Robot Wars, you can read the Chapter 15 Motherload Or else you can refer to our Watch Dog 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough, tips and tricks and many updates on the game.


Robot Wars Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

DedSec plans to get inside Tidis proper and expose their secret programs, but to get past security, we need a plan. Since we’re dealing with Tidis, the plan need to be bulletproof.


A total of 500,000 Followers.


Prior operations

To begin Robot Wars you must first complete Hack Teh World.

Objectives of Robot Wars

1. Meet Wrench at the garage

Go to the garage and activate the robot.

2. Reach Tidis repair depot

Drive to Tidis repair depot and get out of the vehicle.

3. Ready Wrench Jr for operation

First, you should get an access key. Activate NetHack and switch between cameras until you get access to this laptop.

Now it’s time to use RC Jumper. You can start at the front desk, it’s still a safe area. You can safely jump over the counter to the left of the entrance with laser sensors.

3.1. Gather 3 EMP parts

All the parts are in the waste containers.

EMP part #1 (in the building, ground floor)

EMP part #2 (in the building, upper floor, control room)

EMP part #3 (outside the building)

3.2. Open the door for Wrench

Use RC Jumper again and hack the computer in the reception room.

3.3. Plant EMP on Wrench Jr

Go outside, open the loading platform door .

. and plant EMP on the robot.

3.4. Leave the repair depot

4. Meet Ray near Silicon Valley sign

DedSec’s about to infiltrate the Tidis building, but we’re not going in blind. First we need to meet up and coordinate a game plan.

5. Reach Tidis front entrance

It’s time for DedSec to crash Tidis’ beyond-the-state-of-the-art robotics building and uncover their abuse of taxpayer dollars to create weapons of war.


False Profits | Main Operations Watch Dogs 2 Guide

You will start this operation after talking to Sitara in the hacker HQ. This time you will establish, that the next task is to fight the Church of the New Dawn. The first step will be to head over to a protest.

Sunday Schooled

After blending in with a handful of protestors, you can begin the mission. You have to reach the headquarters of the church, and it is best to use the jumper and the vent, that is located right next to the parked cars. While controlling the jumper, you have to acquire the access code from a computer on the lower level of the premises. Avoid guards – you can also neutralize them with electro-shocks.

Afterwards, head over to the higher floor, stun the guard next to the computer and begin hacking. When the message that Marcus is too far away appears – switch over to him and go to the main door to the church. You will be in within the appropriate range and will start downloading the information. When the process ends, leave the mission area.

Reward: +27000 Followers


Head to the meeting with Jimmy Siska. From him, you will find out a few interesting things about the church, e.g. the existence of a secret location, where the members of the church who have abandoned its beliefs are being sent. After the conversation, Marcus will decide to investigate the situation.

Missing Persons

Head to the meeting on the beach. After the conversation, run to the guarded estate in front of you. Note, that the gate to the side of the house is damaged and you can use it to get inside. Your task is to steal a data register, unfortunately, there is a lot of security personnel in the area. Taking over cameras can prove quite useful, in order to access the panels (luring out and stunning) and to remotely control vehicles (running guards over), to reduce their numbers.

One good solution is to use the jumper, from the side of the beach, in order to quickly reach the target. After breaking into the laptop, you have to get to another building – the guard next to the stairs can be easily distracted, by sending a text message to his phone. When you free Jimmy you just have to leave the area, and then the mission will be completed.

Reward +27000 Followers


Meet Jimmy in the observatory. After a short conversation, run forwards and enter the area of the temple. Run through the garden, right up to the pyramid. Hide behind the wall, to the left of the stairs and start using the jumper. With its help you can neutralize most of the guars – with the help of panels, or simply by using materials which the guards carry with them. The access code can be found near the main complex, in a small building. You can use it to get into the temple.

Take the stairs upwards and hack the security router. A long process of hacking now awaits you, and it revolves around connecting wires to unlock consecutive modules and reach as far as the podium. It sound quite complicated, but it is actually very simple, and the only concern are the guards who will try to interrupt you. When you connect all of the wires, you will be able to activate the podium. Unfortunately, you have to bring Marcus himself to this location. Try to avoid combat and reach the elevator as quickly as possible, use it to go down and approach the pillars. After a short cutscene, use the elevator again and flee from the site of the church, which will end the mission and the entire operation.


Whistleblower | Side Operations Watch Dogs 2 Guide

This mission will be added automatically, after you’ve completed two other side missions – Infected Bytes and Stolen Signals. The new mission will pick up the plot focusing on the Greystrom company, which had once again found its way into DedSec’s bad books, this time for brutalizing one of the eponymous whistleblowers.


In the first part of the mission, you’ll have to visit two locations related to the whistleblower. The icon to the north is a bank in Oakland, where the whistleblower has an account. Once you’re there, you’ll have to hack the box located on a balcony. Find a platform lift, move it near the building and use the platform to access the balcony.

Having hacked the box, you will see a camera image showing one of the offices inside the bank. Look right and switch to another camera. Continue until you reach webcams installed in desktop monitors. You have to find a camera that shows the view depicted on the screenshot above (with the PC case located left of an bank employee). Hack that computer.

The other location, in southern Oakland (south of Blume arena) is the whistleblower’s apartment; same as previously, the box is located on the roof. Once you reach the apartment, find the lift depicted on the screenshot. Use remote hacking and bring it down. Don’t worry when the lift doesn’t come down all the way, you’ll still be able to reach the roof.

Get a bike, any bike will do, and head for the multi-storey car park. Drive to the top and find the ramp marked on the upper screenshot. Gather enough momentum and jump, you should land exactly on the lift you had lowered earlier (second screenshot) or at least on the nearby ledge. Now you can order the lift to go back up and enable you to gain access to the box.

After you’ve hacked the system, you will see a picture from inside the whistleblower’s apartment. Switch to the camera installed in the toy hidden in the bookcase. From there, you’ll be able to easily hack the laptop laying on the kitchen counter [+13000 followers].


Now, you’ll have to find the whistleblower before he commits suicide. Reach the location marked on the map and hack the box. You’ll see an image from a camera on the roof; your task will be to change Jason Fassbender’s mind about killing himself. Begin by hacking his phone to call his office. Next, hack his laptop, located on the left, to dig through his emails. Finally, hack his phone once again to call a news reporter. This will complete the mission [+14000 followers].


Jumper and Quadcopter – how to unlock, when to use Watch Dogs 2 Guide

The jumper and quadcopter are two entirely new gadgets in Watch Dogs 2. In this chapter, you will learn how to unlock them (the game allows that pretty early on), what are their uses, and what are the most useful upgrades.

The Jumper – unlocking

You can’t miss the moment when the jumper is unlocked, because it happens during your first visit in the DeadSec Hackerspace (after finishing the main operation Walk in the Park, which is unlocked after finishing the prologue). One of the stages of that mission involves testing a 3D printer – use it to make a jumper (it will be free).

From that moment on, you can use the left button on the controller’s d-pad (or a corresponding button on your keyboard) in order to take control over the jumper. Marcus will have only one jumper, but if it gets destroyed, it will respawn shortly.

Jumper – application and upgrades

The main application of the jumper is reaching places that Marcus is unable to reach himself, or that would be very cumbersome to reach otherwise. The jumper can for example enter vent shafts or small holes in walls. It also can (as the name indicates) jump onto high ledges and platforms, but this ability becomes more important after you purchase one of the jumpers’ upgrades.

Using the jumper is often mandatory if you want to obtain a well-hidden secret, or if you have to get to a seemingly inaccessible closed-circuit terminal (the jumper can hack those as well). It can also be used for reconnaissance (to a limited degree), but the chances of being exposed are much higher than in case of the quadcopter.

The jumper can be upgraded by purchasing skills related to it. The Enhanced Spring skill is definitely the most useful one, as it allows the jumper to bounce pretty high, making it possible to reach previously inaccessible ledges and roofs. You should also purchase the Taunt skill rather soon, as it allows you to distract enemies with the jumper. You can lure them to a place where you’ll be able to quietly deal with enemies, or just clear the path to your objective. When you’re character will be sufficiently experienced, you should also try the Remote Gadgets skill. It provides some “offensive abilities” for the jumper – it will be able to carry explosives and stun charges, which will allow you to kill or stun chosen enemies.

Quadcopter – unlocking

The quadcopter can also be unlocked at the game’s beginning, however it doesn’t happen automatically as in case of the jumper. The first opportunity to obtain the quadcopter appears when you visit the DeadSec Hackerspace during the Walk in the Park operation. You have to enter the hideout and interact with the 3D printer. Producing a quadcopter will cost 67,500 dollars – if you don’t have enough dough, try to collect it ASAP – for example by gathering nearby Money Bags, or by winning a couple of races. Don’t delay this purchase – the quadcopter is very useful and some missions will become really hard without it.

If you own a quadcopter, press the right button on your controller’s d-pad (or a corresponding button on your keyboard) to seize control over the quadcopter. Marcus will have only one quadcopter, but if it gets destroyed, it will respawn shortly.

Quadcopter – application and upgrades

The main application of the quadcopter is reconnaissance. Use this ability every time you close in on a hostile area or an open location, in which an operation will play out – it will allow you to plan your actions, see where the enemies are, and locate objects that can be hacked. You’re not limited to observation itself though, because you can hack stuff from the quadcopter just as when you control Marcus. Regardless of the approach you decide to take, don’t get too close to enemies or the drone will be exposed and shot down.

In some locations the quadcopter can also be used to find access keys that Marcus cannot reach himself, or to solve Network Bypass-based mini games. The drone can’t lift any items, unfortunately, so you’ll have to reach them on foot or with the jumper.

The quadcopter can be upgraded by purchasing skills related to it. The first upgrade will be the Proximity Scanner, which facilitates tagging characters during reconnaissance. An interesting, albeit expensive upgrade is the Remote Gadgets upgrade. It allows to mount explosives and stun charges onto the quadcopter, providing some offensive abilities to the quadcopter. If you own that skill, you can drop “surprises” while not risking direct confrontation. If you use the quadcopter often, you can also buy the Speed Boost skill, which will make it move faster.


Watch Dogs 2

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Watch Dogs 2 est un Open world très ordinaire dans sa réalisation, mais avec quelques subtilités qui le rendent plus supportable que son Watch Dogs 2 est un Open world très ordinaire dans sa réalisation, mais avec quelques subtilités qui le rendent plus supportable que son prédécesseur.
Certes, il n’apporte pas grand chose de nouveau au genre, mais on prend du plaisir à le découvrir, tester les différentes mécaniques de hacking qu’il met à disposition, à se balader dans la ville et écouter les passants jurer lorsqu’on les bouscules.

Watch Dogs ne restera pas graver dans les mémoires mais a au moins le mérite de faire le peu qu’il fait correctement. … Expand


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  • Also Known As: Watch_Dogs
  • Genre: Action, Third-Person 3D Action
  • Developer: Ubi Soft
  • Publisher: Ubi Soft
  • ESRB Rating: Mature
  • Release Date: November 7, 2013


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Special Weapon Unlocks

  • Chrome Revolver : Stop 20 crimes
  • Destroyer Sniper Rifle : Stop 10 criminal convoys
  • Gangster Tommy Gun : Do 17 QR codes
  • Spec Ops Goblin Assault Rifle : Complete 9 weapons trades missions
  • Wildfire Assault Rifle : Complete 6 missing persons cases

    Easter eggs

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