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Unique Weapons & Items – How To Get

American Venom – Walkthrough

All Challenges & Collectibles List

What happens when you get to the end-game in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)? Find out what you can do after beating the main story here, such as changing player characters and doing side quests!

What Happens After You Finish the Game?

Continue Your Game as John Marston

After the conclusion of the Main Story, the player character will shift from Arthur Morgan to John Marston. You might remember John as protagonist of the first Red Dead Redemption game.

No Gameplay Changes Between John & Arthur

John will play the same as Arthur with the same controls and abilities. He will also have the same features as Arthur, such as hair growth and weight gain/loss.

Horses, Consumables, & Money will Reset

You won’t have access to the horses, consumables, and money you accumulated during your time as Arthur. Once you play as John, it will be a clean slate when it comes to his horses, money, and some of his items.

Weapons, Items, & Compendium Will Be Saved

Arthur’s weapons and some of his items will be included in John’s inventory upon playing as him. Your progress in the compendium will be carried over as well.

Satchels Can Only Be Upgraded at Fences

Upon changing the main character, you will not be able to upgrade your Satchels at the camp anymore, and will have to visit your local Fence to ask for the upgrade. The requirement for each Satchel will be the same.

Certain Rare Weapons Will Not Be Acquirable

Certain rare unique weapons acquirable during Missions will not be available for looting once you miss out on your chance. Be sure to pick up any uniquely named weapons should you ever come across them!

What Do You Get from Finishing the Epilogue

After completing the main story, you will see the Marston family trying to adjust to their new life after the Van Der Linde Gang had gone their separate ways. From this point on, the player character will be playing as John Marston.

Acquire House & Ranch in Great Plains

Players will have a stationary camp in the form of the Marston’s ranch in Great Plains. The ranch is situated in West Elizabeth and will have Abigail, Jack, and Uncle living there.

Functions like the Previous Camps

The Ranch will feature amenities similar to the camp during your time as Arthur. Here you can sleep, eat, change clothing, and fast travel to other areas.

Earn $ 20,000

John will receive $ 20,000 when completing the final mission of Epilogue 2. It’s a starting amount so make sure to find ways to start earning money again in the game.

What Can You Do in End-Game?

Play Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is a place where you can roam the wild wild west with other players online! Complete quests with friends, engage in shootouts, or hunt down other players! The world of Red Dead is yours in Red Dead Online!

Free Roam the Wild West

Players can freely explore the whole map as much as they like upon finishing the epilogue. Discover new areas or just appreciate the countryside, it is entirely up to you.

Play for 100% Game Completion

With the compendium carrying over, you can continue your progress to getting all of the required collectibles, achievements, and quests you need to completing the game!

Complete Leftover Side Quests

Finish the side quests you’ve left behind when playing as Arthur. You can find available side quests marked in the map by a question mark.

Chapter-Specific Companion Side Missions are Not Available

Companion Missions are bound to specific chapters and cannot be played outside of them. Be careful not to miss out during your journey!

Go Hunting or Fishing

Players will be able to hunt and fish to their heart’s content in the endgame. With free roam of the map, you can go all over the Wild West searching for different species of animals.

Play the Mini Games

Make a quick buck from playing some of the mini games in the game. Choose from Poker, Blackjack, Dominoes, and Five Finger Fillet found in different towns and cities.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Old Friends Walkthrough

Old FriendsВ is the 4th main story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2).В This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Old Friends Main Quest including all Gold Medals for 100%В completion.

Old Friends triggers when you complete Enter, Pursued By a Memory.

Quest Giver: Bill Williamson
Chapter: 1
Region: Ambarino

  • Catch and hogtie Kieran within 45 seconds
  • Kill 3 O’Driscolls in the same Dead Eye use
  • Complete within 15 minutes 30 seconds
  • Get 15 headshots
  • Complete the mission without taking any health items

Starting Location: Colter, Ambarino

Follow Dutch

Dutch thinks that its time to hit the O’Driscolls where it hurts. You’re going to steal their heist right out from under them, and the first step is to get explosives. Follow Dutch into the mountains until you locate the camp and are called to a halt. He will hand out assignments to Arthur and the others, and you’ll all get into position. You and Dutch will climb up to a vantage point and use your binoculars to spot Colm O’Driscoll before returning to the horses.

Grab your rifle as Dutch directs, and follow Bill and Micah’s trail down to the camp below as quickly and quietly as possible.

  • GOLD MEDAL: Complete within 15 minutes 30 seconds
  • GOLD MEDAL: Complete the mission without taking any health items

A couple of initial gold medal requirements to remember from the beginning of the mission. You only have 15 minutes and 30 seconds to finish the mission, so you can’t waste any time. You also can’t heal yourself so you have to rush, but do it cautiously. When you meet up with Bill and Micah, you have the option of proceeding stealthily, but there isn’t enough time for that. Line up your first headshot and kick off a substantial gun battle.

  • GOLD MEDAL: Kill 3 O’Driscolls in the same Dead Eye use
  • GOLD MEDAL:Get 15 headshots

Right at the start of the fight is the easiest point to get the Kill 3 O’Driscolls in the same Dead Eye use requirement. There are several O’Driscolls coming down the hill from the left, one on the water tower, another in the cabin ahead, and a couple to the right. Activate Dead Eye and pop off three easy headshots to get things started.

Since you have to get headshots, you will need to use Dead Eye liberally, replenishing it with Dead Eye tonics as needed. Remember, the gold medal requirement says you can’t use health items, so don’t use any tonics or consumables that affect your health meter/core in any way.

Once the firefight is over, Dutch will tell everyone to loot the corpses. After a few searches, there will be a second wave of O’Driscolls that attack from the Southwest. There are a lot of them as well, so if you didn’t get the Kill 3 O’Driscolls in the same Dead Eye use requirement at the start of the mission, you can try again here, though it will be somewhat harder as they are all charging at you weaving in and out of the trees which can occasionally block your queued up Dead Eye shot as they move.

Once you’ve killed enough of them, they will retreat. If you haven’t quite gotten your kill requirements, you can chase them for a short distance but don’t move too far away from the camp or the mission will fail and bounce you back to the last checkpoint.

Regroup with the Gang

Go back to Dutch and the others, and he will direct you to search a building to the left to find the explosives and detonators. In one corner of the room is a large red wooden chest labeled “Samson Bros Dynamite”. Search this chest to find the explosives you need.

A cinematic will play, showing Dutch looking over the explosives and a plan that was found, then cuts back to you all riding back to camp. Follow Dutch and discuss your plans.

Chase Down and Lasso the O’Driscoll

Along the way, you’ll run into a guy on horseback near a river, and Dutch will send you after him to capture him for interrogation. Ready your lasso, and spur your horse onwards as soon as you notice him. Don’t even wait for Dutch’s order, time is of the essence.

  • GOLD MEDAL: Catch and hogtie Kieran within 45 seconds

Close the distance with Kieran and throw your lasso the second your reticle turns red to show you’re in range. Lasso him and get off your horse immediately, holding the L2/LT button as you run towards him. As soon as you are next to him, hogtie him up. The timer stops once he is tied, so there’s no rush after that.

Throw him on the back of your horse, and ride back to camp. Pick up Kieran and drop him near the cabin at the waypoint to trigger a cinematic that will close out the mission.

This finishesВ Old Friends mainВ mission in Red Dead Redemption 2.В NowВ the next questВ Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall? starts.

Next Up:В Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?

For more Walkthroughs with all gold medals, check out the completeВ Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Walkthrough.


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Outlaws from the West, Enter, Pursued by a Memory

How to complete Outlaws from the West and Enter, Pursued by a Memory in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Outlaws from the West and Enter, Pursued by a Memory are missions from the game’s first chapter.

For more help, our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough explains the requirements for fully completing the game’s many story missions.

Outlaws from the West

Outlaws from the West medal objectives:

  • Take no damage during the shootout
  • Loot 5 or more items from Adler Ranch
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy

Follow the on-screen prompts to learn how to control the horse, following the Dutch through the snow until you bump into Micah. When you ride towards your destination, you can pull up alongside the lead horse and hold L2 for some additional dialogue options, if you fancy.

When you arrive, you’re told to hide in the shed. This is the cattle shed on the left – not the outhouse with the light on ahead of you – so go left around the back, and crouch inside.

When prompted, pull your weapon and start a firefight – the enemies should be easy to clear, and don’t forget to try and pick off the straggler that springs through the snow to the north.

After the firefight, enter the house, pick up food from the left side, and replenish your health and health core as instructed. There is more supplies up the ladder, then return outside when done.

Next, investigate the barn to the south-east for a tutorial interrogating an O’Driscoll. It’s up to you whether you spare him or not. Grab your gun and hat (the radar shows their locations if you’re struggling) then calm the horse as prompted.

Enter the barn afterwards for a long cutscene.

Enter, Pursued by a Memory

Enter, Pursued by a Memory medal objectives:

  • Kill all the wolves without taking any damage
  • Complete with at least 80% accuracy

Follow Javier wherever he goes up the cliffs, and get off the horse when prompted by the cliffside. To get the shotgun, you have to hold multiple shoulder buttons (hold L1 or left bumper, then R2 or right trigger) – it’s a little fiddly, but do as prompted and you’ll pick it up.

Continue playing, and after the linear section, you’ll come to some wolves. Make sure you hold the shoulder button before pressing Square (or X on Xbox) to distract the wolves, otherwise you’ll just leap in the snow. With them on you and still holding aim, fire at each one to take them down.

You’ll have more to kill while riding back on the horse. It’s more difficult to aim at speed, but if you crash into them, you can block them from the other horse, or even run them over.

Head back to camp to complete the mission. How there are two nodes on the mini-map, indicated two missions – Old Friends and The Aftermath of Genesis. Complete them in any order you like, then progress on to Who the hell is Leviticus Cornwall?.


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Something New

Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Official Guide Revealed

The video game developer Rockstar Games officially reveals the Complete Official Guide for the forthcoming open world Western sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Due to the fact that many major fall releases are just a few short months away from hitting store shelves, industry analysts have been studying data to predict which forthcoming title will end up as one of the potential top ten best-selling games of 2018, and it should come as little surprise that Red Dead Redemption 2 is in the lead. While some folks are understandably focusing on the business side of things, gamers themselves are surely just eager to get their hands on the open world Western title, and in order to help them out when they do, Rockstar Games has now released RDR2‘s Complete Official Guide.

Starting today, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Complete Official Guide is available at the Rockstar Warehouse and other retailers as a pre-order item, with game’s developer describing the product as “the essential companion to the upcoming release”. According to the video game developer, the guide is set to contain “information about every aspect” of what the studio touts as “the deepest and most detailed Rockstar world yet”.

Rockstar Games is also offering Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Complete Official Guide in a couple of different versions to better cater to all players, with the guide coming in both a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition. The Standard Edition will contain “information about every mission, character and feature” of RDR2, with it also containing “at-a-glance walkthrough, dedicated maps chapter, comprehensive reference sections, and an all-encompassing index” for $25

The Collector’s Edition, on the other hand, contains everything that the regular version does, with its $40 price tag offering higher quality by being bound in a “premium hardcover” and printed on “superior quality art paper”. What’s more is that the Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector’s Edition of the Complete Official Guide offers the bonus of an exclusive art gallery featuring figures from the game. Perhaps some pages will put a spotlight on some of the returning characters coming to the sequel.

There’s no doubt that plenty of players will be jumping into the world of Red Dead for the first time, especially since the previous entry centered around the protagonist John Marston came out way back in 2010. With this being the case, many gamers out there will certainly opt to pick up the forthcoming sequel’s Complete Official Guide in order to get their bearings. Of course, Rockstar also knows there are lots of diehard fans of Red Dead Redemption, too, so the studio will definitely score points with those looking to get a stylishly deep dive into the sequel’s fictional Western world thanks to the Collector’s Edition.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is set to release on October 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Marko Dragic Walkthrough

Home » Guides » Red Dead Redemption 2 – Marko Dragic Walkthrough

A Bright Bouncing Boy is a multi-part side quest available in Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur decides to help professor Marko Dragic in conducting his experiment.

The first meeting with Marko Dragic

The first meeting with the professor can happen after making enough progress in chapter 4. The quest marker should appear near the small pond in Saint Denis.

In the first part, Arthur has to control a remote submarine twice. The controls are displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen – you can steer left or right, accelerate, slow down and use reverse.

Avoid the mines – they work like a magnet and can start to move slowly towards your boat. The goal is to sink the ship models – do that with torpedoes. Remember to keep a safe distance from explosions. Sink all the ships and go back to the port.

The second submarine challenge is a little bit more difficult – you need to sink the marked ships before they reach the opposite part of the pond. Remember – your targets are moving. Watch out for the mines and stay away from explosions. Destroy the targets, and go back to the “port”.

The second meeting with Marko Dragic

The next meeting with the professor is in Doverhill – go to the large building near the railway tracks in the northern part of the map. Arrive here during the night.

Speak with Marko Dragic – the man gives you a Detector and 3 Lightning Conductors.

Arthur must place lightning conductors in the right places. Every procedure must start with him using the detector (hold the aim button). Spin Arthur until the detector’s lamp starts pulsing with the highest frequency – this informs you that you are moving in the right direction. Head in that direction. Keep moving until the detector’s lamp lights up completely (see the picture above). Thanks to that you know that Arthur is in the right spot – press the button displayed on the screen to place a lightning conductor.

Repeat this process with two other conductors. After that, you can go back to the scientist.

Arthur must now climb the tower. Use the ladder. Take a look at the console with three switches located on the upper balcony. Pull them by following the order presented in the picture above – the left switch, the right switch, the middle switch.

Go down. Watch the cut-scene during which the scientist “revives” his automaton (robot).


In order to complete Marko Dragica’s story definitively, return to his laboratory after two days in the game world (you can speed up the passage of time using the beds). Check all entrance doors to the building to be sure.

You will find Dragic dead and the game will award you with the Artificial Intelligence achievement. Take a look around the lab. The most precious item is the Electric Lantern. You can also find two notes from Dragic, a collector’s card and walerian (rare alchemical component).

Easter egg – where’s the automaton?

During your last visit to the laboratory, you probably noticed that the machine on which Dragic worked has disappeared. You can find a robot and this is one of the many easter eggs of Red Dead Redemption 2. To do so, you must return to the mining village of Colter, where the game prologue took place. Then start climbing to the top of a neighboring mountain.

You will find the automaton you are looking for next to Colter, in the place shown in the pictures above. This is the north-western corner of the world map.


Red Dead Redemption 2 – We Loved Once and True

How to complete We Loved Once and True in Red Dead Redemption 2.

We Loved Once and True is a mission from Red Dead Redemption 2’s second chapter.

For more help, our Red Dead Redemption 2 walkthrough explains how to complete the game’s many story missions.

We Loved Once and True

The We Loved Once and True quest has multiple steps.

Part 1 – Letter

This mission can be taken after reading a letter by your bed in camp, which for us appeared after the first Money Lending and Other Sins.

Part 2 – Meeting Mary again

Read the letter and the next part of the quest will appear on your map, just north of Valentine. During the cutscene, you have a choice to help or not – decide to help her.

Part 3 – Bringing Jamie home

We Loved Once and True III objectives:

  • Peacefully convince the Chelonians to let you take Jamie
  • Return Jamie to Mary within 2 minutes

Travel to the faraway mountain top destination to find the group. How you respond to their questions is entirely up to you, but either way Jamie will flee.

This is a scripted chase – meaning Jamie will go the same route and speed every time, so don’t stress too much about catching up with him.

Eventually you’ll stop at some train tracks, and you’ll be trained in drawing your weapon. Squeeze the right trigger then fully press it, and aim for his arm. Don’t worry if you miss – you’ll get another chance if things go wrong.

Afterward, simply ride Jamie to the destination on the map to wrap up the mission.


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Billy Midnight Walkthrough

Home » Guides » Red Dead Redemption 2 – Billy Midnight Walkthrough

Billy Midnight

Go to Rhodes town to look for Billy Midnight. Reach the train station. Speak with the station clerk. Ask him about Billy. (the yellow dialog option.)

Get into the train that has just stopped on the station. Keep moving through the carts until you reach the bar cart. There, you will find Billy Midnight. (the picture above.)

Billy starts to escape – follow him. Keep moving through the carts. After a while you will have to climb on a cart. This is where you will catch Billy. The man challenges you to a duel. Press the right trigger only about halfway and shoot once the bar is full. Kill Billy before he shoots first. You can hit any of his body parts.

Approach the gunslinger’s corpse. Take out the camera from your inventory – this item is in the same slot as binoculars. Take a picture of dead Billy Midnight.

Search Emmet’s corpse – you will find Midnight’s Revolver, a unique weapon.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Item Request: How to Complete All Item Requests for the Gang

Home » Guides » Red Dead Redemption 2 Item Request: How to Complete All Item Requests for the Gang

How to Complete All Item Requests for the Gang in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Fetch quests are definitely nothing new, even in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you want the Errand Boy Achievement/Trophy, here’s how to complete all of the item requests for the gang in Red Dead Redemption 2.

So if you’re a completionist, you’ll have no choice but to aim for a certain requirement that has you chasing down materials and items for your gang members. Fittingly called Errand Boy, this Achievement/Trophy requests that you deliver five camp companion item requests in Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s definitely worth noting that you can only get Errand Boy in chapters 2, 3, and 4, so it’s pretty easy to miss most of the item requests. Make sure to complete the item requests before finishing the fourth chapter in the game.

Whenever you’re at your camp, some of our gang members will randomly approach you and ask for a favor in Red Dead Redemption 2. Since these requests are pretty random, you’ll want to hang around camp and socialize with your gang to get more requests.

While Errand Boy only requires that you complete five item requests, it doesn’t stop there. People will still approach you for favors, but you won’t need to necessarily do them if you’ve already gotten the achievement/trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Here’s a list of all the item requests and how to complete them in Red Dead Redemption 2:

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Chapter 2 Only Item Requests:

  • Jack
    • Penny Dreadful Book – Can be found in five locations: in the Osman Grove hut east of Emerald Ranch, hut northwest of Valentine, school northeast of Eris Field, hut east of Wallace Station, or hut southeast of Armadillo.
  • Abigail
    • $5 – Fork over the money.
  • Javier
    • Oleander – A type of plant found in the wilderness. Use L3 and R3 to locate it.
  • Pearson
    • (During a poker match) Naval Compass – Braithwaites Estate in Boathouse.
  • Mary Beth
    • Fountain Pen – Head to Osman Grove and look for the house east of Emerald Ranch. The pen is sitting on a table.
  • Sean
    • Kentucky Bourbon – Buy it from the general store.
  • Tilly
    • (During a dominoes match) Necklace – Can be found in safes around the world.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Chapter 2, 3, 4 Item Requests:

  • Bill
    • Pomade – Buy it from the general store.
  • Charles
    • Oleander – A type of plant found in the wilderness. Use L3 and R3 to locate it.
  • Hosea
    • The Deceitful German Book – Find it in a house in Hagen Orchards in the Bayou, which is around the right side of your map near Saint Denis.
  • Susan
    • Oregano (2x) – A type of plant found in the wilderness. Use L3 and R3 to locate it.
  • Dutch
    • Pipe – Check the hut in the east of Pronghorn Ranch.
  • Lenny
    • Pocket Watch – Check the hut in the east of Pronghorn Ranch. It should be on the table.
  • Pearson
    • Rabbit – These critters spawn everywhere when you go hunting.
  • Jack
    • Thimble – Jack may randomly ask you for a Thimble as he’s lost his. This can just be found on enemies you’ve killed, so loot everyone and everything.

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Chapter 3 Only Item Requests:

  • Molly
    • Pocket Mirror – Found on a nightstand inside a hut of Martha’s Swain to the east of Three Sisters.
  • Sadie
    • Harmonica – Found on a shelf inside a hut at Flatneck Station.
  • Hosea
    • American Ginseng (2x) – A type of plant found in the wilderness. Use L3 and R3 to locate it.
  • Kieran
    • Plants – Can be found in the wilderness. Use L3 and R3 to locate it.

That about wraps it up for how to complete all of the item requests in Red Dead Redemption 2. For more tips and tricks on the game, make sure to take a look at our expansive wiki.

Question: How to complete all Item Requests in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Answer: Frequently visit back to your camp in chapters 2 through 4 and talk to everyone you can to ensure you get every item request you can and then follow the instructions above.


Red Dead Redemption 2 – Idealism and Pragmatism Walkthrough

Home » Guides » Red Dead Redemption 2 – Idealism and Pragmatism Walkthrough

Idealism and Pragmatism Summary

Unlocked: Complete Chapter 4’s “The Gilded Cage” and open Mayor Lemieux’s letter. This mission is initially only available at night between 10pm and 5am. Head to the mayor’s house in the northwest part of Saint Denis. After the cutscene, drive to the art gallery. Follow the professor from a safe distance until he takes a left and walks towards a fountain. Confront him here and beat/threaten him until his is intimidated. Return to Jean Marc to complete this part of the mission.

After completing the previous part, read Mayor Lemieux’s second letter and head to his house at night. Head to the highlighted area to the north of Saint Denis. Wait for the red coach to arrive, then hope on it. Intimidate Hector Fellowes to complete this part of the mission.

Head back to the mayor’s house the next night again. You will need to target Jean Marc, the same individual who accompanied you when you were taking care of Professor Shiftacre. Head to Rue de Zacharie that is south of the mayor’s home and confront Jean Marc.

Carry him back to the mayor’s house carefully without being detected by anyone. The park in front of you is a great way to do this. Use its northeast exit, then head west and finally north. You can follow the mayor back to his property, after which you are given a choice.

If you spare Jean Marc, you’ll gain honor. If you kill him, you’ll need to drop his body in the water and enjoy a permanent 10% discount in all Saint Denis shops.

Idealism and Pragmatism Walkthrough

Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners is a multi-stage mission in Red Dead Redemption 2. Arthur can help the Mayor of Saint Denis to solve a variety of problems by relying on less legal methods of action.

Triggering the mission

You can perform missions for mayor Henri Lemieux in chapter 4 of the game, but unblocking the task is quite troublesome. These are the requirements for unlocking this mission:

  • First and foremost, you need to complete the Gilded Cage main mission in chapter 4 – that is, to meet the mayor for the first time in his mansion.
  • You must then wait until the mayor sends Arthur a letter inviting him to a private meeting. This letter will not appear in the gang camp. You must visit the post office at any railway station. During a conversation with a person from the window, select the option to collect the letter in person.

Then, read the Invitation from Mayor Lemieux from your inventory. Wait till the night falls. Only then on the map of Saint Denis will a marker of the place where the mission starts appear. (the picture above)

First mission from the mayor

The mission starts at the back of the property. Tap on the glass door. Talk to Jean Marc, who will lead Arthur to the mayor. Listen to the details of the first job you can do for him.

Get in the car and start your journey to the art gallery. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to follow Professor Shiftacre. Keep a safe distance from him in order not to be detected. Do not approach the professor until he is in an isolated place. (the game will update the mission goal) You can only intimidate him by strangling him several times (do not hold the button for too long not to strangle him!) or beating him (negative points of honor). Return to Jean-March to complete this part of the mission.

Second mission from the mayor

In order to advance to the second part of the mission, Arthur must again receive an invitation from the mayor by post. The invitation should arrive about 24 hours after the completion of the first part of the task. As before, reach the back entrance of the mayor’s property during the night hours. Listen to the details of the next task.

Head towards the road leading to the swamps. You have to approach the stagecoach on horseback, jump on it and move Arthur along its wall to get into its cabin. Arthur’s task is to intimidate Hector Fellows travelling by stagecoach. Press L2+R2 / LT+RT at the same time to catch him and pull him out of the stagecoach.

The third mission from the mayor

This time you don’t have to wait for a letter from the mayor. Return to his property at night and meet him directly. You will receive a book (Farm, Field and Falconry) as a gift. Lemieux wants to kidnap Jean Marc, to whom he has lost confidence and bring him secretly to the property.

Reach Jean-Marc’s home. After being stunned, go back to the property. Don’t use your horse and avoid being discovered by police officers patrolling the streets of the city. It’s a good idea to zoom in on the mini-map so you can see them from a greater distance. Go through the park shown in the picture.

Reach the opposite end of the park and wait until the policeman patrolling the street along the park turns right. This will allow you to sneak behind his back and turn left.


The Sheep and the Goats Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur took Jack to fishing in a short mission A Fisher of Men. He was intercepted by two detectives who were hunting for Dutch. After learning this from Arthur, Dutch tell everyone to stay low for a while. For the next mission you will have to find John. You can find him on the south side of Valentine. He wants you to herd some sheep and buy a sniper rifle. This is where you will unlock a sniper rifle.

The Sheep and the Goats Walkthrough

To earn gold medal herd all the sheeps in to the pen in Valentine and get 25 head-shots in a fight. You will have to complete this mission with around 70% accuracy without taking any health item.

Talk to John

Follow John and you both will go on a small walk. He will tell you to hitch your horse and take you to a arm store. Pick Rolling Block Rifle, you won’t have to pay anything for this. But you can pay for the customization. Take the gun and follow John. You will have to switch to cinematic mode and hold X/A so that you are not left behind.

Shoot near the ranchers to scare them off

John will take you to a mountain cliff and tell you to shoot near the ranchers to scare them off. Don’t shoot the sheep’s or anyone. Just shoot on the ground around their horse and they will run away.

Herd Sheep

Go down the mountain and herd the sheep. Just ride around the sheep’s and draw them into a group direction. You can shout by holding L2 and press Circle/B. You can also shoot in the air by pressing up D-pad to make them move faster. Try riding close to the sheep if they go too far they won’t return to the herd. Follow the mini-map to draw the sheep’s to the auction house.

Auction Deal

After all sheep’s reaches the auction yard the auctioneer will be suspicious about the sheep’s origins. He will start arguing with you and ask for 25% share down. You can negotiate the same to 18%. This completes the deal. After the deal go to the saloon to meet Dutch. You will see a different scene at the saloon, you will find Leviticus Cornwall shouting about getting robbed and he has John and Strauss as hostages. Dutch will try to negotiate.

The Firefight

Hold L2 gently to fill up the meter, go slow so that you can get max target. You will need to kill all the men outside. To earn a gold medal in this part you will need 25 headshots with around 70% accuracy. Also you cannot take halting items or you will lose the gold. Try using Dead Eye as much as possible mark the targets and shoot them. This will save your time and will help you to kill more than one enemy at a time. Clear the south region first, and then go for the north side. More and more enemies will appeal from the building you have to kill them.

Strauss will be shot and you will have to cover your friends. They will put Strauss in a wagon and push them, walk behind them and kill the enemies. They won’t be able to fight you have to guard them. Keep protecting the wagon. Shoot the men who are nearest.

All of you will be able to make far enough, carry Strauss and place him on the back of John’s horse. But before doing this do explore the region properly to find any leftover enemies. Dutch will tell you to kill the left enemies shoot them down. Mount your horse and escape from Valentine to complete the mission. The next main mission you can play is An American Pastoral Scene, for which you have to meet Micah near the camp outside Strawberry. This is the same town you rescued him from Jail in the mission Blessed are the Meek.

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