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Watch dogs 2 walkthrough wipe your profile

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After Limp Nudle finishes, you’ll notice that a pixelated cat begins wandering across your screen, turns out DedSec has been hacked, and you’re going to war.

Head for the hackerspace to start the cutscene and the operation.

Lenni’s Demands

Go to the club and speak to Lenni to find out her demands, of which there are many.

After a lot of cutscenes, you’re finally heading out on a proper mission. Head for your waypoint and talk to your contact when you get there to start things off. Once you’re back in control, you need to take out the ATMs. There are a lot of heavily armed bikers who will rip you to pieces if you get caught, so combat isn’t advisable if you can avoid it. Easiest way is as follows:

First, deploy the Jumper and head right towards the closest ATM. The civvies here won’t bother you and there’s only one guard who you can distract whilst you sabotage.

Recall the Jumper then from your starting point, head left around the edge of the compound until you reach the garage and climb onto the roof.

Either recall the Jumper or just drive it away, but either way, head for the last ATM down at the docks. Be careful for the patrolling dog as you can’t distract him away from you unlike the human guards. When you get to the dock, be careful of the two patrolling guards. Wait until they move outside, then disable the motion sensor and hack the final ATM. Once that’s done, recall the Jumper and head out of the area for mission complete.

Bunker Bust

Go talk to Lenni again and steal her access code to the bunker, then head for your waypoint. When you get there, head up the side of the hill to avoid the guards down at the entrance proper then jump into the camera to tag the 3 guards at the waypoint. There are a plethora of junction boxes to use to take them out, do that, then head up and enter the bunker.

Once in, hack the router to start the event, which in this case is you have 5 minutes to defuse a bunch of bombs or you go bye-bye. Don’t panic though, despite 5 mins seeming not very long, you actually have loads of time to complete this.

Turn the first T so the angled part is facing up

Turn the elbow until it’s facing upwards

Turn the straight piece down

Turn the T until all 3 parts are connected

Turn the elbow back to facing downwards

Unlock the switch. When you do this, all your junctions will be reset, so just go back through putting everything back into place, no worries.

Turn the T you just unlocked so that all 3 parts are connected

Turn the elbow towards the computer bank

Moving around the room clockwise to the next section

Turn the T piece on the roof until all parts are connected

Turn the elbow to face downwards

Leave the straight piece where it is

Adjust the next elbow along to face upwards

Adjust the next elbow to point towards the switch

Unlock the switch. Doing this will reset everything again, just put it back and carry on.

Adjust the T piece you just unlocked to connect at 3 points

Adjust the straight piece to be facing downwards

Adjust the elbow nearest the switch to point towards it whilst taking the flow from the straight piece

Adjust the first wall elbow to be facing upwards

Adjust the next elbow to complete the circuit

Unlock the switch and turn the new elbow to face downwards

Continuing clockwise around the room

Adjust the T on the roof to connect at 3 places

Adjust the elbow to complete the circuit

Adjust the next elbow to do the same

Unlock the switch, once again, everything will reset – put it back

Adjust the elbow immediately to the left of the T to point downwards

Unlock the switch on the floor

Last one now, plenty of time still

Adjust the T piece on the wall to connect at 3 points

Adjust the straight piece on the roof to be vertical

Adjust the T piece on the roof to connect at 3 points

Adjust the straight piece on the wall to be vertical

Unlock the switch, put everything back when it stops moving

Adjust the straight piece you unlocked to point towards the floor

Unlock the final switch at the router

That’s you, enjoy the satisfaction of Lenni’s rage and the fact you just unlocked a new Hackerspace! When you’re ready, see you in the next Main Op.


Prologue, Walk in the Park | Main Operations Watch Dogs 2 Guide


Watch Dogs 2 gives players multiple ways of completing a certain mission. Many tasks revolve around infiltration of highly guarded locations and stealing valuable data. The operations can be approach in various ways: you can act while hidden, by hacking cameras, vehicles or robots. You can also focus on gadgets, use explosives or simply avoid any confrontations. The more aggressive approach, which is dependent on direct combat is also a valid option. The description below is focused on a more subtle attitude, and the usage of the jumper and quadcopter. Remember, that the style of the gameplay can largely be adjusted to suit your personal preferences.


After starting the game, you will find yourself in the centre of one of the Blume facilities. Your task is to wipe the ctOS database, which contains information about the main character. Run forwards and climb the ladder. Hide behind consecutive ventilation shafts and stun the guard when he is looking the other way. Afterwards, take the stairs downwards, hide behind one of the ctOS trucks and stun another guard. Keep advancing and avoiding detection, then neutralize yet another guard and take the precious item from the container next to you.

Head towards the closed door – to open it, climb onto the roof and hack the terminal. After a cutscene, keep running straight through the corridor and reach the blocked door. This time, opening it will be a bit more complicated – go back a bit and take control over the camera.

Next, switch the display to another camera, by using the other camera you will be able to hack the laptop and gain the access code without any issues. Return to your character and open the previously locked door. Keep going and take the stairs upwards. Go through the doorway and neutralize the guard. Keep heading upwards, until you reach the floor where your target is located. You can stun the guards easily or simply avoid them entirely. After you reach the server, your character will turn it off and the enemies will be alerted to your presence. You have to head to the upper levels, and then use a ladder to reach the ventilation shaft.

After a cutscene, jump to the level below you and enter the room with the ctOS database. Try hacking it, and then switch to the NetHack mode and redirect the nearby nodes in the appropriate direction. Begin wiping your database from the main computer. Afterwards, you will be able to choose a completely fresh profile and “create” a new identity for yourself.

When you regain control over your character, hack the control panel next to the guard and force a short circuit. Your main goal is now to escape the facility – it is best to avoid combat and jump down to lower levels, after reaching a giant ventilation shaft the prologue will end, and you will get to see a long cutscene which will introduce you to the world of Watch Dogs 2. After a noisy initiation you will join the ranks of the hacking opposition, it is time for real actions to begin.

Firstly, you must turn on your phone and open the App store. Download the Nudle Maps App and run it – it is simply a giant map of the world. Pick a shop/booth with clothes and use quick travel to head over there. Do some shopping and pick the image which suits you best. Now you should head to the HQ of the hackers – talk to them and use the new App ./Research . In this particular App you can develop Marcus’s skills. After purchasing skills, approach the 3D printer to equip your hero with a weapon and to construct the jumper . Afterwards, talk to Horatio and walk up to the screens with the followers. Use another App, DedSec , and chose one of the main operations.

Walk in the Park

A very short mission, which is just a further introduction into the game’s world. Head over to Dolores Park and then use the NetHack. Your goal is to reach the person highlighted in orange and to have a conversation with him/her. This will unlock further main and side operations.


Prologue Watch Dogs 2 Operation

Type of operation: Main operation

After starting the game for the first time, you will find yourself in the backyard of the Blume ctOS server farm facility in San Francisco.

Related points of interest

Hackerspace World Map / San Francisco Bay

Objectives of Prologue

1. Infiltrate the ctOS data center

Your first task is to infiltrate the ctOS data center. The entrance to the facility is on the other side of the building. To get there, you have to go past the security guy on the upper level of the building and next to two other guards patrolling the parking lot in front of the building. You can try to sneak past the guards, melee them, or use the shock gun to temporarily disable them.

First security guy patrolling upper part of the building.

You can hack the parking lot camera to check the position of the guards.

There is a precious item in the container on the other side of the parking lot, pick it up.

Entrance to the building, the door is locked.

To open the door, you need to follow the dataflow to the closed circuit terminal and unlock it.

You can enter the building now.

2. Wipe your profile

After a short cutscene you will receive next objective, you have to wipe your personal data.

2.1. Shut down the server tower

First, you need to get to the server tower. Check the glass door at the end of the room.

The door is locked so you need to locate and acquire the access key. Go back to the room where the disabled guards are, turn on the NetHack, take control over the camera and then hack the laptop.

Now you can unlock the door and move on. Go down the hallway and enter the server tower, you are at level 3.

Go to level 5, there are two guards patrolling there, and physically hack the terminal.

2.2. Climb inside the server tower

Go to the top level (level 7) and locate the ventilation shaft hatch, open it.

2.3. Access ctOS database

After a cutscene, go to the level below you (you can jump) and enter the control room.

Try hacking the main terminal, switch to NetHack, turn on security router and redirect two nearby nodes in the appropriate direction – lines must be blue.

Now you are ready to start wiping your personal data, use the router and the main terminal again. It’s time for another cutscene.

3. Escape by the server tower basement

When you regain control over your character, hack the control panel next to the guard and trigger nonlethal shock.

Now you have to get to the server tower basement, try to avoid as many guards as possible. After reaching it, you will be taken over by members of DedSec and the prologue will end.

It’s time for a long cutscene. You are now a member of DedSec.

4. Install Nudle Maps on your phone

Turn on your new phone, open App Shop and install the Nudle Maps App. It is a huge map of the game world.

5. Buy new pants at a clothing shop

Go to any of the clothing shops or kiosks (you can use fast travel option to get there) and buy new pants.

6. Reach the DedSec hackerspace

Check your map for the Hackerspace marker. The entrance is at the back of Gary’s Games & Glory shop.

7. Talk to Wrench

7.1. Unlock a Skill using the ./Research App

Use your phone, run ./Research App and unlock your first skill.

7.2. Print the RC Jumper and any weapon

7.2.1. Print any weapon

Use 3D printer to print 4N00bs pistol.

7.2.2. Print the RC Jumper

Use 3D printer to print the RC Jumper.

8. Talk to Horatio

9. Visit the Follower Wall

After completing Prologue you will get or will be able to get Walk In The Park.


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Watch Dogs 2 Trophies and Achievements list – How to unlock every achievement and get Platinum

How to get every Trophy and Achievement in Watch Dogs 2.

While Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t have a traditional progression screen, the game’s Trophy and Achievement list gives you a good breakdown of the many activities in the game and which ones you should be focusing on.

Despite the amount of side-activities and size of the world, the Watch Dogs 2 Trophies and Achievements List isn’t that intimidating, requiring you to complete every main mission, some select side activities and perform some random acts out in the world – including petting dogs and getting photobombed – which means it won’t hopefully take that long. Good luck!

Note: With the multiplayer currently unavailable at launch, certain Trophies cannot be unlocked, and as such, the Platinum is unattainable.

Watch Dogs 2 Trophies and Achievement list

Trophy Value How to unlock
Graduation Day Platinum / No Achievement Unlock all the other trophies.
Who Am I Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Complete story mission Wipe Your Profile.
Put Your Damn Pants On Bronze / 15 Achievement Points Unlocked through story progression.
Menace Bronze / 20 Achievement Points Buy any two handed weapon (shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, etc) from the 3D printer. Our how to get money fast in Watch Dogs 2 may help if you’re struggling to get the funds.
In Style Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Buy the Gatorfeet Whine Country footwear from Plainstock – there are stores at Pier 39 and Stanford University, and elsewhere.
DesSec-A-Roni Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Take a ride on a tram (you can find one at Union Square). The open area at the front should give you a “Ride” option. The Trophy pops when you jump off.
Only God Can Judge Me Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Buy a t-shirt from the vending machine at Nudle. There’s a fast travel point inside the campus, so just go to the corner and purchase.
Doggyland Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Pet 10 dogs, although you can actually pet the same dog 10 times which is much quicker! You can see them mostly round parks.
Photobombed Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Get photobombed in a selfie – use your camera in any busy area and this will be almost unavoidable.
A Ride To Remember Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Take a ride in a unique vehicle. The easiest one to find is probably the Flip Wagon, located directly north of the central path in the Painted Ladies park – switch to NetHack and it should show up.
Bad Boys Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Hijack a boat. Head to one of the piers dotted around the coast, grab a boat, and look for someone else out on the water. Jump overboard, climb onto theirs, and take control.
Something to Ride Bronze / 10 Achievement Points Hijack a bus that’s on the streets – shouldn’t be hard to find one.
Researcher Silver / 30 Achievement Points Collect all the Key Data hidden around the world; see our Key Data locations page to get these ticked off.
Smooth Felon Bronze / 15 Achievement Points Get to felony level 5 and successfully lose it. Our tip is to head for the large brick building south west of Pier 39. Find one of the nearby scissor lifts, hoist yourself to the roof and then take up position on the western edge of the building. Mow down a few civilians to get the police to turn up, and they’ll all handily congregate on the narrow street below where you can easily pick them off, and if they lob a grenade you have plenty of room to back away. Disable any choppers that start getting involved, and keep working at the police until you get a level 5 alert going and then head for the small gap shown in the centre of the screenshot below. You may have to disable the odd chopper or two while you wait for the heat to die down, but there’s a very narrow range they can spot you from.

What’s been added in every Gen 3 update so far.

Want more tips? Our Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough and guide provides an overview of everything you can do in the open-world game, from all finding all Key Data locations, unique vehicles and finding hidden gnomes and gnome outfit, through to tips on races, ScoutX, Driver SF and multiplayer. We also have walkthroughs on Trophy and Achievement specific side-quests Ubistolen, $911 and Shadows as well as how to get more Followers and how to make money.


Watch dogs 2 walkthrough wipe your profile

Turn down the graphical settings. Duh.

Nvidia have made a comprehensive performance guide [] which goes over in depth what each graphical setting does, and how it will affect your gameplay. I highly suggest viewing this if you are using low end hardware.

The game is poorly optimized when it comes to utilizing the CPU. I have an i7 6700 and it runs at around 85-100% most of the time. You’re gonna want to close down any CPU heavy applications. This could be anything. Look in task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) and take a look at what programs are using the CPU while playing. Be careful to only shut down programs you have installed, and not any windows processes. That wont end nicely.

I feel that this is a must. Keeping your drivers up to date means that you bring security, stability, and optimizations for your system. Out of date drivers may be riddled with bugs that cause instability when playing. Updating should solve some of them. If you’re not comfy with doing this then dont worry. Most cards automatically update to the newest driver anyway, but if that isnt the case then heres some links to get you going.

If it ain’t broke, dont fix it. Right?

Hooray, lets fiddle around the game files.

    Open up the file explorer and locate where your watch dogs 2 game profile is. The usual location is as follows.

“C:Users[user]DocumentsMy GamesWatch_Dogs 2”

Once you’re there, you will see a file called “ WD2_GamerProfile.xml “. Go ahead and right click this and open with notepad or notepad++, whichever you prefer.

Next what you’re going to want to do is hit Ctrl+F and search for “ DeferredFxQuality “. The text we need should be highlighted. What should appear is DeferredFxQuality=console. Go ahead and change “ console ” to “ pc “. Hit save and exit the document.

Looking over a few reddit threads and some steam discussions I have come across multiple fixes that worked for different users. In this case, Win10 users. This actually worked for me, or lessened the lag/stuttering that i was experiencing.

Firstly, locate where your Watchdogs2.exe file is. The most common path is usually as follows, but you can adjust this for where you installed it.

Right click “WatchDogs2.exe” and hit properties. Under the “Compatability” tab there should be a drop down menu. Click Windows 7, hit apply and exit.

OPTIONAL: Run program as admin. No idea if this will help, I done it anyway.

Only do this if you know you can run the HD textures, otherwise you will see a decrease in FPS!

The textures must be bugged for some users, as this has helped many. This was also a problem in the first watch dogs game, and this seemed to fix it.

Find Watch_Dogs 2 in your library. Right click and hit properties. Click “Set launch options” and enter as follows

This will decrease load times massively. It also helps when driving around the city, and it eliminates a good portion of the stuttering.

This game will require every ounce of CPU performance you can throw at it. If you are able to overclock your CPU, do so within boundaries. If you overclock and dont see any improvents, revert back to your original clock speed.

This is applicable for almost any major game that is being released nowadays. I know its costly and not everyone has the cash to build a beefed up PC. My rig is as follows:

  • CPU: i7 6700
  • GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
  • RAM: 12GB DDR4 Ram

For this game it is essential to have a good processor. Im unsure how good it runs on low-medium range GPU’s, but right now it does seem to be CPU’s being the main problem.

The game ran like poop anyhow. The fixes above helped me majorly and I hope it helps you guys too. If you’re experiencing problems still, post your hardware and your problem below. Im sure that you wont be the only one with that problem. I’ll keep the post updated when more fixes/workarounds come about.

LowSpecGamer makes amazing videos on how to tweak games to run smoothly on a low end machine. Here’s his Watch dogs 2 video. Check it out!

Disclaimer: These fixes may not work on your computer. Everyones got a different experience.


Best Skills – unlocking and recommendations Watch Dogs 2 Guide

The page about Watch Dogs 2 skills contains tips on how to unlock them and a list of recommended skills, e.g. Vehicle Direction Hack, APB: Suspect Located, Remote Gadgets, or Auto-Takedown.

In Watch Dogs 2 you can use the Research app, which allows Marcus to unlock new skills. The game offers tens of different skills – below, you’ll find a list of those most useful. You should get them as soon as you’ll be able to, because reaching hidden collectibles and finishing missions will be much easier with them.

Requirements for obtaining new skills

  • To get new skills, you will need research points . Basic skills cost around 2 points – the most advanced can require as much as 8.
  • The research points are awarded to Marcus each time he gets enough followers to level up. Apart from that, look for RPs around the whole city. On the map, they are marked with a black skull – collecting one secret provides one research point. A page containing the localization of all of them can be found further on in the guide.
  • More advanced skills may require unlocking some more basic skills in the development tree. Furthermore, it’s also possible that you’ll have to obtain Key Data connected to a given skill.
  • The Key Data points are indicated on the map with green skulls. Obtaining them is usually troublesome – the details are discussed in a chapter devoted to Key Data.

Which skill should be bought first?

Auto-Takedown (2 research points) – This skill allows hacking gates and pipelines. You should definitely get this one, since these actions can make all the difference during a cop chase. Remember to press the displayed button quickly, when the opportunity for a perfect hack occurs.

Vehicle Directional Hack (2 research points) – Another very useful skill that allows you to take control over vehicles in your vicinity. After hacking the given car, you will be able to steer it. You can use that in many different ways: run over enemies, distract them, stop a car that’s fleeing, or crush into cops that are chasing you. Using the “autopilot” requires some practice, but as soon as you learn the basics, you’ll want to use this skill very often.

Create Distraction (2 research points) – It’s an inexpensive skill, which has many practical applications. It can be first and foremost used to prevent civilians from calling the police, or gangsters from calling reinforcements. It can also be used to disorientate enemies in order to attack them from behind cover or just bypass.

Electro Shock Device (2 research points) – This skill unlocks a new gadget, which is capable of stunning more than one enemy at once. Marcus has a limited number of these devices, but they do replenish automatically after some time.

Environmental RC (2 research points) – One of the most useful skills, that should be unlocked as early as possible. It allows to remotely control forklifts, cranes and lifts. This skill is invaluable in situations when you have to reach secrets that are inaccessible, but it can also help to provide an alternative path during missions.

Botnet Upgrade (2-6 research points) – All the skills from the Botnet branch have the same effect, i.e. they permanently increase the number of available botnets. Try to but the basic version of this skill as early as you can – it will add four botnets. Buying more upgrades should be considered later on, especially since they cost more Research Points, and raise the number “only” by 2.

Which skills can I consider alternatively?

Gang Attack or APB: Suspect Located (4 research points) – These are most useful if you want to act secretly. You can send members of a hostile gang or the police officers after the person you chose. If you’re lucky, that person will be killed. Worst case scenario is that you just introduce some chaos into enemy ranks, which you can use to slip by unnoticed. In the latter part of the game, consider buying more expensive versions of these skills – Gang War and APB: Wanted Criminal . They require Key Data in addition to money, but they can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Engine Override (4 research points, Key Data – can be obtained during one of the first main missions) – This skill adds some power to any car you drive. Faster car can run from police more easily, and can win races with less effort. Remember two things, though: one – use the override on straight road ONLY; and two – the override gradually depletes your botnets, so you might want to have a lot of them available before getting into the car.

Robot Exploit (4 research points) – When infiltrating restricted areas, you can hack robots that are there. After assuming control over a robot, you can use it for distraction, for example.

Chopper Retreat Exploit (6 research points, key data) – Using this skill forces the police helicopter chasing Marcus to break the pursuit and retreat. It’s extremely useful during “higher-level” chases, during which loosing the chopper is the most difficult thing.

Steady Aim (4 research points) – This skill allows to increase the range of the teaser gun. Consider buying this if you like to use that gadget. Increased range will be especially useful to safely eliminate guard dogs, which, at short distance, are able to smell Marcus and alarm enemies to his presence.

Sleight of Hand (2 research points) – This skill decreases the reload time for guns and the teaser. The default time of reload for the teaser gun is pretty problematic when you need to tease a couple of enemies during a short time.

System Crash Upgrade: Blackout (8 research points, key data) – This is a very expensive skill. Not only that; in order to be able to obtain it, you will first need to have Massive System Crash. Still, it’s advisable to get the Blackout upgrade despite these inconveniences – this skill allows you to act in secrecy or getting out of enemies’ sight incase of being exposed (apart from paralyzing the city infrastructure, any sources of light in the vicinity are also neutralized). This skill only works for 30 seconds, but that’s more than enough to reach the chosen location.

Enhanced Spring (6 research points, key data) – This skill allows the jumper to bounce higher, which is a welcomed enhancement. An upgraded jumper can easily reach hidden collectibles or devices that allow to breach a system. Not having this skill will make reaching these places much harder, or even impossible.

Explosive Device (4 research points) – This skill unlocks the ability to use explosives. After planting the device, you can detonate it at any time, which is useful if you’ve been exposed and need to eliminate a group of enemies. Marcus has a limited amount of explosives at his disposal, but they replenish automatically.

Security System Shutdown (6 research points, key data) – As the name suggests, this skill allows you to turn off different security systems – they don’t appear until later in the game. This skill allows to minimize the risk of being exposed by different local security systems.

Remote Gadgets (8 research points, key data) – This skill allows you to equip the jumper and the quadcopter with explosives and stun charges. This makes those previously harmless gadgets able to eliminate enemies, in addition to hacking and scouting. It’s expensive, but don’t forget about this one when you’ve reached the appropriately high level and gather enough research points.

Taunt (4 research points) – A very useful upgrade of the jumper. After obtaining it, you’ll be able to equip the jumper with a loudspeaker that can distract enemies. You can use it to lure them out of their posts to eliminate them safely, or just bypass them.


WRENCH | Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough / Gameplay (BLIND) – Part 4

Watch Dogs 2 (WATCH_DOGS 2) Full Walkthrough Gameplay Playthrough Let’s Play with face cam reactions and live commentary DON’T Forget to LIKE AND …

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Watch dogs 2 walkthrough wipe your profile

Watch_Dogs 2

This is what i did
reinstall the game

My game only have 20fps before i reinstall the game
after reinstall,i got 40-50fps

I reninstalled my PC, everything works much better now, thx

I reninstalled my PC, everything works much better now, thx

You Reinstalled your entire PC? Damn.

Do you mean uninstall and then redownload the whole game or backup game>uninstall>restore backup?

If I mess with my settings a lot I need to restart it but reinstall when everything works fine? Just turn off and on your computer, it’s much quicker if your having a FPS drop. I’m running in the mid 40’s to 60 on the GTX 970.

Many people have fps drop after update the game
I have this problem too,i restart my computer many time,but this don’t fix anything
I set all settings to low,fps still around 20
But after i reinstall the game,everything is back to normal

Reinstalling worked for me too.

The game ran fine for the first week or so and then after a particular patch (I forget which one), I couldn’t get my fps to go above 28 regardless of what I did (all settings to low, updating video drivers, disabling antivirus and other background programs, etc).

Then as a last resort, I simply reinstalled the entire game (knowing that it would keep my saved game files).

Viola, I was back to glorious 60fps (with a few drops here and there but nothing close to the 28fps it was at) and everything was back to normal!

So if you have low fps no matter what settings you use, just try reinstalling and see if it helps.

Well, after I walked away scoffing about yet another ‘wipe-your-drive, kill-all-antivirus, erase-the-planet tosh (or so I thought), I did figure my PC was getting to be a bit cantankerous (crashing in Fallout 4 when it never used to crash, a couple of uninstalls that didn’t uninstall properly, Onedrive generally farting over every HDD I have and USB ports dropping their connections). So I installed a clean build of Windows from a disk image, and then reinstalled Watch_dogs 2.

For all my scoffing, since a clean reinstall of WD2, my framerate has lifted from 57 to 84 fps average outdoors, and is maxing out indoors.


Watch Dogs 2: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Must Find

Possibly the best set of easter eggs we’ve seen all year.

For whatever reason – mainly a combination of generic open-world design and a godawful protagonist – the original Watch Dogs simply didn’t catch on. whatsoever. Ubisoft’s ‘the next generation starts here’ shtick fell flat on its face, and they were forced to abandon pushing the franchise as the natural successor to Assassin’s Creed for two years solid.

That said, the time in between releases has afforded Ubi time to reflect, to lick their wounds, and to get back in the ring. In fact, whilst the original Assassin’s Creed didn’t receive quite such a pasting as Watch Dogs, we all know how much of a monumental step up AC II was to its original back in 2009.

The same can be said about Watch Dogs 2, and thankfully, whilst impressions across the board are unanimously positive, Ubisoft have crammed a staggering amount of downright awesome easter eggs, references and secrets in their recreation of San Francisco to get back in your good books.

15. Mark Thruss – Donald Trump

A fantastic jibe at the farcical nature of Donald Trump – which has now become all too real post-election – one of the side missions you can undertake involves clambering up and defiling a sign for politician Mark Thruss; a man who’s campaign slogan is “Let’s make the bay area stronger!”

Thankfully, you’ll be able to stick a great big Dedsec skull over the top of Thruss’ face, but it does make you wonder if Ubisoft would’ve gone in even harder, had they known how the election was going to go.


Watch dogs 2 walkthrough wipe your profile

The saved games folder should be here:

Program Files (x86) > Ubisoft > Ubisoft Game Launcher > savegames > e4ff27d8-ab69-4fdf-bead-c8b5cf99a740 (yours may be a different combination of #’s and letters) > 274

If your saves aren’t under “274” Look for 4 save files in the e4ff27d8-ab69-4fdf-bead-c8b5cf99a740 folder. One will be named “save1,” the other “save2,” along with two side files. “upload1″ and upload2.”

so i have just done what you guys have said and i have bought all dlc contents btw and the first time i checked i have the palace packs breakthrough etc but now i only a required content called exclusive missions and all the others are gone. is it all blend together or something glitched out or happened ? please help guys

I noticed that after unlocking a few districts by hacking the ctOS towers, the extra contracts began to appear (if that’s the case). I actually lost my save and started over again (alright with me), and noticed they were gone too. Who knows, maybe I didn’t look closely enough on the map to see, but anyhow. After powering up a few ctOS towers around the city, they reappeared.

Try that first, play the game a little. If it doesn’t come back, it may be some sort of weird glitch. Your purchase isn’t lost and I don’t think you would need to buy it over again. Ubisoft will straighten everything out in due time, and that should fix any DLC content from acting weird. Meanwhile, happy hacking. 😀


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Maverick: To be honest, this game was just so much better than the first one. I am not saying that the first one was boring or anything. I love both the games but this one much more than first. It's kinda sad that they went back to that gloomy and serious kinda story for watch dogs Legion.

Aaron Plays: 4:28 Hey... that building looks kinda... familiar... I can't remember where I have seen it though... Oh!...

Baisil M Joy: Watchdog's 1 have good storyline . I really like the character Aiden Pearce .I am gonna play watchdog's 2 . I hope Aiden Pearce appears in watchdogs legion

Ynnel?!: I don't know about you all, but I like Josh. He was probably one of my favorite characters in the game.

Peter griffin: Mission says retrieve your gear in a duffel bag but the drone has a fucking sniper,shotgun and 2 big ass drones

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