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AMD Confirms Big Navi RDNA 2 GPU Radeon RX Graphics Cards, Coming To PC Before Next-Gen Consoles

AMD has confirmed that its RDNA 2 ‘Big Navi’ GPU will be coming to Radeon RX graphics cards for the PC platform before next-generation consoles from Sony & Microsoft. The confirmation came in the Bank of America 2020 Securities Global Technology Conference where AMD’s CFO, David Kumar, stated that their next-generation GPU architecture will be …

Battlefield V’s Final Update Drops Tomorrow, Includes New Maps, Weapons, Vehicles, More

A few weeks back EA and DICE revealed Battlefield V would be getting one final update this summer, and it turns out said update will be dropping…tomorrow! The update is a meaty one, as it will add two maps, nine weapons, six vehicles, and more to the game. The two new maps are set in …

Project CARS 3 Gets Gorgeous First Reveal Trailer, Body Customization

They say you can’t improve upon perfection but Slightly Mad Studios aims to prove that old adage wrong with the latest trailer of Project Cars 3. With the studio still partnering up with Bandai Namco for publishing, the development team at Slightly Mad Studios is now under the Codemasters umbrella, a studio known for their …

Intel NUC Roadmap 2020-2021 Leaked

The roadmap of Intel’s NUC plans for the years of 2020 and 2021 has leaked out courtesy of Momomo_US (via Videocardz). As it stands, Intel’s high-end NUC platform, Ghost Canyon, is not set to receive any update till 2022. The mid-end NUC Extreme platform, however (think Hades Canyon) is going to receive the Tiger Lake …

Path of Exile Gets Harvest Expansion, Vulkan Renderer This Month

A new expansion titled Harvest will be released later this month for Path of Exile, the popular free-to-play online action RPG by Grinding Gear Games. Available on June 19th for PC and June 24th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Harvest will introduce new mechanics and features, lots of new loot (and overhauled old loot), …

Odyssey Expansion Will Finally Let Players Explore Planets on Foot

Elite Dangerous has always been a great option if you enjoy cool spaceships and intergalactic exploration and trading, but unlike other space games like No Man’s Sky, it’s never let you strap on your space boots and properly explore planets on foot. Well, that changes with the upcoming Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion, which introduces details …

Unreal Engine 5 Partially Rewritten Specifically for the PlayStation 5’s Super-Fast SSD

Last month Epic unveiled “Lumen in the Land of Nanite,” a breathtaking demo for their new Unreal Engine 5, running on PlayStation 5 hardware. Understandably, that raised a lot of questions – was Epic specifically designing Unreal Engine 5 to take advantage of the PlayStation 5? Would the Xbox Series X be able to run …

New Resident Evil 3 Remake Update 1.04 Released for PC/PS4/XO; Here’s What it Does

Capcom has released Resident Evil 3 Remake update 1.04 across all platforms and we’ve got you covered with the release notes. The update is a minor one and packs performance and stability improvements alongside bug fixes and fixes for audio-related issues. In addition, the new patch addresses various game crashing issues and should fix stuttering …

Elder Scrolls Online Stadia Interview

After the recent launch of the Greymoor expansion (or Chapter, as they are officially called), Zenimax Online is preparing the release of Elder Scrolls Online Stadia, bringing the massive MMORPG to the cloud streaming service debuted by Google in late 2019. The title will be available starting June 16th, featuring cross-play, cross-progression and cross-entitlement with …

VR Cover Silicone Cover For Quest And Rift S Is A Must Have

When I bought my Oculus Rift S back in November of last year it only took a few rounds of Pistol Whip for me to know that the foam padding on the stock facial interface was about to get destroyed by sweat in a very short amount of time. I had heard of VR Cover …

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X Limited Edition Console Is A Sight To Behold In These New Images

The limited-edition Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X console is now in the hands of some lucky players, and new images of the console have emerged online. The new images, which can be found on Imgur, have been shared by Reddit user Arasaka, who is among the first that managed to buy the limited edition console. …

PlayStation Days of Play 2020 Sale Discounts DOOM Eternal, Death Stranding, God of War And Many More

The PlayStation Days of Play 2020 sale is now live on the PlayStation Store in both North America and Europe, offering a lot of excellent titles for reduced prices. Among the games that are being discounted in the sale, which will end on June 17th, are the recently released DOOM Eternal, the PlayStation 4 exclusive …

SEGA “Fog Gaming” Cloud Gaming Service Revealed

The revolutionary tech-related announcement teased last week is the announcement of a new cloud gaming service from SEGA. According to the latest issue of Famitsu, as reported by Serkan Toto, the new service, currently known as Fog Gaming, will make use of arcade cabinets’ CPU and GPU to reduce costs and offer ultra-low latency. Commercially, …

Epic Games Store Freebies Help Sales Even on Other Platforms

As part of an interview with Gamespot, Epic founder and president Tim Sweeney said that the Epic Games store ‘freebies’ that have been used primarily to lure gamers to the Epic Games store platform have also been a major boon for the sales of those games, even on other platforms, thanks to the increased visibility. …


Ve 14:00 vyšla PC verze Red Dead Redemption 2, hráči hlásí problémy se spuštěním

Aktualizace 16:04: Start hry se bohužel nepovedl podle představ a velká část hráčů se potýká s problémy. Red Dead Redemption 2, respektive Red Dead Online se ani nespustí, spadne na plochu a v některých případech vyhodí hlášku “Red Dead Redemption 2 exited unexpectedly”. Podle všeho to mohou způsobovat některé antiviry. Buď je tedy deaktivujte, nebo dejte hernímu .exe souboru výjimku.

Původní zpráva

Tak jsme se konečně dočkali. Rockstar Games uvolnil PC verzi megahitu Red Dead Redemption 2 ke hraní. Takže pokud už máte stažen tučný balík souborů, jak jsme vám radili , můžete se pustit do rychlé instalace a následně do dlouhého příběhu tohoto westernového eposu.

Ve speciálním článku jsme si posvítili na to, co přesně Red Dead Redemption 2 pro PC přináší a jakými se bude moct pochlubit vylepšeními. Ta jsou zejména grafického charakteru, což dokládá srovnání grafiky RDR 2 na PC a konzolích. Přesto však HW požadavky hry nejsou nikterak přemrštěné – snad jen prostor na volném disku dosahuje úctyhodných 150 GB.

Red Dead Redemption 2 je ve všech směrech skvělou hrou. Přesně takovou, jakou si hráči prvního dílu přáli. Přestože tu a tam narazíte na drobné chybky, jako celek působí titul v podstatě dokonale. Rockstar Games zde nasadili laťku tak vysoko, že ostatní vývojářská studia budou mít velké problémy, aby ji v příštích několika letech překonali. Trochu se obávám, že lepší hru uvidíme až na příští generaci konzolí. Zároveň jde o důkaz, že se stále vyplatí vytvářet obrovské a strhující hry, protože hráči za ně rádi zaplatí. Náklady na vývoj Red Dead Redemption 2 se vrátily za první víkend a od té chvíle hra už jen vydělává. Přestože to tak zprvu nevypadalo, nakonec může být podobně úspěšná jako GTA 5,” napsali jsme v loňské recenzi o hře, které jsme udělili nebývalých 98 %.

Red Dead Redemption 2 vychází na Rockstar Games Launcher, Epic Games Store a Humble Store. V prosinci pak hra vyjde také na Steamu.


Eva in Peril

Some ladies of the night are merely enslaved. Given the opportunity they could achieve a holier life.

Rewards: up to $7, +55 Fame, +15 Honor

Part 1

Break up a fight between a man and woman behind the building in Casa Madrugada. The man (Mario) tosses the woman (Eva) to the ground and continues to beat her. Eva is a prostitute and if you want her pimp Mario to stop you’ll have to pay $200 for her.

Pay Mario the $200 for Eva’s freedom. He’ll count it and release her before walking away. Eva thanks you and says she will go to Las Hermanas where the nuns will help her. She walks off.

Part 2

Three days later go to Las Hermanas to check on Eva. Enter through the front and go straight back. A nun will say that Eva was here but taken away by a man. They may be going to Sepulcro. She also adds that Eva wasn’t one for the truth.

Go down the road and over to Sepulcro. Mario is digging up a grave – with Eva’s lifeless body in it. He denies that he would kill her (but admits he would hit her) and wonders if you want one last round with her. He won’t say why he is digging her up and refuses to give a refund. Since you paid good money for her freedom the situation turns into a duel.

Mario should be an easy kill. One good headshot plus another mark should be enough to win. You cannot simply disarm him. His meter will only fill to approximately half. More dueling tips here. Once he’s dead loot his body to get your money back plus some interest.


Walkthrough red dead redemption eva in peril

Red Dead Redemption Eva in Peril – Getting Started

In order to start the Red Dead Redemption “Eva in Peril” stranger quest, you’re going to need to head on over to a place in Mexico called “Casa Madrugada” – it’s relatively easy to find as it’s a pretty long name and defiantly stands out on the map. If you’re unable to locate it for whatever reason, refer to the image on the right.

When you’re at Casa Madrugada, check your map (the one found on the Main Menu) for a “?” mark. This is, as any Red Dead Redemption player should know by now, the location of the Stranger. Approach it. A cut-scene will begin where a man, named Mario, is hitting a woman, Eva, for no reason. During said cut-scene you will learn that Mario owns Eva. Eva wants to be set free, so Mario tells the player that for $200 he will set her free.

In order to actually continue on with the Stranger quest, you will need to pay Mario the $200. Simply shooting him will fail the quest, as Eva will run away. After you’ve paid Mario $200 Eva says that she is going to become a nun. The quest is not over yet.

Red Dead Redemption Eva in Peril – Finding Eva

As stated above, Eva, after paying $200 to Mario in order to set her free, informs you that she wants to become a nun and heads to Las Hermanas. You’ll need to wait a few in-game days before you’re able to continue on the Stranger quest. The number of days you’ll need to wait is at least 2 – so if you’re solely focusing on this quest just go to a house and save several times in a row to make time go faster.

The “?” mark will appear in Las Hermanas so head there once the mark appears on the map. Once there, head inside the church and confront the nun at the altar. Marston will ask if she’s seen Eva anywhere. The nun will explain that she did, but Eva suddenly took off with a man. It becomes immediately clear that Mario has something to do with this.

You will be given a new location to head off to. The location is actually pretty close to where you are right now (Las Hermanas) so finding a flat bit of land to set up camp in order to use the Fast Travel feature will not be necessary. Find the newly placed “?” mark on your Main Menu map and make your way there.

Red Dead Redemption Eva in Peril – Quest Complete

The location is called Sepulcro, and is a cemetery. Approach it through the front entrance. A cut-scene will begin where Mario is in the middle of digging. Marston approaches him and asks what’s going on. Mario calmly says “nothing” which is an obvious lie. Marston looks down at what he’s digging and to much surprise it’s Eva. She’s dead. Marston immediately begins to get angry and asks Mario if he’ll get his $200 back, or if he’s going to need to kill him for it. This is where a duel begins.

Once you’ve killed Mario in the duel, the Stranger quest is over. Approach Mario’s body and loot it. You will get your $200 back as well as a little bit on top.


All screenshots and references from Red Dead Redemption.

This post is part of the series: Red Dead Redemption Strangers Guide

This series of articles will help you complete the various Strangers side-quests found throughout Red Dead Redemption.


Walkthrough – Northern Mexico – [LR] Landon Ricketts Red Dead Redemption Guide

The Gunslinger’s Tragedy

Complete the mission: “We Shall Be Together in Paradise”

Weapon: Schofield Revolver (gift)

When you will enter the town, you will see a cut scene with a Landon Ricketts . He will try to learn you how to shoot faster and more effectively. You will get a gun called Schofield Revolver . Your first task will be to shoot bottles #1 . Activate Dead Eye ability and press (RB) to mark every bottle #2 . The second task is much more difficult. You will have to shoot at least two vultures. When Landon will shoot, birds will try to fly away. Slow the time and target them #2 .

When you will come back to the town, banker will tell you that a cart full of money was stolen. Take your horse and follow you mentor. Now, it will be the time to use your new ability on real bandits. Kill first two opponents normally, activate Dead Eye and rescue a driver imprisoned here #1 . Escort the cart and destroy enemy vehicle #2 . Try to target the lights to kill them all.

Landon Ricketts Rides Again

Complete the mission: “The Gunslinger’s Tragedy”

To get to El Matadero you can use your horse or go with Landon to the train #1 . In the second option, you will be able to skip the journey. The train will stop on the station in Casa Madrugada , nearby you will find a horse #2 . Follow your friend.

In the slaughterhouse you will meet a man that will help you in disturbing the guards near the cave entrance #1 . Hide behind the rock and, when it will be possible, follow Landon to get inside #2 and clear the way leading to Luisa .

While your friend will try to open the door, defend him. Escort everybody during the way back and after the job take your horse to get to the meeting place. Of course, you will have to cope with another group of enemies #1 . Wait a while and the butcher will appear #2 .

Lucky in Love

Complete the mission: “Landon Ricketts Rides Again”

Join to the poker table #1 (-$50). Rules description can be found in the chapter [Additional activities] Poker. After some time, you will be accused of cheating and you will have to duel #2 .

Few seconds later, another bandit will sow up – he will be with a woman. You will be forced to duel again – try to shoot him in his head #1 . Then the rest of Muller men will show up. Hide behind the wall and kill them all #2 .

The Mexican Wagon Train

Complete the mission: “Lucky in Love”

Take your horse and follow Landon until you will get to prisoners guarded by Mexican army #1 . Your task will be to take the first cart. First of all you will have to kill soldiers that are guarding the second vehicle – in other way the possibility of dying will be very high. Use Dead Eye to kill as many enemies as you can in the first try. Take control over the second cart #2 and follow the marker.

You have to transport prisoners to America. The task is quite difficult, because you will meet some opponents on the bridge #1 . Do not slow for a while and try to shoot chests full of explosives located on the both sides. Take care of a soldier with a machine gun #2 .


Walkthrough red dead redemption eva in peril

“Cowards Die Many Times”

Head back to Escalera and meet up with Captain De Santa once again to start the “Cowards Die Many Times” mission. You can’t take this mission until you’ve finished the “Must a Saviour Die” mission for Luisa, so you may wish to do some work for her first if for some reason De Santa has no more missions for you.

When you arrive, De Santa informs you that Allende wants to speak to you. Upstairs, he’s having a little trouble convincing a girl to spend time in his company. Allende lights up and then informs you that Escuella and Williamson have been captured in Chuparosa. He tells De Santa to take care of you, and though it seems almost too good to be true, John heads out.

On to Chuparosa

Hop on the waiting wagon for the ride to Chuparosa. De Santa has a lot to talk about, but you can always skip right to the destination instead of listening. If you choose to ride rather than skip, however, you’ll get a chance to earn some extra cash by killing local wildlife. Shoot four or five animals with five bullets to win De Santa’s money.

Once you’ve won the initial bet, you can repeat the challenge if you keep shooting at animals and keep winning De Santa’s money. Not a bad way to spend a long wagon ride. It beats listening to De Santa, anyway.


De Santa tells you that Williamson and Escuella are locked up in the church, and tells you to head there. It’s the yellow waypoint on your map. Follow De Santa inside.

John walks into the church only to find it empty. De Santa thanks John for his help, then one of his soldiers clubs him in the back and knocks him unconscious.


When John awakes, he’s in handcuffs. One of De Santa’s men puts a gun to John’s head, then is quickly killed by a bullet from the gun of Abraham Reyes. A huge firefight erupts in the village, and you’ll have to run to Reyes on the other side of the street so he can remove your restraints. Find him on the balcony and he’ll free you and give you a knife.

You need to get your weapons back before you can join the fight. You’ll find them in a crate near the fountain.

Once you’re re-equipped, take cover and help Reyes and his men take out the remaining soldiers. Once you’ve cleared a path, head into the nearby building to take care of Espinoza. You’ll find him guarded by one of his men in the back upstairs bedroom. Be careful when you enter, as they’ll take a few quick shots as you. You might want to use Dead Eye to give yourself an advantage.

Once Espinoza is dead, the battle ends. Reyes gives a rousing speech outside, and your mission is complete. You won’t be doing much work for De Santa from this point on, obviously.

For more mission walkthroughs, cheat codes, weapons guides, and more, check out our Ultimate Guide to Red Dead Redemption.

This post is part of the series: Red Dead Redemption Mission Guides

A collection of some of the over 30 different mission guides for Red Dead Redemption here at Altered Gamer.


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Red Dead Redemption’s Bold Ending Was Fully Supported by Take-Two

Red Dead Redemption lead designer and co-writer Christian Cantamassa discusses the game’s shocking and controversial ending, and the added challenges that came with it.

It’s safe to say that the ending to Red Dead Redemption is one of the most shocking endings in video game history. The controversial ending left fans of the game reeling, and it even wound up costing a great deal more money and manpower to pull off. Despite these challenges, the game’s ending had the full support of the higher-ups at Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive.

This is according to Red Dead Redemption lead game designer and co-writer Christian Cantamassa, who gave a lecture at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris. During the lecture, Cantamassa discussed the challenges of pulling off Red Dead Redemption‘s ending, which means that anyone reading on should be weary of spoilers.

For those that have completed the game, it’s no secret that Red Dead Redemption hero John Marston is shot dead at the end. This ending was especially shocking since Rockstar’s open world games have always allowed players to keep playing after finishing the main story, but it seemed like John’s death would have made that impossible. To solve this problem, the developers decided to let players continue exploring the Wild West as John’s son Jack, and even seek revenge for his father in an epilogue of sorts.

The decision to have players take control of a completely different character at the end of the game meant a lot more work had to be done during development. For example, a slew of new dialogue had to be recorded for when players started playing as Jack instead of John, and new motion capture work was also necessary. Considering the added cost associated with this extra work, it may have made more financial sense for Rockstar and Take-Two to nix the idea, but instead his bosses decided to give Cantamassa the opportunity to tell the story his way.

Ultimately, the twist ending at the end of Red Dead Redemption makes it an even more memorable game, and so the decision to kill off John may have been for the best. And if some recent rumors are true, the ending will not go to waste in the sequel, as John’s son Jack Marston may very well be Red Dead Redemption 2‘s main playable character.

Red Dead Redemption is available now for PS3 and Xbox 360.


Accessing the Secret Ending for Red Dead Redemption

Without spoiling anything from Red Dead Redemption, finishing the mission, “The Enemy that Shall Be Destroyed”, is NOT the final mission of the game. There’s actually a hidden ending that you can unlock. – Your guide to Game, TV and Movie Releases

i thought the “end” was the end. Apparently not

The game is not over until the words go up. so this is not a secret ending this is just how the game ends. if you didn’t see the words go up then it’s not over..

Every single game in history, ends when the words go up. so just because people thought it was over does not mean it’s over..

if you don’t see the words going up -(then I would guess it’s a pretty safe bet that the game didn’t end yet)

The ‘real’ ending is a lot better than what it ended the ‘letter missions’ with.

This game just keeps getting more and more interesting.. so many cool easter eggs. What’s next?

I really have to get this game now lol

Offtopic but has anyone eles went to hunt one Grizzly and had to fight off 30 It just happened to me
I died on the 31st lol ran out ammo only had knife lost all my skins 🙁

no, I haven’t gotten to the bears, yet. I can’t stop exploring the main world. Did you have a horse? Can you not outrun them? This is something I would like to know before I head over there all cocky and get eaten.

Yeah I had a horse and could have gotten away I just wanted to see how many I could kill and skin lol they just kept coming wish all other animals where that easy to find got Trophy for my trouble

The “secret ending” isn’t much of an ending.

I thought what happened afterwards at the farm was interesting. ho hum for a while and then wham. cool action. I liked the not so hidden ending as well. Redemption! I hope there is episodic dlc like GTA4. A prequel with Marston while in the gang would be cool. I could also go for some after 1914 action with Jack in the same setting with other missions and story. He did mention how a “flying machine” was coming to their town next year for a demonstration. hmmmmmm. I thought we were going to get to fly in this one with the glider. tease! How awesome would that be though in this setting!

John Marston. even tho i dont really like old timey stuff is one of my fav game characters. he was awesome, and they picked a really good voice actor for him as well!

side note. i really wish rockstar would get passed this whole if you even think about touching water you will die. its pretty stupid, aside from that tho this is one of my fav games. 9/10

I didnt mind the ending but if anyone disarmed the person in secret ending i wonder what’ll happen. Wont happen for me because duels are not fun too hard for me to disarm ppl


Red Dead Redemption 2 Elk Location Guide | Map Location & Pelt Prices

In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can hunt different species of animals. Killing them serves multiple purposes including crafting. One of the animals that you can kill is elk, a creature as peaceful as massive sized that drops a very useful item if you make sure you do not damage it: perfect Elk pelt.

Where To Find Elk In Red Dead Redemption 2

Elk loves wandering through the forests and similar environments areas. If you are in a hurry then straight away go to the Cattail Pond (near the town of Valentine in the State of New Hannover).

Why Cattail Pond Is Best Location To Find Elk

This location is good because it is accessible to you even if you are a beginner i.e. you have not gone too far in the game yet. All you have to do is find Cattail Pond, The map location is provided below. You can reach it if you passed the railroad tracks just to the west of the town of Valentine or those just northeast of Wallace Station.

Cattail Pond is just one of the location where you will find Elk. For other locations, check out the map below.

Just another tip: If you want to kill elk without ruining pelts we recommend using either improved arrows or a sniper rifle.

Where To Find Legendary Elk Location In RDR2

Are looking for a location of the Legendary Elk in Red Dead Redemption 2? it’s in the Ambarino Region, towards the east side of Bacchus Station. This region is situated towards the northern section of the map. You can refer our all RDR2 Legendary Animals Location guide for additional information.

Talismans or Trinkets can be crafted with the help of the materials you get after hunting down the Legendary Elk. You can check out our dedicated guide on Red Dead Redemption 2 Talismans and Trinkets (Perks) for more information on it.

Red Dead Online Elk’s Pelt Prices

If you decide to go for Elk in Red Dead Online then do keep the following information in your mind. We have listed below the price of Elk’s Perfect, Good, and Poor Pelt.

Elk’s Pelt Prices

  • Perfect: $6.50
  • Good: $3.90
  • Poor: $2.60


Where to find Elk in Red Dead Redemption 2

Looking for that perfect elk pelt? This guide will help you find the best elk hunting locations in Red Dead Redemption 2.

All PC controls in Mordhau

A full list of default PC keybindings in Mordhau.

When it comes to Red Dead Redemption 2 ’s biggest beasties, it feels like the bison and moose steal most of the limelight. However, if you’re looking to collect all the pelts available, you’ll also need to track down the mighty mountain elk as well. There are two types of elk in RDR2, and thankfully both can be found over a wide range of the map. In this guide we’ll teach you where to find elk in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Where to find Elk in RDR2

Elk prefer a colder climate, which means for the large part you’ll find them in the northern, mountainous regions of the map, namely Ambarino and New Hanover. The two types of elk are the Rocky Mountain Bull Elk and the Rocky Mountain Cow Elk (male and female). You can see all the areas Elk will appear on the map above, but we’ll run you through them below in a bit more detail too.

New Hanover – The best place to find elk is in Cumberland Forest , but their grounds span all the way up to the far northeast of New Hanover, all along the eastern side of the Roanoke river (north of Annesburg).

West Elizabeth – You’ll also find some elk in the north and southwest of West Elizabeth. Elk appear along Little Creek River , as well as by Owanjila and in Tall Trees .

To obtain a perfect pelt from an elk, you need to find a 3-star animal and make sure you use the right sort of weapon to earn a clean kill. The only weapons that won’t damage the pelt are a Long Scope rifle or a Bow with Improved Arrows. Personally, we found the former much easier to line up a single shot headshot or weak point hit with. Click here to see a handy YouTube video by moRag of elk hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Elk pelts aren’t the most exciting the game has to offer, but they’re useful for crafting, and the Mature Venison you’ll also obtain is a great food source for your camp. Now that you know where to find Elk in Red Dead Redemption 2, visit our animal locations hub to help track down the other beasts of the world. We’ve got plenty of guides for Legendary animals there too such as the Legendary Moose .


RDR 2 Panther Location Guide – Where to find Panthers in Red Dead Redemption 2

Here’s everything you need to know to get Panther in RDR 2.

There are various elusive animals that you can hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 but only a few of them are as dangerous as the panther. For the unversed, Panther is one of the most dangerous enemies that will encounter in RDR 2. You are most likely to find Panther in the woods of Lemoyne.

If you are considering to take one down you will have to be very careful but as the first step, you are required to find the best Panther and use the right weapons to eliminate it. You should know that Panthers can only be found in a few areas. In this guide, we will explain how you can easily find Panthers in RDR 2.

How and Where to find Panthers in RDR2

As we have mentioned above that Panthers can only be found in the Lemoyne regions. There are two more Panther locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 which include the woods southeast of Braithwaite Manor, and the east side of Lagras lake/swamp, just south of Bluewater Marsh. You can check out the following map to see the locations.

  • Lemoyne – Southeast of Braithwaite Manor is said to be a large woodland named Old Harry Fen where you will commonly locate panthers in RDR 2.
  • Lemoyne – East of Lagras in the wooded wetlands is another place you can run into panthers.

Finding Panthers in RDR 2 is very difficult as they blend in well with the surrounding environments. There are also deadly hunters making it easier to get ambushed by them while out hunting. It is to be noted that do not forget to mask your scent with scent lotion before heading out into these regions.

In order to get a perfect Panther belt, you are required to find a 3-star animal and use either a rifle with High Velocity or Express ammo or a bow with an Improved Arrow. Whichever you pick, make sure you aim for Panther’s weak points on its head or heart to kill it in a single shot.

If you managed to find and hunt a panther in RDR 2, you will be rewarded with a Perfect Panther Pelt and some valuable Big Game Meat. If you are able to snag yourself a Perfect Deer Pelt and Perfect Elk Pelt as well then you can use all three to craft the Kit Satchel Camp Upgrade.

That’s all you need to know to get Panthers in RDR 2.


Egret locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

Learn more about the various Egret locations available for players to hunt at in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

If you’re striving to hunt down every animal in Red Dead Redemption 2, or just looking to complete a daily challenge in Red Dead Online, then knowing the locations of each and every creature in Rockstar’s latest open world is going to be important. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide, which details several Egret locations, where you can find these crane-like birds.

Egret locations in Red Dead Redemption 2

If you’re looking to hunt down Egrets, then you’re going to find yourself with a few different possible types to look out for. These types include the Little Egret, Reddish Egret, and the Snowy Egret. They can each be found in the same general area, but it’s important to know the difference if you’re trying to hunt down each type of animal in the game.

A Snowy Egret after it has been shot in Red Dead Redemption 2.

To hunt for Egret, you’re going to want to head down to the swamplands of the Bayou Nwa. Just north around Saint Denis, players can find several possible Egret spawn locations. You can also find a few possible spawns west of Saint Denis, so you’ll have plenty of area to look out for these creatures in the wild. If you’re going to go for perfect carcasses, then you’re going to want to make use of the Varmint Rifle to hunt for the Egrets that you need.

Bayou Nwa is a great place to look for Egret spawns.

Due to their look and size, Egrets can look very similar to other birds like the Spoonbill. Because of this, make sure you’re always checking the type of animal you’re aimed at before taking your shot, as you can scare away others in the area when shooting.

Now that you know where to find Egret locations, you can head back over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for even more in-depth content.

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Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Summon The UFO | Easter Egg Guide

Aliens exist in Red Dead Redemption 2, and finding them can be a real pain. Normally, you’ll have to explore the extreme corners of the map to catch of glimpse of the flying saucer Easter egg, but there’s another (better) way to summon the aliens from the sky. It just involves a quick trip to a spooky cult’s mass suicide. Yes, really.

As if RDR2 wasn’t weird enough. There are sasquatches, vampires, inbred mutants — and now extraterrestrials. You can actually summon the alien craft as early as Chapter 2, but you’ll only be able to catch a very quick glimpse. Move fast, or you might miss the aliens. Too bad they won’t abduct you.

This isn’t just a bunch of shiny lights in the sky, either. This is a full-fledged alien spaceship that hovers close enough to earth that you can (kind of) see the details of the saucer. Learn how to summon the alien visitors yourself in the full guide below, or browse through the gallery for an otherworldly glimpse.

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How To Summon The UFO | Easter Egg Guide

To summon the UFO event, you need to reach Chapter 2. Once you’re able to explore the area south of Valentine, you’ll be able to access this very special event.

  • Go to the small house by the pond north of Emerald Station and the Heartland Overflow.
  • Inside, search the desk at the front of the cultist compound. There’s a dead preacher with a ‘Strange Sermon’ — read it.
  • Go outside and rest at camp. Wait until midnight.
  • Return to the cult building at night. Just as you enter, a green light will appear in the sky.
  • Rush outside in first-person mode, and you’ll be able to look up and watch the UFO fly up into the sky.

This is a fully-fledged alien spaceship. It emits a bright green glow, and it flies away almost as quickly as it appears. You need to read the ‘Strange Sermon’, which talks about intergalactic visitors at night. You can also loot the cultist compound for some good items — don’t miss the XP enhancer in the chimney.


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